Bobby Shmurda Cashes out on a new Rolex


Joe Avianne and Bobby Shmurda chop it while he is fresh out. Bobby drops a couple stacks on some new Avianne Water. Enjoy more love, power, and respect!


  • Demian's World
    Demian's World18 hours ago

    The jeweler just looks sleazy lol

  • Haïti p.saume23
    Haïti p.saume236 days ago

    Cool bobby stil Red

  • Agent Red
    Agent Red6 days ago

    3:48 is weird and awkward how bobby talking and shit his man

  • Agent Red
    Agent Red6 days ago

    The fuck this dude wearing looking like a picnic table cloth!

  • Agent Red
    Agent Red6 days ago

    Watching and listening to this wannabe black jewler is so cringey

  • Carl
    Carl9 days ago

    them watches are shit, never customise one ever

  • Rafael Cazares
    Rafael Cazares10 days ago

    These rappers be getting FINESSED 😂

  • SSG Playboy
    SSG Playboy19 days ago

    ive never seen a person wearing a kippah sound so black and hood. i wonder does he talk like that when he goes to temple?

  • ʟᴀɴᴅö
    ʟᴀɴᴅö20 days ago

    Bobby energy reminds me of Mitch from Paid In Full, what’s Poppin baby

  • Junior Laray
    Junior Laray20 days ago

    He didnt finesse much but askin 55k for watch that goes for 65k smh he offers that price & jeweler gets watch for 30k -25k -20k

  • just a brother tryna help
    just a brother tryna help21 day ago

    Shit lame

  • ultrastand phoenix
    ultrastand phoenix22 days ago

    Bobby save your money brotha .trust me when I say this to u..

  • Saybree Fillyaw
    Saybree Fillyaw22 days ago

    Time eat let's go Bobby it Bobby bitch throw this guy a bag

  • Las -Beat
    Las -Beat22 days ago

    Am in france how can i get mine i wanna buy one

  • Finn Dowd
    Finn Dowd22 days ago

    icebox is better

    WRNR_MN23 days ago

    where they get the raw material from?

  • Univ Align666
    Univ Align66623 days ago

    Didn't know he was BK. Where are the Black Jeweller's ?? smh.

  • poperaymond
    poperaymond25 days ago

    Icebox is screaming at the phone rn

  • murray trapp
    murray trapp26 days ago

    Like smurf say “ FEED THE WOLVES”

  • Great Choices
    Great Choices27 days ago

    These are great jewelers they treat every1 the same too

  • manuel quissanga gonga gonga
    manuel quissanga gonga gonga28 days ago

    Manos músicos (Preto Show, Força suprema, Big Nelo, Sandoncan, C4 Pedro e outros) de Angola, vem ver rapper de verdade que gastam mais 15 milhões de kwanzas em 30 minutos....

  • GC The Wizard
    GC The Wizard28 days ago

    This guy wears carriers Adam Sandler wore Cartier’s in uncut gems ✍️

  • Be Woke Jeanty
    Be Woke Jeanty28 days ago

    Jewelers make their money off rappers

  • 53 youngG
    53 youngG29 days ago

    nice on fire the rolex but why he dosn't like the full diamant rolex he like the gold

  • Mccoly Coken
    Mccoly Coken29 days ago

    U can tell Bobby on some the hell with giving my bread up soon as I get home on some jewelry! I feel him too! It should be stacking season right now for him! But Rowdy on the other hand in my opinion is splurging a little too much and obviously without the ends to justify the means

  • Noel Bto
    Noel BtoMonth ago

    Bro Thought He Was Gettin 55k Bobby Said Hell Naw I Give U 45k 😂

  • Samana444
    Samana444Month ago

    When will these rappers stop ruining their watches with aftermarket diamonds. Don’t ever buy a rollie AP or Patek with aftermarket diamonds. It will never hold its value or go up like most naked sport watches do

  • Tre Jaay
    Tre JaayMonth ago

    Bobby looking darker then a african charcoal. 😂

  • BabyJesus
    BabyJesusMonth ago

    Why the fuck the beat he making sound like a clock.

  • Danny Nguyen
    Danny NguyenMonth ago

    Lmfao he said 55? Nah 45..? Lol

  • TriSate Vet
    TriSate VetMonth ago

    Saved a whole 10 racks on that watch 😂

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyuiMonth ago

    This culture is insanely lost lmao

  • Windsor Pierre
    Windsor PierreMonth ago

    Money making Mitch/Bobby 🤣😂🤣

  • Jude Kraft
    Jude KraftMonth ago

    Tht jewlerr a scumbag

  • Jude Kraft
    Jude KraftMonth ago

    Murderer being treated lika king

    LIONMINDMUSIC 718Month ago

    I heard the watch cost only 20,000 and u beat the kid in the head lol

  • bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui

    Month ago


  • Jeorone Lewis
    Jeorone LewisMonth ago

    Jamaican people unruly bobby shmurda a badman brrrrrp ☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️

