Demon Slayer Battles Mortal Kombat for #1 - Charts with Dan!

It was a fight to the finish at the box office with an anime juggernaut versus a video game sensation. Who came out on top - and who's the real winner of the box office. Plus, the Oscars hit a historic new low, streaming charts and more!

0:00 - Welcome
0:48 - Weekend box office
2:42 - Demon Slayer sets records
10:01 - Yearly box office charts
14:38 - Oscars hit record low
19:11 - Box office flashback
22:22 - Streaming charts




  • colleen
    colleenMonth ago

    There's no denying it anymore!! THEY DID IT!! This week- week of May 1-2 - DEMON SLAYER IS THE #1 MOVIE OFFICALLY!!!

  • Eduardo Grasso TV
    Eduardo Grasso TVMonth ago

    Not sure who demanded more diversity in films, but most people just went to watch Godzilla vs Kong. Will then watch F9 and films like those...

  • EVE - Riot Grrrls of Wrestling
    EVE - Riot Grrrls of WrestlingMonth ago

    Dante's Peak grrrls right here!

    BLVCK ØCEVNMonth ago

    The crazy part is that Demon Slayer would have out performed Mortal Kombat if it were shown in more theaters.

  • colleen


    Month ago

    And this week...IT DID!!! Demon Slayer is now the #1 movie in America!! It beat out Mortal Kombat in it;s second week!! Now THAT'S a wow!

  • Jessica C
    Jessica CMonth ago

    I feel like the numbers for Demon Slayer include both the subbed and dubbed versions so it feels like a bit of a cheat to call it the highest-grossing foreign-language film

  • Daniel Pratt
    Daniel PrattMonth ago

    Is it possible that after a decade of people streaming, and a year of people heavily streaming, people are just done with traditional television having commercials and special events that aren’t sports just aren’t worth being advertised at. And to merge that thought with your comments, the people still watching traditional television willing to put up with commercials are the more conservative audiences who don’t want to hear the “liberal Hollywood elites”.

  • Daniel Pratt
    Daniel PrattMonth ago

    Quick question about the “last 365 days” charts. Is that the movies released in the last 365, or the straight numbers? For example, will Croods slowly creep down that list, or disappear overnight? (Not that I expect the Croods to still be on the top 10 by then)

  • Titanguy
    TitanguyMonth ago

    Many of the people could guess the outcome of the Academy Awards based on the previous award shows’ outcomes, so what incentive do people have to watch when the big part of the show - guessing which films/performances will win - already feels predetermined? I’m unsure how anyone could expect anything different than a ratings step for the Oscars.

  • Erufailon4
    Erufailon4Month ago

    I'm still waiting to be able to see Demon Slayer. My country was actually the first western country to get screenings of it (weeks before the U.S.) but since most theaters are closed it was only in a couple of cities that are hundreds of kilometers away from me. Currently my nearest theaters are scheduled to open in mid-May, I'll definitely go see it then. I've been following the NA box office situation and I'm wondering how well it'll do here once it gets a wider release. Franchise anime films rarely make big numbers here, and this franchise isn't even all that popular here, but if there's one thing this film has done again and again, it's defied expectations.

  • Ethan Aleman
    Ethan AlemanMonth ago

    I saw Mortal Kombat with my four friends and we all loved it from scene one to scene done!

  • Sean Ian
    Sean IanMonth ago

    I cannot picture Val Kilmer in Batman and Robin. His Bruce Wayne is too regal for how manic that movie is. Clooney was kind of an embittered 90s version of Adam West.

  • Wall Dropping Knowledge
    Wall Dropping KnowledgeMonth ago

    I loved MK for what it was, but Demon Slayer earned a #1. Its a much better movie.

  • C. M.
    C. M.Month ago

    Is that Kenner's Two-Face from B:TAS in the background? 😃

  • C. M.

    C. M.

    Month ago

    @Dan Murrell I have one too. 🤩 Keep up your awesome work. 🙏🏻

  • Dan Murrell

    Dan Murrell

    Month ago

    Yes it is! And it’s the one I bought when I was a kid.

  • Shelby Y
    Shelby YMonth ago

    Also a Dante’s Peak person over here

  • Pablo Pelaez
    Pablo PelaezMonth ago

    It does feel good to have more thing to talk about! Quality stuff Dan, as always.

  • Arthur B
    Arthur BMonth ago

    i will agree that dante's peak is the better film but i like volcano so much more lol

  • Tevya Smolka
    Tevya SmolkaMonth ago

    I am so happy Demon slayer is doing great

  • Moshu Willow
    Moshu WillowMonth ago

    I am so happy Demon Slayer is getting all this love!

