Andy Samberg Interrupts Colin Jost’s Interview to Insult Seth’s Dog


Colin Jost talks about not playing Tom or Jerry in his film Tom and Jerry, reads some texts he received from Andy Samberg and shares what it was like to live in the same dorm as Pete Buttigieg at Harvard.
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Andy Samberg Interrupts Colin Jost’s Interview to Insult Seth’s Dog

Late Night with Seth Meyers


  • macosby anthony
    macosby anthony2 days ago

    Colin looks like a very compassionate human being. I admire Scarlet and I know they will be together forever

  • Daniel Wood
    Daniel Wood3 days ago

    Is it just me or is this one of the unfunniest things?

  • Chris Davis
    Chris Davis5 days ago

    "Need to know, you hate Frisbee!!!"

  • David Henderson
    David Henderson10 days ago

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  • Claire Isabella
    Claire Isabella11 days ago

    this whole interview was absolute gold

  • ucin sin
    ucin sin12 days ago

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  • Bernard Gena
    Bernard Gena12 days ago

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  • Sina Haase
    Sina Haase14 days ago

    This was the best segment!!!! They’re hilarious together! Also I love Andy I didn’t even watch him on SNL a lot but I did fall in love with Brooklyn 99

  • Brian Koller
    Brian Koller16 days ago

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    Alleona chris17 days ago

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  • Botter Minato
    Botter Minato18 days ago

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  • Patrick C
    Patrick C18 days ago

    Colin is just one step away from just being a grandmother

  • Andre Smith
    Andre Smith18 days ago

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  • Amanda Tan
    Amanda Tan18 days ago

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  • Siamo Granieri
    Siamo Granieri19 days ago

    I laughed until I nearly choked.

  • Gaby
    Gaby19 days ago

    This started okay but ended up being hilarious thanks to Andy Sandberg and Secretary Pete

  • Taite Mettert
    Taite Mettert20 days ago

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  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez20 days ago

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  • Prettypinkdork
    Prettypinkdork21 day ago

    I’m starting to suspect Colin has ADHD

  • Laurie Stapleton
    Laurie Stapleton23 days ago

    Speaking of this great group of friends, if you haven’t watched SNL Firehouse Incident, it has everything.... The incomparable Bill Hader owns this sketch. Other than the Seth and Stefon sequences, this is possibly one of my favorites SNL pieces ever. Bill said he blew his voice out for a week after that sketch. And if anyone of you hasn’t already watched the SNL Seth and Stefon series, you so must. When you look online, you’ll see where someone, I guess SNL has grouped episodes together, and they have it in numbered parts. Be sure to stay in order and have no food or liquid near you at anytime. On this series, Seth plays the straight man, well. 😂😜

  • AMTunLimited
    AMTunLimited23 days ago

    I always love hearing the crew laughing. I kinda like it more than hearing an audience

  • Sofia Salguero
    Sofia Salguero24 days ago

    Seth's show only gets better and better with time

  • Ximenes Kirshner
    Ximenes Kirshner24 days ago

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  • LearnToTakeAJoke
    LearnToTakeAJoke26 days ago

    I hope he multitask better during s&x😂

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    Do Dinh Huong26 days ago

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  • rockland albrecht
    rockland albrecht28 days ago

    goodness, its hard to look at colin, he is just too pretty.

  • Natural Hair Affair
    Natural Hair Affair29 days ago

    This segment was hilarious. The end made me cackle.

  • range pure
    range pure29 days ago

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  • Elphin D. Blackforrest
    Elphin D. Blackforrest29 days ago

    If Emmy's are given for interviews, this one is in the running. Come on, no brainer.

  • Cole Marullo
    Cole Marullo29 days ago

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  • Dave Cote
    Dave CoteMonth ago

    That was hysterical. Fun interview.

  • Angelinabug
    AngelinabugMonth ago

    Best film promo interview in the history of mankind

  • Dug FmJamul
    Dug FmJamulMonth ago

    Late Night "Progressive Propaganda" with Seth Meyers. Watch the 2016 TV Series called .. BRAINDEAD!

  • Dot Gasner
    Dot GasnerMonth ago

    I appreciate how Seth Meyers normalizes straights dudes saying I love you to other dudes. More of that!

  • Dug FmJamul

    Dug FmJamul

    Month ago

    Is Seth Meyers Gay?

  • ge gee
    ge geeMonth ago

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  • nadia b
    nadia bMonth ago

    "what's another one?" lmfao

  • Know More Know Less
    Know More Know LessMonth ago

    The interview just went downhill.

  • brendy isabel santiago ullero
    brendy isabel santiago ulleroMonth ago

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  • Honatr Javsu
    Honatr JavsuMonth ago

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  • Michelle Johnson
    Michelle JohnsonMonth ago

    Colin is such a likeable person.

  • voxprojects
    voxprojectsMonth ago

    "He [Buttigieg] probably learned enough words to not say "studious student", and "I feel like you got a lot smarter once this segment was over..." Seth you are the shadiest, funniest mutha eva! I love you man! Your comments to Colin had me ROLLIN'!

  • I Reyes
    I ReyesMonth ago

    I didn't knew that film was coming out. It seems extremely bad and empty from the trailer

  • adonis cook
    adonis cookMonth ago

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  • Shannon Olyna
    Shannon OlynaMonth ago


  • Amanda Tan
    Amanda TanMonth ago

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  • jscott20002278
    jscott20002278Month ago

    they really gotta stop the frisby/andy bit... it's very old and tired and they are the only ones laughing at this bit anymore....

