We add a NEW Role in among us to mess with the Imposter!
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  • Benjamin Rayos
    Benjamin RayosHour ago


  • Alex Bird
    Alex Bird5 hours ago

    I do! A new thing...idea.....Spiders! for the imposter or crewmate!

  • Kayden Johnson
    Kayden Johnson6 hours ago

    And the airstrike imposter

  • Kayden Johnson
    Kayden Johnson6 hours ago

    I like the engineer role

  • Tracey Ranni
    Tracey Ranni6 hours ago


  • Rosetta Analytics
    Rosetta Analytics8 hours ago


  • Ryan Warren
    Ryan Warren9 hours ago

    Anybody else notice that loaf said the s word

  • Diana Burkhart
    Diana Burkhart11 hours ago

    Can you pls do the unicorn mode made by zud

  • Claire Merja
    Claire Merja19 hours ago


  • Carter Schweighofer
    Carter SchweighoferDay ago

    Vid idea: captain v.s. super imposter

  • Kaylee Ostrom
    Kaylee OstromDay ago

    I love this I need a part 4000000000000000000000 of this

  • Kaylee Ostrom
    Kaylee OstromDay ago

    when he said that he cant see and hes def im like no your blind idiot!

  • Haveen Brewer
    Haveen BrewerDay ago

    I want to play

  • Joanne Jenkins-Pugh
    Joanne Jenkins-PughDay ago

    Demon mod

  • Sian Brown
    Sian BrownDay ago


  • Nebula Industries
    Nebula IndustriesDay ago

    Omega Mod Crewmate Role Mind Read (its like screen mirroring. You even see what task someone is doing) Giant (you grow) Taser (you stun someone for 10 seconds) Investigate (you see how old a body is) Rust (you delay the inpostor(s) kill cooldown for 60 seconds) Insta Task Insta Sabotage fix

  • Mohamed Ibrahem
    Mohamed IbrahemDay ago

    Your right the like button does NOT turn red

  • Kenzie Morefield
    Kenzie MorefieldDay ago


  • Gladys Maceda
    Gladys MacedaDay ago


  • Amethyst Sapphire
    Amethyst SapphireDay ago

    Wait, when sundee said henwy was caught “red handed” wouldn’t it be “blue handed” or “no handed”? Because they don’t have hands they are beans

  • Amethyst Sapphire

    Amethyst Sapphire

    Hour ago

    @Suresh Mayya yeah I guess

  • Suresh Mayya

    Suresh Mayya

    Day ago

    Doesn't make sense

  • Makoy Sung
    Makoy SungDay ago

    The like button turns black for me.. so

  • Laney Putney
    Laney Putney2 days ago


  • Melissa Sue
    Melissa Sue2 days ago

    Sud ass management

  • Ruby [Leggy]
    Ruby [Leggy]2 days ago

    Can he pootis spencer here

  • Abdulwahab ALHABSHI
    Abdulwahab ALHABSHI2 days ago

    The edits are better than the gameplays

  • Snipe Finity
    Snipe Finity2 days ago

    Ssundee is a good youtuber

  • nique4625
    nique46252 days ago

    Play fortnite

  • Kristi Lucas
    Kristi Lucas2 days ago


  • Jozael Sanchez
    Jozael Sanchez2 days ago

    The dislike turns blue tho....ill just hit...the like GOT EM

  • chen zhao
    chen zhao2 days ago

    Ssundee become bob rops for 2 rounds.😂😂😂

  • chen zhao

    chen zhao

    2 days ago

    I mean 1 round

  • Gabriel Blando
    Gabriel Blando2 days ago

    Nice story

  • Wallmart Slayer
    Wallmart Slayer2 days ago

    Engineer gaming

  • Madhav Dhodi
    Madhav Dhodi2 days ago

    Henwy is always SUS

  • Ppremalatha SUHANDIRA VIRAN
    Ppremalatha SUHANDIRA VIRAN3 days ago

    that dance was hillarios i luvvvvvvvvv ssundee

  • the awesome gamer
    the awesome gamer3 days ago

    stop it or i will break your niconico caps

  • Rawman Noodle
    Rawman Noodle3 days ago

    I want to loop the part 0:34

  • Sean Allen
    Sean Allen3 days ago

    He's right it didn't turn red it turned black

  • Ahmed Salaah
    Ahmed Salaah3 days ago


  • DarkPixel
    DarkPixel3 days ago


  • im smart
    im smart3 days ago

    0:32 lmao

  • Melissa Ricci
    Melissa Ricci3 days ago

    Stop callin everyone bots dud EDIT: this is not a hater comment

  • GoldenFlyer614 Airner
    GoldenFlyer614 Airner3 days ago

    SSundee try the astronaut mod

  • gibson dwayne dacay
    gibson dwayne dacay3 days ago

    i play engiiner in team fulmer

  • rslr
    rslr4 days ago

    I got a mod idea infinite venting range

  • roscovb
    roscovb4 days ago

    The heavy is dead and engineer is lookin sus

  • Y X
    Y X4 days ago

    Lovely story

  • Simona Rodrigues
    Simona Rodrigues4 days ago

    what about the wonder. the wonder has a speial rope that heels, it can telaport, and it can teliport to the nearest body

  • epgp
    epgp4 days ago

    what did i just watch?

  • Kat Graham
    Kat Graham5 days ago

    My like button is black

  • Sharkua Fam Watercolor Librian
    Sharkua Fam Watercolor Librian5 days ago

    Tf2 mod

  • Leon Stoltz
    Leon Stoltz5 days ago

    U are awesome SSUNDEE!!!

