Among Us - Bad Timing #1


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  • Buffalo Bills Fan
    Buffalo Bills FanHour ago

    3:47 lol 0:13 lol

  • john paul
    john paul12 hours ago

    OMG Guys o was just on a game with him and he said u can be in his next video 😍😍😍🤭🤭😄😄😄

  • Gönül Güçlü

    Gönül Güçlü

    7 hours ago

    Probably fake

  • YoungMrBlue
    YoungMrBlue12 hours ago

    Elegance is 200iq Optimum is Player

  • Paula Clarke
    Paula Clarke23 hours ago

    I love these videos I laugh so hard

  • Angel Plushies
    Angel PlushiesDay ago

    Man among us is the best game

  • Marwa Ali
    Marwa AliDay ago

    1:3 "this area sus"

  • Landybryce
    Landybryce2 days ago

    Is this clean?

  • Joe
    Joe2 days ago

    Among gay

  • Thurgaashini Bala Subramaniam
    Thurgaashini Bala Subramaniam3 days ago

    The irritating thing is....I saw somebody killing But few mins later...I cant remember what color was it....Then I was Like... Me: Stupid! Idiot! Damn it! Recall the color pleaseee... 😂😂😭😭It happens everytime

  • Mr. Witty
    Mr. Witty3 days ago

    Fun Fact: I am tired of reading fun facts

  • Beenish Nadeem
    Beenish Nadeem3 days ago


  • Rahini Shelkey S
    Rahini Shelkey S3 days ago

    How do u do it plz tell

  • Karel Berky
    Karel Berky3 days ago


  • Siva Sagar
    Siva Sagar4 days ago

    6:43 what the... there is 2 Elegance

  • Rebellious Renegade
    Rebellious Renegade4 days ago

    The video that made this Man's career

  • Bimali Dasanayake
    Bimali Dasanayake5 days ago

    Great video

  • Alina Ali
    Alina Ali5 days ago


  • Baljeet Manku
    Baljeet Manku5 days ago

    To the one who is seeing the comment, you are nice, cool, and stay safe

  • alex lee
    alex lee5 days ago

    2:56 is that allowed?!

  • Shadow YT
    Shadow YT5 days ago


  • Amber Nielsen
    Amber Nielsen6 days ago

    Sus sus😆🇱🇷

  • Gönül Piroğlu
    Gönül Piroğlu6 days ago


  • diya sudheer
    diya sudheer7 days ago

    why they venting for no purpose

  • John Smith
    John Smith7 days ago

    i putted a song called KREEPA - "Oh No" (Official Instrumental) during this video was playing so i muted this video and then played the song KREEPA - "Oh No" (Official Instrumental) yay it made sense

  • Ayşe nin bilim dünyası UwU
    Ayşe nin bilim dünyası UwU7 days ago

    Müge anlıyı ne yaptın bruh

  • aspiras
    aspiras8 days ago

    What's up elegance remember entire that's me I subscribe in your USplan Chanel

  • Muhtişim İkili
    Muhtişim İkili8 days ago

    Elegance is videyo like ❤️😍

  • thiagouvu Diaz
    thiagouvu Diaz8 days ago


  • Abdo Aalfanan
    Abdo Aalfanan8 days ago

    On dnkbs

  • Mobile Games
    Mobile Games8 days ago


  • Bryan Osuji
    Bryan Osuji8 days ago

    1:10 give song please

  • Andromeda


    Day ago

    Ceapon -Oh No [NCS)

  • IronStain98
    IronStain988 days ago

    1:15 My mouth! It burns! its gonna fall off!

  • Someraj Sarkar
    Someraj Sarkar9 days ago

    2:50 tha was really so so so so irritatin😭😭

  • Peter Master
    Peter Master9 days ago

    Bye i good day

  • Spacial 57
    Spacial 579 days ago


  • TheNoiceOof
    TheNoiceOof10 days ago

    0:01 an epic series was born

  • Landon Massaux
    Landon Massaux10 days ago


  • ZanxGames
    ZanxGames10 days ago

    Can you put the meme sounds please😃😄😄 So I can download it

  • Sreemannarayana Vemuri
    Sreemannarayana Vemuri11 days ago

    And I liked your meme sounds

  • Sreemannarayana Vemuri
    Sreemannarayana Vemuri11 days ago

    0:30 what that meme I liked it

  • I love Nature!
    I love Nature!11 days ago

    Massive fan

  • Flavio Baumann
    Flavio Baumann11 days ago


  • Acha Acha Purple
    Acha Acha Purple11 days ago

    Oh no oh no oh no no no no no🤣🤣

  • It's Meh
    It's Meh11 days ago

    who else like the vid and the outro

  • john kitchen jr
    john kitchen jr11 days ago

    Egalagenc look ing sus

  • 『〤MooNoise_悲しい』
    『〤MooNoise_悲しい』11 days ago

    0:03 I was the person named Mia over there.😂 Believe it or not.

  • Ёжик туманйй
    Ёжик туманйй11 days ago

    3:28 What kind of music

  • miniluv73


    8 days ago

    Gourmet Race from Smash 64

  • Melissa Akins
    Melissa Akins12 days ago


  • Xyns
    Xyns12 days ago

    2:45 literally that happen to me every single game

  • SuperBody Animathion
    SuperBody Animathion12 days ago

    КТо русский ставь лайк)

  • The Pro
    The Pro12 days ago

    2:54 best one

  • Jamie Auleary De Castro
    Jamie Auleary De Castro12 days ago

    Armie Hammer

  • Lumea Noastra
    Lumea Noastra12 days ago

    5:43 I didn't expect to hear Joseph Joestar

  • Wxlfy
    Wxlfy13 days ago

    is it just me or is he playing on different accs

  • RH10
    RH1013 days ago

    3:00 I can’t stop laughing 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Kaylin Burzynski
    Kaylin Burzynski13 days ago

    Your vids are awesome 👍 also Optimum I and elegance I played with you guys I am GET MERKED and it used to be Peanuts

  • victor
    victor13 days ago

    Cade os brasileiros

  • VasyaGans 2
    VasyaGans 214 days ago


  • SaladTheGamer
    SaladTheGamer14 days ago

    Who else watching this 1 month ago.

