Disney has closed down and shut down animation studio BLUE SKY STUDIOS, the team behind Ice Age, Spies in Disguise and Rio.
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  • Bad Karma
    Bad Karma5 days ago

    My favourite films were ice age and Rio rest in peace 😭

  • J Crews
    J Crews9 days ago

    Let’s be real, Blue Sky is simply paying the ultimate price for their lack of ambition and incessant pandering to the lowest denominator! To quote Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker, “You get what you F****N’ DESERVE!”

  • Raby Maidah Savage
    Raby Maidah Savage9 days ago

    Shall we, the fans, buy it?

  • Scott Riddell
    Scott Riddell14 days ago

    I'm positive disney will make the best of thier slyle and if that ice age spin off pays off well then they will love the idea for the fans that cared for them

  • Anthony Lopez
    Anthony Lopez16 days ago

    But spies in disguise was the last film to release before the shutdown

  • Manuel Garcia
    Manuel Garcia24 days ago

    I hope blue sky will be saved

  • Manuel Garcia
    Manuel Garcia24 days ago

    Disney leave blue sky studio alone

  • Manuel Garcia

    Manuel Garcia

    19 days ago


  • Manuel Garcia

    Manuel Garcia

    19 days ago

    I hope blue sky would be save

  • Dave Lee Down Under

    Dave Lee Down Under

    24 days ago

    Lol, they own it, they can do what they want with it. Why leave it open if it’s not making money?

  • Bob Barker
    Bob Barker26 days ago

    I hope warner bros will revive blue sky studios

  • Dave Lee Down Under

    Dave Lee Down Under

    26 days ago

    They will not. That’s not how it works lol

  • Bob Barker
    Bob Barker26 days ago

    So there no room the movie

  • louielouie95
    louielouie9528 days ago

    Rumours Say Studio Ghibli Might Buy The Rights To Ninoma

  • Isaiah Stoy
    Isaiah Stoy29 days ago

    Hey on the bright side at least there won’t be another Ice Age. The first movie was good but after than it was all diminishing returns. Edit: Ugh, I spoke too soon.

  • Zarquis Yiris
    Zarquis Yiris29 days ago

    For those who love Blue Sky Studios and wish for it to stay around, the your wish has been granted. Cause I’m planning to bring Blue Sky Studios back in business when I work at Disney. That you and everyone will get to watch new movies that they’ll make for you to enjoy like Ice Age 6 and Peanuts 2.

  • jmmtr13 j
    jmmtr13 j29 days ago

    Disney is not killing blue sky, disney is just shutying down blue sky studios and so sadly the blue sky will be replaced

  • jmmtr13 j

    jmmtr13 j

    6 days ago

    Wait your right its because this company has money, its not been killed, its just been shut down

  • Dave Lee Down Under

    Dave Lee Down Under

    29 days ago

    They’ve closed the studio completely, so yes, it’s essentially been killed. They won’t be replacing it with another studio - the whole reason why it’s being closed is because it’s not monetarily viable to keep so many studios open, particularly ones that are f making much money.

  • Pedro gabriel Duarte
    Pedro gabriel DuarteMonth ago

    Disney and new Fox needs to merge

  • Pedro gabriel Duarte
    Pedro gabriel DuarteMonth ago

    Who is gonna be the sucessor of blue sky?

  • Pedro gabriel Duarte
    Pedro gabriel DuarteMonth ago

    I wish Warner Bros makes nimona

  • Carsonic21
    Carsonic21Month ago

    At least there will never be another Ice Age sequel. I miss this company already

  • Bowser Barre
    Bowser BarreMonth ago

    I will miss blue sky studios I hate that Disney did this

  • Aaron Beaird
    Aaron BeairdMonth ago

    Blue Sky Studios Fans: NOOOOOOO!!!!! Not Blue Sky Studios Fans:YYYYYEEEESSS!!!

  • David Vitrano
    David VitranoMonth ago

    I do believe that blue sky studios will make a glorious come back. Due to the sake of its fans.

  • David Vitrano

    David Vitrano

    Month ago

    @Dave Lee Down Under Don’t say that. It will come back somehow. I guarantee it.

  • Dave Lee Down Under

    Dave Lee Down Under

    Month ago

    It’s too late for that, the company has been closed and is being liquidated. There’s no going back from that.

