DEMOLITION RANCH Cummins Cuda Update (Part 2)

Tony and I (Brandon) continue cutting through the Cuda, pull the wheels off, mock up the 40's and throw a 2nd gen dually fender on. Pauls truck (into) sounds amazing!!!


  • matthew renn
    matthew rennDay ago

    I can’t wait to see the cuda done so we can see the wild stuff matt has planned for it

  • The_Reaper
    The_Reaper2 days ago

    call it a 12v cuda or call it a v12 cuda

  • Tyler
    Tyler6 days ago

    Omg..... so much yes

  • glen johnson
    glen johnson17 days ago

    those are easly converted to 3/4 tons on the front. but then that means different wheels for front and rear.

  • William Smith
    William Smith28 days ago


  • gadgetfadget
    gadgetfadget29 days ago

    Why would anyone dislike this video? 🙄

  • hobby toyz
    hobby toyz29 days ago

    talkin about wide body

  • Paul K
    Paul KMonth ago

    Yes you probably need to keep the width of the front wheels as wide as possible, otherwise the handling will be rubbish.

  • Fauzie Leonhart
    Fauzie LeonhartMonth ago

    happy birthday Tony 🎉🎉🎉

  • Lance Miller
    Lance MillerMonth ago

    Please make a video on that Chevy pickup from the intro

  • Johny Boy
    Johny BoyMonth ago

    Killer build can’t wait to see it finished up

  • Kenneth Lemke
    Kenneth LemkeMonth ago

    I’m excited about the new engine...bummer they screwed up so bad...hope they did better work on everything else. Hmmm not looking good on their quality control for such a expensive engine. They really need to price adjust if they are a honest company. Like cut price in half and refund or free parts in exchange.

  • Mrgunsngear Channel
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  • Michael Prince
    Michael PrinceMonth ago

    That thing is bad ass

  • Jennifer Phillips
    Jennifer PhillipsMonth ago

    me to

  • Jennifer Phillips

    Jennifer Phillips

    Month ago

    mi papy has corvet

  • VikingBeard 1970
    VikingBeard 1970Month ago

    Watching deconstruction even though for an AWSOME restore is still like watching a Knee replacement surgery.

  • Mark Young
    Mark YoungMonth ago

    What a joke total waste of time! Tesla truck is the answer you fools quit playing with fossil fuel and grow up.

  • Alec S
    Alec SMonth ago

    When is this gonna be done

  • josh youngs
    josh youngsMonth ago

    Great now I have to super wife body my s10

    BGBLUWHELRMonth ago

    I had a friend in high school he was probably the first to own a 4x4 dodge cuda in Canada back in early eighties his name was Donald from Bolton Ontario canada

  • J Cerullo
    J CerulloMonth ago

    Is that a real Daytona

  • Jesse DriftGod
    Jesse DriftGodMonth ago

    I hear black betty in the background lmfao

  • ferguson910
    ferguson910Month ago

    Kentucky ballistics is copying you again. He's building a 4x4 trans-am

  • That car guy Braxton
    That car guy BraxtonMonth ago

    Definitely keep the Dulley wheel fender on there it looks way better

  • Chris Isaac
    Chris IsaacMonth ago

    Tony, my man that is a thing of beauty.

  • Chris Isaac

    Chris Isaac

    Month ago

    @Jennifer Phillips hello Jennifer

  • Jennifer Phillips

    Jennifer Phillips

    Month ago


  • Pete Martin
    Pete MartinMonth ago


  • MuscleRodShop


    Month ago


  • YaBoii P
    YaBoii PMonth ago

    It looks freaking dope, looking forward to seeing what else y'all are working on besides The Beast

    HAR_SNAKEMonth ago

    I came from Demo Ranch yall do some awesome work very nice!!!!!!

  • MuscleRodShop


    Month ago

    Thanks for coming

  • Joel Decoskey
    Joel DecoskeyMonth ago

    Hey guys I just started watching your video and I like your Demo Khuda I like the idea of how you got your body sitton the front fenders I wouldn't cut the wheel Wells out of them front fenders I'd make a tilt I would cut it on an angle in front of those vents it straight across the top of the Fender and add a Section in there then you have a tilt front end you can work on the motor easier I did something like that with a 1977 Chevy monza Notch back Except mine was sitting a little lower to the ground it said about his higher say trailblazer I used to Chevy trailblazer chassis Just an idea

  • Joe Oliver
    Joe OliverMonth ago

    What would you get if you'd cross a Dodge Charger with a Ram pickup truck?........ a "Ram-Charger" :)

  • Kevin Kostecky
    Kevin KosteckyMonth ago

    I haven't read all of the comments, so I don't know if this has already been asked, but have you considered shortening the rear axle, to bring the duals under the car? I know, it's a pain, but I think you'd like the look with those wheels tucked in.

