BLACK GOKU's speech hit different!

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BLACK GOKU's speech hit different!
Did a parody of Goku's speech to frieza, but made him black. Enjoy!
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  • Scruffy Scruffington
    Scruffy Scruffington3 hours ago

    All time favorite video

  • Ramo Devonish
    Ramo Devonish5 hours ago


  • Vorhalt Torund Black Templar Initiates
    Vorhalt Torund Black Templar Initiates6 hours ago


  • Jackie G
    Jackie G9 hours ago

    Lmfao! Good one. 不不不

  • 10 Outta 10
    10 Outta 109 hours ago


  • jonver92
    jonver9210 hours ago


  • fares gamer nj
    fares gamer nj11 hours ago


  • N&Z Forever
    N&Z Forever12 hours ago

    Post is the next one

  • Reilk
    Reilk14 hours ago

    fuckin love this shit.

  • Tsepetsi Lerato
    Tsepetsi Lerato16 hours ago

    more vedos fuck ssj

  • habib saliu
    habib saliu17 hours ago

    Yo he strapped

  • Ivelll Boi
    Ivelll Boi19 hours ago

    so this is what happens when goku fell and his afro saved him. moral of the story: shave all protagonist hairs, bald is new meta.

  • Jaheem Howard
    Jaheem Howard19 hours ago

    Saint seiya versus Goku rap battle

  • Jonathan Jackson
    Jonathan Jackson22 hours ago

    Why the gun on the backside?

  • Faygo
    Faygo22 hours ago


  • Ya Dig313
    Ya Dig31323 hours ago

    "I am the Light in the Darkness Cause my Chain be glistenin" -Froku


    He aint lying Frieza is ugly

  • NayShawn Wills
    NayShawn WillsDay ago

    Thanks a lot Black Goku, now that I looked at your Dragon Ball chain, I need some glasses.

  • Calinkswag
    CalinkswagDay ago

    Dead the outro 不不不

  • The Legend Smith
    The Legend SmithDay ago

    Anyone think he seems a little Angry

  • Drunken master
    Drunken masterDay ago

    I like how he can destroy a whole planet still carries a glock real mf g

  • Sola Scriptura
    Sola ScripturaDay ago

    @1:34 Narrator like: "Can I talk? You gonna let me talk? NVM. I'm out."

  • BubblySky
    BubblySkyDay ago

    Niggas think Im fighting, to save the day. But I really just like to fight Why that went hard tho.

  • Copyninjah
    CopyninjahDay ago

    If boondocks did dbz hahaha

  • TheMixology Channel
    TheMixology ChannelDay ago

    He'll yeah that dbz chain

    GHOSTOF420BLAZEDay ago

    I just realized he got that iron on him

  • Dutch Alcott
    Dutch AlcottDay ago

    this whole thing is one big stereotype , you gotta be better then this bro. much love but this shit ain't it

  • Sunil Murasing
    Sunil MurasingDay ago

    Froku uses talkno Jutsu

  • Uyathandwa Bacela
    Uyathandwa BacelaDay ago

    So much time imbezeled in day thang

  • Santi The Goat
    Santi The GoatDay ago

    This one is hella unexpected but fire

  • ryan Talley98
    ryan Talley98Day ago

    Damn right narrator next episode this nigga dead on my mama

  • tailss. exe
    tailss. exeDay ago

    Lol I fucking died at the end when he said this nigga dead

  • Spade King360
    Spade King360Day ago

    Yo Weezy F. Broly were u at

  • Xay Sleek
    Xay SleekDay ago

    Bro, i'm laughin so hard my head hurtin. This was comedy gold rite here.

  • YettiMusik
    YettiMusikDay ago

    That was Halarious yo

  • Damitsall
    DamitsallDay ago

    More like SSJ Nigarot.

  • Kirichima Hatake
    Kirichima HatakeDay ago

    No one is going to mention that this guy literally has a glock on his back?

  • Kaylon Jeramy
    Kaylon JeramyDay ago

    Im fucking weak. Goku went gangster on that ass.

  • MangoDog
    MangoDogDay ago

    Sounds like Dyspo

  • dragon ball
    dragon ballDay ago


  • Marcus Lopez
    Marcus LopezDay ago

    This is just boondocks/dragon ball Not really funny

  • Lee B
    Lee BDay ago

    Damn bruh are u even a real fan goku woulda had 4 a star dragon ball chain freal.

  • Raymond Jette
    Raymond JetteDay ago

    Man says nigga, but bleeps out fuck and bitch

  • Nioh tsushima
    Nioh tsushimaDay ago

    Can we get froku's origin story

  • Alexia Whitecloud
    Alexia WhitecloudDay ago

    I like the other vids, just not feeling this one.

  • John W
    John WDay ago


  • Jay Legend
    Jay Legend2 days ago

    Nice and funny he has a gun in the back

  • Red3yeking _
    Red3yeking _2 days ago

    People think i fight to save the universe, nah i fight to fight so accurate

  • TheJr
    TheJr2 days ago


  • David Christian
    David Christian2 days ago

    Is your outro on the iTunes Store?! I want it so bad as a ringtone!!

  • Melvin Moore Sr.
    Melvin Moore Sr.2 days ago


  • KoH
    KoH2 days ago

    This is exactly how Goku is, factz!

