Customer Says He Can't Get The Rotor Off!

In this video I have a look at a guys Chevrolet Silverado. He states he can not get the front brake rotor off no matter how much he beats on it. Let's have a look. -Enjoy!

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  • Jordan Tyler
    Jordan Tyler17 minutes ago

    A lot of people miss that thing. I run a shop much smaller than yours. Just service. Like Oil, fluids, brakes. The general stuff. I had a kid bring me his car because he could get the rotors off. He didn’t even notice the set screw when I showed him. A lot of the older cars rotors were just held on by the caliper and rust. So, people don’t realize that there is a set screw on most modern cars.

  • Blue gloves
    Blue gloves3 hours ago

    That is how it goes down 👌

  • Timothy Queen
    Timothy Queen4 hours ago

    Just a helping note that you should lube the hardware where the pads slide. The side where they go on the bracket doesn't matter.

  • Darenator1
    Darenator113 hours ago

    Glad you didn't trash this video! Always a good reminder to take a step back, take a deep breath, asked look a little closer

  • Daryl Robert
    Daryl Robert15 hours ago

    i cant laugh, i was trying to remove the disk pad guide pins and it was really tight i broke the torx bit. turned out i was tightening it, lucky its a volvo so the bolt is fine.

  • Keith Noneya
    Keith NoneyaDay ago

    "If you haven't done any stupid things, you probably haven't done anything at all". LOL aint that the truth! If that doesn't become your new Shop Motto I'm going to take it! Thanks for sharing. Best Wishes & Blessings. Keith Noneya

  • Shadowhenge
    ShadowhengeDay ago

    Only problem i ever had doing a diy brake job was the first time i came across those rear calipers you need to screw as you compress.

  • Tryharder
    TryharderDay ago

    6:26 is that gamer lingo?

  • TheAndy331
    TheAndy331Day ago

    I was working on a sbc after working on newer cars for some years. I was taking off the heads and I took out all the bolts out and couldn't get the head off after prying and tap tapy-tapy on them for awhile. I Took a break and stared at it and realized I forgot the whole outside row of bolts 🙈

  • Aaron -
    Aaron -Day ago

    Nice vid! I enjoyed it

  • Jim Burk
    Jim Burk2 days ago

    If I use that much anti-seize on something, I wear it for a week !!!

  • Jim Burk
    Jim Burk2 days ago

    Obviously... Not torqued to spec !!! You kill me !! The stupid stuff I've done as a tech.... way too numerous to even narrow one down. 😂😂🤔🤔

  • Merideth Hrostek
    Merideth Hrostek2 days ago

    That's some good work 💪 It's too bad this guy threw these on like this

  • Craig Goodwin
    Craig Goodwin2 days ago

    Last brake job I did I found out about those screws. Always something to laugh about later, sometimes much later. Thanks for sharing!

  • Daniel Lozano
    Daniel Lozano3 days ago

    My first job ever. I wanted to put chrome Edelbrock valve covers on my truck when I was 14 years old. Didn’t put gaskets on and you can guess how much smoke and oil I had all over my small block 350 lol... cheers to learning from our mistakes gentlemen

  • Gustave Green
    Gustave Green3 days ago

    You should add the post conversation, with the Customer, at the end of the video :)

  • Randy
    Randy3 days ago

    I hope he sees this video lol. That lower a-arm.. holy shit, rusted to hell.

  • Roger C
    Roger C4 days ago

    My first U Joint. Sunday evening needed the truck for work Monday morning. Pulled the driveshaft but for the life of me couldn't get the U Joint out. Drove around for about an hour looking for an open shop. Found a closed shop with an owner working on his own stuff. For 20.00 I watched him tap the old one out and put the new one it. Was so embarrassed.

  • Roger C
    Roger C4 days ago

    The oldest kid isn't even

  • Giovanni Moriggi
    Giovanni Moriggi4 days ago

    I wonder if it was the dudes first time doing a brake job. I remember the first time I changed my own oil- I removed the oil filter, seen the oil come out but not the whole thing. It would only come out when I bumped the engine. My neighbor stopped to ask me what was going on, I told him, and with a smirk on his face, asked me if I had removed the oil plug. Well no! I didn't know about no oil plug or oil pan. I thought it came out of the oil filter screw. I was 16 and still laugh about it now.

  • John Smith
    John Smith4 days ago

    Great video. Glad to see people are human.

