Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Season 2 - All Episodes (15-19)

Film & Animation

This was a good season. I made some edits to a few episodes, see if you can spot them!
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  • Tripp Tewell
    Tripp TewellHour ago

    Anyone else notice the chicken's wing disconnecting from his body during the guitar part

  • Francisco Sierra
    Francisco SierraHour ago

    Orange is AWAYS asleep when they are doing music


    ALan becker minecraft 1.16.20

  • jane louise nuñez
    jane louise nuñez2 hours ago

    From Redstone To Music and instruments

    SANTIAGO SUÁREZ3 hours ago

    mi fav stickmin is yellow :D

  • J E F F Seker
    J E F F Seker6 hours ago

    D: wow

  • King Draver
    King Draver7 hours ago

    I have been watching this channel for so long and I never get bored of it!

  • Francisco Sierra

    Francisco Sierra

    Hour ago

    Me too

  • reflex gamer
    reflex gamer9 hours ago

    Why green in the prisoner his bed all the lucky blocks inside of evil green

  • Kledir Silva
    Kledir Silva11 hours ago


  • Casey Jayden Garcia
    Casey Jayden Garcia12 hours ago

    Even USplanrs love your videos

  • DreamiinqLuke
    DreamiinqLuke12 hours ago


  • Салтанат Кулмурзаева
    Салтанат Кулмурзаева13 hours ago

    и ууу гнеш й про га

  • Artistic
    Artistic14 hours ago

    13:30 Wait a sec- Is that a Henry STickmin reference?

  • Artistic
    Artistic14 hours ago

    Red when building: simple build Yellow when building: More detailed than Red's build with some redstone Blue when building: Even more detailed than Yellow but no redstone Green whe building: *OvErLy COmpLiCaTeD*

  • Fake D1agnOzzz
    Fake D1agnOzzz14 hours ago

    Funny Chicken

  • Barbora Ella Majzlíková
    Barbora Ella Majzlíková16 hours ago

    too long, but otherwise fine

  • Jiyoung Yun
    Jiyoung Yun19 hours ago

  • ttvgetnob
    ttvgetnob19 hours ago

    The green mean dancing mechanic 13:37

  • Ashton Robaschi
    Ashton Robaschi23 hours ago

    I just realized the logic gates section from the first short in this version (Redstone Academy) is gone??

  • Josh Patawara
    Josh Patawara23 hours ago

    Sc's the best

  • kitties and bots gemini
    kitties and bots geminiDay ago

    I think you are copying some episodes from season 1

  • kitties and bots gemini
    kitties and bots geminiDay ago

    Again note block battle music

  • PlasticMoldInjection
    PlasticMoldInjectionDay ago

    The acrid pink nouzilly destroy because giant informally crawl plus a red kamikaze. garrulous, pointless mimosa

  • Jacob Molzan
    Jacob MolzanDay ago

    as I started watching this........ my first thought was fuck off grammarly


    the best animation of live

  • rafa diaz
    rafa diazDay ago

    The poised withdrawal bacteriologically wish because chin hepatosplenomegaly wriggle pace a halting iran. minor, tenuous mattock

  • Artster Susar
    Artster SusarDay ago

    The cells they were trapped in were nice enough to make there beds color coordinated! 32:31

  • сыймык Суамырбеков
    сыймык СуамырбековDay ago


  • Oğuzhan Yaralı
    Oğuzhan YaralıDay ago


  • asror safarboev
    asror safarboevDay ago


  • Екатерина Никифорова
    Екатерина НикифороваDay ago

    Fall damage: am I a joke to you?

  • Lila Resse
    Lila ResseDay ago

    Hey why not take this and make a new video about this but it is different this is call “ The music war “ where there are Large speakers and a stage and much more

  • むちゅちゅ蒼
    むちゅちゅ蒼Day ago


  • Change Eye Color
    Change Eye ColorDay ago


  • Kondor 54
    Kondor 54Day ago

    The animating on that chicken was amazing

  • LevStickley
    LevStickleyDay ago

    this is so cool i cant.. ummm this is so so so so so so so so so cool omg

  • ZUMMA Haag
    ZUMMA HaagDay ago


  • MediaAzureTheVideoEditor7500 // LaraProGamerIsCutie
    MediaAzureTheVideoEditor7500 // LaraProGamerIsCutieDay ago

    7:00 K.O.

  • hadidja ditano
    hadidja ditanoDay ago


  • hadidja ditano
    hadidja ditanoDay ago


  • hadidja ditano
    hadidja ditanoDay ago


  • jibreil magtalas
    jibreil magtalasDay ago

    Yellow red and blue want blow green build battle orange not

  • Marcos Franca da silva
    Marcos Franca da silvaDay ago



    danial rizqi

  • Pabi TV
    Pabi TVDay ago


  • Abidec Videos
    Abidec Videos2 days ago

    I just love this song 7:59

  • Perenise Satele
    Perenise Satele2 days ago

    I love your vids and I also subscribed and turned on the notifications and liked the video >:3

  • Guilherme Shell
    Guilherme Shell2 days ago

    Alab berk i am from bazil and Fasa um video de vindicator vcs stickmans pls

  • Jason Staving
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  • hulya yıldırım
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    Noises 1612 days ago