  • killer katz
    killer katz2 days ago


  • Perfect SusanoQ
    Perfect SusanoQ2 days ago

    Tune in next time 唐

  • Perfect SusanoQ
    Perfect SusanoQ2 days ago

    Mans said forget it

  • Eric Recker
    Eric Recker2 days ago

    He got a blick on his sash in the back 不不不 wtf

  • Blaq Joker
    Blaq Joker2 days ago

    Niggas think Im fighting to save the day... but really nigga I just like to fight!!不不 Froku 2021

  • destinyjam cookie
    destinyjam cookie2 days ago

    The goku I wish I had when growing up in the hood.

  • Kusuo Saiki
    Kusuo Saiki2 days ago

    Shouldve given him the four star dragon ball chain

  • brian hill
    brian hill2 days ago

    It really does

  • Marcus Jordan
    Marcus Jordan2 days ago

    Of how women history month well let the women.

  • J universe
    J universe2 days ago

    Goku breaks the 4th wall omg不不 1:24

  • Raj Kecy
    Raj Kecy2 days ago

    That gun in his back

  • karee Ong
    karee Ong2 days ago

    The quizzical teller reassembly supply because kendo aboaly man for a flagrant fragrance. amuck, tricky okra

  • Tania Bams
    Tania Bams2 days ago

    If Goku was this vicious, Vegita wouldve been like Aight, Im out.

  • drill zilla
    drill zilla2 days ago

    That gun killed me hahahahahah

  • Kiyaan Cambell
    Kiyaan Cambell2 days ago

    This is total BULLS@#$"&T, it ruins the whole thing

  • Suicide Kyd
    Suicide Kyd2 days ago

    at least it had reality, black dude wanting to fight and carrying a gun

  • Justin Williamson
    Justin Williamson2 days ago

    He got a glock in his pants XD

  • Faze RICH
    Faze RICH2 days ago

    GET A GOOD LOOK BITCH!! had me dying

  • Perry Walker
    Perry Walker2 days ago

    What the fuck I just watch lmfao

  • Clive Lynch
    Clive Lynch2 days ago

    OOOOHHHHH damn, that was damn good! I was frigging dying LMAO!!!!!

  • Various Artists - Topic
    Various Artists - Topic2 days ago

    I Love You 凌儭

  • The Devil Breaker
    The Devil Breaker2 days ago

    "SpAre mEEeEEeE!!!!!!!"

  • billy730
    billy7302 days ago

    This is the most racist shit Ive ever seen

  • ScxrredEdits


    2 days ago

    Its just an animation chill out

  • Daniel Watrous
    Daniel Watrous2 days ago

    lol broku

  • Autism boy
    Autism boy2 days ago


  • DBZ Forever741
    DBZ Forever7412 days ago

    Bruhhh lol

  • The Legend Smith
    The Legend Smith2 days ago

    I think we need some merc, dragon ball chain with diamonds. Hoody with Ally to good nightmare to them ops ho.

  • J S
    J S2 days ago

    i'd rock tf outta that chain

  • Cash Banks
    Cash Banks2 days ago

    I just like to fight funniest part

  • Donte Da Don Kiwi
    Donte Da Don Kiwi2 days ago

    休休休去ell yeah

  • Dream Banshee
    Dream Banshee3 days ago

    Bro I need a full remix of the outeo

  • Dream Banshee

    Dream Banshee

    3 days ago

    I meant outro

  • Kamilah Fraizer
    Kamilah Fraizer3 days ago

    When are you going to do older Sasuke and older Goku and Naruto

  • Svikari Aedirn
    Svikari Aedirn3 days ago

    I cannot for the life of me stop watching this

  • Thomas Uptgraft
    Thomas Uptgraft3 days ago

    That was stupid as fuck

  • Krish Bansal

    Krish Bansal

    Day ago


  • ScxrredEdits


    2 days ago


  • Fade Bladd
    Fade Bladd3 days ago

    But really N***a I just like to fight

  • Rockstar Gree
    Rockstar Gree3 days ago

    Why TF do Goku have a pistol??

  • Marshall J
    Marshall J3 days ago

    You saw his 45 in his back pocket tho?

  • L.S.GRAND20/20
    L.S.GRAND20/203 days ago

    不不不 on God broku

  • ittylink
    ittylink3 days ago

    Frieza freezin up like beotch

  • Stefanp Petridis
    Stefanp Petridis3 days ago

    Does the real dragonball have even one black character?

  • Krish Bansal

    Krish Bansal

    Day ago

    Yeh, i mean it has to be right cuz i can imagine a black character in db style so i must have seen it somewhere.

  • ScxrredEdits


    2 days ago


  • Bonita Gontus
    Bonita Gontus3 days ago

    Goku's carrying a piece lol

  • Mine Creater
    Mine Creater3 days ago

    不不不不不不ho my God 不不不

  • Angel Mendoza
    Angel Mendoza3 days ago

    In SS I get Ho's..

  • Angel Mendoza
    Angel Mendoza3 days ago

    Fucking dying laughing... hahahahaahahahhhhahaahahhahahahhahaahaaahahahahahajahha

  • Angel Mendoza
    Angel Mendoza3 days ago

    Best everrrrrrrrr

  • DK Harris
    DK Harris3 days ago


  • Echo God
    Echo God3 days ago


  • Dijohn Ronde
    Dijohn Ronde3 days ago

    Whahahaha this was dope but I was waiting for that pimp slap! Were in the OV vsmerserion goku slaps the shit outta freeza