  • jaws978
    jaws9784 days ago

    as a younger I changed the trans fluid and filter on my foxbody mustang and was 2 days trying to get the pan back on. called the local mechanix and described my probs he told me to loose the bolts at the crossmember and jack it up a couple inches. Prob solved. Now as a mechanic myself I think back and marvel how generous the local mechs were with their time when I would call for advice and guidance on a project

  • james haliday
    james haliday4 days ago

    loto stupid deals, at schoo,l Diesel , fill my truck with oil ,forgett filter .....long day.... spray oil on shop floor nice job ,big clean up . put me a top of league

  • james haliday
    james haliday4 days ago

    Charge extra for mechanically challenged

  • Ilias HTH1
    Ilias HTH14 days ago

    First time doing my brakes i didn't know you had to push back the caliper piston. I was thinking that i had ordered the wrong brake pads😂

  • clayton warren
    clayton warren5 days ago

    tried changing brake pads rotors and barings on my parents 05 dodge ram. pads were fine then i spent like an hour to get the rotor off ended up having to use a scissor jack between the rotor and frame with the steering locked. then i jacked it up as hard as i could and hit it with a sledge and it came right off. the bearing however i took a slide hammer to it for like 5 hours and it never came off so i let a shop do it.

  • clayton warren

    clayton warren

    5 days ago

    the bearing was in an assembly that was supposed to just easily sit inside the hub not pressed or anything. the shop had more room to work because it wasnt on the ground and used a 10 lb sledge.

  • En Lover
    En Lover5 days ago

    Btw, my front driver was tje bad side

  • En Lover
    En Lover5 days ago

    So sad that w proper tools this .30cent job turned into at least 60.00

  • Qmad
    Qmad5 days ago

    i like when its real fawked and u use that chisel attachment on the rotor screw

  • Bert Cochran
    Bert Cochran5 days ago

    Excellent video.

  • Rick Wader
    Rick Wader5 days ago


  • Jeffrey Aisthorpe
    Jeffrey Aisthorpe5 days ago

    yes i agree if you have not made a mistake then you have not worked at all so true

  • Timtohy Rascoe
    Timtohy Rascoe5 days ago

    I left small blue paper towels in the intake tubes an didn't remember until I had flaming blue shop towels floating all around the shop, boy it was hard to start.

  • Colin O'Grady
    Colin O'Grady5 days ago

    Was replacing tie rod ends on my personal vehicle one weekend. I could not for the life of me undo the Alignment nut holding the tie rod end on. Eventually I got it undone, turns out I was tightening it instead of loosening it. The funny thing is I am a qualified mechanic that owns my own mechanic shop and have done loads of tie rod ends. That day I just had the biggest mind blank and then it clicked in my head you’re going the wrong way.

  • johnsamu
    johnsamu5 days ago

    Switched off all electricity before working on the switches? Sure ofcourse ....OAUUWW....F..CK appearantly the wrong part was switched off 😉 So it's true, if you didn't already do something stupid in the past, you will do something stupid in the future unless you do nothing at all.

  • fins59
    fins595 days ago

    The solution is: don't do any vehicle maint if you've been drinking.

  • B Simpson
    B Simpson5 days ago

    Professional, well done mate

  • Christopher White
    Christopher White6 days ago

    Me and 2 other guys beat the hell out a wheel, came off after removed last lug nut🤓

  • Chris Fitzpatrick
    Chris Fitzpatrick6 days ago

    I did a big one! Working on my Pop's 1988 F-150 I6 300 no start. He said he had full take of gas, just filled it up, I was at the station and watched him put gas in it. The pump clicked like it was full. So I did all kinds of parts replacements. Check electrical connectors, fuel pressure, it seemed to have fuel pressure. Check battery, spark, rotor cap, rotor, plugs. Still no start. Work at it for a month and a half. I don't have any tech tools so I was just fiddling around. It just seemed like it wasn't getting fuel, the way it sounded when cranking. So I got a new fuel pump. Went to drain the old fuel out of tank and siphon didn't do nuttin. Siphon hose not even wet with fuel! WTF! So I was dropping the fuel tank, noticed this damn thing is very light to have 19 gallons of fuel in it. It can't have a gallon in it it's so light. Got the tank out and no crap there was about a cup of fuel and that was it lol! Put all back with new pump of coarse and filled up the tank, she started right up. Damn thing was just out of fuel.

  • Andrey Darovskikh
    Andrey Darovskikh6 days ago

    I once topped the power steering reservoir with engine oil. it changed my plans for the day.

