Atlantis • SHINee tribute •

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Join us in the first part of this year's Mermay celebration inspired by our favorite k-pop band SHINee's newest hit single!


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Have an enchanted day! Thanks for watching!


  • Kalalani M.
    Kalalani M.5 days ago

    16:00 I cried when I saw NCT live so I feel you, I was in the front row too

  • MichellB
    MichellB20 days ago

    I loved her, she reminds me of Solar from MAMAMOO, it's so ❤️😍

  • music4ursoul
    music4ursoul24 days ago

    SHINEE!?? Its so cool to see one of my favorite groups songs transform into a doll! This is superrr cool!!! You just got a new subbie 💕💕

  • HoodDreamz Tv
    HoodDreamz Tv24 days ago

    You should try to make the Doja Cat -Need to know music video “alien doll”.

  • livellev
    livellev25 days ago

    my shawol heart is sooooo happy rn

  • riri
    ririMonth ago

    Were you mesmerized by the dance practice or Taemin's magical t-shirt?

  • Madelyn Hotz
    Madelyn HotzMonth ago

    Hot glue for life MWUHAHAHAHAHHA

  • 「 Heaphilian 」
    「 Heaphilian 」Month ago

    "... I just lost my sh- marbles." -Barb, 2021 15:54

  • MuttZoone
    MuttZooneMonth ago

    Glass Animals is my favourite band :)

  • Karin Lillian
    Karin LillianMonth ago

    My love (for this doll) goes deep, deep, deep! 💙

  • bee
    beeMonth ago

    I cracked up when Barb sat the pants over the body with the tail and made it swim away

  • Sophie B
    Sophie BMonth ago

    1:57 Are you kidding me?! I LOVED your dark dolls! Honestly, all your dolls are fantastic, and those were no exception. I adore your yin-yang concepts too. Maybe you can do a single doll that is the embodiment of yin-yang balance? Just a thought. Keep up the amazing work you two!🥰

  • nusheon
    nusheonMonth ago

    i like nightcore, my fav is Fly By Nightcore. i also like the submarine soundtrack by alex turner c:

  • æ
    æMonth ago

    I love honey swamps face mold💗and it turned out amazing 😍💗

  • Paul Moon sun
    Paul Moon sunMonth ago

    Very good app to use it

  • Paul Moon sun
    Paul Moon sunMonth ago

    Rty is

  • Paul Moon sun
    Paul Moon sunMonth ago

    Rty is a a little bit more o for

  • Paul Moon sun
    Paul Moon sunMonth ago


  • mark and mark
    mark and markMonth ago

    You guys promoted shinee better than sm hahahahhaha

  • Enchanterium


    Month ago

    😂😂😂 true tho

  • Villanelle Polastri
    Villanelle PolastriMonth ago

    I have never seen anyone reroot by twisting the strand around the finger in a loop before picking it up with the rerooting tool before. What a great idea! I can’t wait to try it. Thanks Barb & Alex. ❣️

  • You're into another Guy
    You're into another GuyMonth ago

    I really love SHINee & Love with this doll

  • Charlene Ocampo
    Charlene OcampoMonth ago

    I love how Honey's skin tone is slightly reminiscent of SHINee's fandom color, Pearl Aqua

  • Mama Meows
    Mama Meows2 months ago

    Ring Ding Dong got me listening to SHINee. My sister's custom license plate on her car is SHINee5. She's the biggest SHINee and Lee Jinki fan I know.

  • Janos Audron
    Janos Audron2 months ago

    Ofcourse it gets a bad rap, anything a "teenage girl" likes is automatically considered trash :C

  • Mia Miatzo
    Mia Miatzo2 months ago

    it's the way i SCREAMED when i saw you were doing a tribute for the kings! i was so excited for the part 2 so I could watch both together ^^

  • Aaron James
    Aaron James2 months ago

    As a former punk rocker, my suggestion for artistically ripping jeans is to use a regular plastic razor. You make your initial cut and then you brush it with some force like you're shaving a really long patch. A serrated kitchen knife held at a 45° angle is also an option if you don't have a razor.

