Crazy coke magic trick! (Tutorial) 🤐 #shorts


Crazy trick! Don’t tell her the secret 😂 🤐


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  • Mudrika Maniar
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  • AmitabhTechz
    AmitabhTechzHour ago

    Wait he coloured the can thingy and rubbed it and yeah just like that the magic

    SOUMAN PHADIKAR4 hours ago

    Super cute and beautiful magic

  • Wizo 1
    Wizo 17 hours ago

    Where are the " he's that kind of people " comments

  • Orlando Rodriguez
    Orlando Rodriguez7 hours ago


  • Daily Nerd
    Daily Nerd9 hours ago

    POV: you’re surprised because you don’t see any who’s the type of guy comments

  • Ben Harty
    Ben Harty9 hours ago

    How dose he do that

  • Mary Rose Antonino
    Mary Rose Antonino9 hours ago

    oh that's so cool ☺️

  • · Flvffy Clxxdx ·
    · Flvffy Clxxdx ·11 hours ago

    How did she not even know is this scripted

  • ScarlettOharacz 128
    ScarlettOharacz 12812 hours ago

    Ale to widać

  • Caroline Burnett
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  • Zaida Ramos
    Zaida Ramos15 hours ago

    On the way to give me an answer what is

  • Zaida Ramos

    Zaida Ramos

    15 hours ago

    Help me find a mirror or not

  • Simika
    Simika18 hours ago

    This was good

  • ewelina jozefiak
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  • ewelina jozefiak
    ewelina jozefiak18 hours ago

    dzień dobry a A jak to co pan

  • Dzielny Pixiarz
    Dzielny Pixiarz19 hours ago

    I can do it better. :|

    KING DemonLORD DYYROTH20 hours ago

    My girl what is your name

  • Mohd Abrar
    Mohd Abrar21 hour ago

    Yadi dethi cute hai

  • Sandra Hong
    Sandra HongDay ago

    Painting :)

  • Indira Desai
    Indira DesaiDay ago

    I love your magic tricks

  • Refaldo Halim
    Refaldo HalimDay ago

    May be its your baby honey

  • Peng And Carl Zamudio
    Peng And Carl ZamudioDay ago

    He did middle when he snapped!!!

  • Chasing Truth
    Chasing TruthDay ago

    I don’t like how He talk to Annette that kind of gives it away

  • Ansh_ gaming
    Ansh_ gamingDay ago


  • Ghoster
    GhosterDay ago

    she obviously heard you go "shh" lol

  • ¡Michikuń!
    ¡Michikuń!Day ago

    Is A You Girfriend 😊 Not More Inglish XD

  • Inspiratif Cuan
    Inspiratif CuanDay ago

    Geulis euy awwena, bogoh urang

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  • Spottydog Squad
    Spottydog SquadDay ago

    He put a sticker on it then took it off

  • Vishavjit Singh
    Vishavjit SinghDay ago

    Is he stupid or what?

  • Audrin Ng
    Audrin NgDay ago

    I like your vids! Its all about majic tricks

  • My city Kirkuk
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  • Huong Nguyen Thi Thu
    Huong Nguyen Thi ThuDay ago

    It is your girlfriend??

  • Soyelpapi5 Fausto
    Soyelpapi5 FaustoDay ago

    Ayuda mucho la broma 😆😁😁😁

  • Moni Yazbic
    Moni YazbicDay ago

    Hhchhhhhhhhhhhchhhhhhhh but he not hear سبحان الله haw i block you plz tell me

  • Todd Brown
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  • Kinga Olszowa
    Kinga OlszowaDay ago

    I love how he just drawed over it with black and after he called it "magic" because look at his finger when he gone over it

  • Светлана Цыренова
    Светлана ЦыреноваDay ago


  • 김윤율 - 율댄스
    김윤율 - 율댄스Day ago

    사랑해 요

  • Pavan Bagul
    Pavan BagulDay ago

    Bro u use black colour nd u rub that i got u bro ❤️❤️

  • Mady Pastor
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  • Tun Lao
    Tun Lao2 days ago

    Go show baby dog we have brain

  • Yogesh Dahale
    Yogesh Dahale2 days ago

    Einstein is very proud of our generation

  • Larissa Figueiredo Martins
    Larissa Figueiredo Martins2 days ago

    Voçe e mágico

  • Tammy Tobi
    Tammy Tobi2 days ago

    You can notice the's fake

  • edilson Magalhãese
    edilson Magalhãese2 days ago

    ai discupa

  • edilson Magalhãese
    edilson Magalhãese2 days ago

    kkkkkkk nunca fasa isso

  • Gonzalo Monzon
    Gonzalo Monzon2 days ago

    Cuando le mostró que estaba abierta?osea dibujada pero se entendió creo

  • Gabby Girls mini world
    Gabby Girls mini world2 days ago

    It’s time for a magic trick I’m gonna show ya a magic trick! Me: bro we already knew-