  • James A
    James AMonth ago

    Book of Saw Spiral will probably open pretty big. Surprised Dan forgot about this one opening up.

  • VampireFromPluto
    VampireFromPlutoMonth ago

    Come on Demon Slayer fans let's keep this hype train going!

  • colleen


    Month ago

    Let;s make it #1 TWICE!!! Maybe even 3 times!

  • Jennifer ciaccio
    Jennifer ciaccioMonth ago

    Congratulations on the channel, Dan. I don’t know how you did it, but you made tracking movies fun even when they weren’t being released. That takes real talent!

  • Kevin Sherrard
    Kevin SherrardMonth ago

    What about Jason Statham wrath of man May 7?

  • Kevin Sherrard
    Kevin SherrardMonth ago

    What I can’t understand is how in the world do they expect that Demon slayer to make any money when at least at my theater where it had 14 showtimes 13 of which were in Japanese and only one was an English! I live in the south we don’t have Japanese people

  • Kevin Sherrard

    Kevin Sherrard

    Month ago

    @VampireFromPluto Yeah but who goes to the movies to read a book?

  • VampireFromPluto


    Month ago

    The Japanese showings have English subtitles.

  • Matthew Conrad
    Matthew ConradMonth ago

    Next week could you discuss when theater chains might return to full showtimes 7 days/week? Where I am the few that are open Mon-Thur only have one showing a night on those days.

  • Ian Werkheiser
    Ian WerkheiserMonth ago

    Great episode as always. How do you think Dan processes his audio? It sounds really clean with no reverb, but he's using what looks like a USB mic (maybe a Samson?) with very little padding on a desk in a pretty reflective room.

  • Dan Murrell

    Dan Murrell

    Month ago

    It’s a Blue Yeti, and that’s the raw sound I get out of it! The room is carpeted, but that’s it.

  • Marvin Holder
    Marvin HolderMonth ago

    The Demon Slayer numbers may be even bigger this week as it's opening in way more theaters. 3 in my town just got it on Tuesday.

  • Evans Kan
    Evans KanMonth ago

    Mortal Kombat was also available in HBO Max. Demon Slayer was available in half the venues compared to Mortal Kombat. Both did great but I believe that Demon Slayer is the "winner". I wasn't aware of this anime. Seeing this movie doing so well in cinemas (around 460 million worldwide on a 65 million dollars budget) urged me to watch the series. Oh this anime is great! What I love the most is that they made a movie about a pivotal moment in the story (the demon on the train) and this summer they will release the second season. Brilliant strategy from the studio!

  • Tom Hahnl
    Tom HahnlMonth ago

    Should pick up in June I guess.

  • CHEX
    CHEXMonth ago

    weebs vs gamers

  • xNintenJenx
    xNintenJenxMonth ago

    Demon slayer is huge. I've never watched it but all my students have and wherever you go bam it is in your face. Elementary school kids love it, are always covered in merch etc and discussing it, which is why I was surprised it was rated R in America. It is extremely violent so I see why, but at the same time why is Japan okay with letting their 6 year olds watch it?!

  • Matt LORD
    Matt LORDMonth ago

    That's cool your repping "Science" back there from Ashley V. Robinson and Jason Inman. I love my copy!

  • Awesome Matt
    Awesome MattMonth ago

    I wanted to watch the movie dub, cause I hate reading but could only afford a sub showing. It wasn't bad, but still wonder if it is still worth seeing it in dub.

  • Awesome Matt
    Awesome MattMonth ago

    I bought the second to last ticket for Demon Slayer, when my town's theater showed it one weekend, and it was worth my money.

  • Fernando j r
    Fernando j rMonth ago

    Mortal Kombat hater

  • potterpotty01
    potterpotty01Month ago

    oooh new shelves! good job Mara

  • Carlitos Freaking Burn It Down
    Carlitos Freaking Burn It DownMonth ago

    I must say that I really liked both of them even though I liked Mortal Kombat (2021) more despite you have flaws. Mortal Kombat (2021)🔥🤩😨 Demon Slayer Mugen Train 😲👍

  • Ethan Israel
    Ethan IsraelMonth ago

    Great video man hope this gets more views

  • Herman Yam
    Herman YamMonth ago

    I do not have Netflix at the moment. Is that original Israeli "Baker and the Beauty" or the ABC adaption with the "Tokyo Drift" actress?

  • MariaVosa
    MariaVosaMonth ago

    Dan being on Team Dante's Peak seals the deal. He can do no wrong.