  • Anna Marie
    Anna Marie2 months ago

    Wicked beautiful 😍♥✨❤love it eyes

  • Daisy Stalls
    Daisy Stalls2 months ago

    ahw I love her! And i just adore the thought you put into referencing the music video too😍 great video!

  • respectthefish
    respectthefish2 months ago

    Im ARMY but Id love to check out SHINee

  • Opal Hansen
    Opal Hansen2 months ago

    I love her!! What was the last song in the video called?

  • Neytiri I
    Neytiri I2 months ago

    Super pomysł z uhonorowaniem nowego comebacku Shinee! Świetne inspiracje, jestem pod wrażeniem dbałości o detale. Pozdrawiam jako SM stan oraz wieloletnia Exo-L :)

  • Ursella Denton
    Ursella Denton2 months ago

    One of my favorite artists is Aurora 😘.and I love k pop so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Angel Black
    Angel Black2 months ago

    Its all the details for me 😍 You both are so intimate with your art, you can really feel all the love and attention you give to your projects. 🤗

  • Riya Patel
    Riya Patel2 months ago

    I’m so happy to see something Shinee inspired! I love Shinee and the doll looks so beautiful!

  • Vanessa M
    Vanessa M2 months ago

    Time for the ppl who like dark themed dolls to come out and say something! I love all the dolls you guys do! The "dark" ones are especially my favorite because it allows you to explore your creativity and I love to see artists do that.

  • Zakiyah B
    Zakiyah B2 months ago

    Shawol Here~ i also cheat on SHINee with other sm artists but I only buy SHINee merch. 💎 Anywho I love how this doll had interchangeable lower body that was a really cool and innovative idea. 👍👍❤

  • jennifer half
    jennifer half2 months ago

    Omg she came out GORGEOUS!! I think just a tad more detail on her bralette but either way you guys did an amazing always!! 😍💖

  • jennifer half
    jennifer half2 months ago

    I have no problem with kpop. The songs I have heard are actually really good and really catchy. It's the fans,(NOT ALL FANS), that turned me off from it. There's a lot of cyber bullies among the community that ruin it for a lot of people. Example for me I didn't understand a music video and I asked someone to explain it to me and they said stuff I will not repeat. So the music is good, the community, that I have come across, is horrible!!

  • Ashfur
    Ashfur2 months ago

    How about trying to do a spirit of Lost Souls?

  • 천사
    천사2 months ago


  • 5hineewrld
    5hineewrld2 months ago

    KSJSJ my two favorite things- dolls and shinee 👌🏼😔 I’m in love

  • Cambrie ・゚: *・゚:*
    Cambrie ・゚: *・゚:*2 months ago

    SHINee’s Sherlock was my introduction into kpop and jpop!! I remember thinking “how can anyone dance like that and NOT be popular in the states?!” Got me hooked under two minutes 🥺 You really captured the vibes of Atlantis so well!!! The color scheme is absolutely GORGEOUS and I’m so very pleased to see it represented in doll form

  • Pip
    Pip2 months ago

    this is genuinely one of the prettiest face ups yall have done. the whole thing is Excellent.

  • Kai Leen
    Kai Leen2 months ago

    Ja za każdym razem sklejam sobie palce kropelką, nawet, gdy założyłam lateksowe rękawiczki 🤣

  • heeyo
    heeyo2 months ago

    Okay I only saw mcyt refrences but I think that's just me😂

  • Ana Yamilin
    Ana Yamilin2 months ago

    as a shawol who loves mermaids i love how you made these beautiful dolls inspired by SHINee’s Atlantis!! as expected every SHINee fan is talented! definitely subscribing to your channel.

  • Jose Acuña
    Jose Acuña2 months ago

    WOW, a mermaid doll inspired by SHINee!!! that's so cool, I didn't know you liked SHINee!! yooo that is TASTE right there!!, also I really love the face and all the details! great job!!!

