All Eyes On Me -- Bo Burnham (from "Inside" - album out now)


thank you for watching.


  • kyle billington
    kyle billington21 minute ago

    it's almost over but it's just begun.

  • John TheRevelator
    John TheRevelator24 minutes ago

    Bo, so many people want to be seen for what they are going through and you helped people see they aren't alone. You have done more healing than any religion has on this earth.

  • Blong Lo
    Blong Lo34 minutes ago

    Sound like LSD & Cannabis

  • BaeBunny
    BaeBunny37 minutes ago

    Spooky black type vibes in concept of discovering this

  • Forhonoriaplayer101
    Forhonoriaplayer10144 minutes ago

    i like the laugh tracks happening during this. you know he's not on stage, so nobody's there to laugh, so he's imagining all eyes on him, laughing.

  • Alde Ambara Sakti
    Alde Ambara SaktiHour ago

    Oh god bo's telling me to get the fuck up while choking me what a dream

  • yash mudgil
    yash mudgilHour ago

    If this song is not playing in my funeral.... I am not dying

  • K. IX
    K. IXHour ago

    When he yells at you towards the end it genuinely scares me every time

  • guitarhero8110
    guitarhero8110Hour ago

    Never been more depressed by comedy than with this special, and as a result I am in awe of Bo's ability to nail the overwhelming heaviness that we've all felt for the last several years if we're being honest.

  • Sam Holder
    Sam HolderHour ago

    For a while, on the "Got it? Good, now get inside" line I heard "God could not get inside" I like both

  • Not your average Hero
    Not your average Hero2 hours ago

    So this is where you went

  • MrMassacre
    MrMassacre2 hours ago

    This makes me feel so good. Like I am at the bottom of the Mariana Trench in the ocean and I am being saved by his angelic voice

  • Callum2cute
    Callum2cute2 hours ago

    I have autism and i purposely push the earbuds further into my ears to here the "inside" part because it makes me so happy and stim n shit so thank you bo

  • blake cox
    blake cox2 hours ago

    Am I the only one that gets goosebumps from this song

  • Melaneous
    Melaneous2 hours ago

    The laugh at the end is so magical

  • Brxi i i
    Brxi i i2 hours ago


  • Canal do Mumber
    Canal do Mumber4 hours ago

    we're all gonna die anyway

  • Canal do Mumber
    Canal do Mumber4 hours ago

    i wanna die, like why not

  • squidefender games
    squidefender games4 hours ago

    i feel like EVERYONE missed the purpose of this song

  • Fabiens World
    Fabiens World4 hours ago

    Literally never heard of the bloke Came home from work Put this special on Netflix Instantly addicted Amazing stuff

  • ElvLeg
    ElvLeg4 hours ago

    No comment about TikTok??

    MARS ON THE EARTH4 hours ago

    Why does this make me cry??

  • Derpy McDerpenstein
    Derpy McDerpenstein5 hours ago

    I broke down sobbing when I watched the intro to this song on Netflix. It so closely resembles how I feel, it just felt good to know I’m not the only one. Thank you man. 🙏

  • nicolas dos reis baptista
    nicolas dos reis baptista5 hours ago

    I love its

  • Ambient Joe
    Ambient Joe5 hours ago

    Loved the Netflix show. Ive watched it a couple of times now. Don't know why, I think it's because of the effort he had put into this.

  • Alyssa Nguyen
    Alyssa Nguyen5 hours ago


  • Meer
    Meer6 hours ago

    this guy IQ must be at least 187

  • Tamara Hayslip
    Tamara Hayslip6 hours ago

    Yoooo bo, why were you on vine but not tik tok

  • MsMeliss xo
    MsMeliss xo6 hours ago

    I'm crying... thankyou for opening up to us, thank you it's a battle working on your mental health. So again thank you for opening up, means so much. I'm a mom who's suffered from substance abuse due to ptsd and extreme anxiety so I dont understand your experience but I can empathize with it. But bitch imma nobody so my words only mean so much.

  • Futrr
    Futrr6 hours ago

    not a producer insight😍

  • Avelyn Greene
    Avelyn Greene6 hours ago

    I look up to Bo so much with how he was able to realize he needed a break from comedy until he was mentally ready for it. On top of that, anytime that my anxiety or depression got to me, I would listen to him sing and make jokes, It always brightened my mood.

  • Jay Beachy
    Jay Beachy6 hours ago

    look at all these woke mf here in the comments

  • Ian Wilken
    Ian Wilken6 hours ago

    My favorite song from the film

  • okc 306
    okc 3066 hours ago

    "Im better now" Also bo: *GET THE FUCK UP*

  • Liam Oxendale
    Liam Oxendale7 hours ago

    Definitely a midnight driving song 👏🔥

  • Tiffany Wheeler
    Tiffany Wheeler7 hours ago

    I feel this in my soul.

