Breath of the Wild 2 E3 Trailer Reaction

Nintendo Direct June 2021 E3 Reaction with Breath of the Wild Sequal & Zelda Gamer & Watch, Smash reveal and more

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  • YouTube
    YouTubeMonth ago

    Your reactions were priceless ❤️

  • Kil1egal


    2 days ago

    joined 51 years ago yeah that seems about right

  • covey ツ

    covey ツ

    9 days ago

    hi youtube

  • antonio


    14 days ago

    literally not even youtube themselves can price your reactions bro

  • Eti Star

    Eti Star

    14 days ago

    Hi USplan

  • Bowen Tieperman

    Bowen Tieperman

    24 days ago

    Hey Susan

  • Taiga Aisaka
    Taiga AisakaDay ago

    i feel like they’re adding characters in smash that nobody asked for. we need scorpion and liu kang

  • Edward Chip Dixon
    Edward Chip Dixon8 days ago

    Well I got the new Legend of Zelda game recently and having fun with it too lol

  • Daniel Lima
    Daniel Lima11 days ago

    I'm just hoping we actually get a story this time around

  • Jose Castro
    Jose Castro11 days ago

    Is it a coincidence that sky word sword and legend of zelda breath of the wild 2 (also taking place on the sky)both on Nintendo switch.🧐

  • blazen710420 blazen710420
    blazen710420 blazen71042011 days ago

    So after coming back and watching this after watching your skyward sword 100% walkthrough I wonder if they came out with skyward sword first to get us used to the system and mechanics that they're going to be using and breath of the wild too because of how you transition from the sky to the ground

  • Connor Shakesby
    Connor Shakesby12 days ago

    I swear that the music at the end of the botw2 trailer should contain a cool secret it played backwards

  • Shadoroki
    Shadoroki16 days ago

    The first thing I’m going to try in this game is a wind bomb because that would be sick if it weren’t fixed

  • Z
    Z17 days ago

    “Sounds like Twilight Princess” Me: hehe sound like skyward sword music

    NIKO PLAYS ADOPT ME19 days ago

    Lol he beated up terry😂😂

  • jason wang
    jason wang24 days ago

    I have a theory that the calamities are just a time loop first link defeats Calamity Ganon and then goes off with Zelda after building the kingdom back again and then finds Ganondorf they fall down the hand tries to save them and then the seal is released and then Ganondorf awakens links arm gets infected with malice and the arm merges with his to save his arm and they go back in time to where it was just before the first Great Calamity so what link does is go through the story line and then probably at the end he seals Ganondorf away like it was before him and then he stays in the past probably with Zelda and then the contents happen again and again but how did the hand appear in the first loop you say, well it was probably from a different timeline that made the hand and put it somewhere until the timeline molded into what it is now into a time loop and the prophecy about the first hero and the princess is probably Zelda and Link and they helped the ancient Sheikah how to build guardians because of Zelda's great knowledge about Sheikah related things so then they defeat Gandondorf, seal him, Breath of The Wild's normal timeline happens and everthing repeats over and over.

  • Landan Watson
    Landan Watson25 days ago

    Finally Breath of the wild 2 is coming out!!!

    EDUARDO OROZCO26 days ago

    My G do even do game play anymore or do you just do tutorial now

  • mask Playz
    mask Playz27 days ago

    Everyone in roblox called me Zelda and lunk

  • Cornell Kids
    Cornell Kids28 days ago

    your awesome!

  • Wesley Robb
    Wesley Robb28 days ago

    Hopefully mario party will have dlc boards

  • Arturo Valdez
    Arturo ValdezMonth ago

    big fan of your might want to check out zelda s journal NOT THE DIARY....zelda talks about 4 columns burried deep within the castle and some ancient structures that they are able to go through and after watching the trailer a lot of things make bet is that a lot stuff didnt make it in the breath of the wild 1 and left some clues as to what was coming for the secuel....besides the memories.

  • The pokemon and pikmin squad
    The pokemon and pikmin squadMonth ago

    Wow thanks I dont have to watch it my self Helpful even if its not the whole thing Thank you so much!!!

  • jetnight 88
    jetnight 88Month ago

    It’s not coming back Austin get over it

  • Hailey 107
    Hailey 107Month ago

    Will you do any videos on Monster hunter stories 2 just because it's not like the normal Monster hunter it's more like Pokemon. It would be great to get some guides on it by you because your one of my favorites USplanrs for video game guides.

  • T7man
    T7manMonth ago

    Hope he’s okay it’s been two weeks

  • Donovan Ortiz
    Donovan OrtizMonth ago

    botw2 take my money💳💳💳💳💳💳💳💳💳💳💳💳💳💳💳💳💳💳💳💳💳💳

  • Noctis Caelum
    Noctis CaelumMonth ago


  • Ted Morell
    Ted MorellMonth ago

    Can you do cloud strife cosplay for link

  • Leontios Charalambous
    Leontios CharalambousMonth ago

    Hey Austin you said you would play minecraft again when 1.17 came out when is the series coming back?