  • Kaisar Abdilah
    Kaisar AbdilahMonth ago

    Now bluesky extinch like mammoth and blue spix macaws

  • Toon Goon Cartoon Ej
    Toon Goon Cartoon EjMonth ago


  • Robjohn Aducal
    Robjohn AducalMonth ago

    most of my favourite series where from Blue Sky. RIO and Ice Age. I was still waiting for another sequel to Rio 2 as well expanding on more on blu's backstory. really sad that they are shutting down.

  • Tanya Roman
    Tanya RomanMonth ago

    Ice age is my favorite 😔😃

  • Darth Stewie
    Darth StewieMonth ago

    Ice Age: Adventures of Buck Wild is being made by Disney TVA and 20th Century Animation as far as I know, Blue Sky had no involvement with that project.

  • Driving Duck
    Driving DuckMonth ago

    OH NO! ...Anyway

  • Sunspot Mill
    Sunspot MillMonth ago

    Ice Age Baby did it!

  • Sunspot Mill
    Sunspot MillMonth ago

    Both Ferdinand and Nimona are also adaptations too. It's a shame how Nimona also got canned tho.

  • Shalise Shaw
    Shalise ShawMonth ago

    Booooo! 👎👎👎👎👎👎 Blue Sky Studios shouldn't be shut down!

  • Oliver Edwards
    Oliver EdwardsMonth ago

    Blue sky studios is going to closing down forever or it will be reopened in 2022. Disney and 20th century fox turned into 20th century studios is a stupid idea. If they will get money back to 20th century fox, we need to save 20th century fox and blue sky studios, that means blue sky studios will be saved from closing down.

  • Dave Lee Down Under

    Dave Lee Down Under

    Month ago

    Sorry, this won’t happen

  • Gregory Baginski
    Gregory BaginskiMonth ago

    I’m cursed with bad luck. 🙁

  • James Montesi
    James MontesiMonth ago

    Not terrible that blue sky studious is over who knows ice age 6 rio 3 and spies in disguise 2 might be pixar

  • James Lawner
    James LawnerMonth ago

    Robots is my favorite movie from the studio, too bad they didn’t make any sequels over the years. It’s really sad to hear that Nimona won’t get to see the light of day, because I really enjoyed the graphic novel.

  • Villain
    VillainMonth ago

    I hope all the staff can be absorbed into the other studios.

  • Lexie DGrooms
    Lexie DGroomsMonth ago

    When I was little I used to remember watching robots on blue sky

  • khfan
    khfanMonth ago

    Oh ffs here we go again

  • Mickelräven
    MickelrävenMonth ago

    Robots was always my personal favorite Blue Sky film. Even though I was never a fan of the Ice Age sequels, it's still sad to see them go.

  • Ishtar2480
    Ishtar2480Month ago

    It's ashame blue sky had to go and not illumination

  • Ishtar2480


    Month ago

    Why do they make money? Everything they've ever made other than the first despicable me movie is garbage and even despicable me isn't as good as the first Ice Age film or Robots

  • Dave Lee Down Under

    Dave Lee Down Under

    Month ago

    Illumination actually makes money though

  • enter username
    enter usernameMonth ago

    It makes sense that they're shutting down but disney should not be allowed to do it. They are greedy, evil and ruin everything they touch for a few extra bucks. Monopolizeing is dangerous. Very dangerous.

  • Dave Lee Down Under

    Dave Lee Down Under

    Month ago

    Of course they should be "allowed" to do it... they own it, they do what they like with it. Disney are FAR from a monopoly.

  • Jordi Monahan
    Jordi MonahanMonth ago

    Can you please make a video about your Ranking of all the blue sky movies(you did it before to Disney and Pixar)?

  • Daniel Aguiar Castro
    Daniel Aguiar CastroMonth ago

    It's very sad. I loved Blue Sky. RIP.

  • Buzzy Trombone
    Buzzy TromboneMonth ago

    Actually they didn't cancel the film nor did they "kill the studio", they simply went bankrupt because of COVID. Get your facts straight before you come up with a stupid clickbait title, because you look like an even bigger idiot if you don't.

  • Dave Lee Down Under

    Dave Lee Down Under

    6 days ago

    No, that's incorrect. This has nothing to do with COVID. Disney closed / killed the studio because they weren't making money for the studio. Thems the facts.

  • robin turner
    robin turnerMonth ago

    They did a wonderful job on Peanuts, Robots and Horton hears a Who. They will be missed, but Disney is juggling too many studios to keep all of them.

  • David Cortina
    David CortinaMonth ago

    There Isn't Gonna be a RIO 3!!!