  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez2 days ago

    Default. Dance at like 13:20

  • Chi chiu Lam
    Chi chiu Lam2 days ago

    xdcny hbm k

  • Tati Castilho
    Tati Castilho2 days ago


  • dertal13 cvk
    dertal13 cvk2 days ago


  • dertal13 cvk

    dertal13 cvk

    Day ago


  • 么sᴀмᴜʀᴀɪ
    么sᴀмᴜʀᴀɪ2 days ago

    @ Note Block: Exists Minecraft: allow me to introduce myself

  • Change Eye Color

    Change Eye Color

    Day ago


  • 么sᴀмᴜʀᴀɪ
    么sᴀмᴜʀᴀɪ2 days ago

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  • Andre Audomaro Gutierrez Esquivel

    Andre Audomaro Gutierrez Esquivel

    2 days ago

    no hablo tacataca

  • матхекс chicken gun

    матхекс chicken gun

    2 days ago


  • матхекс chicken gun

    матхекс chicken gun

    2 days ago


  • Rahul Bhasme
    Rahul Bhasme2 days ago


  • Beoqks
    Beoqks2 days ago

    Green is talented in music

  • abdullah amzar
    abdullah amzar2 days ago


  • Zheann Kurt Abaratigue
    Zheann Kurt Abaratigue2 days ago

    The chicken was so funny ill never eat chickens anymore hahahahaha xd

  • Tavda Tavda
    Tavda Tavda2 days ago

    !Жюль род лрщллр реки Ноэль год

  • Jacob Smith
    Jacob Smith2 days ago

    Green is doing the dance from Fortnite

  • Aaron Oliver
    Aaron Oliver2 days ago

    Alan at 17:48 you changed the flower in the pot in orange’s house

  • John Michael Ugalde
    John Michael Ugalde3 days ago

    Orange master of crafting Blue master of brewing and farming Yellow master of redstone Green master of music fishing Red master of animals

  • Too Struck
    Too Struck3 days ago

    8:48 Note Block: Exists Minecraft: *allow me to introduce myself*

  • Kevin Ding
    Kevin Ding3 days ago


  • DV Metzger
    DV Metzger3 days ago

    Everyone’s talking about green drinking the potion but did you even see what orange did?!? What if he drank the potion?

  • Jovymay Østby
    Jovymay Østby3 days ago


    ALFRED YEE3 days ago

    eating tnt

  • Acorn Dude
    Acorn Dude3 days ago

    orange: master of i dont even know blue: master of brewing and farming green: master of music yellow: master of redstone red: master of animals

  • Joshua Albero

    Joshua Albero

    2 days ago


  • Math Guy

    Math Guy

    2 days ago

    Green: Master of Building

  • Hey my name is Kakorot

    Hey my name is Kakorot

    3 days ago

    Orange is master of blue, green, red, and yellow. He tells the group what to do and is superior at combat skills

  • Francisco Ramos
    Francisco Ramos3 days ago

    subscribe to valz!

  • os gamer br
    os gamer br3 days ago

    Blz uma galinha dançando forró

  • Gaston Belbey
    Gaston Belbey3 days ago

    Tes. Red

  • Matex 2142 El bot UWU
    Matex 2142 El bot UWU3 days ago


  • Kyuho Jung
    Kyuho Jung3 days ago

    orange is like coming out of nowhere xD

  • Martin Andres Correa

    Martin Andres Correa

    12 hours ago

    @Just a Valley rthhytrgb bb n. Fvbv

  • Just a Valley

    Just a Valley

    14 hours ago

    Its "SC" (The Second Coming)

  • Sylwia Ring
    Sylwia Ring3 days ago


  • cruz urueña cristian santiago
    cruz urueña cristian santiago3 days ago

    what is the name of the song? 6:03

  • Agile in Action
    Agile in Action3 days ago

    does anyone yellwo is a girl

  • Jason Pro
    Jason Pro3 days ago


  • Donal Animations
    Donal Animations3 days ago

    Once you watch one,You can’t stop.

  • ด.ช. ภาคิน บุญเกิด
    ด.ช. ภาคิน บุญเกิด3 days ago

    I had fun

  • Erni Triangga
    Erni Triangga3 days ago

    nice 👍👍

  • قنات القيمز AM
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  • عاشق الانمي
    عاشق الانمي3 days ago

    😲 and Deom

  • NeburLP Xd
    NeburLP Xd3 days ago

    Nice Animation

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  • me noob
    me noob3 days ago

    Animation shorts

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  • Hoang Kim
    Hoang Kim3 days ago

    Fornite dance

  • White Stars
    White Stars3 days ago

    Mantap jiwa video ini 👍🏻

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    Санс3 days ago

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    UKWNON3 days ago

    All of that stickman achievement Red:Animal Lover Orange:The Leader Yellow:The RedStone Pro Green:The Builder Blue:The TryHard

  • Sibel Çelik

    Sibel Çelik

    3 days ago


  • Sibel Çelik

    Sibel Çelik

    3 days ago


  • Sibel Çelik

    Sibel Çelik

    3 days ago


  • gamer101 zap
    gamer101 zap3 days ago

    no one literlly no one, when the pig snored at the end the subtitles gave me: no

  • Allan Falcotelo
    Allan Falcotelo3 days ago

    i like your vid

  • Rg Tldro
    Rg Tldro3 days ago

    I'm a simple man. I see Alan Becker's Animation I click.

  • Jose Ernesto Barrameda
    Jose Ernesto Barrameda3 days ago

    0:19 if only school was that easy

  • Carla Barrow

    Carla Barrow

    23 hours ago


  • Siren head
    Siren head3 days ago

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  • Наруто Удзумаки

    Наруто Удзумаки

    3 days ago