Everything Wrong With Wonder Woman 1984 in 20 Minutes or Less

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Wonder Woman 1984. Or, if you prefer, WW84. It was certainly a movie. A movie that happened. Many of you saw it. Let's just say it isn't exactly great. And it's got sins like you wouldn't believe.

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Thursday: Sporty lovey sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we count next?

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  • Lucky Dust
    Lucky Dust21 hour ago

    Slurring your way through the whole sins video... *Ding*

  • EverettBurger
    EverettBurger23 hours ago

    No sin for the plane to have a full tank of fuel? Also, how did it make it to Cairo from DC without refueling?

  • Damerian Dark
    Damerian DarkDay ago

    One thing I didn't see mentioned in this and I haven't read the comments was that the two seater fighter jet had the seats side by side. Does anyone out there know if that has ever been a thing? I could have sworn they sit one in front and one in back? Another thing I didn't see mention was how is it she can fly now, but in the Justice league movie she can't or even her character in any other comic or cartoon show displays that she has that ability or the ability to lasso a lightning bolt wtf???

  • Eithan Lifshits
    Eithan LifshitsDay ago

    Why are the holding hands?

  • Jeff Heyer
    Jeff Heyer2 days ago

    This movie was so bad.. never saw first one, but damn lol. My first thought too with the Apex predator thing.. like wait not a bear? Or a Lion?

  • Kabeer Bedi
    Kabeer Bedi2 days ago

    He has a BS-O-meter. A BS-O-METER!! And that thing catches fire with too much BS. How much BS does it need to burn? Does it convert B S into heat -into energy!!! Bull shit!!!!

  • Anubhov Menon
    Anubhov Menon2 days ago

    Hypocrisy is when you love Wandavision and hate WW84. The critics are fucking puppets of Disney.

  • Anubhov Menon

    Anubhov Menon

    2 days ago

    @AdamC101 wandavision was a cheap copy of harry Potter don't give that bullshit that it's original. Basic fucking storyline. It's slow,Most of the episodes are fillers, it only get better from ep8. The critics are fucking payed by Disney to believe that it's a good series. There's no difference between the two logically. Just coz it's marvel suddenly everyone starts applauding over it.

  • AdamC101


    2 days ago

    The difference is WW84 is completely illogical. There are so many infuriating plot holes. I can’t really think of many plot holes in wandavision. You can just attribute all the crazy stuff to the fact that she is magic. I also just personally thought WW84s plot was shit whilst wandavision was quite original

  • crosshair
    crosshair2 days ago

    Is it just me or when ww84 appears I see world war 84

  • Alexa Cosme
    Alexa Cosme2 days ago

    ?????? Confusedddd

  • AvangionQ
    AvangionQ2 days ago

    Hey Cinemasins, leave some nuts for Steve the Squirrel too ... why make him steal? 🥜🐿️

  • Steve the Pirate
    Steve the Pirate3 days ago

    I've come to accept that the first Wonder Woman was only good in spite of Gal Godot, not because of.

  • I Need You
    I Need You3 days ago

    ...kinda surprising that nobody wished for ridiculous stuff like becoming an omnipotent reality bender. That would've been weird, where the Stone creates something more powerful than it.

  • Vesuvius
    Vesuvius3 days ago

    Am I the only one to notice the timer restart at 2:38?

  • Teknik
    Teknik3 days ago

    Ah yes the 40s to 84 best 70years ever

  • Boro Robo
    Boro Robo4 days ago

    The whole movie is wrong

  • Rita Wildfire
    Rita Wildfire4 days ago

    I can't be the only one who watched that end scene with the red balloon and thought, "wtf, is this a Macy's commercial?"