  • Johny kiatnok
    Johny kiatnok2 months ago

    Plz make her to a plushies i want her plushie

  • Alivia Kitty puff
    Alivia Kitty puff2 months ago

    Are one of you two catmeleon?

  • Enchanterium


    2 months ago

    No, we're Enchanterium 🤗

  • Aqua Chan
    Aqua Chan2 months ago

    As a Shawol and a big fan of your work this is such an amazing doll! I absolutely adore this!!

  • Fairfolk
    Fairfolk2 months ago

    What are the pink plastic brushes? you use to help smudge the eyes?

  • Enchanterium


    2 months ago

    It's an applicator for beauty salons I think for eyelash extensions 😉

  • strawberry.starlight
    strawberry.starlight2 months ago

    I saw this and immediately fell in love!! As a Shawol myself, it’s so cool to see what people have created through inspiration they get from SHINee’s songs/mvs!

  • Jazlynn Hinkey
    Jazlynn Hinkey2 months ago

    The face reminds me of igy

  • Alex Lee
    Alex Lee2 months ago

    If you like SuperM, I highhhlllyyy reccommend NCT!!

  • Ally Lambert
    Ally Lambert2 months ago

    I would love it if you guys started making merch💗

  • Enchanterium


    2 months ago

    Only Nerine plushie so far!

  • Ivy is Dead
    Ivy is Dead2 months ago

    Nonsense, i like the dark dolls. They are glorious!

  • Hybrid
    Hybrid2 months ago

    Gorgeous work as always!! Ahhhh and...I think you've converted me. Thank you. I dont normally take music suggestions, but I'm glad I did this time! :3

  • MooniePie
    MooniePie2 months ago

    Pelvis slash booth thing. The technical term.

  • Gelek A
    Gelek A2 months ago

    omg i want those pants for myself!! 🥺 they're gorgeous omg. i love the color scheme too!! excited for the next mermaid ✨

  • Alvery Tadier
    Alvery Tadier2 months ago

    "...on this channel, you guys prefer more...color" Bitch, I "prefer" (read: adore) literally anything you put out 😍😍😍 Buuuuuuuttttttt, my favorite doll artists making a doll inspired by my favorite kpop group? Okay, I'm glad you changed your mind 🤯

  • Moo mooo
    Moo mooo2 months ago

    I kinda wish that they did the “light and dark” theme but it still turned out cool

  • Rachel C Reid Art
    Rachel C Reid Art2 months ago

    thanks so much for the joke making fun of people with ptsd, really fun

  • Jessica Darling
    Jessica Darling2 months ago

    Great job! She’s so well done!

  • Paola Cintron
    Paola Cintron2 months ago

    OMG saw that MV last night!! These dolls are so beautiful!

  • zlyrys
    zlyrys2 months ago

    Hi, I'm also from Poland. Where do you buy iridescent vinyl?

  • Enchanterium


    2 months ago

    Aliexpress 😉

  • Min Shyanne
    Min Shyanne2 months ago

    yesss! SHINee! I love them :) the doll is very pretty

  • -chloe-
    -chloe-2 months ago

    shawol representation in the HOUSE!!! happy SHINee day to all my shawols!!

  • Enchanterium


    2 months ago

    Happy SHINee day!!! 💎💖

  • Alex Mason
    Alex Mason2 months ago

    I was launched back in time by the references to SHINee and Lucifer oh my god. What a trip back in time, going to rewatch that music video again. I was OBSESSED with it in high school. My current kpop fav is Block B, their vibe is immaculate. If you're looking for more kpop to listen to and you haven't checked them out already, I can't recommend them highly enough.

