$10 VS $1000 Camo Forts! *EXTREME HIDE & SEEK*

Extreme budget challenge which includes $100 VS $1000 Camo Forts!!

Chris \u0026 Emily:

Jeff \u0026 Jill:


Desert Survival Forts:
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Chris' NEW Channel (Chris and Emily):


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  • Teo Georgiev
    Teo Georgiev2 days ago

    I can camo beter than you. 😂

    OLIVIA DIMEGLIO3 days ago

    jeff are u twins with rob

  • cat
    cat3 days ago

    NOoo FRT

  • Melanie Nitsche
    Melanie Nitsche3 days ago

    I would just buy a shovel fake grass and wood

  • Joel Haglund Wessman
    Joel Haglund Wessman4 days ago

    Ni är so bra

  • Nathaniels World
    Nathaniels World5 days ago

    Where are you?! ( cris is wereing leafs)

  • Christina Tanney
    Christina Tanney5 days ago


  • k benson
    k benson6 days ago

    Did you notice no one said I love Chris but I do

  • k benson
    k benson6 days ago

    do not say suck!!!!

  • k benson
    k benson6 days ago

    Hey Jeff you’re funny I like dinos you’re a noobJeff

  • ItsTrollx
    ItsTrollx6 days ago

    The fact that Rob always gets $250 lol

  • Grigoras Dan
    Grigoras Dan7 days ago

    U guys are like Mr Beast, and I like it 👍👍👍😉😉😉

  • Coleson Oberholtzer
    Coleson Oberholtzer7 days ago

    I love deer so I know a lot of about them Where are the antlers is a book and a day with no antlers is called a dog and a baby deer is called a fawn

  • Brayden Ludwig
    Brayden Ludwig8 days ago


  • Michael Nelson and Fam
    Michael Nelson and Fam9 days ago

    Video name: EXTREME HIDE&SEEK Me: dude , it’s MINI EASY HIDE & SEEK

  • Tabitha Barger
    Tabitha Barger9 days ago

    My dad's dog just died❤

  • Shalva Kutchuashvili
    Shalva Kutchuashvili13 days ago

    so you waisted 1275$

  • provokedpuffle
    provokedpuffle13 days ago

    If Ryan has a mustache and wore tgat tank top they might look like Freddy mercury

  • Lovelymercynora
    Lovelymercynora16 days ago

    You can just use a paper and glue it in the spinny thing.

  • Garry hugh
    Garry hugh17 days ago

    That moaning was kinda sus 😳

  • Crystal Palacios
    Crystal Palacios18 days ago

    I've been in bass pro befor

  • grandtheftauto5 ls
    grandtheftauto5 ls18 days ago

    Whys the store down?

  • grandtheftauto5 ls
    grandtheftauto5 ls18 days ago

    Heyy just want to say I get paid tm im buy some merch

  • April Weber
    April Weber18 days ago

    So funny

  • Tristen Burroughs
    Tristen Burroughs19 days ago

    They should have done who ever yet it the highest

  • Venice Adora de Vera
    Venice Adora de Vera19 days ago

    This looks like a nice tree right here. He said it like a british man

  • Paula Caston
    Paula Caston19 days ago

    It would be funny if someone set up there fort and hid somewhere else!😂😂

  • Pj Brenneman
    Pj Brenneman22 days ago

    H } O

  • Cosmic Avocado
    Cosmic Avocado24 days ago


  • Paolo Scarfogliero
    Paolo Scarfogliero25 days ago


  • Supertaco Elite
    Supertaco Elite26 days ago

    They should have did this at night

  • Ray and Gray
    Ray and Gray27 days ago

    Lier ryan is the cameraman

  • Trixxzy L2
    Trixxzy L229 days ago

    Are y’all twins???

  • Madison Bailey
    Madison BaileyMonth ago

    LETS GET DANGIE!!!!!!!

  • Zitra bbx157
    Zitra bbx157Month ago

    3:37 robet made mr laugh soo much

  • carlos lopez
    carlos lopezMonth ago

    It says in the thumbnail”10 vs 1000$ budget challenge” but in the video it’s 100$ 250$ and 1000

  • Nicole Teater
    Nicole TeaterMonth ago

    I can t see where am I

  • Snore army
    Snore armyMonth ago

    click bait they said 10VS1000 but it is 100VS250VS1000

  • nib
    nibMonth ago

    this is a repost

  • Sevan Gaming
    Sevan GamingMonth ago

    I love the dangie bros I wish I could do all the cool things they do

  • Ysenia Crouse
    Ysenia CrouseMonth ago


  • Gaile Andromeda Condes
    Gaile Andromeda CondesMonth ago

    It must be hot there 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵

  • Jarre Lol
    Jarre LolMonth ago


  • Darren Wright
    Darren WrightMonth ago

    It’s hidden Tarpon man

  • Samuel Chaumont
    Samuel ChaumontMonth ago


  • Diana Kostova
    Diana KostovaMonth ago

    So fake

  • Angala Chapman
    Angala ChapmanMonth ago

    I love your video make a last to leave the jail

  • Aidxn101
    Aidxn101Month ago

    Chris you suck

  • US_ArmySpecialForces
    US_ArmySpecialForcesMonth ago

    lol this ain’t 2020 it’s 2021

  • ludger will gaster
    ludger will gasterMonth ago

    Base pro is high priced....so good luck with cheap budget

  • Romaners SJ
    Romaners SJMonth ago

    Rob and jeff look twins bruh

  • Matt Hammond
    Matt HammondMonth ago

    Let’s get danje

  • Eelogoose
    EelogooseMonth ago

    7:46 mmmmmm good good. 👌

  • Leroy gg
    Leroy ggMonth ago

    Dis is Good Godfrey yor

  • The epic Gamer
    The epic GamerMonth ago

    Fake coyote

  • unicorn boss
    unicorn bossMonth ago

    That was so funny when Rob walked past Jeff in the truck and he just lay there like:😐

