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It's time for the next Jeffree Star Cosmetics collection!!!! 3 years ago we launched the iconic Blood Sugar palette and I wanted to celebrate it by creating an anniversary collection with new items and give you a whole RED experience! The 'Cavity' Skin Frost Palette is the perfect counterpart to the palette and we also have a MINI!!! After years of requests, she's here! Watch the FULL reveal to see everything swatched and up close!
THE ENTIRE COLLECTION launches FEB. 26TH @ 10AM PST / 1PM EST on our website and ALL retailers!!!!
🦷 Cavity Skin Frost™ Palette - 4 shades ($38.00)
💉 Mini Blood Sugar™ Palette - 9 matte/frost shades ($28.00)
❣️ Blood Sugar™ Anniversary Edition Palette - ($52.00)
🍫 Blood Sugar Mini Liquid Lipstick Vault (25 shades) - $160
♥️ Fashion & Accessories -
Blood Sugar Soft Touch Star Mirror - ($25)
Blood Sugar Dye Hoodie ($45)
Blood Sugar Dye Joggers ($55)
Mini Blood Sugar™ Palette & Blood Sugar™ Anniversary Ed. Palette ($70.00)
Cavity Palette, Mini Blood Sugar™ Palette & Blood Sugar™ Anniversary Ed. Palette ($100)
Cavity Palette, Mini Blood Sugar™ Palette & Blood Sugar™ Anniversary Ed. Palette, Mini Liquid Lipsticks Vault & Star Mirror ($250)
WANT MORE? 🐶 Watch the OG Blood Sugar Reveal ▷
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  • Francheiri Serrano Cuevas
    Francheiri Serrano Cuevas4 minutes ago

    You should write an autobiography for real for real, the shane dawson x jeffree star documentary was really inspiring but i want to know what you do and how you went from 0 to 100, because i think its not only because of jeffree star cosmetics

  • Sammyschmammy ?
    Sammyschmammy ?28 minutes ago

    He's trying so hard to show he's not bothered. He's bothered 🙄

  • claire marie
    claire marieHour ago

    wow you are running out of ideas lmao

  • Martina Mosque
    Martina MosqueHour ago

    Sooo they literally took blood sugar original palette and just put it on a white thing. He put it at the same price as the original, like what??? This man really wants money and more money. Edit: Maybe my comment will get deleted :b

  • Lauren Doherty
    Lauren DohertyHour ago

    I feel like he’s lost his love for his makeup brand. All the recent launches have been so uninspired. He looks miserable

  • :p :p
    :p :pHour ago

    Hi Jeffree, can you do a Hisoka look? If you did I'd be happy to :D

  • Kittin Karnage
    Kittin Karnage2 hours ago


  • Caitlin Fren
    Caitlin Fren2 hours ago

    i forgot he existed lol

  • Maria V
    Maria V3 hours ago

    The mini packaging looks cheap 🥺 doesn’t seem like packaging you’d normal go for...

  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin5 hours ago

    Come to russia I'll take care of you.

  • Mr Struggle
    Mr Struggle5 hours ago

    What’s that piece of food in ur teeth

  • Celina Harris
    Celina Harris5 hours ago

    The wig isnt it..

  • Megadose
    Megadose6 hours ago


  • Fernanda Sanchez
    Fernanda Sanchez6 hours ago

    3 years an so much talent among you beautiful characters i love it . I love you all and i love what you represent even when u all are trying not to be canceled, I UNDERSTAND NOW thank you for being so honest when you don't have to be or do shit.

  • Rilynn Kelly
    Rilynn Kelly7 hours ago

    Where his brows

  • Kelley Sharpe
    Kelley Sharpe7 hours ago

    So is @jeffreestar still out here helping out us struggling folks? because I could use a random cash app blessing right about now $kelleysharpe

  • ivoight7
    ivoight77 hours ago

    Real lips?? What?

  • Avalon The legend
    Avalon The legend7 hours ago


  • Tiffany Thomas
    Tiffany Thomas9 hours ago

    Looks are failing...Products are the same with different packaging. I worry you may end up on the HSN selling to old people so you can make a paycheck for dog food and pee pee pads. Girl retire!

  • Karla Washington
    Karla Washington9 hours ago

    Can put out another tacky palette but can’t face up or take accountability for your behaviour!! This palette is as exciting as watching paint dry .