  • This Fat Girl Runs
    This Fat Girl Runs2 months ago

    You had me at SHINee! :D

  • Ewa Nowak
    Ewa Nowak2 months ago

    This is wonderful! Happy SHINee Anniversary 💎💎💎💎💎

  • Enchanterium


    2 months ago

    Happy SHINee day 💎💖

  • Alyssa C
    Alyssa C2 months ago

    You guys always find new ways to impress me with your art. Love it as usual! ❤️

  • Nat T
    Nat T2 months ago

    Take a shot every time she says Atlantis

  • Angel
    Angel2 months ago

    Music I'm pretty eclectic. Disney songs and Symphonic Metal. Some pop and techno. My favs right now are Nightwish and Korn. Also i loved those dark dolls. Maybe they will get more views in the autumn when it's closer to Halloween.

  • Daniela Downie
    Daniela Downie2 months ago

    very unique color palette! I listen to a lot of J-Rock/Rock/Visual Kei bands. HYDE, VAMPS, Gackt and The Gazette. Apocalyptica, TAEMIN and Coldrain. I saw that HYDE collaborated with STARSET and they're also an awesome band!!

  • Sophie tries
    Sophie tries2 months ago

    Im by the 2:23 Minute and I'm so fun going right now because I never thought that you wold listen to K-pop🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Sam Warrior She_Her
    Sam Warrior She_Her2 months ago

    I love SHINee, I first seen thire Sherlock vid and thought Ohhh I like this and they look cool, so I looked into them more and found thire Juliette song and was like Hold on this music the same as Corbin bleu deal with it song, then I found Hello OMG I love that song the vid is so sweet and cute, by that time I was like I don't care if I don't understand Korean I love them I even wanted to call my cat Taemin but thought it was strange calling a girl a boys name so I called her Min-Tae, I then went and got thire first concert on Dvd which I drove the people I was living with crazy becuse I have it on all the time lol

  • CraftyGamer659
    CraftyGamer6592 months ago

    16:55 mananangal

  • Christina Lloyd
    Christina Lloyd2 months ago


  • Nicolás Enríquez
    Nicolás Enríquez2 months ago

    Amazing doll as always. 🧡 Hearing you talk and share about one of your favorite music genres was like hearing a friend, this video is one of my favorites now. 💜

  • галина козлова
    галина козлова2 months ago

    My favorite artist is Adele, she sings beautifully, I hope something in the style of her videos will inspire you.

  • Caroline Smith
    Caroline Smith2 months ago

    💜💙💚💛🧡❤ SHINee ...I love SuperM, they're my favourite !!! I also love Exo ... #SHINee

  • Karine Deschamps
    Karine Deschamps2 months ago


  • Krystals Fantasy Doll Art
    Krystals Fantasy Doll Art2 months ago

    She came out so bright and adorable!!! Her fins and tail are so unique. I also love how she transforms from human to mermaid too!

  • LuccaAce
    LuccaAce2 months ago

    I used to listen to kpop about ten years ago, but I got out of it after graduating college (I'm so old 😭🧓) These days, I listen to a lot of power metal. I was obsessed with the album Nightwish released last year (Human || Nature), and it still makes me so happy to listen to it.

  • gabrielhound
    gabrielhound2 months ago

    Random thoughts during the video: - Oh, s**t she's alive! - * Note to self watch Althirien and Drexmor videos to improve performance and have more gothy dolls. URGENT * - Somehow that thought process of the concept checks out with Enchanterium. - "Man, I want Alex to repaint my face!" "Don't tou mean do your make up?" "I know what I said!" - I also want Barb make my clothes!! - No plot Twist with the shoes? MY BINGO!! - Alex should talk to someone about her love/hate relationship with hot glue, it's getting bad. - 22:22 OH GOD!! My head is chaos and I loved this video!