  • Xxnon-binarybïtçhxX
    Xxnon-binarybïtçhxXMonth ago

    And we’re gonna stay here looking for you until dust

  • The amazing Tattletale
    The amazing TattletaleMonth ago

    RIP wheel 😱

  • _•a n n a•_
    _•a n n a•_Month ago

    This is my first time watching you vids and know your my fav youtuber so fast👁👅👁 :)

  • Nolan Courtin
    Nolan CourtinMonth ago

    Is it scripted tho becuase chris always get highest Budget

  • Ty Westerman
    Ty WestermanMonth ago

    15:10 staged moments

  • Noemi McBride
    Noemi McBrideMonth ago

    Jeff* WhAt iS Up GuYS

  • Alexander Martinez
    Alexander MartinezMonth ago

    Chris should get disqualified because he cut down branches from a tree and trees are important

  • Karen Kiely

    Karen Kiely

    Month ago


  • Orion zedfs
    Orion zedfsMonth ago

    Its a coffin

  • floats
    floatsMonth ago

    Bad Australian accent ever Jeff never ever did that again ok thx

  • Bryan Orellana
    Bryan Orellana2 months ago

    the intro madre me laugh

  • Logan Barry
    Logan Barry2 months ago

    6:09 thats a decent duck hunting blind now chris bought a hunting blind for like deer hunting

  • Joseph Foriska
    Joseph Foriska2 months ago


  • The World Of Coy
    The World Of Coy2 months ago

    LoL that meme

  • hankoldenburg
    hankoldenburg2 months ago

    Nooooooo all those dear noooooooooo

  • Tomas Levett
    Tomas Levett2 months ago

    Wear masks properly 😳

  • FNaF.Fan.1987
    FNaF.Fan.19872 months ago

    Instand of building the fort i become the fort

  • Brian Brewer
    Brian Brewer2 months ago


    SARAH PEREZ2 months ago

    Put ur mask on

  • Grandmaster Shadow
    Grandmaster Shadow2 months ago

    I love that fact the Rob walked right passed Jeff.

  • Gina
    Gina2 months ago

    U did not say the word

  • Malfore_the_gacha_Fan
    Malfore_the_gacha_Fan2 months ago

    😱😱 I went there and seen y’all I was going to say hi but I could not I was shy

  • Luke Kirk
    Luke Kirk2 months ago


  • Taryn Gentry
    Taryn Gentry3 months ago

    3:51 Psycho

  • 1977sammie
    1977sammie3 months ago

    Be gyttyty tucked

  • R Bricks
    R Bricks3 months ago

    This video is a big mixup because Chris usually gets the lowest budget

  • ninja  dabs
    ninja dabs3 months ago

    I hate jeffre

  • Lenette Hughes
    Lenette Hughes3 months ago


  • Jack Bielejeski
    Jack Bielejeski3 months ago

    That was a buck not a deer

  • Elain Playz
    Elain Playz3 months ago

    " This is the Lorax. I speak for the trees, Get away from me" -Rob 2020 I died when he said that

  • Aaron zamora
    Aaron zamora3 months ago


  • Salmonfishead 1
    Salmonfishead 14 months ago

    U didn’t even use 10 dollars how is it 10 dollar challenge …

  • Carys Hanson
    Carys Hanson4 months ago

    When he said camp fort I thought he said camel fort

  • Rhonda Billington
    Rhonda Billington4 months ago

    my dad owns bass pro shops and cabellas and home depot.

  • Zander Ip
    Zander Ip4 months ago

    What if they think it’s one of them but then it’s just a guy living in a tent to survive

    JORDAN SALES4 months ago

    Jeffrey is in the truck

  • Leandre Crous2adrahs
    Leandre Crous2adrahs4 months ago

    Re I put the firm's down I was checking can turn to to

  • Bella Adair
    Bella Adair4 months ago

    Did Chris know that the blind he bought was a double bull blind it is a hunting blind and there is a zipper that is for the entrance.

  • j.w. befe
    j.w. befe4 months ago

    Is nobody going to acknowledge that Jeff picked up a piece of poop off the ground

  • The PG Vlogs
    The PG Vlogs4 months ago

    7:05 bro that was like a 8 point 🤯😱

  • Lucky Panda
    Lucky Panda4 months ago

    that coyote scared me! 😂

  • Eraranaic gij_29
    Eraranaic gij_294 months ago

    I haven't watched the dangie bros in about a year but now I remember all the times i would wake up at 4 watching them

  • Barb Tobin
    Barb Tobin4 months ago

    By dangie bro’s you mean Jeff

  • Barb Tobin
    Barb Tobin4 months ago

    I paused the video at the funniest point 😂😂

  • Oliver Pollard
    Oliver Pollard4 months ago

    Chris be like furt