  • konrad witkowski
    konrad witkowski5 days ago

    I miss the old intro ngl :/

  • LordKame Guru
    LordKame Guru5 days ago

    Anarchy and world peace aren't opposites though Jeremy. Anarchy is not synonymous with rioting. It's quite simply the absence of government, of hierarchy. World peace and anarchy could work together as a wish producing a word in each no governments, no hierarchies exist and yet people respect each others autonomy and agency. No one hurts each other or takes advantage. :)

  • Joseph Cohen
    Joseph Cohen5 days ago

    Is "Lord" really a more of a movie villain name than "Trump"? If they made a movie about Amelia Earhart you'd say the name was too contrived. See also Usain Bolt.

  • The Poison Kid
    The Poison Kid6 days ago

    No sin for pushing her garbage speech at the end of the film? I'd give one!

  • Terra-Form DoorKnob
    Terra-Form DoorKnob6 days ago

    “One Sin For Liking Pop Tarts” Excuse me good sir but I’m about to commit a homicide

  • The Dreamer
    The Dreamer6 days ago

    8:26 I did this. And it actually worked. Lost my V-Card on that futon. Oh futon... you wet pancake of hate... RIP.

  • Lowell Mason
    Lowell Mason6 days ago

    Just literally on the first minute and damn, this is just hilarious. Can't stop laughing

  • Hayden Alfeld
    Hayden Alfeld7 days ago

    5:40 but didn’t you just- but you- just at 4:13-

  • Landon Randfield
    Landon Randfield7 days ago

    You could’ve just said “the whole movie” and I wouldn’t have batted an eye.

  • Menibor1
    Menibor17 days ago

    7:16 Jeremy sins Pedro pascal for being in the mandalorian...smh

  • Ashley James
    Ashley James8 days ago

    I'm at the beginning, paused, and if you don't give this movie alllllllll the sins I'm going to be as disappointed as I was when I finished watching this movie!!

  • gerry sabron
    gerry sabron8 days ago

    Cheetah's side of the story was ok, it's Maxwell's which was really weird and out of time for its story..

  • Michael Graf
    Michael Graf9 days ago

    The first 30 seconds of this video was a stupid ad.

  • tmaze50
    tmaze509 days ago

    Yea this movie was absolutely garbage

  • b ruh
    b ruh9 days ago

    you didn't even mention the queerbaiting with diana and barbara... that's like 100 sins within itself

  • Angl0sax0nknight
    Angl0sax0nknight10 days ago

    I’ve been wondering if writers are even trying these days.

  • JD S
    JD S10 days ago

    You know... Lex Luthor is out there somewhere in 1984. I would *really like to see THAT scene where Lex renounces whatever wish he made.

  • Daryn Nehrkorn
    Daryn Nehrkorn10 days ago

    Everything wrong with WW 1984 in 3 words or less: TOTAL DUMPSTER 🔥! Honestly this is the only movie I saw in the theater that I WANTED MY MONEY BACK, AND I SAW HOWARD THE F****N DUCK IN THE THEATER

  • Pat McGroyn

    Pat McGroyn

    8 days ago

    Howard the Duck is pretty good.

  • Slayer
    Slayer10 days ago


  • Lord Heisinger
    Lord Heisinger10 days ago

    1,000 sins to CinemaSins for calling the original Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, ma'am. That's just wrong. You have to recognize OG cameos. That was probably the best part of the movie. lol

  • Julie Porter
    Julie Porter11 days ago

    Great but they missed a comic gold mine. In the sound bites when the one woman says "Do the line" they should have had Max say "This is the Way" in Mando's voice. (I know they kind of did that joke with the "Holy S$#@ it's the Mandalorian! And that was good but that sound bite could b better. I have spoken.😉😎