    MONROY2 days ago

    Jokes aside she’s very pretty

  • Rayan Gamer
    Rayan Gamer2 days ago

    Its fake

  • Maria Lucia Fernandes
    Maria Lucia Fernandes2 days ago

    Tu é muito mom

  • Keisha Schoolcraft
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  • Iris Lopez
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  • Sebastian Diaz
    Sebastian Diaz2 days ago

    He just used a dry erase marker to paint on it then rubbed his finger and it came off.

  • Antonio Bustamante
    Antonio Bustamante2 days ago


  • Vishwanath Gundala
    Vishwanath Gundala2 days ago

    NoB chiting q kiya

  • Suyog Bajracharya
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  • Dyari zeynali
    Dyari zeynali2 days ago

    The worst accent I’ve ever heard

  • Nathan Vermeulen
    Nathan Vermeulen2 days ago

    How the hell just stop olreddy and quit😡

  • Kyle Armstrong
    Kyle Armstrong2 days ago

    This is the type of guy who would friendzone her if she asked him out

  • محمد سالم
    محمد سالم2 days ago


  • Manuel Toloza
    Manuel Toloza3 days ago

    God this hurts to watch

  • Ray Lucas
    Ray Lucas3 days ago

    It’s sounds like he said “card can”

  • Nathaniel Erudayam
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  • Aditya Anand
    Aditya Anand3 days ago

    Even this guy has a girlfriend lmao

  • Crumpix
    Crumpix3 days ago

    Losing brain cells rapidly but can’t stop watching...

  • Steven Velasquez
    Steven Velasquez3 days ago

    Good but why he didn’t know that was a trick she got the phone y front of her

  • Soumitro Sarkar
    Soumitro Sarkar3 days ago

    Kaise karte ho 😱😱😱

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  • Wilson Ubialli
    Wilson Ubialli3 days ago

    Ele desenhou uma coisa preta

  • Maria de Lourdes Moreira
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  • Rhonda Stull
    Rhonda Stull3 days ago

    That was pretty stupid

  • Guren Lagan
    Guren Lagan3 days ago

    She the type of girl that ..... damn shes preety.

  • lucas sisti
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  • Yazid Gaming123
    Yazid Gaming1233 days ago

    Waw you pro magic

  • Dawn Vargas
    Dawn Vargas3 days ago

    I love your videos I mean TickTock

  • Julet Debbie
    Julet Debbie3 days ago

    You don't have magic

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  • Kaylee van Elst
    Kaylee van Elst3 days ago

    Dis so good

  • GH47
    GH473 days ago

    She cringed so fucking much

  • Disconnected Lamaz131
    Disconnected Lamaz1313 days ago

    This is kid

  • visakan 503
    visakan 5033 days ago

    Bruh dicaprio have been real quite since this came out

  • Magda Tutko
    Magda Tutko3 days ago

    How is that possible fan

  • دودة معفنه
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  • Davi Soáres
    Davi Soáres3 days ago

    She is very Beatiful, OMG womam Beatiful ohhh 💚🇧🇷😍😍😍

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    Poppy just popped 😂😂

  • Kenia Pierre
    Kenia Pierre4 days ago

    This is stupid

  • Shammi Dubey
    Shammi Dubey4 days ago

    She reminded me of Kate Winslet

  • Neil Kulkarni
    Neil Kulkarni4 days ago

    Your friend is the spitting image of Kate Winslet

  • Siddhanta Gupta
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  • Girl in red's #1 fan
    Girl in red's #1 fan4 days ago

    Troom troom's magic tricks could never

  • Yoga Hermana
    Yoga Hermana4 days ago

    Settingan nying

  • Deepak 8 Ball Pool
    Deepak 8 Ball Pool4 days ago

    Ok I have 2 bullets.....who will I shoot?? Ok it's difficult for you to answer...! Want hint...? Hint : I will keep the girl alive... Now answer🙂

  • Pixiee
    Pixiee4 days ago

    Guys its a tutorial for likw to prank our little ir something siblings dont be mean, he create this not for being stupid i know its scripted but learn how to read a caption or title and he seems so nice and kind.

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  • Sspxced
    Sspxced4 days ago

    Ohh its so believable