  • Il Pesto
    Il Pesto7 hours ago

    Have anybody noticed the numbers not changing during the video. Like i don’t say it has a deep meaning, but Bo had small part about him turning 30 all alone in lockdown and its super depressing thing for me personally, but also i am happy everybody have waisted year. People who feel like waisting time, you should know that the concept of time is completely made up thing. There is no 30 year or a week or even a second. Yes your body is growing and then gettin old and then dies but you are in the natural circle of life and evolving and you should not be worry about turning an age you turning this year or next or whatever. You are more then a number in passport and more complex then zodiac sign and some other shit. you are a part of the coolest ecosystem and you live absolutely naturally how you should and you definitely should not give a shit about gettin older and turning any age. Its just made up concept. I am also was glad to know what Bo has a girlfriend. I cant even imagine how people dealing with anxiety all alone Id probably do something bad to myself if i had to get through this all alone.

  • Alex Harms
    Alex Harms7 hours ago

    Does anyone else think this is Bo's version of Pink Floyd's The Wall or NIN The Downward Spiral.

  • ADHDKetchup
    ADHDKetchup8 hours ago

    This makes me cry so deeply. I feel it in the pit of my gut.

  • blueboi
    blueboi8 hours ago

    i mean its a gud song but goddamn stop being edgy and "deep"

  • Imogen louisseee
    Imogen louisseee9 hours ago

    This song is actually something else 😍 mental health happens to both men and female this song just speaks it all

  • Earl Campbell
    Earl Campbell9 hours ago

    I really love all the deeper meanings this song has and how it makes people feel heard but from my very limited research my theory is that is is another political song about the Illuminati. In the song he says “look in my EYE”. It would also explain why he said the world already ended. In this song he also shares his testimony and asks for prayers.

  • AmaN Sharma
    AmaN Sharma9 hours ago

    the fuck dude m addicted to this song

  • A lil’ Daisy
    A lil’ Daisy9 hours ago

    I hate to be this person, but WARNING LOUD SHOUTING. I had done some things the day I watched this for the first time. It left me kind of on edge. I was lured into a calm state by this song, and after his speech in the middle, I was contemplating the true meaning of the lyrics as they relate to anxiety and panic attacks. Usually, when someone breaks the fourth wall like this in an effort to scare or rattle a viewer it doesn’t get to me the way this did. I grew up in a situation where the exact way he yelled happened a lot. I would be zoning out to give myself security I didn’t have in real life, then this would happen. I actually ended up scrambling to stand up before pausing the video and curling up on the floor to talk myself down.

  • Lucas Gates
    Lucas Gates9 hours ago

    I've watched and commented on this video quite a few times. Okay. A lot. Anywho. When he has his speech midway and says "I was away for five years". Five fucking years. And he comes back with INSIDE. Anxiety, depression, among many other things he must've been dealing with and how relatable it is to so many people. And this is single handedly the best song of the whole special. I'd like to think it was his favorite to perform.

  • Cristian G.
    Cristian G.9 hours ago

    This is seriously one of the best pieces of lyric music I've ever heard. Bo made an actual masterpiece

  • Dusten Guillemin
    Dusten Guillemin10 hours ago

    Hey Must Have finished The Basics...Get back to Valence. Goes For everyone.

    LALOQUITASPAIN10 hours ago

    Qué hermosura de canción. PERFECTA!❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  • Slim
    Slim10 hours ago

    9999 ] 59 29:59

  • laurdowns
    laurdowns11 hours ago

    m a s t e r p i e c e

  • Eddie
    Eddie11 hours ago

    This is not that deep lol

  • Toothpicks&Tormented
    Toothpicks&Tormented12 hours ago

    I literally cannot stop listening to everything you produce from the Netflix series. It genuinely is a f**king masterpiece for us weirdos or who ever it concerns.

  • kim taehyung
    kim taehyung12 hours ago

    the fact that he did this alone in his own home is amazing

  • kim taehyung
    kim taehyung12 hours ago

    this song slaps

  • IRGeekSauce
    IRGeekSauce13 hours ago

    Anything profound that changed my perspective on the world came from a comedian. Bill Hicks George Carlin Robin Williams Bo Burnham He's only just begun.

  • Newhall .D
    Newhall .D13 hours ago

    10 million in a month? Surely this is a record?

  • Patrick Rother
    Patrick Rother13 hours ago


  • Maria Lopes
    Maria Lopes13 hours ago


  • Chris Shick
    Chris Shick13 hours ago

    Ty Jenna & Liz for showing me this...