  • nurn1234 __
    nurn1234 __14 days ago

    You so smart

  • NightTerror
    NightTerror14 days ago

    What is the music used in the first clip?

  • Valentina Goryecha
    Valentina Goryecha14 days ago

    Milk girl do be sus doee

  • Doggy Flant
    Doggy Flant14 days ago

    7:49 why is there someone name cocoa puffs that what im eating xd

  • Edkri07
    Edkri0714 days ago

    USplan: How many sound effects do you want? Elegance: Yes

  • Eri Small Nugget
    Eri Small Nugget14 days ago

    Hmm this kinda sus

  • Shamim Islam
    Shamim Islam14 days ago

    22M views wow

  • Ahmato Ha
    Ahmato Ha15 days ago

    You are playing with tirmax

    EBK VLOG TIME15 days ago

    This youtuber is turkish people

  • Ravi Ravi
    Ravi Ravi15 days ago

    How you can search this type of music 🎶 🤔 😩 😫

  • Rosalia Guerrero
    Rosalia Guerrero15 days ago

    What is that song when the USplan found out the imposter on the start of the video/round

  • Dante Scorpion
    Dante Scorpion15 days ago

    name of the ending music pls

  • Revan
    Revan15 days ago

    0:09 please anyone can tell me this song name plzz

  • 『Lucky Wolfe』

    『Lucky Wolfe』

    3 days ago

    @Revan yw!!!

  • Revan


    3 days ago

    @『Lucky Wolfe』 thank u,thanks a lot😭

  • Revan


    3 days ago

    @NightTerror me too broo😂

  • 『Lucky Wolfe』

    『Lucky Wolfe』

    12 days ago

    @NightTerror yw ^^

  • NightTerror


    12 days ago

    @『Lucky Wolfe』 tysm

  • Andrew Rodriguez
    Andrew Rodriguez15 days ago

    0:05 Run

  • Άννα
    Άννα15 days ago

    Word TNT?WOW you is like

  • Ravi Ravi
    Ravi Ravi15 days ago

    Please send elegance

  • Ravi Ravi
    Ravi Ravi15 days ago

    Please send fast

  • Ravi Ravi
    Ravi Ravi15 days ago

    Please send in comment

  • Ravi Ravi
    Ravi Ravi15 days ago

    In comment

  • Ravi Ravi
    Ravi Ravi15 days ago

    Please send 🙏 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Ravi Ravi
    Ravi Ravi15 days ago

    Please tell

  • Ravi Ravi
    Ravi Ravi15 days ago

    How you get this type of music 🎶 🤔 I also want 😩 ........ please tell....

  • Ravi Ravi

    Ravi Ravi

    2 days ago


  • Ravi Ravi

    Ravi Ravi

    2 days ago


  • Kim Helin
    Kim Helin16 days ago

    this vid is looking a lot sus. i love elegance

  • Cj handsome
    Cj handsome16 days ago

    How did you do your thumbnail

  • Marine Lenouvel
    Marine Lenouvel16 days ago

    So many IQ

  • Adriana Enescu
    Adriana Enescu16 days ago

    Bro it's like these imposters are blind and when u are the imposter elegance ,u just do it at the wrong time

  • Marco Luevano
    Marco Luevano17 days ago

    That my sister

  • Karima Ben Hamida
    Karima Ben Hamida17 days ago

    Sub to your video and I don’t get imposter

  • naty hernandez
    naty hernandez17 days ago

    Que brutovpongale 0

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan17 days ago

    It’s weird how like most of them aren’t even bad timing

  • 2021
    202118 days ago

    1:09 müge anlı görenler +1 lesin

  • Weird Aman
    Weird Aman18 days ago

    what is epidemic sound can anyone tell me ?

  • Berat Akdemir
    Berat Akdemir18 days ago

    1:05 Müge Anlı sizi buldu



  • Russell Kusaka
    Russell Kusaka18 days ago

    And I will give you a thumbs up

  • Russell Kusaka
    Russell Kusaka18 days ago

    what are the songs that you are using for the funny among us fails

  • Nooby Yuri
    Nooby Yuri18 days ago

    3:47 music is Jack Stauber: Buttercup no problem :)

  • Nooby Yuri

    Nooby Yuri

    17 days ago

    @buri buri zymon np

  • buri buri zymon

    buri buri zymon

    17 days ago

    @Nooby Yuri thanks alot bro

  • Nooby Yuri

    Nooby Yuri

    17 days ago

    @buri buri zymon kirby dream land

  • buri buri zymon

    buri buri zymon

    17 days ago

    Pls tell me name of this song 3:25 pls

  • Esperanza Valdez
    Esperanza Valdez18 days ago


    AMBROSE TISO18 days ago


  • OctoDan
    OctoDan18 days ago

    0:19 I always get impostor when I like the vid,WUT

  • Chaitanya Sankar
    Chaitanya Sankar19 days ago

    2:50 only people who've been in situations like this can like