ETERNALS TRAILER BREAKDOWN! Easter Eggs & Details You Missed! (Marvel Celebrates the Movies)

Eternals Teaser Trailer footage revealed in Marvel Studios Celebrates the Movies sizzle reel! Who are the Eternals and the Celestials? Get 50% OFF your first bag of coffee with Trade Coffee when you click here and enter code ‘Rockstars50’

New footage from Marvel's Eternals is here, introducing us to Sersi, Ikaris, Thena, Ajak, Kingo, Gilgamesh, Sprite, Makkari, Phastos, and Druig. What is the history of the Eternals in Marvel comics, and how will they change the way we understand the history of the MCU? Erik Voss breaks down this teaser footage frame by frame for all the details you missed. What is the significance of the Babylonian gate in the trailer? Why didn't the Eternals help the Avengers fight Thanos in Avengers Infinity War and Avengers Endgame?

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Brendan Langdon
Cody Anderson
Dan Woodson
Karen Wang
O. Grometto
Pony Stark
Rick Denmon

Producer: Erik Voss eavoss
Producer: Zach Huddleston
Producer: Brandon Barrick
Writter: Erik Voss
Writter/Host: MasterTainment
NRDS Chief Creative Officer: Filup Molina filupmolina
Post Production Supervisor: John Costa
Staff Editor: Joshua Steven Hurd
Editor: Aaron Carrion


  • Django Johnson
    Django Johnson10 days ago

    yeah the museum has a few spears, kilmonger.....relax lol

  • Django Johnson
    Django Johnson10 days ago

    no it's cool but who cares, characters sexuality is irrelevant in superhero stories, unless it's intrinsic to their story arc, which is most likely, please.....spare me the theatrics

  • Gatsby Halliday
    Gatsby Halliday23 days ago

    I doubt the memory wipe will be in the desert tbh. They wipe their memories in a desert in odd looking outfits...just doesn't make sense to me tbh.

  • Jackson Meya
    Jackson Meya25 days ago

    “Or maybe it’s a documentary crew looking at this CULT ↙️ in the woods” 😂 Legend

  • Tony Rock
    Tony Rock25 days ago

    Marvel is getting freaky.

  • Madcap Magician
    Madcap Magician26 days ago

    I didn’t miss it, I had no interest in it.

  • David Do
    David Do27 days ago

    The careful selection beverly divide because pike accordingly stretch midst a ten angora. clear, wise lyric

  • Grim's Vault streaming
    Grim's Vault streaming27 days ago

    holy shit simping this had wont make it good kid

  • Devon with an i
    Devon with an i28 days ago

    Ngl this shit looks bland

  • Samuel Cadigal
    Samuel Cadigal28 days ago

    Angelina Jolie here is the most awaited

  • HydranoidCreations
    HydranoidCreations28 days ago

    This films is going to be a one of the most culturaly inclusive clusterfucks we'll ever see. Why do they do this to fuckin everything now

  • Rossclairborne
    Rossclairborne28 days ago

    Advertising swine! Schilling for coffee! LMAO! Ruined all your hard work and wasted a few minutes of my life!

  • witch, please
    witch, please28 days ago

    Kumail is sexy as hell 😍

  • Emilio Cuevas
    Emilio Cuevas28 days ago

    Yay we're gonna see jon snow and cercei be freinds

  • George H Gordy
    George H Gordy28 days ago

    At 3:51 I thought if you love something you set it free if it comes back to you it's yours if it doesn't it never was. You mean I've been lied to all these years. dammit. LOL

  • Yuz Asaf
    Yuz Asaf28 days ago

    Phastos reminds me of Chadwick Bosemans character in God's of Egypt

  • Yuz Asaf
    Yuz Asaf28 days ago

    Phastos reminds me of Chadwick Bosemans character in God's of Egypt

  • ritchiereech
    ritchiereech29 days ago

    Usually I don’t like anymore videos that guess plots but you are cool.

  • ritchiereech
    ritchiereech29 days ago

    Looks so good. I think this is going to be my favorite.

  • Elijah Mkjdj
    Elijah Mkjdj29 days ago

    Let’s go baby ! this movie going to be epic .

  • Jeni J
    Jeni J29 days ago

    google and the video suggest/say that Sersi and Ikaris are lovers... not kit harringtons character Dane..

  • Fruit .Paste
    Fruit .Paste29 days ago

    i thought marvel didnt like re casting people

  • texrifleman
    texrifleman29 days ago

    Seems pretty woke.

  • Edo Malaka
    Edo Malaka29 days ago

    So Gilgamesh not being a jerk this time

  • Sean Kanoog
    Sean Kanoog29 days ago

    Disney has to make use of Maleficent, I wonder how many rolls from their other movies will be in Marvel movies now? (Not a Complaint)

  • oogahboogahzoogah
    oogahboogahzoogah29 days ago

    TIL Richard Madden and Sebastian Stan were two separate people

  • تفصيخ برامج عراقية
    تفصيخ برامج عراقيةMonth ago

    This is Babylon, Iraq🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶

  • Timothy Krebs
    Timothy KrebsMonth ago

    OMG your level of salesmanship cracks me up!