  • matt bauckman
    matt bauckman6 days ago

    I once bashed the living hell out of an 8 lug truck tire thinking it was rusted on. Nope. Forgot one of the lug nuts. Doh! 😖

  • jack mehoff
    jack mehoff6 days ago

    you know you can take that bolt that holds to rotor on and thread back into the treaded holes in the rotor, it will push it right off the hub...

  • Timmy Little
    Timmy Little7 days ago

    I did so many vehicles that never had that bolt in them that I would have needed to think for a bit. My son got a 79 bronco from his grandpa. He screwed up the brakes on the front. I had never done brakes with locking hubs. I had to look it up on line. But when we got done with one side we had a “victory beer”. His mom was not happy…he aint 21….lol

  • Operator 801
    Operator 8017 days ago

    I was replacing CV axles on my Focus once. The drivers side was no problem to change, but the passenger side took HOURS to remove. I was so triumphant when I got it out that I put the wheel and brakes back on in record time and had it fully reassembled before I realized that I forgot to put the new axle in. Girlfriend was very impressed that it only took me like 8 damn hours to swap the axles. :(

  • Adam Militello
    Adam Militello7 days ago

    Mis-routed a serpentine belt on a customer’s vehicle… in a rush. Burnt hole in lower radiator hose… “What’s that burnt rubber smell” New belt and hose installed… #doh

  • Buck stallions
    Buck stallions7 days ago

    Well pleased woot! on top of BigClive haha.

  • Shannon Stiles
    Shannon Stiles7 days ago

    🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Or put something back together then take it back apart because you skipped step one lol

  • kleva123456
    kleva1234567 days ago

    Is it even necessary to put that disc screw in? As far as I can tell it can only rust and make problems

  • Dayne B
    Dayne B7 days ago

    That kind of rust on a 2012 only where it snows

  • Davey T
    Davey T7 days ago

    Forgot the bolt? Ug.

  • MGD 60D
    MGD 60D8 days ago

    I was assembling a Lycoming IO-540, everything was going well. Case is sealed with the lifters, crankshaft and conn rods, and all 6 cylinders and pistons are on the case. I went to install the idler gears in the accessory section to time the crankshaft to the camshaft. No camshaft gear... WTF! i turn around and that mother flipping camshaft was sitting on my parts shelf. Had to take the whole damned thing apart again and start over. A man who doesn't make mistakes often doesn't make anything...

  • jack webb
    jack webb8 days ago

    This was great and you're right, we all screw up stupidly sometimes .

  • Rob J
    Rob J8 days ago

    I was pulling my vehicle up on some ramps the other day to do an oil change. Went to stick my head out the window to see how much further I had to go. My dumb*ss forgot to roll the window down. Smashed my face right into the glass. 🙄

  • Stu Redman
    Stu Redman8 days ago

    Don't have a Chevrolet Silverado or need to change brakes on one Yet I'm watching this video. is this strange ?

  • Captain Coffee Cake
    Captain Coffee Cake8 days ago

    Dad : Kicking the rotor and swearing up a storm. Son : Dad whats that screw on the rotor for ? Dad : Get my hammer boi !!! and dont back talk your father.

  • Andy King
    Andy King8 days ago

    vibration is my friend

  • Ross Honey
    Ross Honey8 days ago

    I remember one time about 30yrs ago removing an aluminium timing case with engine in car and prising the case off after removing all the bolts, so I thought, but 1 hidden one was still there and it broke a piece off the timing case. The boss was not happy, had get another case.

  • Themadgreek80
    Themadgreek808 days ago

    You said the pedal was spongy and seeing as he replaced the calipers I’m betting the lines were not bled properly if at all.

  • bg147
    bg1478 days ago

    Wait, was he not able to remove the retaining bolt or did he not know to remove it? Could the hammering damage the bearing?