  • Jenn Glow
    Jenn Glow2 months ago

    Very pretty😃

    MATEUSZ BŁASZCZYK2 months ago

    Uwielbiam oglądać jak tworzycie 😍 jesteście świetne!!! Macie mnóstwo super pomysłów 😊 sam zaczynam się bawić w tworzenie postaci. Może mogłybyście mi polecić jakiś dobry klej, który będzie dobrze łączył np materiały i włóczki z tworzywami sztucznymi (plastik i masy termoutwardzalne) ? Pozdrawiam cieplutko i czekam na kolejne filmy ❤



    2 months ago

    @Enchanterium tak, bardzo dziękuję 😊 potrzebowałem porady kogoś bardziej doświadczonego, dziękuję i pozdrawiam ❤

  • Enchanterium


    2 months ago

    Z klejami jest tak że trzeba popróbować 😊 szczególnie jeśli masa termoutwardzalna jest polimerowa, one lubią "odrzucać" kleje i werniksy (zachodzą reakcje chemiczne). My korzystamy z kilku "zwykłych" klejów - magik (do kupienia w Empiku), klej Herkules który zamawiamy z Czech (kiedyś być do kupienia w Tesco ale u nas już nie ma), biały klej empikowy też mamy, każdy wysycha trochę inaczej. Na pewno często używamy też kropelki, najlepiej w żelu lub z pędzelkiem. Jak potrzebny jest bardziej hardkorowy klej to poxipol albo inny 2 częściowy epoksydowy. Do pianki z kolei polimerowy dragon niebieski, ale długo schnie. Plus klej na gorąco, chociaż on raczej od tworzyw sztucznych lubi się odklejać. Mam nadzieję że chociaż trochę pomogłam 😊

  • libertangel
    libertangel2 months ago

    OmG!!! I loooove it. I'm a shawol since forever and wasn't expecting this, such a great concept ♡♡♡

  • Ms AnimeFan
    Ms AnimeFan2 months ago

    It makes me so happy to see people use Honey for repaints! Her face mold is so unique and I love how voluptuous her lips are! SHE LOOKS AMAZIN!!

  • Bekah babie STAY
    Bekah babie STAY2 months ago

    She’s so pretty!!! I’m sure all the boys would love to see her~!!!!!!

  • The Miniature Adventurer
    The Miniature Adventurer2 months ago

    You are my favorite dolltubers! I have just placed my order, because I really want to support your channel. Please keep up the inspirational work!

  • Enchanterium


    2 months ago

    Thank you so much for the support! 💖

  • Gandellion
    Gandellion2 months ago

    Alex what anime do you like?

  • Gandellion
    Gandellion2 months ago

    Honestly, our kpop stories are identical 😂

  • Gandellion


    2 months ago

    Except for the concert, dang I’m jealous! The Lucifer video was like a cultural shift for me hehe

  • Gandellion
    Gandellion2 months ago


  • Gandellion


    2 months ago

    @Enchanterium I’m the same, it was just so sad but I’ll listen if you will?

  • Enchanterium


    2 months ago

    I've had a break from listening to SHINee for that reason too, Jonghyun is my bias. I still haven't listened to his most recent solo album for that reason. One day 😊 (Barb)

  • Gandellion


    2 months ago

    Tbh I’ve found it hard to listen since Jonghyun but I’m glad they’re still making music, I hope they’re all doing well

  • Gandellion


    2 months ago

    I love SHINee

  • davesbo
    davesbo2 months ago

    triggered jokes in 2k21? lame

  • yiguei
    yiguei2 months ago

    I saw the thumbnail yesterday and thought "oh wow Atlantis, what a coincidence with the shinee repackage and all" and only today did I read the title and watch the video and I feel like an idiot now lol but it's great work you did here! ps: i hope you're also excited for the exo comeback! it looks very sci fi, could also be great design inspiration!

  • Artistically Made Minx
    Artistically Made Minx2 months ago

    they're girlfriends

  • Ella
    Ella2 months ago

    I'm so so happy this doll gave tribute to SHINee (I love them) and she's gorgeous!!! Keep making dolls, you've earned a new subscriber!!

  • BDYog _
    BDYog _2 months ago

    I see SHINee I click simple as that

  • Kristann K
    Kristann K2 months ago

    Oh my gosh! I didnt fully read the title before watching so when the "gates of heaven" opened and it was SHINee I gasped outloud!! I love them so much and this is such an awesome concept for a doll! Absolutely wonderful - Im so excited to see the next one! 💎💎💎💎💎 🌊🐠