  • Michael Knight
    Michael KnightMonth ago

    Any thoughts on the fact that Demon Slayer is excluded from AMC A-List? I get that as a rule they exclude limited engagements, but this was a full theatrical release.

  • John E
    John EMonth ago


  • Stephen Taylor
    Stephen TaylorMonth ago

    Just wondering, does Passion of the Christ count as a foreign language film?

  • Skinny E Media
    Skinny E MediaMonth ago

    Please discuss about it being a theatrically-released adult animation. That’s pretty RAAAAARRRRRRRRREEEEEEEE!

  • Skinny E Media
    Skinny E MediaMonth ago

    The fact that an R-rated animation almost got top spot is very shocking...and during a pandemic. SAUSAGE PARTY, SOUTH PARK, FRITZ THE CAT, ANOMALISA, WALTZ WITH BASHIR, TEAM AMERICA couldn’t even do that?

  • colleen


    Month ago

    And this week- IT DID!! Demon Slayer is now the #1 movie in America!! It beat out Mortal Kombat in it;s second week!! Now THAT'S a wow!

  • K W
    K WMonth ago

    Looking forward to the live show, Dan!

  • Scott Swalwell
    Scott SwalwellMonth ago

    I miss the cold opens.

  • Andy
    AndyMonth ago

    Surprised Demon Slayer is getting those numbers since the audience for the series is quite niche.

  • T B
    T BMonth ago

    That chaos walking burn about the oscars killed me 😂

  • Kathryn
    KathrynMonth ago

    Out of habit I watch Oscars every year, created a tradition of making my own bingo with win-guesses & wacky entries like, "A winner says, 'Thank you God' " or "Cosplayer Appears" etc. It makes my viewing experience better even if the show is meh.

  • Mark Graves
    Mark GravesMonth ago

    I tried to watch the awards, but we cut the cable a couple years ago and I couldn't find it online.

  • GreenLightMe
    GreenLightMeMonth ago

    Hey @danmurrel do you not think Spiral which releases May 14th and being apart of a franchise and also having the star power of Chris rock that maybe that can bring in some revenue - I can see that bring in 28- 35million as it’s a Theater release only and has no competition

  • Zachary
    ZacharyMonth ago

    They should stream the academy awards on a streaming service or something.

  • Renee W
    Renee WMonth ago

    Also, about the academy awards ratings-- HOW is something like that not streamed these days? I don't understand how these big events (any awards show really) are still clinging to outdated presentation formats. I love awards shows, but not enough to get live TV. I personally don't know anyone who watches live TV other than my parents (both in their 60s).

  • Renee W
    Renee WMonth ago

    Talking about the "dead zone" coming up where there's only a couple big movies. Is it possible that we could see Avengers Endgame get another run or something like that? Because I know so many people who would give anything to be able to see that in the theater again. I would pay so much money to do an Infinity War/Endgame double feature in the theater.

  • Film Fury
    Film FuryMonth ago

    The theatrical experience is here to stay. No reason as to why streaming and theaters can’t BOTH succeed

    SIXminWHISTLEMonth ago

    Sony fucked up pretty bad and put up Demon Slayer up digitally for like 6 hours on the PS4 video store, two month before it's planned worldwide digital and physical release. Anime is widely pirated, it's just part of the culture. I wonder if it will affect future showings.

  • Bosma Rae
    Bosma RaeMonth ago

    I'm excited to get back to theaters my 2nd Vaccine is Thursday and my local Regal is opening up early next month and I may go the first day its back not sure if i want to see Godzilla Vs Kong on the big screen or something I haven't seen yet

  • Ezrah
    EzrahMonth ago

    Watched Demon Slayer in Los Angeles and on a Sunday night at the theater and with social distancing on a Sunday, it had more people watching than One Piece (which we saw pre-Covid)

  • Rhinoeat
    RhinoeatMonth ago

    See you Thursday!

  • B-dan
    B-danMonth ago

    That first Pokémon movie was the only movie I've ever seen at my theatre that had a line going all the way outside of the theatre, pure insanity. Sold out of tickets so quickly, 9 year old me was crushed

  • Tim878787
    Tim878787Month ago

    Great show Dan!

  • Samiuzzaman Aabir
    Samiuzzaman AabirMonth ago

    Please please please do a review of Bahuballi and Bhauballi 2.

  • Ulysses Valdez
    Ulysses ValdezMonth ago

    Another factor for less viewers on Academy could be the Twitter effect. Like I was playing a video game and keeping up with winners via Twitter. I find myself also doing this with sports lately. Play a game or watch a movie with my wife while I keep up with the game on Twitter or a sports app.