  • INVIOLABLE Apparel
    INVIOLABLE ApparelMonth ago

    Imma is honest you know what I don't really get I see Bobby. good thing you get out of jail they spend money on all the rappers the majority 99.99 percent of the rappers spend money with people who are not black he spends money on diamonds and gold, not from a black Jeweler? somebody answer that question it's like he's buying diamonds and gold yes it's all good nothing wrong with it but why don't spend their money with a black Jeweler And that's all young black man talk about Lynn diamonds they don't talk about no houses just saying just don't look right and really don't feel right wow are we being lead the wrong way or we leading or black kids the wrong way because why kids don't do the things that black guys do. every black person I should say every black person but every young black person they want to be an Entertainer want to be a rap artist they should be just thinking about getting their knowledge together state of working for somebody own your own business have a nice day

  • kolim jone
    kolim joneMonth ago


  • Evan Guido
    Evan GuidoMonth ago

    bobby an snitch🐭🐁🐀💯

  • tchovi Govi
    tchovi GoviMonth ago

    I'm more focused on the beat that's being made in fruity

  • Robert Delafuente
    Robert DelafuenteMonth ago

    Who cares about jewelry vids where’s the MUSIC

  • Robert Delafuente
    Robert DelafuenteMonth ago

    Most blessed my guys gets out and straight gets spoiled by people💯 Forget all these jewelry vids WHERES THE MUSIC

  • kolim jone

    kolim jone

    Month ago

    What's that stuff he gave him to press on his chest cost

  • KPB
    KPBMonth ago

    Is it fake or original????

  • Rasheem Youmans
    Rasheem YoumansMonth ago

    I don't think he has the right ppl around him!!!! And this is how he first went to jail!!!

  • Yawdbwoydean R8Musicgroup
    Yawdbwoydean R8MusicgroupMonth ago


  • Medhy wolf
    Medhy wolfMonth ago

    65k shiot

  • L.Linen
    L.LinenMonth ago

    Would of been dope if he came home and bought a 10 unit apartment complex to pay for the watch happy Boi home but this buying shit that depreciates is getting old

  • Nicolas H.
    Nicolas H.Month ago

    Damn the FL metronom sound is annoying af !

  • Kristian
    KristianMonth ago


  • It’s 50
    It’s 50Month ago

    Homie just trying to do business and you guys are saying he should give his stuff out for free 🤡

  • Lorenzo Garnica
    Lorenzo GarnicaMonth ago

    1:04 Bobby boys eating good look at that belly

  • Themask videos
    Themask videosMonth ago

    Legend Bob what plans do you have for #Kumerica drill #ghana

  • cheeze!
    cheeze!Month ago

    taught it was desi banks coz of the laugh and shiit 😂

  • Ꮪgk23 Tv. NETᏔᎾᎡK ✅🎙
    Ꮪgk23 Tv. NETᏔᎾᎡK ✅🎙Month ago

    "Why dont you give us all your money now, and we ard good" Mids!! Invest! Dont get caught up! Gold,silver,palladkum, ect. Yes by bullions. Diamonds are just a luxury

  • Harrison Jones aiko
    Harrison Jones aikoMonth ago

    Yes bobby bringing back the yellow gold :) :)

  • AnythingDotCom
    AnythingDotComMonth ago

    What's that stuff he gave him to press on his chest cost

  • vbddfy euuyt
    vbddfy euuytMonth ago

    after this, THE JUDGMENT’ . All glory, honor and praise to Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Geekelly Media
    Geekelly MediaMonth ago

    This is the real Shmurda

  • d lux
    d luxMonth ago

    Ok Bobby out,, people are hyped....he dont need no local beats, he need UK beats.

  • yaWilly Kwily
    yaWilly KwilyMonth ago

    Sad young black people always letting themselves get exploited.

  • vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuyt

    Month ago

    Fresh outta prison and some Jewish guy with a jew cap is trying to make money off of him WOW. welcome back buy this. LOL

  • dragon slayer
    dragon slayerMonth ago

    Did nobody else notice the dude to the right working on a beat 🔥🔥

  • HRstuff
    HRstuffMonth ago

    3:00 fl studio metronome type beat

  • Jason Griff
    Jason GriffMonth ago

    I thought he is broke

  • Gean Fernandez
    Gean FernandezMonth ago

    Lol bro was in jail to long he forgot how to use a iPhone just flip the camera 😂

  • JJ Thomas
    JJ ThomasMonth ago


  • MR.A
    MR.AMonth ago

    When u got the bread they come to you

  • tappa jones
    tappa jonesMonth ago

    Those watches and rings were built to track and listen your conversation bro

  • tappa jones
    tappa jonesMonth ago

    Camara in it or something to track him??

