Captain CrossFit Is The Worst Superhero #shorts


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  • Josh Pollock
    Josh Pollock2 days ago

    Was expecting Captain Atheist to say “Thank who?” in the back round

  • Normak
    Normak3 days ago

    Say what you want about captain CrossFit but he was literally the only hero who tried to save the guy

  • Flying S. Monster
    Flying S. Monster5 days ago

    Hey, I’m vegan and I never tell anybody. Damn you!

  • oWcHi アーティスト
    oWcHi アーティスト6 days ago

    had me in the first half, not gonna lie

  • Brysen Chanh
    Brysen Chanh7 days ago

    Petition for a crossover between Captain mockery, Captain Atheist and Captain CrossFit.

  • Aaron Williamson
    Aaron Williamson9 days ago

    I was expecting some rubble would fall on him at the very end

  • TurdleyCorn
    TurdleyCorn9 days ago

    Captain Crossfit appeared to not conform to the obvious joke about crossfit people but then he did. That is a very funny subversion of expectations.

  • Charlie payne
    Charlie payne10 days ago

    I like captain mockery better lol but crossfit is still great lol *gets mocked by mockery* actaully ye know i think i like crossfit better

  • Rithrius
    Rithrius10 days ago

    Can't wait to see Captain Vegan.

  • QuackaDuck f
    QuackaDuck f12 days ago

    who would win captain crossfit captain atheist captain mockery

  • Death'sNíteMare Sinfullust
    Death'sNíteMare Sinfullust16 days ago

    Haa! "There it is." Took the words right out of my mouth. 😄👍

  • chiisaichi
    chiisaichi17 days ago

    No letterkenny quotes? “CrossFit? You can cross f*k off.”

  • Sonea
    Sonea20 days ago

    What’s the lyrics?

  • Mr Cake
    Mr Cake22 days ago

    Guy in trouble: Can you tell me about crossfit? Captain Crossfit: No. Also Captain Crossfit: The thing about crossfit is its a total body workout.

  • Tubetube Commentor
    Tubetube Commentor22 days ago

    now you need to make the vegan-ers

  • maidpretty
    maidpretty22 days ago

    Never met Captain CrossFit, but Captain Vegan, Captain NoGluten, Captain LowCarb and Captain TrendyPoliticalAgenda were super-annoying.

  • Subscribe to technoblade
    Subscribe to technoblade22 days ago

    Next captain is going to be captain vegan.

  • Ates Kiki Mingus
    Ates Kiki Mingus23 days ago

    Snyder Cut crop ratio

  • Freshairkaboom
    Freshairkaboom24 days ago

    I demand a Captain Vegan.

  • Michael Phoenix
    Michael Phoenix24 days ago

    what is with the Snyder aspect ratio lol

  • Skypost4ever
    Skypost4ever24 days ago

    Hey I'm vegan and I don't tell everyone I'm... Wait... Oh.

  • Em Duque Mack
    Em Duque Mack25 days ago

    it's s true

  • TFfan75
    TFfan7526 days ago

    My brother started with crossfit, now i have a sister..

  • Wave Function
    Wave Function28 days ago

    Paul Rudd, yeah?

  • kingcrab0
    kingcrab028 days ago

    They had us in the first half, ngl.

  • NursKul
    NursKul28 days ago

    CrossFit? Who needs joints!

  • Sushanth Rao
    Sushanth RaoMonth ago

    Like Vegan People telling people they're Vegan. Cmon man it's 2021

  • Burpo Stockings
    Burpo StockingsMonth ago

    At the end he shouldve said "I love you, Captain Crossfit"

  • omar ghalab
    omar ghalabMonth ago

    Man that hero sucks anyway did you know I do crossfit?

  • Notable Discomfort
    Notable DiscomfortMonth ago

    pretty hard to walk at all when you're older if you're doing *jump squats*

  • michaelflash123's stuff
    michaelflash123's stuffMonth ago


  • Teddy Pup
    Teddy PupMonth ago

    Oh, but it's a mostly peaceful fire 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mrtn Mothball
    Mrtn MothballMonth ago

    Patrick warburton seems like a good actor for this

  • Raebees
    RaebeesMonth ago

    As a vegan man who does CrossFit, I find it repulsive that people think I let every know I do Crossfit and eat vegan food. I am perfectly content in eating "normal" food and laying on the couch while binging WandaVision. I don't because I am better than you, but I'm totally normal like everyone else just more enhanced.