  • Tilly and Katniss
    Tilly and KatnissMonth ago

    I wonder how many people are here from demolition/off the ranch

  • Tilly and Katniss

    Tilly and Katniss

    Month ago

    I'm sure there are, I'm also sure that with how many subs you have that you have also obtained plenty on your own because you do brilliant work and there will plenty of people who want to see you do your thing

  • MuscleRodShop


    Month ago

    I'm sure a there are ALOT.

  • ChaseOn2dix
    ChaseOn2dixMonth ago

    I still think you guys should cut the car in half front to back and add 18 inches to the middle so the cars a foot and a half wider to look better then do your wide body in the rear

  • kory Manuel
    kory ManuelMonth ago

    This is going to be so much awesomeness

  • Greg Norvell
    Greg NorvellMonth ago

    Great video! Nice to see a build done without a bunch of goofy acting. Good quality and sound. It got you another sub!

  • MuscleRodShop


    Month ago

    Awesome, thank you!

  • darren brisson
    darren brissonMonth ago

    Are you crazy a e body cuda that's fucked up

  • Aaron Johnson
    Aaron JohnsonMonth ago

    I really like the dually finder on it it fits well actually

  • Captain Goldbeered
    Captain GoldbeeredMonth ago

    The manual locking hubs make it so much more badass!

  • jon pope
    jon popeMonth ago

    Wow watching them trying to get the rims off from the great rust belt state, thinking to myself hey dummies just heat em up with the torch they'd come right off. Then it hits me duh they're in texas probably don't even have a torch in the shop haha

  • B Flores
    B FloresMonth ago

    That thing looks ridiculous....🤣🤣🤣, but somehow it works!

  • Wray Vision
    Wray VisionMonth ago

    The dualie sure looks cool but this thing is gonna be the most useless workhorse in existence

  • Yung Bitta
    Yung BittaMonth ago

    It’s weird how the side marker lights look the same too

  • Yung Bitta
    Yung BittaMonth ago

    Next time take a mallet and beat the back of the rim lip pop right off

  • Kody AWESOME
    Kody AWESOMEMonth ago

    Can't wait for part 3

  • Logan1_23z
    Logan1_23zMonth ago

    5;08 the fender was trimmed in lime / yellow was that a sneak peek of what color Matt's gonna make the car

  • Logan1_23z


    Month ago

    @MuscleRodShop oh ok

  • MuscleRodShop


    Month ago

    Not sure where he's going with the color scheme.

  • Dylan Romine
    Dylan RomineMonth ago

    Just use a Humvee wheel in the front

  • Kurt Larsen
    Kurt LarsenMonth ago

    Just because u can doesn't mean it's a good idea or looks good

  • 207OUTDOORS Moody
    207OUTDOORS MoodyMonth ago

    Is there a recored for fastest youtuber to get 100,000 subs ?

  • 207OUTDOORS Moody

    207OUTDOORS Moody

    Month ago

    Can we look in to this? I have never seen it . that was fast . congrats to you guys .

  • MuscleRodShop


    Month ago

    Not sure but I think we're close.

  • matt hill
    matt hillMonth ago

    Bit of cutting and you could make those dodge fenders work

  • matt hill
    matt hillMonth ago

    Si glad I found this channel for extra cuda coverage

  • Captain MufDyven
    Captain MufDyvenMonth ago

    The front wheel problem is simple, remove the dually adapter and run a normal (non dual style) front wheel. If you have a spare tire on board, have it mounted it to a dually wheel and you can still bolt a dually wheel on backwards to the standard front hub to get moving again it'll just stick out real far and look ridiculous but hey you won't be stranded and that's what matters. That's kinda SOP for guys like me that despise the look of dually front wheels.

  • cooper bowers
    cooper bowersMonth ago

    we need to put a 454 bore out to a 470 in a 1970 c-10

  • Jake's Plants
    Jake's PlantsMonth ago

    Can't wait for part 3

  • Shyboy Sam
    Shyboy SamMonth ago

    Dam you got a mad steady hand with that plasma!

  • ItsKVG
    ItsKVGMonth ago

    Honestly why is there no talk about putting a 5th wheel/ gooseneck hitch on this thing

  • Elijah Cavin
    Elijah CavinMonth ago

    Nice intro. Awesome fab work

  • This old skoolie
    This old skoolieMonth ago

    No offense but have you seen Matt drive? That's a lot of work for a car he might shoot with a .50 cal. Lol jk love Matt and love the hot rods you've built.

  • Sang Nguyen
    Sang NguyenMonth ago

    100k demolitia is excited to see this build comes to life!!

  • Mike G.
    Mike G.Month ago

    that things already so badass and it isnt even done yet

  • Jmeadows88
    Jmeadows88Month ago

    Do you ever use lead to fill in any of the area of the cars that you build?

  • Oblivion2013
    Oblivion2013Month ago

    wouldnt it be bether to make the hole car new from scratch ? i mean you replace so much stuff... LUL

  • Anthony Verdisco
    Anthony VerdiscoMonth ago

    What the hell ordered a shirt and it never ended offer after offer hope I did not get ripped off with on receipt

  • MuscleRodShop


    Month ago

    Contact sales -

  • gate access
    gate accessMonth ago

    more of this!!