  • Iyana Bernard
    Iyana Bernard5 days ago

    Do a superman model please

  • Oskar Marsh
    Oskar Marsh5 days ago

    i love u

  • Reena Pothan
    Reena Pothan5 days ago


  • Hamzah Muhsin
    Hamzah Muhsin5 days ago

    Is this real or edited?

  • NoobMaster Master
    NoobMaster Master5 days ago

    Place camera on vent if you play it again

  • Jimmito Ryan
    Jimmito Ryan5 days ago

    5:49 I will literally cut you in the foot Ssundee, 2021

  • Gclick 5000
    Gclick 50006 days ago

    0:34 lol

  • Lujaine Buban
    Lujaine Buban6 days ago

    0:34 SSundee was dancing

  • Lujaine Buban
    Lujaine Buban6 days ago

    secret room mod

  • Lila Alyssa Serina
    Lila Alyssa Serina6 days ago

    I watch your vids while im in class lol

  • Miriam Palafox
    Miriam Palafox6 days ago

    0:33 These things are why I love this channel lol

  • Colin Richards
    Colin Richards6 days ago

    can i be i n one of your games can you tell me your code when you have a chance

  • Braxden Hatziathanasiou
    Braxden Hatziathanasiou6 days ago

    The like botton turned black for me

  • Nitish Pattanaik VIII-H 19
    Nitish Pattanaik VIII-H 196 days ago

    Does anyone know how to download these mod? They are darn cool!

  • Izabella Gavrila
    Izabella Gavrila6 days ago

    u have great intel SSundee i like how u tell it

  • Jason Hlabse
    Jason Hlabse7 days ago

    Ssundde i love ur video

  • Michelle Shanu
    Michelle Shanu7 days ago

    Yes the like button did not turn red BUT IT ALSO DID NOT TURN BLUE !!!!

  • Aaron Wright
    Aaron Wright7 days ago

    I dabbed on my dad with a baseball bat and got grounded

  • Aaron Wright

    Aaron Wright

    7 days ago

    Take advice from Sundee

  • Sparky
    Sparky7 days ago

    My Quote: Also if you look below the video and find your tools, and if yo use your tools and fix it, it'll turn blue

  • gaming squad
    gaming squad7 days ago

    i lovethis video

  • Harrell House
    Harrell House7 days ago

    What does 101

  • Carden Adembo Oyugi
    Carden Adembo Oyugi7 days ago

    do for a pranker

  • s u g a r c o o k i e
    s u g a r c o o k i e7 days ago

    “So dudes”

  • Anthwain Coke
    Anthwain Coke7 days ago


  • Stephen Zhao
    Stephen Zhao8 days ago

    8:15 8:39

  • shinobiYT GANG
    shinobiYT GANG8 days ago

    dam dude u pulled off the best meme slash music

  • wacky comedy
    wacky comedy8 days ago

    To your biggest fan

  • wacky comedy
    wacky comedy8 days ago

    I love you ssundee

  • hafsa angara
    hafsa angara8 days ago

    Omg I love that mode

  • Dean Pro999
    Dean Pro9998 days ago

    how can i install this mod? i like it

  • ValkyrieCon
    ValkyrieCon8 days ago

    Now let me paint you a picture...

  • FO Store
    FO Store8 days ago


  • Casey Pak
    Casey Pak8 days ago

    I loved how you "painted the picture of Henwy as an engineer"!!

  • Augustas
    Augustas8 days ago

    do hulk

  • Serena Aritha Williams
    Serena Aritha Williams8 days ago

    Henry sus

  • Tanaka Ryuunosuke
    Tanaka Ryuunosuke8 days ago

    11:34 Did Loaf just say "who was throwing sh*t at Nico" or is that just my imagination-

  • Ashley Parker

    Ashley Parker

    5 days ago


  • ArcherChampion Matthew

    ArcherChampion Matthew

    5 days ago

    Pretty sure he said shade

  • Lee Carcavella

    Lee Carcavella

    7 days ago

    Shit my life

  • Lee Carcavella

    Lee Carcavella

    7 days ago

    Uhm oh god

  • KllCoolcoolpoo12 Oil
    KllCoolcoolpoo12 Oil9 days ago


  • KllCoolcoolpoo12 Oil

    KllCoolcoolpoo12 Oil

    9 days ago


  • Benjamin Rewa
    Benjamin Rewa9 days ago

    New mod: Impostor team. The imposter can toggle on four extra impostors, and they all are around the real one. Each different one moves in the same way next to each other, and each one can kill someone, so if there are five people close to you, all five die. What do you think?

  • Trevor Ruut

    Trevor Ruut

    12 hours ago

    @Benjamin Rewa No problem. I really really like your idea man.

  • Benjamin Rewa

    Benjamin Rewa

    14 hours ago

    @Trevor Ruut Thanks!

  • Trevor Ruut

    Trevor Ruut

    2 days ago

    That's pretty good idea

  • Emily-Mai Gannaway
    Emily-Mai Gannaway9 days ago

    You don’t vote on 7 but biffle is on 6 your on 7

  • smio jeffy
    smio jeffy9 days ago


  • smio jeffy
    smio jeffy9 days ago


  • the night fury
    the night fury9 days ago

    suffle ssundee :sus need

  • Mai Bui
    Mai Bui9 days ago

    Poot dispenser here

  • Queen Axolotel Girl
    Queen Axolotel Girl9 days ago

    at 0:34 what the ssundee

  • River Star
    River Star10 days ago

    Russel, excellent job on these story times

  • Spine’s world
    Spine’s world10 days ago

    Turns black

  • smio jeffy
    smio jeffy10 days ago


  • smio jeffy
    smio jeffy10 days ago


  • smio jeffy
    smio jeffy10 days ago