  • Robin Siwula
    Robin Siwula9 hours ago

    Can jeffree make a reusable straw collection pack with all of his reusable straws

  • Javiera Brownell
    Javiera Brownell10 hours ago

    Dusty, crusty, and musty

  • Lissette Lebron
    Lissette Lebron11 hours ago

    Why so much hate comments? I don't wear makeup and know much about makeup but I enjoy watching his vids. Your negativity means nothing lmao. He will still make bank. Haters are pathetic

  • Celina Harris

    Celina Harris

    5 hours ago

    He’s a terrible person

  • luh lezy
    luh lezy11 hours ago

    Y’all hate him so much but y’all watch him and that’s making him money dumb ass lol

  • luh lezy
    luh lezy11 hours ago

    I love the palette and I don’t even care for red like that

  • BRIANNA.CRUZ 100512
    BRIANNA.CRUZ 10051212 hours ago


  • imran beg
    imran beg15 hours ago

    Jeffre girl you look beautiful 🤩

  • Tigre-lili xo
    Tigre-lili xo15 hours ago

    I have watched you for a year now. What happened to your views, went from 13 million to 1.4 ?? Love your work but ditch the drama

  • Weston c.
    Weston c.15 hours ago

    I'm going to start a union at Jeffree Star cosmetics

  • 夜Haku
    夜Haku15 hours ago

    Not you deleting comments 😍

  • Celina Harris

    Celina Harris

    5 hours ago

    @luh lezy yeah he hates black people girl get on the educating

  • 夜Haku


    9 hours ago

    @luh lezy you better keep up with the drama honey don't think you know what's going on ❤️

  • luh lezy

    luh lezy

    11 hours ago

    I’m reporting comments for him because it’s stupid to hate him if your watching him making him more money

  • Alexander Scriptor
    Alexander Scriptor17 hours ago

    ✨Happy March 8 Jeffree Star ⭐️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💫

  • evphoria
    evphoria17 hours ago

    you’re so cringy

  • Amza Mamza
    Amza Mamza19 hours ago

    I can use three shades lmfao

  • Adorable Medhashree
    Adorable Medhashree19 hours ago

    He is losing subscribers

  • I'll never let go Jack
    I'll never let go Jack19 hours ago

    Don't waste your time swatching something that is worse than a makeup palette from Dollar Tree.

  • Australian Girl
    Australian Girl20 hours ago


  • Red Pill Review News
    Red Pill Review News21 hour ago

    What an amazing testimony it would be if you were define God right now

  • Jade Uzumaki
    Jade Uzumaki21 hour ago

    I feel like he’s going broke lol his packaging looks like clairs makeup and his lip filler is gone , no nails, you can see wrinkles. He’s so robotic it seems like he’s just trying to sell something.

  • Nely G
    Nely G21 hour ago

    To be honest with u I don’t really get why people LOVE to HATE...I mean that’s childish🙁what are u gonna earn from all that hate?🧐

  • OlivePlayz
    OlivePlayz22 hours ago

    Quit youtube. No one likes you anymore.

  • Baby Gurl
    Baby Gurl22 hours ago

    I miss when JEFFREE reviewed other people’s products

  • Brayden Jones
    Brayden Jones23 hours ago

    How is kanye

  • •. Bubble •. Puffgirl
    •. Bubble •. PuffgirlDay ago

    Wassup with these fake hateful homophobic comments😭under his page

  • golden bby
    golden bbyDay ago

    dude get your face off the packaging.......its weird

  • Prettygirlskyy__ 20
    Prettygirlskyy__ 20Day ago

    Idk why people hate you I personally been following you since the beginning! And I love your makeup, and your makeup videos ignore the hate, and keep on shinning girl love the beautiful packaging on the makeup blood sugar is really iconic.

  • Sofia Sheedy
    Sofia SheedyDay ago

    We need house update tour🤪🤪!!

  • Nathan Garnett
    Nathan GarnettDay ago

    Deleting comments looool

  • Emily Carson
    Emily CarsonDay ago


  • Veronica Star
    Veronica StarDay ago

    Hey jeffree i just want to say thanm you for being an inspirational :) My life has come to a halt i dont know if u will ever read this but i had to sell my house and had a new baby with a 3 year old and living in a council state its awful here :( but seeing ure confidence helps me alot lots of love

  • ChipzGaming Offical
    ChipzGaming OfficalDay ago

    Watching music on USplan i hadn't heard in awhile good charlotte River came on and I was like hey thats jefree star Xd

  • Lorelei Morgan
    Lorelei MorganDay ago

    What did you do to Shane Dawson?

  • Noob S
    Noob SDay ago

    Anyone else remembers Jeffrey star from deuces songs ?

  • freshlyfly
    freshlyflyDay ago

    Wow hardly anything if nothing sold out. It is so crazy that you have to be so fake 100% of the time in this cancel culture and people that subscribe to it.. your day is coming. We are close to the end of freedom for basically anything. Good job haters with the thin skin. Hate works in reverse. IDK if MLK had this dream 😞

  • Sarah Kizer
    Sarah KizerDay ago

    Can you do a review of profusion cosmetics? I recently found them at walmart.

  • Nina Bernheim
    Nina BernheimDay ago

    Please make wifey permanent

  • Daily Nintendo Tips
    Daily Nintendo TipsDay ago

    Dude stop deleting comments.