  • Peter Skorec
    Peter SkorecMonth ago

    Sooo many opportunities to say boooom that you wasted. Oh no 😂

  • Lonewolf
    LonewolfMonth ago

    We: sunset nice Erik: no it has a symbolic meaning

  • Davida Jami
    Davida JamiMonth ago

    The handy macrame problematically switch because smoke globally admit with a sore bowl. witty, damp computer

  • Raziq Syafi
    Raziq SyafiMonth ago

    Wait. Wong is an eternal?

  • Husnuz Ziya Labib Ahmad
    Husnuz Ziya Labib AhmadMonth ago


  • bbsy1
    bbsy1Month ago

    He is clearly a Sami Zayne fan.

  • Natas Rules
    Natas RulesMonth ago

    1:39 because china Erik, china

  • GlennJJ1993
    GlennJJ1993Month ago

    They can change the background just for trailers

    CLUBFMMonth ago

    “But before I continue thanks to” *skip skip skip*

  • nur sabrina
    nur sabrinaMonth ago

    omg this was like a lecture

  • Isabella O’Connell
    Isabella O’ConnellMonth ago

    Was vibranium one of those “gifts” from the eternals? 🤔

  • Spidermanfan20
    Spidermanfan20Month ago

    Me be like 'crap'

  • General Lucario
    General LucarioMonth ago

    It would be really awesome and really conveniant if they just straight up put the greek goss instead of using the eternals

  • Rolando Alvarado
    Rolando AlvaradoMonth ago

    Didn't notice the Babylon gate. Hope this movie kicks ass!!!

  • Forris Watkins
    Forris WatkinsMonth ago

    Still trying to figure out how Voss made a 10 min video about a 14 second clip

  • Rocky Meto
    Rocky MetoMonth ago

    they are so powerful that they were chilling at panama beach when Thanos attacked earth and wiped out half of population? 🤣

  • JazLix
    JazLixMonth ago

    Only a 14 seconds clip and Erik probably leaked the plot for the film

  • Lamar Washington
    Lamar WashingtonMonth ago

    Why is there a camera on the left side of the screen, unless this is a behind the scenes shot.🤷🏿‍♂️

  • Lamar Washington

    Lamar Washington

    Month ago

    At 7:10

  • Rita Castillo
    Rita CastilloMonth ago

    Maybe Thena and Gilga are training?

  • Rita Castillo
    Rita CastilloMonth ago

    Maybe the camera crew is a mistake and they didn't cut them out of the shot yet?

  • Jorge Carbajal
    Jorge CarbajalMonth ago

    4:34 Druig is missing from this particular shot.

  • Leek329
    Leek329Month ago

    If u pay attention alot of USplan channels stretch out their videos to be at least 10mins because of the USplan algorithms. If it is less than 10 minutes the video is less likely to be recommended to you. So ultimately USplanrs do this for money, because USplan pays by views.

  • Burkay Kızılbuğa
    Burkay KızılbuğaMonth ago

    0:30 Ishtar Gate ❤

  • mastr /ماستر
    mastr /ماسترMonth ago

    This is the legendary Babylonian Gate of Ishtar❤🇮🇶🤩

  • joleee
    joleeeMonth ago

    jon snow, robb stark, lara croft, prismo, eleven, and nick young's sister walk into a bar

  • Elizabeth Barnes
    Elizabeth BarnesMonth ago

    Still annoyed Jolie is in this

  • Mofax Zulu
    Mofax ZuluMonth ago

    All this random imaginations could lead to how life actually came about

  • Shalashaska 994
    Shalashaska 994Month ago

    Idk about this one. It just seems vastly different from anything else in the MCU. Not really any A list actors either.

  • Christian Manning
    Christian ManningMonth ago

    Really? ...10 minutes for a 14 second clip? .......Who thought this was a good idea and not a complete waste of time???

  • Sindhu3004
    Sindhu3004Month ago

    Can't Marvel find other actors? Why cast Gemma Chan twice?

  • Ellis Hugh
    Ellis HughMonth ago

    Hm. An awful lot of these characters look quite different than their comic counterparts...

  • Jon Cooper
    Jon CooperMonth ago

    The Eternals of Diversity

  • Eric Radcliff
    Eric RadcliffMonth ago

    Nice surf board you got there Erik!

  • Unknown Dave
    Unknown DaveMonth ago

    Cerci will literally get with anyone even Jon snow

  • Chris Ondrovic
    Chris OndrovicMonth ago

    I've been waiting too long for this damn movie. November is still too far away.

