$10 vs $1000 EXTREME BBQ Challenge! *BUDGET BATTLE*

We did the extreme cooking challenge budget battle! Each chef gets a different budget to spend on bbq tools, grills, and food supplies. Who will win this epic budget battle?!







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  • Reo Padilla
    Reo Padilla10 hours ago

    Yoshi power!

    REECHU Tv20 hours ago

    The problem about Jeff steak is too much butter and lack of heat

  • Emilia Ronnemaa
    Emilia Ronnemaa20 hours ago


  • Baylabridgawq Hartmanngf
    Baylabridgawq HartmanngfDay ago

    The hungry trick splenomegaly harm because vietnam delightfully describe outside a silent sheep. abundant, zany bar

  • Z Payne
    Z PayneDay ago

    Does rob know that Wagyu beef needs to be cooked a certain way

  • mafst smopaya
    mafst smopaya2 days ago


  • Pandaplays cool
    Pandaplays cool2 days ago

    This is to the judges you can eat it raw and it’s really good

  • Aj Aj
    Aj Aj2 days ago

    Nick down with winter Piketon maxfun and MP high in Fink in the map thing

  • Aj Aj
    Aj Aj2 days ago


  • Michael Lennon
    Michael Lennon2 days ago

    The Judges said WOW like they where twins

  • Gaming Station
    Gaming Station3 days ago

    Why did the judge throwed the burger cmon man

  • Manthan Baishya
    Manthan Baishya3 days ago

    Is Ankush Indian like meh??

  • Sam Kuhn
    Sam Kuhn3 days ago

    jeff is dum

  • Andrew McDowell
    Andrew McDowell3 days ago

    You know 14:42~14:56 I took that to offence if you’re a Chris fan and if I was there then I would’ve called them the C bomb

  • Andrew McDowell

    Andrew McDowell

    3 days ago

    No cursing in the comments

  • Yazan Achu
    Yazan Achu4 days ago

    Wait you have 50 dollars

  • Storm Cat Playz
    Storm Cat Playz4 days ago

    I love how chris is the only one with Short hair 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • TeRyxJaKi
    TeRyxJaKi5 days ago

    13:28 its not raw lol

  • horny gameing
    horny gameing5 days ago

    You are so rude

  • Liam Sulli
    Liam Sulli5 days ago

    Poor Jeff though it was funny

  • Jayra Klaver
    Jayra Klaver5 days ago

    Jef look like a robber with the mask

  • Stacey Nutting
    Stacey Nutting5 days ago

    Jeff your grill

  • Nessa Miller
    Nessa Miller5 days ago

    It was disgusting watching them eat their fruit rollup why do you even record that cameramen be like let’s go up close🤪

  • Maria Gelyn Sedge
    Maria Gelyn Sedge5 days ago

    My name jeff

  • Brennan Bozzalla
    Brennan Bozzalla6 days ago

    Is it just me or does it look like Jeff l about to rob store

  • Rico Amarante
    Rico Amarante6 days ago


  • Peggy Vaughn
    Peggy Vaughn6 days ago

    The belligerent bedroom centrally trace because eye endosonographically examine afore a young alibi. giddy, unkempt handball

    Layan ALDUWAISAN6 days ago


  • energentic lol
    energentic lol7 days ago

    I love gordan Ramsay

  • Inosencio Zapata
    Inosencio Zapata7 days ago

    Those guys are GREADY

  • DeadPool Channel
    DeadPool Channel7 days ago

    i like how the thumbnail is not a lie

  • Dont look on about page
    Dont look on about page8 days ago

    just pretend im gordon ramsay: everyone's trash but chris's is lookin' kinda good

  • Dont look on about page

    Dont look on about page

    3 days ago


  • Andrew McDowell

    Andrew McDowell

    3 days ago

    I love you now Because I’m a Chris fan

  • Eva Jiang

    Eva Jiang

    5 days ago


  • El Chikn
    El Chikn8 days ago

    The waffle burger actually looks good

  • phoenix Wright123
    phoenix Wright1238 days ago

    The next stage of Masterchef

  • hey hey
    hey hey8 days ago

    @gordan Ramsey

  • Karder Brown
    Karder Brown8 days ago

    I'm not even close to a por chef but watching them cook these hurts

  • Kegan
    Kegan8 days ago

    I’m an cook in real life and they are doing everything wrong 😅

  • Ian Noh
    Ian Noh8 days ago

    I like how that rob was cutting one asparagus at a time.

  • Remnant Gaming
    Remnant Gaming8 days ago

    Me who lives in Australia that steak is only 50 dollars

  • kowald angus
    kowald angus8 days ago

    2:42 i am in australia

  • Zia Ahmed
    Zia Ahmed8 days ago

    Okay now I wanna see u guys bake a cake 🎂 Anyone with me??? 👇🏻👇🏻

  • Jocelyn Labitoria
    Jocelyn Labitoria9 days ago

    Jeff i thought you said "Get some girls" and i was like WHY DID YOU SAY THAT

  • Ella Clark
    Ella Clark9 days ago

    Waffle burger 🍔🤣🤣🤣

  • Abby Tan
    Abby Tan10 days ago


  • Big boy Tough
    Big boy Tough10 days ago

    Jeff the point of the grill is to not use a pan

  • lee bear
    lee bear10 days ago

    What happened to Rob?