  • Nathan Welch
    Nathan Welch9 days ago

    On my 81 f150 electric fuel pump decided to die go to wire a new one uo get it all done and go to crank never put the other end on the hose going to the carb needless to say I had a puddle of gas under my truck in about 2 seconds 😐😐😐

  • Matthew’s Wild Life
    Matthew’s Wild Life9 days ago

    When I did the tie rods in my car I forgot to tighten the jam nut on the passenger side and I never noticed until I went to get my allignment

  • John Grizzle
    John Grizzle9 days ago

    Installed the axle seal on my 72 beetle backwards and ruined 3 sets of brakes till I figured out what I did wrong

  • Alex-GenTLe
    Alex-GenTLe9 days ago

    I don't think he forgot the torx there, most probably he didn't have an impact wrench and wasn't able to unscrew them with a normal hand wrench. At least I hope so :)

  • Bill Link
    Bill Link9 days ago

    After my NYS inspection, I drove two hours and thought my wheel bearing was worn due to a rough feeling and some vibration. Not until a few days later, did I discover the shop forgot to tighten the lug nuts on the wheel he removed for inspection. One lug broke off and the remaining four nuts were barely hanging on. This could have gotten ugly real quick. They replaced the wheel, lug nuts and lugs.

  • Bill Link
    Bill Link9 days ago

    I was hanging a light and needed to determine the length of wire required. I plugged it in, measured out the length and cut the wire. HELLO, forgot to unplug it before cutting. Good thing the cutters were sharp - just a small zap and sparkles.

  • Rick King
    Rick King9 days ago

    Well I guess my know what the heck moment was When I was changing out the headlights On my 3rd Gen. Tacoma and Forgetting to put the bolt back in the side of the headlight So I had to take the whole thing apart again just to put that bolt back in that I forgot Looking forward to the next video

  • Firstuv All
    Firstuv All10 days ago

    Shmutz! Seriously underrated and under used word.

  • Hunter Mcfish
    Hunter Mcfish10 days ago

    Is there supposed to be a rotor bolt for a 2000 yukon XL? If so I need them 😆

  • Hunter Mcfish
    Hunter Mcfish10 days ago

    Every video I watch I wish I had the opportunity to have a mechanic as thorough as you to pay near me. Much respect eric! Also learned a few things I wasn't taught by the guys that have helped/taught me. The details matter!

  • greg bennett
    greg bennett10 days ago

    Swapped a slant 6 and did not install pilot bushing on end of crank shaft. A one dollar part and had to remove the 3 speed manual trans to install bushing.

  • Thomas Bennett Jr
    Thomas Bennett Jr10 days ago

    Yes worked on lawn mower new carb went to start it wouldn't start plug wire not on duh

  • Jason Lunstrum
    Jason Lunstrum10 days ago

    So my first car, I was changing my oil..... Had to call a friend to pick me up to go buy another 5 quarts of oil because the oil drain plug was completely forgotten about lol. IT WAS MY FIRST CAR MAN lol

  • Dennis Fox
    Dennis Fox10 days ago

    Love it!

  • DriftWood40
    DriftWood4010 days ago

    I was 16 and proceeded to fill my motor with new oil….without installing the new filter. (Old filter removed) let’s just say I didn’t notice right away and may have made a mess on the driveway.

  • Jimmy Gustavsson
    Jimmy Gustavsson10 days ago

    Where going to help my friend change the his cars shocks and springs in the back on his v50. No problems to get them off. Everything went supersmooth. Then i installed everything on one side, still supersmooth. Went to the other side installed the shock and then the it was the springs turn. The v50 have a swaybar / anti roll bar or what its called in the back thats supposed to be fitted on the same place as the spring. And i had only loosen the swaybar and installed it back on the other side so it was impossible to get the spring into its place since it needed to be loose on both sides and put back to place once you are done. So me and my friend tried everything. I almost worked on getting the spring into its place for about 3 hours or so.. Then my friend says something in line with should we try to loosen the swaybar on the opposite side. I said we can try, so we did. And everything just plopped in like that damn last piece of the puzzle. Something thats never been a problem for me even with those swaybars. But on that day I said to him when we were done I'm never going to work on your car again! He just laughed and the day after we were doing some other stuff on it :P

  • Linux Jedi aka Big Evil
    Linux Jedi aka Big Evil10 days ago

    the purple stuff is better :P

  • jim babbington
    jim babbington10 days ago

    My wife knows that I've just gifted her a new set of brake pads and rotors when she pulls off and hears the bungees rattling around in the wheel well.

  • Carlos Muler
    Carlos Muler11 days ago

    Incredible that the owner of the truck forgot to loose the torx rotor screws before try to remove the rotors. Simple things.

  • DanTheMan
    DanTheMan11 days ago

    I just did controll arms and struts on a friend's sierra while I was taking the stock camber bolts out one of the adjustment pins disintegrated but luckily I was able to force thread a bolt into the hole and cut the head off and made it flush and filed the threaded end down to fit inside the slot in the camber bolt. I'm over the rusty pieces of sh*t around where I live. That was an easy job, now the 98 jeep gc I've been working on pretty much every bolt has to get heated with a torch in order to come loose without snapping them off and I had to reweld the lower trailing arm brackets back onto the axle housing in the front.

