$1000 bottle flip (MrBeast in Fortnite)


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  • LDJW Entertainment
    LDJW EntertainmentDay ago

    Where was mrbeast? Clickbait !!! @mrbeast

  • antenomo
    antenomo3 days ago

    im 11 on 60 ping and 60 fps and can make builds invis

  • Connor Lewis
    Connor Lewis4 days ago

    Ya know cake(overwatch) its good and tasty, but after a year and half its time for something new like steak(fortnite) and after 3 FUCKING YEARS its time to try something new (Your own statement elliot just reworded a bit, from the placements are broken overwatch vid)

  • Cha Savage
    Cha Savage4 days ago

    The bottle flip capped

  • Mayhem Streams
    Mayhem Streams4 days ago

    Justin playin with playing with planes in fortnite And then he falls off of his builds turns out the pyramid below him breaks and then he lands on a bounce pad his duo “I got him I got him” then he lands on a fat jonsey skin and takes him out! That’s a derect reference to despicable ME

  • Lunar Mihir
    Lunar Mihir9 days ago

    Why do you have shadows

  • Fortnite for you
    Fortnite for you18 days ago

    Muselk: I am done helping you Also Muselk: Shoots the builds out.

  • Treltz
    Treltz18 days ago

    2:31 he capped it under the table

  • Raees Ahmed
    Raees Ahmed18 days ago

    He did the cap. Muselk didn't even realize XD

  • Arjun Khurana
    Arjun Khurana18 days ago

    I am going to be 10 tomorrow lol

  • GIF KING 17
    GIF KING 1721 day ago

    I was the 600 th dislike

  • Kenneth Wilson
    Kenneth Wilson22 days ago


  • flickz
    flickz23 days ago

    On mums life I was he's brother I was the one who said hello 😂😂😂😂lucky meee 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nasir Abusin
    Nasir Abusin23 days ago

    This is cringed af

  • Ciro Gulino
    Ciro Gulino24 days ago

    Is no one going to talk about that kid capped the bottle under the table

  • Tristan’s in Slytherin
    Tristan’s in Slytherin24 days ago

    Why does an 11 year old have PayPal

  • Qadir Arbab
    Qadir Arbab24 days ago

    Love this video

  • cquick 3
    cquick 324 days ago

    Jesus Saves Love God✝️

  • Lucas Iori XxLightUpLegend
    Lucas Iori XxLightUpLegend24 days ago

    You should have given the one kid $200 because he landed a cap on his first try

  • Riley Hughes
    Riley Hughes25 days ago

    lol he played the mr beast altro songs at the start

  • J wal
    J wal25 days ago

    Muselk, you know there is a Mrbeast Gaming channel right?

  • jarrett maki
    jarrett maki25 days ago

    play some ape legends season 8 is tommorow

  • Skexyyy Shot
    Skexyyy Shot25 days ago


  • Anthony Mendillo
    Anthony Mendillo26 days ago


  • Issac ruesga
    Issac ruesga26 days ago

    I’ll put it every episode until you play the game again

  • Issac ruesga
    Issac ruesga26 days ago

    I am a tablet that you play the game again

  • Kaan Burak Koçyiğit
    Kaan Burak Koçyiğit26 days ago


  • Jack Perris
    Jack Perris26 days ago

    can I 1v1 u

  • Topjakjak15
    Topjakjak1526 days ago

    Muselk hasn’t uploaded for a week, is he okay?!

  • Memele
    Memele26 days ago

    i miss you bro what happend... when did you become this bruh

  • Charliseq Kirkby
    Charliseq Kirkby26 days ago

    I played a game with u and had.no.idea who u were

  • vilma vaitonyte
    vilma vaitonyte26 days ago

    Where did your channel go wrong :(

  • Seki Services
    Seki Services26 days ago

    Also are you ever going to upload a minecraft video? Or even a minecraft series? Like last time?

  • Electricity Playz
    Electricity Playz26 days ago

    In the Intro There a Background Intro Of Mrbeast

  • GalaxyAU
    GalaxyAU26 days ago


  • Mr. Sharxz
    Mr. Sharxz26 days ago

    Does anyone know why muselk has not posted for a week now?? And ik half of u guys aint gonna answer but for the people who will

  • Christian Rodriguez
    Christian Rodriguez26 days ago

    You haven’t posted in a week

  • Peginop02
    Peginop0226 days ago

    I'm gonna call my mom

  • Leon Whitaker
    Leon Whitaker26 days ago

    Muselk are you dead

  • Adrian Gonzalez
    Adrian Gonzalez26 days ago


  • Afif Abdullah
    Afif Abdullah27 days ago

    Scout: Remember me? Yeah u do! Rip old muselk

  • Roman Testani
    Roman Testani27 days ago

    you should go back and play tf 2 again for the nostalgia. I loved that content

  • Trudi Salisbury
    Trudi Salisbury27 days ago

    When is he going to post again?

  • Heartlez
    Heartlez27 days ago

    Anyone remember when he raged on scream?

  • Jovanna Amaya
    Jovanna Amaya27 days ago

    Brite bomber

  • Tanner Da beast
    Tanner Da beast27 days ago

    Do a mincraft video plzzzzzzzz I just watched the intire series. Plz go back

  • Appalla Abhi
    Appalla Abhi27 days ago

    You should start playing minecraft muselk

  • nle wesam icons series fortnite user wYQYw_33
    nle wesam icons series fortnite user wYQYw_3327 days ago

    Bottle flip $99999999999999999999999

  • Inverted534
    Inverted53427 days ago

    Day 1of trying to convince muselk to go back to old muselk

  • Amey Sachdev
    Amey Sachdev27 days ago


  • IcePhoenix1017
    IcePhoenix101727 days ago

    Muselk: Because why should people only be able to win money in video games - they should be able to win it in video games too... MrBeast Gaming: Am i a joke too u Edit: also why does an 11yr old have a PayPal

  • Omarello 00
    Omarello 0027 days ago


    TOTALLY NOT A TROLL27 days ago


  • Lief Games!
    Lief Games!27 days ago

    let’s get him to 10 million

    THEBEASTMAN27 days ago

    Fro u are so good at youtube

  • Mike C
    Mike C27 days ago

    Lawl cant even get 1 mil with mr beast in the title.