  • Martyn McMurray
    Martyn McMurrayMonth ago

    Why do you IDIOTS still give Disney money! So many people lost their jobs and one of YOUR favourite companies since childhood is now gone! You keep blindly deciding to trust Disney no matter what and now this is happening because of YOU slaves of the Mouse would never get over your non-romantic Stockholm Syndrome and pathetically crawl back to Disney's side, ALL WITH THAT DANM SMILE ON HIS FACE! I have had it with Disney buying everything, I am renouncing any small love I once had for it, I am sick of them buying every Oscar award instead of earning them, I am pissed off with their lust for money, I shall no longer get involved with their "events", I am done trying to change the people who got brainwashed by them, I refuse to trust whatever propaganda they unleash, I am no longer a fan of their movies, I will like their movies _NEVERMORE! _*_I HATE THAT GREEDY FASCIST!! I WILL NEVER AGAIN LOVE THAT GREEDY FASCIST!!!_*

  • Jonathan Pinzon

    Jonathan Pinzon

    Month ago

    And you are a complete moron!

  • Tomas Vozzi
    Tomas VozziMonth ago

    in the future. there will be only disney, no other options (it needs to be stop, before it becomes the bnl of wall.e)

  • Tomas Vozzi

    Tomas Vozzi

    Month ago

    @Dave Lee Down Under lets hope so

  • Dave Lee Down Under

    Dave Lee Down Under

    Month ago

    Lol that would be highly illegal, and will never happen.

  • Sam Kilpatrick
    Sam KilpatrickMonth ago

    Can we all just agree that Disney are the real Disney villains?

  • Cheyenne The Daeodon
    Cheyenne The DaeodonMonth ago

    I think it all comes down to them not having profitable franchises, other than Ice Age and Rio. None of their other films like Epic, Robots, Ferdinand and Peanuts really gained enough popularity to spawn on a franchise. If Disney is gonna draw attention to anything, it needs to be profitable so it can be milked. Much like how I believe DisneyToons got shut down, mainly due to them not making as much money and perhaps the CEOs realizing that people don’t like those films and never asked for them. This would be the same case for Blue Sky, they’re studio can’t gain popularity to make fortune, and would eventually get shut down.

  • Claudia Moore
    Claudia MooreMonth ago

    Stop canceling blue sky studios I love it

  • Vanik Ghosh
    Vanik GhoshMonth ago

    Goodbye childhood for millions of people around the world. Nimona (Noelle Stevenson's comic), 75% complete, was supposed to be released in 2022, is now dead, as a result.

  • Nahom Girma
    Nahom GirmaMonth ago

    This is not only sad for fans of animation, but it's also sad to 20th Century Fox. By now they have lost 2 animation studios! The first was Fox Animation Studios back in 2000 because of layoffs and the commercial failure of Titan A.E. And now we have lost Blue Sky Studios because of this nightmarish pandemic.

  • Jake Rutigliano
    Jake RutiglianoMonth ago

    Disney should take over production of Nimona.


    Don't. Close. Blue. Sky. Studios. That. Is. Wrong!!!!. We. Should Start. A Petition. !!!!! Save. Rio.!!!!! Save. Ice. Age.!!!!!! Save. 20th. Century. Fox. - Disney. Deal.!!!!! Stop. Bob. Chapek. !!!!! Save. Blue. Sky. Who. With. Me. I. Love. Ice. Age.!!!!!! And. Rio.!!!!!!



    Month ago

    @Dave Lee Down Under I. Understand.

  • Dave Lee Down Under

    Dave Lee Down Under

    Month ago

    Too late, sadly. It’s done.

  • Gianluca Vignola
    Gianluca VignolaMonth ago

    This means we'll never see Robots 2 :(

  • Snout
    SnoutMonth ago

    my favourite memories are from ice age its all my childhood T-T

  • Kermits Ghost
    Kermits GhostMonth ago

    Sad as it may seem, from a business point of view they made the right decision. Walt (if he was still alive) would have done the exact same thing, he closed a fair few divisions during his life.👍😀👍

  • Angel Pérez

    Angel Pérez

    Month ago

    Finally somepne rational. Its really unfortunate so many people will lose their jobs, will never make light about that. But for Blue Skye the writing was on the wall even before the buyout.

  • GothikaXenon
    GothikaXenonMonth ago

    There are petitions to help keep Blue Sky Studios alive.

  • Martin Phillips
    Martin PhillipsMonth ago

    The reason why Disney is pulling the plug on blue sky, is so fox studios wooden team up with Netflix to make Original content for them. Because we cord cutters know Netflix is kicking Disney ass. They(Netflix) set the standard.