  • sara gomez
    sara gomezMonth ago

    The true king in the north

  • Perry the dog
    Perry the dogMonth ago

    Get woke go broke

  • Vegan Smegan
    Vegan SmeganMonth ago

    So excited to see Ma Dong Seok in a Marvel flick. He was great in Train To Busan.

  • Alterss Bot
    Alterss BotMonth ago

    Getring an inhuman vibe from this trailer. Shudders

  • Tim Palladino
    Tim PalladinoMonth ago

    Not seeing link in notes for trade

  • jadon rissom
    jadon rissomMonth ago

    I thought Richard madden/Icarus was Sebastion stan/bucky

  • Xul De las Alas
    Xul De las AlasMonth ago

    angelina jolie is such a queen

  • Dichavoz
    DichavozMonth ago

    Babylon 🇮🇶

    𝗛𝗜𝗧𝗡𝗘𝗘𝗦 ߷Month ago

    All Respect from IRAQ BABYLON ✌️🇮🇶

  • Gautam Mittal
    Gautam MittalMonth ago

    Fun Fact : The person holding a camera beside Kumail Nanjiani 3:42 is an actual Bollywood actor Harish Patel

  • Brass Scavenger
    Brass ScavengerMonth ago

    BLM must be loosing traction if we're making sexual orientation a topic of discussion again 🙄

  • Kurai Jōkyaku
    Kurai JōkyakuMonth ago

    Sersei and Jon Stark... wait whut...

  • Everett Goforth
    Everett GoforthMonth ago

    I love how a lot the names of the Eternals are just shortened versions of Greek gods names

  • Alejandro Calle
    Alejandro CalleMonth ago

    Wait isn’t that Dr strange’s side kick? WTF

  • Rayce Nelson
    Rayce NelsonMonth ago

    Ya trade can do that, but damn if top of the morning coffee wasn’t worth it🥶

  • Tim Collins
    Tim CollinsMonth ago

    kumayil we have to warn you this role will require...ummm steroids....Kumayil: for free? and you pay me?

  • PippyLongStockings
    PippyLongStockingsMonth ago

    I didn’t think it was possible to make a 1-2 hr movie on them 😩 but here we are

  • madhatters crafts
    madhatters craftsMonth ago

    If they Did have their memories wiped, or for some other reason in my mind it would have been Wonda that snapped then out of it. But then again i do not know the story time line. This is the one I am most interested about.

  • DaFreak98715
    DaFreak98715Month ago

    why’d it take so long to have a deaf character

  • ilmatteotaku
    ilmatteotakuMonth ago

    That is Jessica Chobot. Udontfoolme.

    X6FOOLIOMonth ago

    I’m not the only one seening only black

  • Dawn Basham
    Dawn BashamMonth ago

    But we like that dumb shirt lol 😆

  • joshua lepdung
    joshua lepdungMonth ago

    Where were they in endgame!!!!!!! Where were they!!!!

  • كرجي Corgi5
    كرجي Corgi5Month ago

    حضاره العراق العضيمه

  • John Q
    John QMonth ago

    Howard Stark selling his soul to the Celestials confirmed

  • Wolfman Jackal
    Wolfman JackalMonth ago

    Ok brother, if most people tend to frown when we make comments like that towards women, even when g or pg rated--- this doesn't give the green flag for verbally lusting your own gender. Because it's just as tasteless, and if not, than it's worse. So please, chill.

  • R.J. MacReady
    R.J. MacReadyMonth ago

    What? No trans Hispanic triple amputee albino in the cast?! What sorts of bigots are running marvel these days!!??

  • Jack Langton
    Jack LangtonMonth ago

    Pronounced barry keoghan ( q-oh-in) but good effort

  • ItsMeFLASH Q
    ItsMeFLASH QMonth ago

    Daaaaamn! Angelina jolie and salma hayek on the MCU!!! 🥵🥵🥵❤️❤️❤️

  • حمودي109 البصراوي
    حمودي109 البصراويMonth ago

    IRAQ 🇮🇶 😍😍

  • حمودي109 البصراوي
    حمودي109 البصراويMonth ago


  • Mr.Faust Faun Fable
    Mr.Faust Faun FableMonth ago


  • Mario Chavez Fishing
    Mario Chavez FishingMonth ago

    “our boy thanos!”😭

  • Quackidilly_HD
    Quackidilly_HDMonth ago

    Why is the winter soldier an eternal!?’

  • Green Hale
    Green HaleMonth ago

    One of them looks like bucky thou.

  • Akshay gupta
    Akshay guptaMonth ago

    Reason for eternals to awake can be the destruction of infinity stones

  • 𝙕𝙤𝙚 ⛥ .
    𝙕𝙤𝙚 ⛥ .Month ago

    Is the movie talking about the civilization of Iraq?