  • Alpi Khurana
    Alpi Khurana27 days ago

    Your stuck on 9.52 mill since 8 months

  • Alpi Khurana
    Alpi Khurana27 days ago


  • Alpi Khurana
    Alpi Khurana27 days ago

    Bro your channel is not growing beo

  • Aiden n Rizen's Toy Unboxings
    Aiden n Rizen's Toy Unboxings27 days ago

    Me:looks at old Muselk also me:looks at new Muselk is this better

  • Elliott Taylor
    Elliott Taylor27 days ago

    I’m the real Elliott

  • Williams 101
    Williams 10127 days ago


  • TejasPlayZ
    TejasPlayZ27 days ago

    What About Minecraft :(

  • Ismail Ibrahim
    Ismail Ibrahim27 days ago

    You know I have taken a long break from watching muselk ever since my Tv broke and I have never been able to play fortnite since for the last couple of days I have been watching muselk and felt I should make a heartfelt comment about muselk. Muselk was the first ever fortnite youtube I watched when I started fortnite back in chapter 2 season 2 and I have loved his content until my tv broke by my sister I have never really wanted to watch anyone because of this cause I just didn't want to see stuff that I am missing out I mean I could have to tier 100 in chapter 2 season 3 but my tv broke. But I decided to back and watching fortnite youtubers but I wanted to watch muselk first just because he was my first fortnite youtuber I ever watched and my favorite one. pls read this muselk can't to get to 10 million subscribers together.

  • Maverick Whiddon
    Maverick Whiddon28 days ago

    I wanna 1v1 you muselk my name is Mavman09

  • MartinGamesMG
    MartinGamesMG28 days ago

    Mussi be like im the next Mr beast Musii the Beast

  • Heh Hah
    Heh Hah28 days ago


  • Senycal Deathflare
    Senycal Deathflare28 days ago

    2:35 bruh he capped the bottle flip anduselk didn't even see it you need to give that kid his money

  • UnpronounceableUsername
    UnpronounceableUsername28 days ago

    Can you play more Sea of Thieves, They were my favourite videos but I ran out of content. 😪

  • Yassindude 1224
    Yassindude 122428 days ago


  • William Meikle
    William Meikle28 days ago


  • William Meikle
    William Meikle28 days ago


  • Clayton Stuckwisch
    Clayton Stuckwisch28 days ago

    I watched your vids in the hospital

  • Pierre C
    Pierre C28 days ago

    Ive killed muselk before!

  • Kirstin McLintock
    Kirstin McLintock28 days ago

    Hi can you add me i want to 1 v 1 you

  • Kirstin McLintock

    Kirstin McLintock

    28 days ago

    My name is Pro D 2

  • Creative Gamer
    Creative Gamer28 days ago

    His channel died

  • Ghost Hunter
    Ghost Hunter28 days ago

    You know you became suck when you started Fortnite

  • WoodyLeage
    WoodyLeage28 days ago

    Muselk please play more rainbow six siege!

  • Loïc Heirman
    Loïc Heirman28 days ago

    Check out this USplan channe-monkelaxy

  • Anthony Hernandez
    Anthony Hernandez28 days ago

    Broo make a Minecraft VIDEO!!!

  • Cheeto the cat
    Cheeto the cat28 days ago

    Muselk:why can't u win money in videogames to? Mrbeastgaming:hold my 10k juice box

    MAYANK28 days ago

    I see muselk is really tired of fortnite

  • MrPurpleSlime
    MrPurpleSlime28 days ago

    Hey muselk I love you vids but I loved your overwatch can do some more please

    JONEUL ALICEA28 days ago

    Get me top comment for no reason

  • Yoboical
    Yoboical28 days ago

    666,364 ?????

  • kids Amari
    kids Amari28 days ago

    Can you ad me My name Amin.O.2012

  • AKA_ BossJGA
    AKA_ BossJGA28 days ago

    Go on vr

  • Xusm
    Xusm28 days ago

    My guy said this kids weird I like him😂

  • Jorge Garcia
    Jorge Garcia28 days ago

    The kid is trying to say that he capped it Muselk not noticing

  • Sam Jafari
    Sam Jafari28 days ago

    Where’s the reaction videos

  • ツ
    28 days ago

    The fact he has a heirloom bro

  • Salah Rashwan
    Salah Rashwan29 days ago


  • I D
    I D29 days ago

    Sniper Gaming

  • Cum Chalice

    Cum Chalice

    29 days ago


  • zx vlood
    zx vlood29 days ago

    Muselk I will not get picaxed by a 13 year old MUSELk-when he got picaxed👀🕴️

  • Nodu
    Nodu29 days ago

    play in medle east

  • CoolDudeMcSwag CoolDudeMcSwag
    CoolDudeMcSwag CoolDudeMcSwag29 days ago

    When is the next try hard Tuesday

  • Martin Ewell
    Martin Ewell29 days ago

    do you nedd a teacher all teach you and get a dub

  • Martin Ewell
    Martin Ewell29 days ago

    all tech you for 1 skin

  • CFTV
    CFTV29 days ago

    Plz say hi.......

  • fun bros
    fun bros29 days ago

    Who remembers muselk saying I am not doing a challenge screw him by doing his challenge in deathrun😂