  • Noel Vermillion
    Noel Vermillion12 days ago

    Some misses sins; How come Steve came back in the body of a stranger instead of his own body being resurrected? Why did they feel the need to butcher Cheeta instead of just making Barbara a crazed experimental scientist who had had enough? Why didn't Max renouncing his wish automatically cancel out all other wishes? Why weren't Diana or the guy who Steve was occupying reprimanded in some way for stealing a jet? Why didn't they run out of fuel? How does Barbara know how to fight? Being super strong doesn't automatically mean being skilled. Why was Diana allowed in the tournament when she didn't train until she was a teenager? How exactly was Alistair's wish of greatness granted? The lady jogger wouldn't have needed saving if she had just kept jogging instead of stopping directly in the path of a speeding car. If Asteria has been part of man's world for so long, why haven't we seen or heard anything about her until now? What exactly happens with the wish stone now that Max basically gave up being the wish stone? How was Diana able to get the lasso around his ankle in the end when she couldn't even get it close to him before? Why and how was everyone able to hear Diana's plea? Why was Max able to get helicoptered back after renouncing his wish? Wouldn't renouncing it also make him not important anymore? How was Diana able to lasso lightning? What was the point of the invisible jet if she was just gonna attain the ability to fly? How the heck did Barbara survive being electrocuted and drowned? How did Diana's lasso end up back on her hip after the missile scene? How long is the lasso anyway? Side note: Diana being "crippled" by love as it was so elegantly put just proves that she is much like us and doesn't at all diminish her strength or independence. And it's not about how long you've known someone but about how deeply they impact your life.

  • Deepak Charan
    Deepak Charan12 days ago

    what about the baker lady who died? how is she supposed to renounce the wish of irish people going back to where they came from?

  • Rishi Joisar
    Rishi Joisar13 days ago

    Imagine Thanos is in the D.C Universe and he wishes half the universe is wiped. 🤔

  • pentiago city

    pentiago city

    10 days ago

    It's confusing, how the world would ruin immadiately with this free wishes

  • pentiago city

    pentiago city

    10 days ago

    Then imajine thanos not to listen the heroes to threat them, and just do wipe out half of the universe anyway.. Ah i dunno

  • JD S

    JD S

    10 days ago

    Then imagine Diana trying to convince Thanos to renounce his wish.

  • 2008topshelf
    2008topshelf14 days ago

    Damn this movie was stupid. Gal Gadot should sue. And Haile Berry should lobby that his movie supplant her Catwoman as the worst superhero movie ever.

  • darkSorceror
    darkSorceror14 days ago

    21:49 Wait, WW84 is a Christmas movie? And it has the 4th of July in it too?

  • John Y.
    John Y.14 days ago

    One of the worst movies I've ever seen

  • Joey Hernz
    Joey Hernz15 days ago

    The movie editors were high af with COVID in their system

    ABCMeEFG15 days ago

    @5:05 Wonder Woman is in 1984 without 1984 hair.

  • NewYork975
    NewYork97516 days ago

    80s movie with no 80s music... seriously WTF.

  • Luke Titus
    Luke Titus16 days ago

    All the plane nonsense is infuriating, first off, like the video said, Steve was flying during the first world which was decades before the first jet and all the planes they had were fairly basic compared to modern aircraft, especially a fighter jet. There was no way for Steve to understand what any switch in that jet did or how to turn it on as back then most planes were started by hand with someone pulling on the prop. Also the plane looked like an F-18 fighter but I’m not totally sure and I don’t even want to waste the energy to be certain but there is no left right seating in that or any other modern fighter, for one scene you can even see one person behind the other like the actual layout of those aircraft then it suddenly morphs to the seats being next to each other. Then there’s the radar issue, we saw the aircraft and the wind affect the clouds which means it has some hard structure which radar would surely be able to pick up, plus the fact that you can still see an aircraft at night especially cause he had his navlights, beacon, and landing lights on. His explanation of flight is the only reasonable thing as at the time pilots didn’t really understand angle of attack as one of the earlier books I’ve ready that discusses it(and still says most pilots won’t know what it is), Stick and Rudder, was from the 40’s so it is possible for him to think flying works this way or at least feel this is a sufficient answer to someone who knows nothing at all. Oh also no you wouldn’t fly through heavy professional fireworks, Steve should have been especially terrified as he flew cloth planes (just cloth wrapped tight around a steel or wood frame) with no enclosed cockpit, he should have shat himself, not to mention if one of those gets sucked in the air intake and explodes in the engine. If any pilots with more relevant experience wanna comment on this please feel free to add your two cents and correct any mistakes I may have made as I’m just a Private Pilot who flies a Cessna 172 and sometimes a Piper Cherokee

  • RandomPerson
    RandomPerson16 days ago

    Why aren't you doing Wolf of Wall Street?