  • Danny Smith
    Danny SmithMonth ago

    That dually Fender looked awesome on there! Talk about adding some trunk space. Since that thing is so dang tall what good would a trunk do you should make it a tailgate of a truck that hinges upward that would be awesome of course make it look like a stock Cuda

  • T-rex Susulin
    T-rex SusulinMonth ago

    how did yo mount body to chassis?

  • MuscleRodShop


    Month ago

    The body will be bolt on with body mounts. It will use the same mounts used on any 3/4 - 1 ton pickup. I'll go through that process when we get there.

  • Rear Engine Shop
    Rear Engine ShopMonth ago

    This thing is going to be awesome when it’s finished! 👍

  • Lawrence Eich
    Lawrence EichMonth ago

    Will be a totally insane Build!

  • Just Some Person
    Just Some PersonMonth ago

    LOL Soooo ... when do the Mad Max spikes get welded on?

  • MuscleRodShop


    Month ago

    when Matt gives me the thumbs up!

  • Tom Prior
    Tom PriorMonth ago

    Put a cople lug nuts on so the wheel don't fly off

  • weedfreer
    weedfreerMonth ago

    can you guys make this thing 4 wheel steer?

  • weedfreer


    Month ago

    @MuscleRodShop is there not another USplanr out there doing such things you could hook up with? 🤔

  • MuscleRodShop


    Month ago

    I wish.

  • DakGuy05
    DakGuy05Month ago

    I wonder how 3rd gen megacab dually fenders would look, they would be a little more low profile but the 2nd gen ones work so well already.

  • X3R0D3D
    X3R0D3DMonth ago

    dude those huge dually fenders look wicked! if the cuda wasnt in decent shape already, it'd be pretty cool

  • Alexander Dundee
    Alexander DundeeMonth ago

    Awesome quality! Keep the videos coming!

  • Márcio Lucena
    Márcio LucenaMonth ago

    The intro is sick!

  • Stalker6622
    Stalker6622Month ago

    Tony the steel wizard 🧙‍♂️

  • Thescrapmetal28
    Thescrapmetal28Month ago

    I love how you used 2nd gen dually sides for the rear quarter

  • Charles
    CharlesMonth ago

    U should call it the chummins

  • r shue
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  • vextvvideo
    vextvvideoMonth ago

    Check out Ayden Palmon channel

  • Robert L
    Robert LMonth ago

    I like the dually fenders 👌🏻

  • Donovan Degelau
    Donovan DegelauMonth ago

    Use the dodge rear quarters! Looks bad ass and would tie in so cool. Do it! Do it!

  • Bobby’s Cousin
    Bobby’s CousinMonth ago

    That’s a cheap wide body kit lmao

    DEAD RAT RACINGMonth ago

    Get rid of the dually hubs on the front. Pick up some hubs for a single wheel rig.

  • Russ Zalevskiy
    Russ ZalevskiyMonth ago

    Subscribing cuz any friends of Matt’s are my friends 👍

  • Matthew Skaggs
    Matthew SkaggsMonth ago

    A LOT of people are going to be mad AF lol

  • Steve Underhill
    Steve UnderhillMonth ago

    Why not use alloy super single truck rims ? Would look the balls

  • Shawn Pavlik
    Shawn PavlikMonth ago

    This is incredibly stupid

  • ShidWidley
    ShidWidleyMonth ago

    will continue watching to listen to this man talk about taking big chonks out of frames

  • Digital Wolf RC
    Digital Wolf RCMonth ago

    where is part 1? 118K subs already :O 15th of feb 2021 now! Demolitia got yah good!

  • alex saceanu
    alex saceanuMonth ago

  • Alexander Blackburn
    Alexander BlackburnMonth ago

    This channel is drastically better then the motor trend channel

  • Lane Sutterby
    Lane SutterbyMonth ago

    Hey, those original first gen Dodge dually wheels... I’ll take them off your hands! I’d like to have a second set for my rat rod so I can have a set of good tires for highway driving and a set of tires I can roast off without worry 😅

  • Jesse Johnson
    Jesse JohnsonMonth ago

    Waste of a cuda

  • Mike
    MikeMonth ago

    So, I could use a Tony for my Dodge ram. Lol

  • Teacher Tony Cars
    Teacher Tony CarsMonth ago

  • Steven Kryptonite
    Steven KryptoniteMonth ago

    Why is there so much hate for the 72 taillights?

  • Non sequitur
    Non sequiturMonth ago

    You should totally find a way to graft in those gen ll dually fenders

  • Jordan Lloyd
    Jordan LloydMonth ago

    Name it the Cummda

  • Richard Scarlett
    Richard ScarlettMonth ago

    great, another person destroys a classic / antique car.

  • Country Boy Gas Garage
    Country Boy Gas GarageMonth ago

    Whoa! That's gonna be sweet! I just Subscribed and will be watching! 👍