  • West
    WestMonth ago

    Hmm that’s odd I was too young too remember about Pokémon but DBS Broly was released Subbed also

  • Josh L
    Josh LMonth ago

    Used to love the oscars. Now I’d rather not get preached to by people who make way more money than me but think they’re morally superior. Wish it was just about great film.

  • btetirick
    btetirickMonth ago

    The key thing to note by the way is the phrase foreign LANGUAGE film, not simply foreign film. If a movie was allowed on the list simply because it was from a foreign country then there are a ton of British films that would technically qualify for this list despite being in English.

  • originalcaffeinator
    originalcaffeinatorMonth ago

    Been a while since a decent chart battle was around. Missed this!

  • Matt Hoemke
    Matt HoemkeMonth ago

    Working at a Theatre chain here in the midwest, Demon Slayer did have a set elevated price point. So there is that to take into consideration. That means that at matinee it was $4 more expensive per ticket than MK and just a dollar more in the evening. That said, on Friday night my specific location set the record for a post pandemic attendance numbers for the whole chain (we were beaten on Saturday by another) and both films were insanely busy. For the very first time, it felt like a return to a standard release prepandemic.

  • Tom Hyde
    Tom HydeMonth ago

    In past years the Oscars were available to stream. I cut cable in 2012 and whenever ABC’s rotation comes around I can’t watch it. So I just had to refresh my phone every ten minutes or so

  • The Losers Team
    The Losers TeamMonth ago

    Dan, with Demon Slayer breaking all these records and with the release finally coming to the States, will you be watching/reviewing it???

  • MD
    MDMonth ago

    I feel like people are fed up with the Oscars. Some awards people believe certain films deserve but never got it.

  • colleen


    Month ago

    Judging by this year;s ratings- they are!

  • Matt Chapmond
    Matt ChapmondMonth ago

    Let's get that high school video! Subscribe!!!

  • Mey
    MeyMonth ago

    Question: how does theaters' health instructions in the US affecting kids as viewers? Because in my country children aren't allowed in without a negative test (since they are not vaccinated), and the big chains refuse to open, saying they can't profit without them. So despite everything else is pretty much normal, we still cannot watch theatrical releases.

  • Emnet B.
    Emnet B.Month ago

    Demon Slayer did this in limited theaters with limited capacity!

  • colleen


    Month ago

    An d now that it;s the #1 movie in America, maybe more theaters will show it!

  • Noel Barrot
    Noel BarrotMonth ago

    I'd love to know the traffic for news sites etc doing post Oscar discussion. Do people want to know who won even if they don't want to watch the Oscars?

  • Gary Brunsvold
    Gary BrunsvoldMonth ago

    The oscars stopped being relevant when they started nominating movies that only 5 people see. Now if they would make a change to nominating movies in the 1st half of the year and then another set at the end of the year so the nominations are not so predictable. Also, judges should be forbidden from nominating movies they have not watched

  • Gary Brunsvold
    Gary BrunsvoldMonth ago

    Dante's Peak is a terrible volcano movie, the volcano only makes a cameo

  • Herman Falck How
    Herman Falck HowMonth ago

    I just started the Demon Slayer anime series because I was so confuced by why the movie was making money like this, I am 7 episodes in and I get it. This thing is just remarkably well made. I can totally see some anime gatekeepers and snobs saying "There is nothing new about it", but it has just a remarkably well done pace and is so approachable in the storytelling. It reminds me a lot of Star Wars, or Lord of the Rings, in that it just constantly throws new concepts, characters and stories at you and cuts literally all fat of it. They will tell something in a minute that lesser shows and movies will use an hour+ on. Highly recommend for anyone. It's pretty violent, but extremely approachble. I think even for people who haven't seen anime before. The first episode is so far the least interesting but everything after has been some next level stuff.

  • colleen


    Month ago

    I love the bond between Tanjero and Netzuko! They go through hell and back for each other!

  • Lara Neville
    Lara NevilleMonth ago

    Dan, I *love* your channel, but is there any way you could please, uhh... turn the volume up? I don't watch stuff too loud, but I find I always have to turn it up when I put on one of your videos :/ I know zero about video technicalities, but thought I'd let you know in case no one has even told you

  • Lara Neville

    Lara Neville

    Month ago

    Thanks for the attention! I wish I could help you somehow, but as I said, zero technical media skills. I just thought I'd let you know, because I noticed it with all your videos compared to pretty much all other channels I watch.