  • vector150
    vector15016 days ago

    thanks a lot CinemaSins I spit crystallite all over my monitor when you did the thing about pop tarts and the restroom

  • zibafu
    zibafu16 days ago

    cinemasins gets 10 sins for not sinning the fact that diana basically shagged a man who couldnt consent because he was possessed obviously not one of us would turn her down, but still

  • BenOnPC
    BenOnPC17 days ago

    Did this guy just sin normal reading

  • Ricco Canipe
    Ricco Canipe17 days ago

    I have not seen this movie yet since my family doesn't own HBO Max!

  • Arpit Sanjar
    Arpit Sanjar18 days ago

    5:13 that sigh made me burst! xD

  • 1921 APFA champs
    1921 APFA champs18 days ago

    What are you talking about? The opening act about cheating sets up 100% of the movie going forward. Making a wish and not earning it is cheating.

  • Behroozi
    Behroozi19 days ago

    Missed opportunity to say “Everything wrong with Wonder Woman 1984 in 1984 seconds or less”

  • Behroozi


    14 days ago

    @The Unholy Messiah 24ish < 33, no?

  • The Unholy Messiah

    The Unholy Messiah

    17 days ago

    1,984 seconds is actually a bit over 33 minutes, so it wouldn't be factual.

  • Spring Boot Learning
    Spring Boot Learning19 days ago

    This is the reason when the Mrs and I watched this movie, and had to pause, NEVER returned to finish it. Yikes.

  • J. Allan English
    J. Allan English19 days ago

    43 seconds of ads and logos immediately following an unskippable ad, and then 8 ads throughout the video. 1000 sins for living long enough to become the villain.

  • Star Lynn
    Star Lynn19 days ago

    this movie was sooo damn lazy...,

  • confused lemon
    confused lemon19 days ago

    I was gently disappointed he didn't talk about the queerbaiting, but all in all I agree. Also, after assuming that everyone's wish would be selfish and that everyone is selfish, they switched their philosophy by assuming everyone (other than cheetah) would renounce their wish. Pick a lane, movie.

  • Anthony Rodgers
    Anthony Rodgers20 days ago

    To many things in this movie that doesnt make sense for justice league

  • Kai Tay
    Kai Tay20 days ago

    another sin: why is the "ancient armour" still in perfect condition after apparently being bashed by an army of vikings?

  • Jerry Graham

    Jerry Graham

    2 days ago

    The armor is mystical. The army of men only had primitive human weapons and didn’t make a dent in it. Cheetah on the other hand has gained Amazonian strength and her claws are mystical. This also means that even Superman can fall prey to her since he’s vulnerable to magic-based attacks. “Books don’t matter” Then why are you a DC fan if you’re not going to let yourself know more about it?

  • H.P Lovecat
    H.P Lovecat20 days ago

    Gotta admit that his love for his son was touching as hell.

  • marcell brollem
    marcell brollem20 days ago

    who the hell gave this garbage movie the green light....terrible😑


    2:43 - Keep up the GREAT work!!!!! I can BEAT this game. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Dates don't really matter in movies, except for Back to the Future lol. I love this channel. You make my day. In a world of darkness, you make me laugh and I learn things too. I will say you have one of the best deliveries in commentary analysis. Do you ever feel like you are screwed though? Like you're stuck with this? hahahahaha.