  • Armin Kaar
    Armin KaarMonth ago

    pls do ep 6 to minecraft


    Surprise you make any more videos for a Pokémon unite

  • Ralph Vader guy
    Ralph Vader guyMonth ago

    Helen was kool but MK Monday

  • Ryan Wood
    Ryan WoodMonth ago

    Hyrule Castle: Try and get to me now, you damn speed runners!

  • Kanaan Cross
    Kanaan CrossMonth ago

    Don’t know if you saw this but you can get a bulbasuar and squirtle from mystery gifts right now

  • Kevin Olmos
    Kevin OlmosMonth ago

    Austin there is new wild area news in sword and shield

  • Shola's Gaming & Reactions
    Shola's Gaming & ReactionsMonth ago

    My brother Austin John Plays...

  • Shola's Gaming & Reactions
    Shola's Gaming & ReactionsMonth ago


  • Matthew Hignite
    Matthew HigniteMonth ago

    Austin John if you haven't played the pokemon unite beta you should it is good

  • gothard5
    gothard5Month ago

    Hi Austin, I have a Pokemon Go question for you. I do not have any social media, so I am asking here. I am trying to battle a Team Rocket person that has taken over a pokestop. I have done a bunch of these battles and I am still winless. Anyway, when I go to choose three pokemon to battle with, I wasn't able to choose any pokemon above 900 CP or so. Why can I not use my strongest pokemon in these battles? By the way, my best pokemon is 1700 something CP.

  • Scotton46
    Scotton46Month ago

    Still waiting for a Wii sports for switch

  • chunky runky
    chunky runkyMonth ago

    Can't and don't want to wait for BoTw 2

  • TheS4ltyOne
    TheS4ltyOneMonth ago

    9:40 look at the joy

  • Essa's World
    Essa's WorldMonth ago

    Do you have Discord?

  • Reine Alicis
    Reine AlicisMonth ago

    BOTW 2 trailor gave me if Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword and BOTW 1 had a child vibes.

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnonMonth ago

    Ahh, the one reaction that actually counts.

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiuMonth ago

    “You get to go through walls now” First time?

  • qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon

    Month ago

    me haf apple watch too LOL `

  • KnownEarth
    KnownEarthMonth ago

    9:42 LOL THE FACE 🙎

  • oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiu

    Month ago

    I was disappointed they didn't mention Pokemon AT ALL in E3...

  • Edgar Vega
    Edgar VegaMonth ago

    Link is the winter soldier!

  • Emma Miller
    Emma MillerMonth ago

    Its weird to think that he was watching that when I was...

  • Emma Miller
    Emma MillerMonth ago

    1:08 Umm Robbie from zelda?! lol

  • WVGamerDude
    WVGamerDudeMonth ago

    It’s also reminds me of skyward sword with the floating islands

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa NiMonth ago

    I like how u don’t just scream at the microphone like other USplanrs

  • Grady Dyer
    Grady DyerMonth ago

    I know i'm late but his reaction at 9:41 was amazing!

  • Excursion Comics
    Excursion ComicsMonth ago

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  • Brandon Estrada
    Brandon EstradaMonth ago

    How long Nintendo has made us wait for BOTW2 should be sanctioned by the UN as human rights violation 😭😭

  • tgaimr isCool
    tgaimr isCoolMonth ago

    At 9:40 he almost breaks the computer and the camera

  • vixey vuong
    vixey vuongMonth ago

    i saw the botw 2 trailer and IMMEDIATELY went to this channel LOL

  • Chiyong
    ChiyongMonth ago

    So that’s why even you beat ganon multiple times the castle still the same because of botw 2?

  • Raj Shankar
    Raj ShankarMonth ago

    I hope the old dungeon system from older Zelda games is back because if not then I'm definitely NOT getting BOTW2 lol

  • Raj Shankar
    Raj ShankarMonth ago

    "Yup it's Tekken....just double checKEN..." ; )

  • Dogs64bot
    Dogs64botMonth ago

    I’m so excited I’m replaying all of the Zelda games I have

  • Xx_Boba_xX asmr relaxation
    Xx_Boba_xX asmr relaxationMonth ago

    me haf apple watch too LOL `

  • Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa Ni

    Month ago

    I won’t make the same mistake I’ll do all the side quests and take it slow and enjoy the game

  • Zacharia Omran
    Zacharia OmranMonth ago

    I was disappointed they didn't mention Pokemon AT ALL in E3...

  • midnight volt
    midnight voltMonth ago

    Anyone needs grookey or cindreace for sobble reply

  • PokeMaster
    PokeMasterMonth ago

    Let's goooooo

  • Meercat 34
    Meercat 34Month ago

    Wait. So when you got the master sword (or when Zelda put it in the pedestal) Fi reacted to them. What if we see Fi and skylofts return in botw 2 or remnants of them atleast??