  • Dan Murrell

    Dan Murrell

    Month ago

    I mix my audio as close to peaking as possible. I don’t know what else I can do - I guess I might have more of a variance in my speaking tone than some do? It’s hard to know how to match since there’s no USplan standard

  • Fran Ohmsford
    Fran OhmsfordMonth ago

    I haven't watched The Father yet but I did watch The Courier last night and I want to know how on Earth it didn't get nominations for Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor AT LEAST!?! The Courier is EASILY the best film I've seen released in 2020/early 2021 eligible for these Academy Awards.

  • The One Juggers
    The One JuggersMonth ago

    I want to know about The Croods: A New Age's legs.

  • Dr. Kaustav Nayak
    Dr. Kaustav NayakMonth ago

    The thing is people have stopped watching network television. The Academy Awards should make a deal with Netflix/Disney+/HBO Max and live stream the Oscars.

  • Andrea Cook

    Andrea Cook

    Month ago

    Yeah, that's a factor too

  • Samuel
    SamuelMonth ago

    So great to see that Demon Slayer success.

  • Draco Aeris
    Draco AerisMonth ago

    I’m so happy to see that Raya and the last dragon reached the 100 million dollar milestone.

  • TVandManga
    TVandMangaMonth ago

    Great episode! As for the Oscars, though the time zone difference does factor in, I much prefer watching your recaps of the awards than the actual awards!

  • Baron Of Hell
    Baron Of HellMonth ago

    Be nicer to women, Dan. Sometimes the things you say make me so mad. Just be nice.

  • Dan Murrell

    Dan Murrell

    Month ago

    I’m thoroughly confused by what you’re referring to here.

  • Cai Robinson
    Cai RobinsonMonth ago

    I haven't watched the oscars or any of the award show in years, but thats largely because I dont care who wins.

  • Kelemchrist
    KelemchristMonth ago

    I could have gone to my buddy's to watch MK in his living room... but fuck that, I'm proud I went to the theater... I'm vaccinated and wanna support theaters

  • markus bisma
    markus bismaMonth ago

    Why on earth Demon Slayer gets R rated ?

  • Rhyana Shah
    Rhyana ShahMonth ago

    I’m assuming the Oscars viewings are independent streams? So that was 9.3 million “households” for want of a better word?

  • Simon Buchan

    Simon Buchan

    Month ago

    I think these are Nielsen, which I *think* are estimated actual viewers (since it's for advertising purposes)

  • Dashing Dreww
    Dashing DrewwMonth ago

    To be fair I would have watched the awards but I had no idea it was on, I didn’t even see any advertising on social media

  • Nick C
    Nick CMonth ago

    The oscars hopefully learned a valuable lesson...get woke, go broke

  • Zachary Stefanow
    Zachary StefanowMonth ago

    Get Ricky Gervais to host oscars and ppl will watch

  • Dashing Dreww
    Dashing DrewwMonth ago

    Wonder how many people went to see Demon Slayer just yo do the trend from tiktok Lmaoo

  • Dirk Lester
    Dirk LesterMonth ago

    Um ... Grammy ratings: Down 53% to 8.8 million. Globes ratings: Down 63% to 6.9 million.

  • Will Carlson
    Will CarlsonMonth ago

    I work at a theater and we probably refunded about $2000 worth of tickets to demon slayer since it was rated R and teens under 17 were tryna get in. Kinda crazy.

  • P Chiu

    P Chiu

    Month ago

    @Herman Falck How Its definitely not lol

  • Deathsquad vfx

    Deathsquad vfx

    Month ago

    @Herman Falck How no fuck no mortal kombat more violent

  • Red Sparrow

    Red Sparrow

    Month ago

    @Big Nuts Scorpion's Revenge was animated and it's way, way more violent than the new MK.

  • Herman Falck How

    Herman Falck How

    Month ago

    @Big Nuts Demon Slayer is way more violent than Mortal Kombat.

  • Big Nuts

    Big Nuts

    Month ago

    lmao wtf? WHy is demon slayer rated r mortal kombat is based on fatalities and brutalities wtf is demon slayer a cartoon?

  • Bloody Good June
    Bloody Good JuneMonth ago

    Dante's Peak is definitely better than Volcano

  • Brian Pinsky
    Brian PinskyMonth ago

    Hey Dan don't forget about the very important BITS!

  • Shaun Hunter
    Shaun HunterMonth ago

    At the time I’m commenting someone gave this video one dislike 😂 why?

  • Shaun Hunter
    Shaun HunterMonth ago

    I love how excited and happy Dan was this episode ♥️