  • Angel Marie
    Angel Marie21 day ago

    I agree with the all the comments about the wedges and the clumsiness and footwear lol omg you get the ladies

  • B
    B21 day ago

    this movie was probably... DEFINITELY the worst superhero movie I've ever seen 🤮

  • KAZ Vorpal
    KAZ Vorpal21 day ago

    I pay more than I should for USplan Red (or whatever the drones at Google renamed it this week) in order to not have my viewing pleasure delayed by ads...and yet now I'm going to be subjected to an unskippable ad at the beginning of the video, because of the greed of the channel itself? As a general rule, I skip videos like that. I can always find what I'm looking for elsewhere. I'll make an exception this one time...but there's still Pitch Meetings and Honest Trailers reviewing the same movies, if it comes down to it.

  • Remco Welbers
    Remco Welbers21 day ago

    This is the worst DCEU movie by a mile

  • dflowers30
    dflowers3021 day ago

    Lol the first one was really good. How can the sequel be this poorly written and directed

  • Don Yute
    Don Yute21 day ago

    where did diana get all those outfits steve was trying on in her apartment? lmao

  • SuperJackster01


    21 day ago

    They were in the handsome mans apartment

  • Teddy Bear
    Teddy Bear22 days ago

    A few of the many sins of this movie: 1. Nothing really happens in the first 30 mins in this movie 2. What is the point of showing Diana’s childhood again? And how exactly did it help her throughout the entirety of this movie? 3. The villain’s accent goes on and off like Kate winslet’s in titanic 4. The gold suit Diana wears could withstand blows from millions of men but it can’t withstand just one Cheetah?? Also, how did she bring this armor with her if all she brought with her in the first movie was just her suit? 5. I can’t be the only one who thinks that DC is trying to add comedy to their stories to actually compete against Marvel studios. Their jokes just don’t suit the darkness of the comics 6. Damn. The special effects people who made Cheetah seemed inspired by Cats 7. How do the audience in the start know who’s blue who’s yellow??? 8. How do people from the museum not notice Diana as Wonder Woman?? Her whole face is exposed all the time 9. How do her neighbors not notice that she hasn’t aged since she appeared in their apartment building? 10. How did Diana’s lasso get to Max’s foot if it couldn’t even go far from the rail???

  • Andrew Marshall
    Andrew Marshall22 days ago

    "HOLY SHIT, YOURE THE MANDALORIAN!!" Is the best line reading I've seen today

  • Muhammad Steinberg
    Muhammad Steinberg22 days ago

    This movie susususuuuuuuucked!!!! They couldn't come up with a better scenario than stealing an F-111 from a museum. They get in a museum plane flip a switch and off they go. Fighters don't start like Cessna rentals.

  • Todd Taylor
    Todd Taylor22 days ago

    Between this, SS and BoP I really can't say which one is the worst ..... but I know all three are steaming piles of shit.

  • SuperJackster01


    21 day ago

    Birds of Prey is definitely the worst

  • Statuskuo75
    Statuskuo7523 days ago

    Hawt Gal Gadot...sins reset to zero

  • Megan Kinstler
    Megan Kinstler23 days ago

    There were so many fucking plot holes and was boring as crap. There was also a lot of content that could’ve been cut to save their ratings🙄

  • dubble1Random
    dubble1Random23 days ago

    Holy shit that is the madalorian! Watched the whole movie wondering why the hell he looked so familiar

  • Nicholas Pratt
    Nicholas Pratt24 days ago

    12:40 you forgot to sin the 300 rip-off of the Leather Mankini Greeks Leathkineeks?

  • Araxie Rose
    Araxie Rose24 days ago

    I'm a vegan, and 7:17 made me laugh so hard that I spit all over the cellphone screen and my mom (who was sitting next to me) told me to pipe down already.

  • American Nobody
    American Nobody24 days ago

    Just out of curiosity, did you do 20 because you couldn't think of anything else, or because there's just so much wrong with it you had to put a limit on the list? After seeing it I'm gonna go with the latter of the two. I know I'm curious to know how she managed to look so young for so long but then aged so drastically in a matter of 30-40 yrs!?

  • Dirk Digglah
    Dirk Digglah24 days ago

    I couldn’t even finish this film. The first one was great this one I just couldn’t get into it

  • Narada Kandawala
    Narada Kandawala25 days ago

    Now I don't wanna see this movie

  • ReyTheJediLady ViaJakku
    ReyTheJediLady ViaJakku25 days ago

    I sin 80s fashion. There! I said it!