  • David Suttles
    David Suttles11 days ago

    I was once told by a fellow shade tree mechanic get a hammer, if that doesn't work get a bigger hammer.

  • Biden Supporter
    Biden Supporter11 days ago

    You pissing around grinding and cleaning up that wheel bearing is almost as maddening as a ding dong leaving the screw in the rotor. All you're doing is putting nasty crap into the air for you to breathe, spread a little anti-seize on it and live to fix another day.

  • CzC poe
    CzC poe11 days ago

    Whoever took a hammer to that rotor was a MORON and he should never work on a vehicle again.....or touch a hammer again

  • Winnfield Customs
    Winnfield Customs11 days ago

    ez money

  • Pokemc0831
    Pokemc083112 days ago

    The only “stupid thing” I’ve done was let a dealership work on my car

  • Larry Richardson
    Larry Richardson12 days ago

    Hey Siri, what are the brake caliper torque specs for 2000 Chevy truck lol

  • GREGORY Bacher
    GREGORY Bacher12 days ago

    For some darn reason the last TWO bakes I've done the pads went into the hardware tight. Like way too tight. I ground down the ears 'till they moved freely. Is this SOP on tight pads ? -- weethepeeple

    DAMRGHOST12 days ago

    Front brakes on 13 I think.. f150 . Pads looked the same at first glance.. after the right side heated up and squealing like crazy ... took it apart and checked again saw nothing . Ended up going to ford .. and they replaced both rotors and all the pads ... 700 bucks later . I was told I had the inside and outside pads switched.....

    DAMRGHOST12 days ago

    Front brakes on 13 I think.. f150 . Pads looked the same at first glance.. after the right side heated up and squealing like crazy ... took it apart and checked again saw nothing . Ended up going to ford .. and they replaced both rotors and all the pads ... 700 bucks later . I was told I had the inside and outside pads switched.....

  • J Carieri
    J Carieri13 days ago

    Did all of the customer hammering toast the wheeling bearings too?

  • Mile Tasy
    Mile Tasy13 days ago

    Broke a rocker bolt on a 64 scout I read the york wrong two to get it out

  • Jin Li
    Jin Li13 days ago

    Stripped the threads on my shock mount using the impact first before threading on the bolt by hand in an attempt to rush things faster.

  • insanechevy91
    insanechevy9113 days ago

    I dont put that damn screw back in hell with it only like that from the factory to hold the rotor on on the line.

  • michieff
    michieff13 days ago

    Wooow i bet that dude was embarrassed seeing in the video how easy that rotor came off 😂

  • 86dunc
    86dunc13 days ago

    There's not enough time to put on all dumb stuff I've done, here in H’Port!

  • Roy G
    Roy G13 days ago

    Had to take the wheel bearing off 3x because the abs wire was in the wrong place

  • Chucky McNubbin
    Chucky McNubbin13 days ago

    I forgot the o-ring for the needle adjustment assembly in my Stromberg side draft carbie rebuild. Fell right out from the engine vibration and I came to a gurgling halt. Good thing I had complete carburettors in the boot.

  • John Kinsella
    John Kinsella13 days ago

    I have never seen Anti-seize used like this between the axle and rotor. I don’t necessarily have an issue with it but is there a risk that the centrifugal force of the spinning wheel will eventually cause it to migrate outward and onto the rotor braking surface? Anti-seize between the rotor and brake pad is probably not a good scenario.

  • Richard Pflieger
    Richard Pflieger13 days ago

    Years ago a Chevy dealer told me the multi switch signal switch was bad on my 95 Blazer. I believed them. So I bought one from their parts dept. and installed the new one. About a 3 hr job with the right tools and not easy. NFG !!! The culprit was a 3 dollar flasher. I never told the wife. She already knew I was a dumb ass.

  • Glen Johnson
    Glen Johnson14 days ago

    Changing the water filter in my house, tried to wash the housing in the sink after shutting the water main off, more then once.

  • Mechotronic
    Mechotronic14 days ago

    Dumb thing: demo-ing trolling motor off my aluminum boat for a restore. Kept beating on a stud that wouldn't come out. The hull is 2" thick there. I was trying to hammer it through the damn hull!