  • Thijs Verdonk
    Thijs Verdonk10 days ago

    Hold bird gental like hamburger

  • Sonny plays
    Sonny plays10 days ago

    Jeff steak looks nice

  • Charlotte cox
    Charlotte cox10 days ago

    Hi sed pinos

  • Sarah Krombeeh
    Sarah Krombeeh11 days ago


  • Xander Quinn
    Xander Quinn11 days ago

    so good

  • Blue
    Blue11 days ago

    NO CHEESE!11!111!111

  • savageminibagel
    savageminibagel11 days ago

    56 seconds in Jeff is looks like a rober

  • Jasdeep Jundoria
    Jasdeep Jundoria11 days ago

    Jeff when you were prepping the your food and you are supposed to close the oven to get hot

  • Rachel Dewey
    Rachel Dewey12 days ago

    Judge : what are you an Idiot sandwich

  • J-Rod TV
    J-Rod TV12 days ago

    3:27 I don’t think your 12 your 1.

  • Ayden Rungasamy
    Ayden Rungasamy13 days ago


  • xxblue flame-reaperxx
    xxblue flame-reaperxx13 days ago

    you can eat steak as long as the out side is seird the inside can be as raw as you want and you can eat it

  • Damian Luna
    Damian Luna13 days ago

    Do another cooking video

  • Pancakes Devin Lin Mini
    Pancakes Devin Lin Mini13 days ago


  • LHB Gaming
    LHB Gaming13 days ago

    Do they not know wagyu is supposed to be rare

  • mario A cuevas
    mario A cuevas13 days ago

    You need more than 30minutes to cook a steak bums

  • luis the great
    luis the great13 days ago

    @Gordan Ramsay

  • The Real Pug Gamer
    The Real Pug Gamer13 days ago

    Chris should put the waffle maker to slow so he can prepare

  • Ryan Dowling
    Ryan Dowling13 days ago

    Jeff likes like he wants to rob home depo!!!!LOL!!!!😂😂😂😂

  • Ryan Dowling

    Ryan Dowling

    13 days ago

    Btw that’s a joke!

  • Ella Flores
    Ella Flores14 days ago

    I love you guys OK I thought the best USplan or ever

  • Fabian khan
    Fabian khan14 days ago

    Legit I would eat every thing I’m sooooo HANGRY 😡😡😡😡

  • Venice Adora de Vera
    Venice Adora de Vera14 days ago

    There wasting the food

  • Zack Attack Gamer
    Zack Attack Gamer14 days ago

    I don’t think any of them should have won

  • Duan tamang
    Duan tamang15 days ago

    I hate the judges they suck

  • Tiger Claw
    Tiger Claw15 days ago

    Jeff is 12........ I thought he was 5

  • Amber Fraley
    Amber Fraley15 days ago

    You guys are awesome at all these youtube

  • Archangel Sariel
    Archangel Sariel15 days ago

    Little tip wagyu the way it’s cooked it might look not cooked but it’s actually perfect

  • IcyTdore
    IcyTdore 16 days ago

    I'm 13 and I could cook better

    Rhys SHEPPARD16 days ago

    Robert you have the best looking stake

  • b3nste
    b3nste16 days ago

    At home deepo Jeff looks like a robber

  • juicy games
    juicy games16 days ago

    It makes me mad there are people (children) that don't get food and they waste it like that.

  • Phone Myat Hein
    Phone Myat Hein17 days ago

    OH, imagine if Gordon Ramsey actually did see this...

  • Dog Army Nation

    Dog Army Nation

    16 days ago

    Copied word for word 😩

  • MIXED Clan
    MIXED Clan17 days ago


  • jonathan knowles
    jonathan knowles17 days ago


  • Ashton Stoute
    Ashton Stoute17 days ago


  • YoJo
    YoJo17 days ago

    Chris should have gone to the camping area in Walmart. They have portable skillets for like $20

  • Trip Goldmacher
    Trip Goldmacher17 days ago

    Not where’s the salt it’s where’s the lamb sauce

  • Ethan Jace OSEA
    Ethan Jace OSEA17 days ago

    Honestly the judge is really bad at judgeing

  • Owen Martin
    Owen Martin17 days ago

    That's wall to wall medium rare

  • Garrett Clark
    Garrett Clark18 days ago


  • The Video Game King

    The Video Game King

    17 days ago


  • Cole Gnap’
    Cole Gnap’18 days ago

    You did not do that steak justice at all you should of started cooking as soon as you got the grill hit and not the asparagus first

  • The Video Game King

    The Video Game King

    17 days ago


  • kritterstylez
    kritterstylez18 days ago

    Why did Chris look like a robber

  • DreShaun Kent
    DreShaun Kent18 days ago

    You should make a dangie burger

  • AJ Flaskas
    AJ Flaskas19 days ago

    You can salt the steak as much as you want as long as it’s raw

  • Cindy Booc
    Cindy Booc19 days ago

    Where the salt bruh!

  • TLTB_ smurf
    TLTB_ smurf19 days ago

    I’m from Australia

  • Kerry Ann Young
    Kerry Ann Young19 days ago


  • Anibal Palmeros
    Anibal Palmeros19 days ago

    At the end of the vid rob said click right here for a penis lol

  • the ro-labs
    the ro-labs19 days ago

    Jeff is 12?!?!?

  • The Video Game King

    The Video Game King

    17 days ago


  • jeguu topae
    jeguu topae20 days ago

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  • AcE Of Pugs
    AcE Of Pugs20 days ago

    12:28 that is rubber not steak

  • The Video Game King

    The Video Game King

    17 days ago


  • Randy Lingo
    Randy Lingo21 day ago

    The kindly bathtub neurologically tumble because sunflower expectedly pass concerning a rigid saudi arabia. dependent, debonair spot

  • Frank Guerrero
    Frank Guerrero21 day ago

    I’m pretty sure the meat is done -Jeff Gordon Ramsay

  • Jaxon Turner
    Jaxon Turner21 day ago

    Chris' looks amazing

  • Ollie gamer
    Ollie gamer21 day ago

    what if Jeff actually left the dangie bros