Bayern Munich vs. Paris Saint-Germain: Extended Highlights | UCL on CBS Sports


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Paris secure a famous victory! First Barcelona, now Bayern: Pochettino's players clearly mean business in the UEFA Champions League this season, going some way to avenging that painful defeat in the final this season by ending the holders' 19-match unbeaten run in the competition. Their opponents, though, will feel confident of applying as much pressure in the second leg as they did for much of this match, setting us up for another compelling contest in the return.
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  • alexandre goncalves
    alexandre goncalves8 days ago

    frances long tradition of cowardice expresses nicely in psg ..

  • --
    --10 days ago

    Bayern vs PSG is the new rivalry. So fun to watch.

  • Gorpzy On Gfuel
    Gorpzy On Gfuel18 days ago

    This was a incredible game

  • Abel gaming
    Abel gaming20 days ago

    Before the match Neymar was like yo Marquinhos be like sergi Roberto and score the clearly offside cross I will pass to you and we will win bro! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Gamer O
    Gamer O21 day ago

    Bayern was done here 🙈

  • Guykirbae
    Guykirbae22 days ago

    5:21 didn't know that jason derulo played football

  • Aaron Kennedy
    Aaron Kennedy22 days ago

    Thank you for the video.

  • InstiGator
    InstiGator22 days ago

    Damn So this is how bayern got knocked out 😂

  • Gameplay Guy
    Gameplay Guy23 days ago

    Neymar Vs Alaba ...let's see who misses more

  • Prince Mac
    Prince Mac23 days ago

    Neymar was on 🔥🔥

  • Matthew A
    Matthew A23 days ago

    When are you posting another wachlog jenney for the second legs ♥️😻

  • Simon Gao
    Simon Gao23 days ago

    It’s snowing, in Munich, in April? Plz tell me this isn’t weird

  • Noel Gallegos
    Noel Gallegos23 days ago

    I honestly think PSG is better without Neymar.

  • Tsukihi Araragi
    Tsukihi Araragi23 days ago


  • Matthew A
    Matthew A23 days ago

    Can wait until the second leg ❤️

  • Matthew A
    Matthew A23 days ago

    Psg win jenney ❤️

  • Matthew A
    Matthew A23 days ago

    Magic jenney

  • fdsjlaf
    fdsjlaf23 days ago

    Fucking garbage game, completely fixed but everyone knows PSG is. complete trash.

  • fdsjlaf


    23 days ago

    @Turtlesnip1255 yeah it's pretty good on French 🍟, like PSG

  • Turtlesnip1255


    23 days ago

    @fdsjlaf salt I can taste it

  • fdsjlaf


    23 days ago

    @Mark Travers • 70 years ago Who said i was crying?

  • fdsjlaf


    23 days ago

    @Mark Travers • 70 years ago Those are actual rules, Neymar is garbage, fake ass fouls aren't part of the rules like Muller who didn't foul anyone inside the box!

  • Mark Travers • 70 years ago

    Mark Travers • 70 years ago

    23 days ago

    @fdsjlaf psg had a goal ruled out for offside, neymar missed a lot. It's just that psg won

  • Vani 333
    Vani 33323 days ago

    Who in their right mind thought Bayern would pass? 🤡

  • Matthew A
    Matthew A23 days ago

    Wow that amazing Jen

  • Matthew A
    Matthew A23 days ago

    Can you please post more live chat room stuff jenney ❤️

  • Matthew A
    Matthew A23 days ago

    I let you know who won after a watch jenney ❤️😍

  • Santa Clause
    Santa Clause23 days ago

    The goalie looks like the zohans arch nemesis

  • Pika Dead
    Pika Dead23 days ago

    PSG goal keeper needs some recognition. The man blocked alot

  • Marcus Fla69
    Marcus Fla6923 days ago

    The way you all comment is annoying af..."let's all appreciate"...."low key"..."respect" GOD SHUT UPPPPPSNSBXDNEVE

  • FinesseFather901
    FinesseFather90124 days ago

    possession changed so much when Alfonso Davies got subbed in.

  • D Payne
    D Payne24 days ago

    I’m ready for tommorow. I predict 3-1 for Bayern

  • Mark Travers • 70 years ago

    Mark Travers • 70 years ago

    23 days ago


  • HD
    HD24 days ago

    PSG, City, Arsenal: lackeys of Qatarian dictator As a gooner, I'm heartbroken Munchen also trained in Doha regularly, but at least their fans are cognizant

  • Asli
    Asli24 days ago

    Can’t wait for the second leg 🤗

  • KINGFL3X809
    KINGFL3X80924 days ago

    Good game

  • Daddy Iwan
    Daddy Iwan24 days ago

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  • Jeanu koshy
    Jeanu koshy24 days ago

    Just curious guys was Lewandowski injured or some since I didn't see him in the pitch?..besides that it was an entertaining match!!🙂👏

  • David Gallegos
    David Gallegos24 days ago

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  • Chris L
    Chris L24 days ago

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  • Raymond Portalatin
    Raymond Portalatin24 days ago

    Mbappe is definitely a rising star.

  • Egg Fam
    Egg Fam24 days ago

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  • Heclian Pagan
    Heclian Pagan25 days ago


  • Tom Foolery
    Tom Foolery25 days ago

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  • Reuben Erickson
    Reuben Erickson25 days ago

    Did they add crowd sounds? Or am I just hearing things...