  • Angel Pérez

    Angel Pérez

    Month ago

    @Martin Phillips Grow up and stop with the stupid conspiracy theories

  • Martin Phillips

    Martin Phillips

    Month ago

    @Dave Lee Down Under Dave the point I’m making is Disney on a buy spree, buy product regardless if they need it or not. You buy it so you can kill it.

  • Dave Lee Down Under

    Dave Lee Down Under

    Month ago

    Fox Studios doesn’t exist any more. Disney OWNS 20th Century and OWNS Blue Sky. They do not operate separately. So it would not be possible for “Fox” to make a deal with Netflix... because “Fox” in this instance IS “Disney”

  • Baby Grogu
    Baby GroguMonth ago

    Disney we need a sequel to spies in disguise nimona releasing ice age sequel but maybe the director of dawn of dinosaurs rio 3 and a robots 2

  • Caterfree10
    Caterfree10Month ago

    the only question I have on my mind wrt this news is... WHAT WAS THE POINT OF ACQUIRING THE STUDIO IF THEY WERE JUST SHUTTING IT DOWN?????? God, it makes me furious tbh. >O

  • Nathan Gamerdog

    Nathan Gamerdog

    Month ago

    They weren't planning to shut them down but there were financial difficulties

  • Blank Blankness
    Blank BlanknessMonth ago

    Oh my god... this is massively disappointing. My favorite movie they every made is The Peanuts Movie.

  • MrGabeanator
    MrGabeanatorMonth ago

    I can't believe this

  • David Cobb
    David Cobb2 months ago

    The closure of Blue Sky is symbolic to our need for sweeping reforms to our anti-trust and competition laws. For the past four or so years, we've seen corporate mergers that get away with eliminating competition and hurting small businesses. This not only applies to Disney, but also Amazon, Google, and of course, Facebook. Sen. Amy Kloubachar introduced a promising bill in the House of Reps. that addresses this issue. The other issue that needs to be addressed is location. Much of the industry jobs are in California, but who can afford to pay for rent outside of the privilege of a few? I'm in my junior year of college, and I seriously considered interning at Blue Sky because it was close to my home state of Maryland (relatively speaking). Blue Sky gave industry artists the opportunity to work outside of the studio-controlled system in California. This was such an ill-advised and unacceptable move by Disney, and I do hope that the uber-talented artists of Blue Sky find their footing while advocating for change in our institutions of power.

  • ddpsf
    ddpsf2 months ago

    Reason # 368 Why monopolies are bad for competition, consumers, and society.

  • Johavy Flores
    Johavy Flores2 months ago

    R.I.P Blue Sky Studios.

  • Large Format Master
    Large Format Master2 months ago

    I’m done with Disney at this point. I’m not watching their movies anymore. I was reconsidering my anger with them, but now I’m back to hating on them.

  • Angel Pérez

    Angel Pérez

    Month ago

    Chill dude. Only fools forget they are a corporation like any other.

  • Mathy Raja
    Mathy Raja2 months ago

    I love ice age but Disney is very stupid and I never thought of blue sky studios getting closed

  • Harrison Allen
    Harrison Allen2 months ago

    Instead of canceling the whole film all together, why not distribute the film under Disney...

  • dale dunham
    dale dunham2 months ago

    hi dave, i'm dale dunham. and i'm sorry to hear that disney is closing blue sky studios. i don't wanna say goodbye anymore. i wish blue sky studios can make a movie. i wish blue sky studios can make the movie called the peanuts movie 2. just like wreck it ralph 2 ralph breaks the internet and frozen 2. would you please wrote a letter to blue sky studios for me please. i like peanuts movie better than ice age, robots, rio and epic.

  • ByChris Channel
    ByChris Channel2 months ago

    I STILL think that either Walt Disney Animation Studios or PIXAR Animation Studios should finish Nimona.

  • Nathan Gamerdog

    Nathan Gamerdog

    Month ago

    I think Pixar and Blue sky could have done well teaming up on a film

  • Trainboy 48
    Trainboy 482 months ago

    I love Ferdinand it’s secretly my 2nd favorite movie of all time (despite I rarely watch it) there’s a lot of hilarious humor, impressive animation and hearing John Cena as the title character is really terrific. And it’s a-shame that will never get a squeal or holiday specials along with other recent films like Rio Spies in Disguise any of those 😔, Rest In Peace Blue Sky Studios.