  • Violet in the dark
    Violet in the darkMonth ago

    does anyone realize that link doesn't have his hair up anymore its down 0-0

  • Silas Mattefs
    Silas MattefsMonth ago

    The legend of zelda breath of the twilight princess’ sky

  • Alex Dawgo
    Alex DawgoMonth ago

    i hope you can go through the dragon portals and see their homeland maybe its even a dungeon

  • Cesar Bonilla
    Cesar BonillaMonth ago

    I remembered this I felt scammed I thought there was no Zelda 2

  • DrJaredC78
    DrJaredC78Month ago

    Austin, love your videos. In fact my 4 year old absolutely adores your Animal Crossing Videos. I’ve recently hear him say funny things, and when I ask him how in the heck he knew about that he says “ From Austin”. It’s been so fun to watch him engage with the game and try the things he’s learned from your videos. I don’t know if you will ever see this post, but thank you for the content. He’s having an AC themed birthday next month. If you have a moment I bet he’d love a birthday shout out!

  • Xavier Rodriguez
    Xavier RodriguezMonth ago

    I can’t wait man!!!

  • diego juarez
    diego juarezMonth ago

    I'm back lets go!!!

  • Ronald LeBeau
    Ronald LeBeauMonth ago


  • Oliver Lockhart
    Oliver LockhartMonth ago

    I really love the callback to Skyward Sword, this is awesome. Also, Metroid 5. FINALLY.

  • J C
    J CMonth ago

    It’s 2021 and people are still entertained by “reaction” videos?

  • Lucas Vaughn
    Lucas VaughnMonth ago

    Thank you

  • Eileen Sim
    Eileen SimMonth ago

    I won’t make the same mistake I’ll do all the side quests and take it slow and enjoy the game

  • Hobby Bugs
    Hobby BugsMonth ago

    As Guardian Thor will be happy

  • DeafAndyNintendo Gamer
    DeafAndyNintendo GamerMonth ago

    I Glad it happened I just hiy 1003 games so after e3 games sale

  • Kevin Haynes
    Kevin HaynesMonth ago

    Nintendo have somehow managed to make BotW2 look like a knock off of Genshin Impact!!! Am I the only one who thinks this reveal was totally underwhelming. Compared to the amazing 2016 reveal trailer for BotW, the BotW2 reveal trailer was just a mash-up of odd scenes with no stand out moments! I hope I'm proved wrong, but I'm worried for BotW2...

  • Rickstar456
    Rickstar456Month ago

    Your gonna watch the trailer over and over again till it comes out and I will still be watching it after I get it!!! I already have $60 put aside for the Game!! 😆

  • Caleb Benson
    Caleb BensonMonth ago

    Fun fact, I honestly haven’t watched you ever since botw

  • Ravicardis
    RavicardisMonth ago

    I feel like the sequel will probably come out early January, the anniversary or the end of the year Christmas time.

  • 1UPs R Us
    1UPs R UsMonth ago

    Surprised you didn't freak out when the skydiving was shown -- I started going "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SHIII-" lol

  • Vision 7400
    Vision 7400Month ago

    When do I get to work at Nintendo legend of Zelda game production

  • Mr. Igloo
    Mr. IglooMonth ago

    9:47 USSR *anthem intensifies*

  • Deplorable 007
    Deplorable 007Month ago

    The theory that we end up saving ganondorf from the evil itself is amazing. The break the cycle itself.

  • Agent Orange
    Agent OrangeMonth ago

    Those are some nice shelves. Need me some for my figures.

  • Tristen Beland
    Tristen BelandMonth ago

    when are we getting waligi in smash

  • Joe Dan
    Joe DanMonth ago

    I love how chill Austin is

  • Master Deity Link
    Master Deity LinkMonth ago

    Probably March 23 2022

  • ilphrazz
    ilphrazzMonth ago

    I guess speedrunners were already going through walls so making it more accessible is not too suprising

  • Valencia
    ValenciaMonth ago

    Can someone please help me, I lost over 200hrs of game play of breath of the wild??

  • Deez Nuts
    Deez NutsMonth ago

    I can’t wait to accidentally climb a tree in breath of the wild 2

  • tevyees VODS
    tevyees VODSMonth ago

    imagine johnny cage lol

  • Tre Simons
    Tre SimonsMonth ago

    I haven't watched you since all the hype about the first BOTW. Can't wait to relieve that a second time!

  • Cardfight_Frosty
    Cardfight_FrostyMonth ago

    He is not a true zelda fan. Haha poser

  • PKTV
    PKTVMonth ago

    Tekken is like a playstation character how did they pull that off lol.

  • MrBarryBoy
    MrBarryBoyMonth ago

    what happened to minecraft?

  • marjorie garcia
    marjorie garciaMonth ago

    Oh boi I can't wait for an hour long video on analyzing the botw2 trailer :0

  • Miralis
    MiralisMonth ago

    This is why they waited to reveal Skyward HD. More sky islands.

  • CoolDude23 _
    CoolDude23 _Month ago

    The Mario Game and Watch was 50 dollars, and it included Mario 1, Mario 2: The Lost Levels, and a Mario-themed Game and Watch Ball.

  • Lucifers Raven
    Lucifers RavenMonth ago

    Such a waste of a smash character. Very disappointed. Not even gonna bother buying a 2nd copy of smash now. I guess I wasted money on this fighters pass then. Oh well.

  • Lucifers Raven

    Lucifers Raven

    Month ago

    BOTW 2 looks likes a total disappointment too. Not excited for any of this crap.