  • Theodor Witmer
    Theodor Witmer25 days ago

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  • Theodor Witmer
    Theodor Witmer25 days ago

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  • Andrew Gould
    Andrew Gould25 days ago

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  • AndresON777
    AndresON77725 days ago

    has their ever been a Brasilero that was one footed?

  • Moon Daniel
    Moon Daniel25 days ago

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  • Alianna Meier
    Alianna Meier25 days ago

    Does anyone know when Thomas Muller got his neck all bloody? I couldn't seem to figure it out.

  • StevenyGabby Perez
    StevenyGabby Perez25 days ago

    I owe Real Madrid an apology. I didn't think they had a chance against Bayern.

  • Mohamed EL ASSAD
    Mohamed EL ASSAD25 days ago

    I'm happy for this

  • Pika Dead
    Pika Dead25 days ago

    Mbappe was a God here but Neymar got two assist. He did good too

  • Batholomew Meggett
    Batholomew Meggett25 days ago

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  • Jacob Friedman
    Jacob Friedman25 days ago

    Go psg

  • Cody Li
    Cody Li26 days ago

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  • David Ola
    David Ola26 days ago

    Neymar is carrying that team, dude is 3rd best player, I don't care what y'all say,..mbappe's goal was awesome, were those guys asleep? dude took his time also that gk very nice, he did really good

  • Pika Dead

    Pika Dead

    25 days ago

    Well Neymar got two assist so we definitely need to give him credit

  • Aaron
    Aaron26 days ago

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  • Cristian Villalva
    Cristian Villalva26 days ago

    I think Bauer should buy keylor Navas.

  • Arun Singh
    Arun Singh26 days ago

    Why the fuck is no one talking about Neymars performance? This guy is a beast

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    Royal K26 days ago

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  • Mark Chang
    Mark Chang26 days ago

    Mbappe is the best striker in the world at the moment.

  • Laylan
    Laylan26 days ago

    They was beating the fuck out of poor navas 😂😂😂

  • Percival Hans
    Percival Hans26 days ago

    Bayern Munich vs. Paris Saint-Germain? Are you sure it isn't Cameroon vs Sierra Leone?

  • Suzan H
    Suzan H26 days ago

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  • Aidan Vitticore
    Aidan Vitticore26 days ago

    Neymar was brilliant

  • Edwon Rodrigues
    Edwon Rodrigues26 days ago

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  • Christian Raymond
    Christian Raymond26 days ago

    Let’s go fellas !!! ❤️🇺🇸

  • Ivan Martinez
    Ivan Martinez26 days ago

    Neymar keeps getting grounded.

  • Cliff Richmond
    Cliff Richmond26 days ago

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  • Alejandro Echeverria
    Alejandro Echeverria26 days ago

    Funny how comentarios don't mention Navas's amazing work

  • Miguel D
    Miguel D26 days ago

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  • Ilphan Nkrumbih
    Ilphan Nkrumbih26 days ago

    Bayern munich everyone is a striker but only 3 are consistent at scoring a goal. This match was exciting

  • Yolanda Shikers
    Yolanda Shikers26 days ago

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  • yogaNYC
    yogaNYC26 days ago

    Lewangolski, needs to come back!

  • yogaNYC
    yogaNYC26 days ago

    Without Lewy, Bayern just an average team.

  • Nate Brumfield
    Nate Brumfield26 days ago

    PSG was off the second goal

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    Roblox Account26 days ago

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  • Kennn
    Kennn26 days ago

    Can someone explain why psg second goal wasn’t off sides ?

  • Memong Samla
    Memong Samla26 days ago

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  • Kevin Antonio
    Kevin Antonio26 days ago

    Good game but no Lewandowski

  • RoyalTiger13
    RoyalTiger1326 days ago

    With VAR this game is 4-2 Bayern. UEFA should be ashamed.

  • Linda Linda
    Linda Linda27 days ago

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  • Derek Smith
    Derek Smith27 days ago

    ESPN FC will find a way to assassinate Neymar character even after this game.

  • Matin A-
    Matin A-27 days ago

    Cross and cross with 6 players in the box

  • Jesse Javier
    Jesse Javier27 days ago

    Mbappe reminds me of a Cristiano st 🔥 Always so deadly in front of goal 🥅

  • Yuan Justin Perez
    Yuan Justin Perez27 days ago

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  • A J
    A J27 days ago

    I never knew Mbappé could play like his favorite player Ronaldo 🐐

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    Alex Perez27 days ago

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    Oswaldo Cabas27 days ago

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  • Ali Hashmi
    Ali Hashmi27 days ago

    11:52 lol is he telling the guy to stop flopping cause he already dished out the yellow?

  • How To do it
    How To do it27 days ago

    Mbappe showing his class again

  • crownbock123
    crownbock12327 days ago

    After psg scored that third goal, they parked the bus lmao

  • anonymus101280
    anonymus10128027 days ago

    Let's appreciate Kimmich played amazing

  • Nelson Castanon
    Nelson Castanon27 days ago

    love this commentator

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    T-Virus Terrance27 days ago

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    Yuan Perez27 days ago

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  • luis castillo
    luis castillo27 days ago

    Nabas the number 1

  • Jee Lee
    Jee Lee27 days ago

    is that snow?? Where are they playing??