  • Phoebe Armstrong
    Phoebe ArmstrongMonth ago


  • Tom Dixon
    Tom DixonMonth ago

    Just for the record, LaGuardia is owned by the City of New York

  • Mari Fazekas
    Mari FazekasMonth ago

    That last two minutes had me crying laughing. Can someone please help Colin 😂😂

  • Neth Winkles
    Neth WinklesMonth ago

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  • Mari Fazekas
    Mari FazekasMonth ago

    Whenever seth has his friends on it’s always so chaotic and hilarious. I always laugh way more because they have such a good relationship

  • Elizacoco
    ElizacocoMonth ago

    Genuinely funny. I don't normally actually laugh during any interviews.

  • Lexi Hogan
    Lexi HoganMonth ago

    Is no one gonna say anything about the "full disclosure: on peyote right now"?

  • Chris Moon
    Chris MoonMonth ago


  • Ivy Hnin
    Ivy HninMonth ago

    I hope so badly that Pete Buttigieg watches this interview

  • joshua diez
    joshua diezMonth ago

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  • Deborah Lonergan
    Deborah LonerganMonth ago

    Seth is getting more charming and handsome all the time. These 2 are so cute together. Able to say they love each other in front of the world without being embarrassed. Real men say I love you to each other. Sloths tell criminal insurrectionists "We love you!"

  • Trinity Hope
    Trinity HopeMonth ago

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  • Katherine Gardner
    Katherine GardnerMonth ago

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  • E L A I Tamani
    E L A I TamaniMonth ago

    Colin could play "Jerry " from Rick & Morty . If there was ever a Rick and Morty movie....😄

  • stratmankudzu


    Month ago

    Parnell would be perfect for live action Jerry as much as the animated one

  • Mark Arnold
    Mark ArnoldMonth ago

    Between seth and colin...This entire week update...

  • Melissa Ngai
    Melissa NgaiMonth ago

    Colin was in such a good mood, this was hilarious throughout. And love Andy's interruption. True buddies.

  • Hamilton Arraou
    Hamilton ArraouMonth ago

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  • Jenner Jefferson
    Jenner JeffersonMonth ago

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    Ebenezer SamMonth ago

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  • Michael Webb
    Michael WebbMonth ago

    This is why T&J flopped, everybody was waiting with baited breath hoping to hear how & where & when we could watch it

  • Larissa M Ihara
    Larissa M IharaMonth ago

    On a serious note though, that's why I hate Zoom 😑 Why can't the video stay on while you check other apps, like any other fucking video call apps??!

  • Adam G
    Adam GMonth ago

    colin jost has to be fucking stoned as hell in this interview lol he isnt reading seths cue to move on

  • Adrien Pinard
    Adrien PinardMonth ago

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  • Francesca M
    Francesca MMonth ago

    commenting to make the comment number “666”

  • Megachicken 123
    Megachicken 123Month ago

    I didn't don't know that Colin was in the movie until I watched it and I was like "WWWWAAAAIIIITTTT!!!!"

  • Thornlore
    ThornloreMonth ago

    Can we just have an interview that is just chaos?

  • Friday Anighoro
    Friday AnighoroMonth ago

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  • evev g
    evev gMonth ago

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  • The Fat Turtle
    The Fat TurtleMonth ago

    This clip made me a fan of Jost.

  • Maddie Miller
    Maddie MillerMonth ago

    It’s funny they brought up pete butigieg and there was that one jimmy Fallon confession video with Pete and Scarlett Johansson

  • Raymond Sweet
    Raymond SweetMonth ago

    5:17 -- I'm dead.

  • ji canbo
    ji canboMonth ago

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  • gregthehitman12
    gregthehitman12Month ago

    You can tell Colin knows this movie is trash :p

  • Ashley Cardenas
    Ashley CardenasMonth ago

    The ending of this interview was soooo funny😂😂😂

  • Ryan Cormier
    Ryan CormierMonth ago

    8:48 incredible

  • Carol Schneider
    Carol SchneiderMonth ago

    So heartbreaking you had to go through that, but look at everything you've done since!!!! xo

  • Jake Hart
    Jake HartMonth ago

    This is the best thing to come out of Tom and Jerry The Movie.

  • Zach Ashford
    Zach AshfordMonth ago

    One of the best interviews ever. Lol

  • Jalal Maqdisi
    Jalal MaqdisiMonth ago

    Colin Jost might be the perfect match to play the role of Elon Musk if this movie is being made.

  • David Wong
    David WongMonth ago

    oh god bless you i think this is the first time ive laughed since 2019

  • Benni Grote
    Benni GroteMonth ago

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  • Ginger Rodriguez
    Ginger RodriguezMonth ago


  • Jason B
    Jason BMonth ago

    I already know Michael is now gonna make so many jokes about Colin doing Tom and Jerry the movie, on weekend update

  • mwebb2011
    mwebb2011Month ago

    I was physically in pain from laughing so hard after this

  • JackieWarner13
    JackieWarner13Month ago

    Classic Samberg bringing up Frisbee.😂

  • Bernard Gena
    Bernard GenaMonth ago

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  • David Burton
    David BurtonMonth ago

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