  • Dina Sailo
    Dina Sailo13 hours ago

    Fun fact:lots of youtubers commented in this song

  • Keoni Roberson
    Keoni Roberson13 hours ago

    Is it just me or does anyone like his voice?

  • Wombo Man
    Wombo Man14 hours ago

    I can’t handle how much of a masterpiece this special is.

  • Eagle Bearer
    Eagle Bearer14 hours ago

    Why is this so damn good

  • Анна Скуратовская
    Анна Скуратовская14 hours ago

    Не могу перестать слушать и смотреть этот клип . Это просто божественно 👏🙏😍

  • bleachme
    bleachme15 hours ago

    Thank you.

  • Mandy
    Mandy15 hours ago

    Depression the anthem

  • JeStEr Da ClOwN
    JeStEr Da ClOwN15 hours ago


  • DHZ
    DHZ16 hours ago

    You say the ocean is rising like I give a shit. The words of a legend

  • Miriam Flynn
    Miriam Flynn16 hours ago

    2:52 i want to hear that right as i close my eyes for the last time.

  • AM
    AM16 hours ago

    Man, it hits hard.

  • yash mudgil
    yash mudgil17 hours ago

    Look! Jesus is singing

  • Jay Bird
    Jay Bird17 hours ago

    Holy shit this entire movie/special was fucking amazing

  • Summer White
    Summer White18 hours ago

    Transiotion into this is the best and I wish it was included even in seperate video. We want long version.

  • Landen Lance
    Landen Lance18 hours ago

    This is pretty deep... Just like that rising ocean

  • Lacey Welch
    Lacey Welch18 hours ago

    Listening to this with earbuds... goosebumps in less than a minute with volume all the way up

  • Gabrielle Hoskins
    Gabrielle Hoskins19 hours ago


  • Franice Stokes
    Franice Stokes19 hours ago

    I came across this amazing song on tic toc I glad I did amazing ☘♥️

  • Japple
    Japple19 hours ago

    Its the insidEe for me

  • Blade Davis
    Blade Davis20 hours ago

    Keep dancing with the Devil, don't worry GOD is's hard to have sympathy for a millionaire.......

  • the commie salami
    the commie salami20 hours ago

    0:06 a singing robber

  • Nanami XinZ
    Nanami XinZ20 hours ago

    Welcome back❤️❤️❤️

  • Mine İnce
    Mine İnce20 hours ago

    This is so fucking good. Thanks Bo

  • Raul Rostas
    Raul Rostas20 hours ago

    His music got so much better with the last special.

  • strawbzz
    strawbzz21 hour ago

    this song genuinely made me a little unsettled to watch. life has sucked and sh hasn’t helped, this was a weird wake up call to it

  • Chuck Anderson
    Chuck Anderson22 hours ago

    I just basically live with this in repeat

  • Bertnahhaha
    Bertnahhaha22 hours ago

    Bo, you make me cry, in the most loving, relating, eargasmic, empathetic way. Your music, your words, your ideologies, your sense of humour, your feelings about the world, your feelings about yourself... Listening to your music taps into all of that for me at once, so it sometimes comes out of my eyeholes uncontrollably, like a goldfish in a bag on the way home from the pet store, but the bag has a hole in it. That's extra sad.. That fish is gonna die. Anyways.. I empathize with you so very much, through my own experiences and battles with those same feelings. You're just a truly wonderful being on this planet, whether you feel like it or not... Thank you for being you, Bo

  • stevefrenchize


    19 hours ago

    This song is a fucking masterpeice. Well said.

  • Chris
    Chris22 hours ago

    This song has been in my head for the last few days. I dont even like auto tune 🤣.

  • Justin Wilson
    Justin Wilson22 hours ago

    This is actually so good lol

  • thesatellite overhead
    thesatellite overhead22 hours ago

    God so beautiful. So lucky to live in this generation

  • Rocker 2.0
    Rocker 2.022 hours ago

    This is for me, the saddest song of the whole special; is like seeing someone falling into depression

  • flippoRJ
    flippoRJ23 hours ago


  • Galjo Feratovic
    Galjo Feratovic23 hours ago

    Use me as a thank you bo button

  • The Painted Fool
    The Painted Fool23 hours ago

    Beautiful song.

  • Mr Bardledew
    Mr Bardledew23 hours ago

    Fantastic song writing, an absolute masterpiece. We love you bo, I hope you love yourself too.

  • Heather Seidel
    Heather Seidel23 hours ago

    Thus song feels like drowning not dying, just drowning.

  • tx filly
    tx filly23 hours ago

    Everything he does is amazing

  • ourhappyplace
    ourhappyplaceDay ago

    his netflix special INSIDE is up for a 2021 Emmy award! so fucking proud and he deserves to win