  • April B
    April B2 months ago

    I always thought they were Dreamworks. I guess they were like what RC is to Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

  • Ernesto Chacon
    Ernesto Chacon2 months ago

    I'm extremely saddened and disappointed when I read the news that Disney is shutting down Blue Sky Studios, cause although Blue Sky isn't as well known or popular as the animated films released by Disney, DreamWorks, Illumination, Sony Pictures Animation or achieve the Universal acclaim as Pixar, I grew up and appreciated their animated films and it was one of the animation Studios that Disney decided to keep following the Fox Acquisition back in March 2019. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other financial issues happening right now within the company, Disney decided to shut them down. It's up in the air what's going to happen with the Blue Sky IP library because they had the _Adventures of Buck Wild_ set to come out on Disney+ next year, so more than likely Disney is going to have the Blue Sky Library IP within 20th Century Animation similar to how Warner Bros is treating the Hanna Barbera name as a name only moniker. 😔 Still, I'm extremely saddened of the talented artists and people who worked at Blue Sky losing their Jobs right now following this announcement and who who knows what will become of them?

  • Mr Banana head
    Mr Banana head2 months ago

    RIP 1987-2021

  • Mr Banana head
    Mr Banana head2 months ago

    What about fan made nimona character design

  • Hunter Cayo
    Hunter Cayo2 months ago

    NO WHY? 😭

  • Bradley Colley
    Bradley Colley2 months ago

    Is Disney still keeping blue sky studio on Disney plus

  • Dave Lee Down Under

    Dave Lee Down Under

    2 months ago

    Of course. The closure of the studio doesn't mean they're erasing the films from history.

  • 72Acemon
    72Acemon2 months ago

    Definitely Ice Ages 1 and 2!

  • Catalina & Max Cisternas Jofre
    Catalina & Max Cisternas Jofre2 months ago

    We have refound the studio. But also, Nimona project will be taken from DreamWorks Animation. And the Sony Pictures’ Animated film “Connected” will be premiered in cinemas in 2022.

  • Dave Lee Down Under

    Dave Lee Down Under

    2 months ago

    None of this is true.

  • Cooldude M
    Cooldude M2 months ago

    Isn’t it kinda weird how the people who are now sad that blue sky is closing, only a few years ago, complained that there where too many ice age movies and said bad things about blue sky?

  • Froggy


    Month ago

    This kinda thing puts things into perspective, and they weren't just remembered for Ice Age yknow. People remember them from a lot of their other movies, which were really good

  • Alan Batista
    Alan Batista2 months ago

    Good bye blue sky studios 😭 (1987-2021). My favorite movie is: The Peanuts movie, Ice Age and Rio

  • Virgilio Martínez Erickson
    Virgilio Martínez Erickson2 months ago

    Do you know that in certain ways Disney killed the success of BlueSky Studios by premiering the movie Spies in Disguise not to fat apart from Star Wars?

  • Caiti8 Gotg
    Caiti8 Gotg2 months ago

    Yaaaaay!!!! But I do feel bad for the ppl working there tho

  • Falxifer Rex
    Falxifer Rex2 months ago

    The news that Nimona is being cancelled frankly breaks my heart, it could've been to Blue Sky what Into the Spider-Verse was to Sony Animation. And even if I've never been fond of most Blue Sky movies, they had some stellar animation, much better than Illumination and on the same level of Pixar and DreamWorks.

  • Yoyo Goat
    Yoyo Goat2 months ago

    Every one this is the end ✊🏾😫😔

  • Artzei
    Artzei2 months ago

    Here's hoping that at least some of the former employees get to go to work on either the main Disney Animation or at least Pixar.

  • token the clown 2021
    token the clown 20212 months ago


  • Alex Slusher
    Alex Slusher2 months ago

    Duck Fisney. Just more proof they're an evil monopoly that cares more about woke identity politics then their own fans and telling a good story. Why have a good story with well written characters who have well written arcs when you can have a boring character with boring writing? Why have real diversity when you can have fake diversity where everyone shuns the Straight White Male just because? Bob Iger has really screwed the Walt Disney Company and taken away the magic and Walt Disney is rolling in his grave.

  • Alex Slusher

    Alex Slusher

    Month ago

    @Angel Pérez you're the Naive One. Not me.