  • Little Frank
    Little FrankMonth ago

    The reluctant crossfitter

  • Steve Clark
    Steve ClarkMonth ago

    Speaking of fit, you can get fit with our sponsor, CrossFit!

    ALLStARRMonth ago

    Shorts are for people we’re when they do CrossFit

  • person on the internet
    person on the internetMonth ago

    Crossfit just sounds like someone who was fit before. But they gained weight and now they are fat. (Cuz cross like crossing someone. And that would be the fitness life)

  • Ganso en Llamas - Fire Goose
    Ganso en Llamas - Fire GooseMonth ago

    Oh voy I can't wait to see Ryanvengers: Georgefinity War

  • LampGod
    LampGodMonth ago

    no green lantern is

  • Shhh Slots
    Shhh SlotsMonth ago


  • Adam Placencia
    Adam PlacenciaMonth ago

    I love how this starts by immediately subverting our expectations.

  • The Agent
    The AgentMonth ago

    That’s bullshit about vegans. I’m mean I’m Vegan and I don’t tell anyone about HOW IM A VEGAN It’s no one business



    Month ago

    @The Agent bro nice humor 😂

  • Sturges


    Month ago

    @The Agent I've seen some of the vegan comments but yours is on a next level, good joke. Actually made me believe you were a vegan.

  • The Agent

    The Agent

    Month ago

    @Sturges just a joke. I’m a meat eater I could never be vegan. Not that there’s anything wrong with it

  • Sturges


    Month ago

    Unless this is ironic

  • Sturges


    Month ago

    You just did

  • Sean Nide
    Sean NideMonth ago

    Why is this video not vertical?

  • Shezan Shabeer
    Shezan ShabeerMonth ago

    The worst superhero is Toiletman

  • Richard Bogere
    Richard BogereMonth ago

    Take over LORD JESUS

  • R6 Clips
    R6 ClipsMonth ago

    Ewwwww captain CrossFit - Captain Mockery

  • Astolfo
    AstolfoMonth ago

    True question is what time are the classes and how much is it

  • nihar dhanani
    nihar dhananiMonth ago

    I'm a vegan but I won't tell you that

  • Beat
    BeatMonth ago

    "the first person do ever want a gender reveal party?"

  • Thomas Time
    Thomas TimeMonth ago

    I like that he does shorts now

  • n i c o l 3
    n i c o l 3Month ago


  • juliet but I'm not dead
    juliet but I'm not deadMonth ago


  • Ekstra Official
    Ekstra OfficialMonth ago

    What kind of frames do you have? Like... your glasses... are those Oliver Peoples?

  • Alysia Vasquez
    Alysia VasquezMonth ago

    You know what also makes you lose weight? Getting half of your weight burned off because you’re standing in a fire listening to a random person talk about CrossFit

    TRISTINO A.Month ago


  • Connor Lindsay
    Connor LindsayMonth ago

    Person: Captain Narcissist, thank God you're here! Captain Narcissist: Yes, thank me more. Person: What? Captain Narcissist: Well, I mean I showed up and and you thanked me so... give me more of that

  • Kairos
    KairosMonth ago

    sooo... who else is waiting for a Brigerton pitchmeeting ??

  • Ethan Sharp
    Ethan SharpMonth ago

    Can You Give me A FREE Java Minecraft account Please?

  • Angelo Jones Buyagan
    Angelo Jones BuyaganMonth ago

    he'll die for the crossfit

  • Noah George
    Noah GeorgeMonth ago

    So funny

  • Ryan Lazalier
    Ryan LazalierMonth ago

    Lmao. So true

  • glitch and corrupt corrupt
    glitch and corrupt corruptMonth ago

    First person to put a plant in a pot

  • XD Hey Hey
    XD Hey HeyMonth ago

    Are your eyes... white?

  • xbox master 2.0
    xbox master 2.0Month ago

    Video how sodas got there name

  • FreeJokes2020 KoolMC
    FreeJokes2020 KoolMCMonth ago

    CF = COCK FEED...