  • alexa zhi
    alexa zhi25 days ago

    Just breathes, and is now able to fly

  • K Dawg
    K Dawg25 days ago

    This is a stupid movie... all steve had to do is say he wish maxwell would return the stone and the world back to normal... end of movie

  • DragonballPTK Jr.
    DragonballPTK Jr.25 days ago

    When comes zynders justice league sin Video? Idk why im the only one Who is asking this

  • FaraaZ
    FaraaZ25 days ago

    Except Pedro pascals acting, the film was extremely boring and had one of the shittiest story ever

  • Adam Katt
    Adam Katt25 days ago

    Ok cin sins, you put that stupid ad in twice... so -1

  • Mars Saturn
    Mars Saturn25 days ago

    I think this is the greatest movie ever to be made and will continue to be the greatest movie for many many centuries or until the end of time!

  • Spicy Froggy
    Spicy Froggy25 days ago


  • starswater
    starswater25 days ago

    Hey, wedges are great! D: I'd argue they at least make more sense that stilettos, at least wedges aren't going to break while you're walking >u>;; That said I just don't wear heels, because they hurt tremendously and can ruin your feet after a while. Not to say that I don't kinda wish I could wear them sometimes though -u-;; "God they have reduced this powerhouse of a woman to a crumbling pile of emotional debris, haven't they?" I mean, did we even see the same first movie? She's got physical strength sure, but from where I'm sitting what makes you strong in character, strong emotionally, is being able to assess what is right and act on it, even when it is difficult or painful, without denying to yourself that it is difficult and painful. Wonder Woman has shown repeatedly that she has no consideration for what is actually right and acts purely on how she feels, caving to her own whims and desires just about every time. To me that is someone who is weak, a far cry from the "pinnacle of female strength" she is taken as.

  • Jax X
    Jax X26 days ago

    It looks like the intro to the movie says world war 84

  • Derick McMahon
    Derick McMahon26 days ago

    that scene where WW tells the little girl "🤫" drove me up the wall when I first saw it

  • Commander KraZy
    Commander KraZy26 days ago

    They should just run movies by you before releasing them

  • Commander KraZy
    Commander KraZy26 days ago

    They should just run movies by you before releasing them

  • Katharsis540
    Katharsis54026 days ago

    Fun Fact: The Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), nicknamed the "Star Wars program", was a proposed missile defense system intended to protect the United States from attack by ballistic strategic nuclear weapons (intercontinental ballistic missiles and submarine-launched ballistic missiles). The concept was first announced on March 23, 1983 by President Ronald Reagan, a vocal critic of the doctrine of mutually assured destruction (MAD), which he described as a "suicide pact", and called upon American scientists and engineers to develop a system that would render nuclear weapons obsolete. Formed: 1984. Dissolved: 1993 (renamed). Superseding agency: Ballistic Missile Defense Organization. Missile Defense Agency. Jurisdiction: Federal government of the United States.

  • Katharsis540
    Katharsis54026 days ago

    The CGI. My God.

  • Nerdy punk
    Nerdy punk27 days ago

    I don't get how max suddenly gets a wish when someone else makes a wish.

  • Jerry Graham
    Jerry Graham27 days ago

    I’ll make a wish that can’t backfire. I wish for a turkey sandwich, on rye bread, with lettuce and mustard, and, AND I don’t want any zombie turkeys, I don’t want to turn into a turkey myself, and I don’t want any other weird surprises. You got it? [Turkey sandwich appears] Hey! Not bad. Nice, hot mustard. Good bread. The turkey’s a little dry. The turkey’s a little dry! Oh, foul accursed thing! What demon from the depths of hell created thee!

  • Jerry Graham
    Jerry Graham27 days ago

    If the Lord God himself was this generous on wishes, do you think He'd be good or evil? Discuss.