  • Angel Pérez

    Angel Pérez

    Month ago

    Grow up you petty naive manbaby

  • mightyfilm
    mightyfilm2 months ago

    In the case of all those animators losing their jobs, this news is indeed upsetting and it does indeed piss me off a bit. Yet, I am very conflicted given their track record. They kept relying on Ice Age sequels, as well as baffling holiday specials until the audience stopped caring on that fifth one. It's not that strong a franchise. While I won't say they're a bad studio, a lot of their movies weren't all that good. I love Robots and the first and third Ice Age films were alright. It's telling their best film was The Peanuts Movie, when the Schulz estate and his sons basically wrote the movie for them to animate. There's no doubt a LOT of talent at that studio, and they make a great looking product, but they seriously needed better scripts, better concepts, and less influence from Shrek. Having said that, the thing that bugs me is this. Disney does NOT need a third animation studio when they have their own in house production company AND Pixar. They had every reason to let them go...BUT why didn't they consider selling the studio to a rival company? Two of WB's CGI animated films were actually made by Sony (Smallfoot and Storks). Sony only has the one firm, as does MGM. There's plenty of studios that SHOULD have been happy to snap up Blue Sky, if only for the name recognition. They didn't need to shut them down completely. If it is true they're keeping some of the animators on retainer for other projects, that's good. But the studio should live on in some other entertainment conglomerate's ownership.

  • Waggsmith YTP
    Waggsmith YTP2 months ago

    This is gonna do more damage than Disney thinks. Literally, thousands of people are gonna lost their jobs after Blue Sky closes. It’s gonna cause a recession or something. Just a situation where almost no one can find jobs

  • Dave Lee Down Under

    Dave Lee Down Under

    2 months ago

    No, that’s incorrect. As stated in the video, 450 people will be affected... not thousands. That’s not how a recession starts lol. And Disney are attempting to find work for the artists.

  • aquapyro1
    aquapyro12 months ago

    People keep saying that this is just Disney being evil, but these same people don’t realize that they are part of the problem as well. Where were you guys when Ferdinand, Peanuts and Spies in Disguise were released in theaters. They didn’t make that much cause you guys weren’t interested in them. People say they champion originality but the money is the truth and they didn’t want that. This argument is the same as the remakes. Money talks

  • Angel Pérez

    Angel Pérez

    Month ago

    Thank you

  • dftf


    2 months ago

    Most of the guys (and gals, and other-confirming) people here were probably in the cinemas watching them! Problem is that not many of the rest of the general-public were. Check their filmography and Ice Age and Rio are all most of the public care-about from this studio. (They still did better-than the criminally-ignored Laika though...)

  • IsitheScribe
    IsitheScribe2 months ago

    Ice Age was my favourite franchise from this studio. I remember being in high school and seeing Manny, Sid and Diego and Scrat at the cinema and laughing my butt off. The Peanuts movie was pretty good too. It's so sad that this studio is going away.

  • rudy malone
    rudy malone2 months ago

    So long blue sky!! Your franchises are outdated!!😄

  • Marco De ROSA
    Marco De ROSA2 months ago

    Blue sky studio will back Sam year mandi

  • Jonah Felton
    Jonah Felton2 months ago

    Will this ever preserve the money?

  • Prime Daddy
    Prime Daddy2 months ago

    I’m gonna miss blue sky I enjoyed their movies alot

  • Dream Guardian
    Dream Guardian2 months ago

    The only movies from Blue Sky that I've really enjoyed were Robots and The Peanuts Movie. It's sad that the studio is going out of business, but is it really the Covid 19's fault, or was Blue Sky just not doing well and kept losing money to stay in business.

  • dftf


    2 months ago

    The first Ice Age was fine, but yeah, those two are the only ones I really care-about too. Money-wise, Ice Age was their biggest, then Rio. Nothing-else even comes-close

  • Yuuji Kazami
    Yuuji Kazami2 months ago

    Let's make Warner Bros. Re-release The Peanuts Movie because WB owns the franchise

  • Christian Cagadas

    Christian Cagadas

    2 months ago

    Yep. Warner Bros. & WildBrain (formerly DHX Media) will reissued or re-released The Peanuts Movie since Blue Sky Studios is now shutdown. Instead of Disney, Warner Bros. & WildBrain Distribution now currently distributed The Peanuts Movie, while the rest of 4 Peanuts films currently owned by ViacomCBS.

  • Yuuji Kazami
    Yuuji Kazami2 months ago

    There wont be Robots 2?

  • dftf


    2 months ago

    Would it really be worth doing a sequel 15 years on?

  • Cristian Vallejo
    Cristian Vallejo2 months ago

    My favorite Blue Sky film is all of the 5 Ice Age movies and maybe Spies In Disgies.