  • Kassandra Furtado
    Kassandra FurtadoDay ago


  • kukka
    kukkaDay ago

    I’ve been scrolling the comments and most of them are negative lol

  • Ruby calam

    Ruby calam

    Day ago

    Yeah cos Jeffree is a horrible person

  • Londonwastaken
    LondonwastakenDay ago

    I’m just wondering how this guy still gets millions of views and why people are still buying his cash grab products-

  • Ms. Frost
    Ms. FrostDay ago


  • this isn't a name
    this isn't a nameDay ago

    Not you deleting the comments

  • Carmel_apple_latte
    Carmel_apple_latteDay ago

    He really went 👋🏻👋🏼👋🏽👋🏼

  • 123abc
    123abcDay ago


  • Daya Sarai
    Daya SaraiDay ago

    i feel like commenting hate on here serves no purpose. You hate or dislike jeffree ok? so why are you here watching his videos, giving him views, giving him adsense, even taking the time to comment on his video so he gets even more algorithm, like are yall okay?

  • Daya Sarai

    Daya Sarai

    Hour ago

    @Ruby calam I dislike Jeffree ofc and hes done disgusting shitty things but I don’t go to his videos and comment hate and give him more money and adsense but thats all you people do and don’t understand that, THAT is what he wants. He doesn’t care if its good or bad press he just WANTS it. He’s fooling us all and we’re buying into it.

  • Ruby calam

    Ruby calam

    Day ago

    He has done horrible things and if you can’t see that then I just- you are ignorant

  • Rebecca Horner
    Rebecca HornerDay ago

    Cavity highlight to die for. Xxx

  • Pn Vc
    Pn VcDay ago

    Never answer my question😟

  • Kwen Me
    Kwen MeDay ago

    Oh hi how are you queen of melodramatic do you remember how is leelee doing ? 😦

  • sara smolen
    sara smolenDay ago

    I like this collection, I love a red shadow to wear out it is a hard color to find

  • Diane Jamison
    Diane JamisonDay ago

    Answer me please

  • Diane Jamison
    Diane JamisonDay ago

    Jeffree I’m so pissed at you for not answering my questions.Were can I find your makeup 💄 In Fargo North Dakota?

  • werew3
    werew3Day ago

    I am living for his hair!

  • Felisha Marie
    Felisha Marie2 days ago

    This launch is a whole period. Nobody ask for it.

  • Lohith
    Lohith2 days ago

    Omg the manipulation master is back wow how did we forgive him🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • pink_pastel_roses
    pink_pastel_roses2 days ago

    The live clone with

  • A C
    A C2 days ago

    Why does he look so uncomfortable lmao

  • sempre allegro
    sempre allegro2 days ago

    That packaging though! A real joke. hahahahahahahaha.

  • Ambie Autumn
    Ambie Autumn2 days ago

    Omg review the peeps makeup line pls... Like if u agree...

  • Slackira
    Slackira2 days ago

    You beauty gurus keep on releasing makeup while the world is going broke due to covid-19 🙄

  • Andra Randasu
    Andra Randasu2 days ago

    Your lips look soo good!❤️

  • Paige A Hanner
    Paige A Hanner2 days ago

    Love you so muchhhh 💋

  • Kiran Estelle
    Kiran Estelle2 days ago

    What type of eyeshadow name is glucose?

  • Leonardo Gomes
    Leonardo Gomes2 days ago


  • Adrian Vaca
    Adrian Vaca2 days ago


  • Aiyanna DeHaven
    Aiyanna DeHaven2 days ago

    Girl. We all know unicorn blood is SILVER.

  • Aiyanna DeHaven
    Aiyanna DeHaven2 days ago

    Jeffree lookin like a used tampon in the thumbnail

  • khloejohnson
    khloejohnson2 days ago

    OMG ily jeffree your my fav I LOVE U AND YOUR MAKEUp

  • David
    David2 days ago

    If narcissism was a person.

  • خان الموز
    خان الموز2 days ago

    wow i love men

  • Fenasi Kerim
    Fenasi Kerim2 days ago


  • Camila Garcia
    Camila Garcia2 days ago

    i love your videos

  • Bernice Goldham
    Bernice Goldham2 days ago

    The "give even more of your money to a terrible person" pallet.

  • uyuxii
    uyuxii2 days ago

    how does this guys channel just never die like what hes literally immortal om-

  • Cayton Hopson
    Cayton Hopson2 days ago

    jeffreestar u should make nail polish

  • Alex from discord
    Alex from discord2 days ago

    yay sister (Yes I'm a james charles fan/sister)

  • Rita G
    Rita G2 days ago

    All these people complaining in the comments go away if u don't like what u see go away if u don't like him. U people spread hate and drama. TOXIC PEOPLE.

  • Slaviette
    Slaviette2 days ago


  • niicccoolllee
    niicccoolllee2 days ago

    please do a Rare Beauty Review!!!

  • Sofia Zavala
    Sofia Zavala2 days ago

    do u even enjoy making these videos anymore

  • Raya Petrova
    Raya Petrova2 days ago

    Not him ignoring all the allegations,,

  • ᗰOOᗪY ᗷᗴᗩᖇ
    ᗰOOᗪY ᗷᗴᗩᖇ2 days ago

    That hoodie looks like it has food stains all over it