  • Bobbie Dylan
    Bobbie DylanMonth ago

    Too bad the regular 9-5 cat don’t get love like this🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Rock girl
    Rock girlMonth ago

    The jeweler can’t have anything on because he carrying all that shit on him lol it is like a king pin with drug

  • Andre Kersey
    Andre KerseyMonth ago

    The jeweler can’t have anything on because he carrying all that shit on him lol it is like a king pin with drug

  • gass pacc16

    gass pacc16

    Month ago

    Copy n paste

  • Paweł
    PawełMonth ago

    Dropping 20k means that they have overpriced everything over 20-30 %

  • Rappers Digest
    Rappers DigestMonth ago

    winning 👑

  • friscoHub415
    friscoHub415Month ago

    Fresh outta prison and some Jewish guy with a jew cap is trying to make money off of him WOW. welcome back buy this. LOL

  • Michael Jordan

    Michael Jordan

    Month ago

    don’t disrespect jews like that bro if he was christian it wouldn’t have made any difference. Your just hating on him because he just made an easy 65 k on some stupid rapper whose fresh out of jail. It’s also not called a “jew cap” so get your facts straight

  • Nathan Hughes
    Nathan HughesMonth ago

    The uppity quarter similarly dam because pancake perinatally ignore from a kaput silica. needless, foolish limit

  • montrell pegues
    montrell peguesMonth ago

    Where was these mfs when he needed a mill for his bail

  • Rock girl

    Rock girl

    Month ago

    The jeweler can’t have anything on because he carrying all that shit on him lol it is like a king pin with drug

  • BigSpliffy#CR0
    BigSpliffy#CR0Month ago

    Are yall sure he can afford this shit ? They say if you can't buy something twice then you can't afford it. Should focus on releasing music while he's in the limelight and investing in businesses before buying jewellery that loses half its value as soon as you purchase them ... Cmon we gotta do better than that. And I aint a hater I wanna see Bobby win.

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiuMonth ago


  • Hugo Pro
    Hugo ProMonth ago

    The brother on the right cooking some beats on FL. Respect

  • Hot Nerves
    Hot NervesMonth ago

    Jamaican 🇯🇲🔥

  • Wade hanks
    Wade hanksMonth ago

    You already know


    Love dis shitttt

  • bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiu

    Month ago


  • sixsense foundation
    sixsense foundationMonth ago

    Bobby gets out of jail: Gets money, Diamonds, steak & lobster, hoes, clothes & private jets. My Homeboy that just finished Law school: Graduates with $150,000 in debt. #VIDEOROBOT WAS HERE

  • Justin


    16 days ago

    @Tretch it went over your head

  • Lord Hinton

    Lord Hinton

    20 days ago

    I hate that life is like that. "We glorify the bullshit." - America.

  • Be Woke Jeanty

    Be Woke Jeanty

    28 days ago

    Crazy bro I know

  • Tretch


    Month ago

    This is an unfair and stupid comparison, Bobby is a hip hop artist who came out of jail with connections and likely a 7 figure record deal. Oh and dont forget that Bobby could be in debt as well. He probably has so many lawyer fees, and record labels often give a huge advance that’s expected to be paid back.

  • 1ziggy


    Month ago

    your homeboy has knowledge that he will keep forever. god willing he will make way more than 150,000. bobby is being celebrated right now and god bless him but the music industry and street life is a constant rotation of people in and out.

  • robert25t
    robert25tMonth ago

    45k for a watch? seems like a waste to me not that i have that kind of money but niggas was doing this kinda shit in the 90s its 2021 like you should know how to invest your money better im just saying


    Anybody else peep the producer cooking up on FL Studio Yea FL gang the new wave shout to all Producers the whole producer community TrapDrummersMusicGroup💯

  • cesar Hernandez
    cesar HernandezMonth ago

    that mannnn said 55k

  • Asim javed
    Asim javedMonth ago

    im hearing the metronome in the background and shmurda defo about release some bangers

  • Blak Gesus
    Blak GesusMonth ago


  • Rico Anderson
    Rico AndersonMonth ago

    Jamaica Jamaica 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

  • tripl3 thr333
    tripl3 thr333Month ago

    they robbin this dude with items that dont even matter bruh

  • Xtra Philip
    Xtra PhilipMonth ago

    He might go to jail again. They don’t learn ... he hasn’t even taken a nap

  • Angry HD
    Angry HDMonth ago

    The diamonds and the gold come from Africa, yet the white’s and Arab’s is making the money. smh

  • Angry HD

    Angry HD

    Month ago

    @daf it’s crazy

  • daf


    Month ago

    it never changes man

  • nekkid truth
    nekkid truthMonth ago

    Too many people around reaching for Bobby already

    ITALIAN PRIDEMonth ago

    cant listen to this clown talk street when you really a good little white boy whos daddy lets you live in fantasy land

  • chuckswhip
    chuckswhipMonth ago


  • Trouble Ent
    Trouble EntMonth ago


  • Tee Ward
    Tee WardMonth ago

    They hooking him the fuck uppppp🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯

  • ThaPill
    ThaPillMonth ago

    Is this the example we want black man to follow?. Look at the bullshit we glorify.

  • Shannon Lim
    Shannon LimMonth ago

    This culture is insanely lost lmao

  • Luka Gotti

    Luka Gotti

    Month ago

    Tell em georgeous