  • Yadiel Perez
    Yadiel PerezMonth ago

    What's up with the Snyder aspect ratio?

  • Dustin Phelps
    Dustin PhelpsMonth ago

    Idea for a sketch, first guy to do one of those fast talking auctions

  • Xanman Skaggs
    Xanman SkaggsMonth ago

    Is that just a glorified crossfit ad

  • Ginger Overseer
    Ginger OverseerMonth ago

    I love this channel

  • Adam c
    Adam cMonth ago

    Lmao 🤣 so perfectly accurate

  • Mike Donovan
    Mike DonovanMonth ago

    I want to see more Captain Mockery 🙂

  • בן בכר
    בן בכרMonth ago

    You should get an oscar

  • Sidney Ericson
    Sidney EricsonMonth ago

    Hey ryan can you please do a pitch meeting for cobra kai?

  • Andy Gilleand
    Andy GilleandMonth ago

    This is like a twist on the classic whose line superhero skit

  • D1490 in the comments

    D1490 in the comments

    Month ago


  • m m
    m mMonth ago


  • Putra Efenddy
    Putra EfenddyMonth ago

    Can you do the first guy to ever be in jail

  • Ariel Gonzalez
    Ariel GonzalezMonth ago

    His set design budget must be outrageous but you just can't argue with the effect of building a ten story building just to burn it down

  • Go Crazy
    Go CrazyMonth ago

    I thought he was about to be like “ the pacer test.....”

  • On My Mind Entertainment
    On My Mind EntertainmentMonth ago

    🤣😂🤣 There it is!

  • Nick_vs2
    Nick_vs2Month ago

    He ask'd for it, let's be honests

  • Stephanie Oni
    Stephanie OniMonth ago


  • Lucas Martins
    Lucas MartinsMonth ago

    Captain Crossfit, Captain Mockery and Captain Atheist..

  • Brandon O
    Brandon OMonth ago

    Ryan George's favorite band is Bow Wow.... Wow.

  • Tevita Motulalo
    Tevita MotulaloMonth ago

    Subbed 😂😂😂

  • Hyswell Cool
    Hyswell CoolMonth ago

    This will be relevant for AGES! ALIENS BE LIKE: 'One age Plus One age = ages.

  • JediPeaceWalker
    JediPeaceWalkerMonth ago

    I can stomach square videos more than vertical/stupid videos.

  • Over Rider
    Over RiderMonth ago

    I want Captain Counterfeit now

  • Steel Umbrella Co
    Steel Umbrella CoMonth ago

    Those J cuts sell the shit out of it

  • Screw. exe
    Screw. exeMonth ago

    As a vegan I can confirm that we do not always tell ppl we're vegan. I only tell ppl when I go out to eat so that I don't get something with meat or dairy in it. And before you say it yes I know it's a joke.



    Month ago

    @Yogendra Awasthi he was jokimg bro

  • Yogendra Awasthi

    Yogendra Awasthi

    Month ago

    Well. The irony is 😂 you already told everyone you are a vegan in the beginning of your sentence

  • Mr. McCoy
    Mr. McCoyMonth ago

    Funny but true

  • Ronin the Umm
    Ronin the UmmMonth ago

    i see your exploiting the short thing... good jon

  • Illisia Adams
    Illisia AdamsMonth ago

    Confused Brit here. Um... What is Cross Fit? (The video still made me smile though)

  • James Ward
    James WardMonth ago

    He didn't ask him if he was feeling the burn... my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

  • Pickleridge
    PickleridgeMonth ago

    'ThE tHiNg AbOuT cRoSsFiT iS iT's A tOtAl BoDy WoRkOuT' - Captain Mockery

  • Juliann Harris
    Juliann HarrisMonth ago

    There were exactly 2021 comments before I commented..... I feel powerful

  • I ball right
    I ball rightMonth ago


  • benjimcenji
    benjimcenjiMonth ago

    U should do the first person to ever laugh

  • flamingsunshine
    flamingsunshineMonth ago

    absolutely love this guy, he's awesome ^^

  • horribilis
    horribilisMonth ago

    I used to do CrossFit, it wasn’t all as bad as people make it out to be really