Everything wrong with Woke Culture (and the impact on feminism)

From Captain Marvel and Rey Skywalker, to the Live Action Mulan, and Charlie's Angels - it seems like women are kicking butt up and down movies and tv shows. But how come no one likes these female heroes? No one seems to like the new Batwoman and the new female Doctor who. Why?

Is it because of Woke Feminism?

In this video, I dive into this new form of feminism that's taking everyone and everything by storm, and break down why exactly it's so damn alienating!

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  • Baggage Claim
    Baggage Claim28 days ago

    Hey everyone! Thanks for the amazing comments on this video! I love it!! Just FYI, I know I messed up and used the screenshot of Ghostbusters 2 instead of using the one from 2016. Also, I misused penultimate - should have said ultimate. Whoops! Just know I'm aware, but I can't fix the issues - whomp whomp :(

  • Michael Blaine

    Michael Blaine

    2 days ago

    I was gonna absolutely flip out..no I’m totally joking,anyone who’d nitpick that is way too uptight

  • rross27


    2 days ago

    Great video! With one caveat... Feminism has NEVER been good for women or society: "Rape is an expression of ... male supremacy ... the age-old economic, political and cultural exploitation of women by men." Does this sound like a modern radical feminist? Guess again. It is from a American Communist Party pamphlet from 1948 entitled "Woman Against Myth" by Mary Inman. In a 2002 book, Red Feminism: American Communism and the Making of Women's Liberation, feminist historian Kate Weigand states: "ideas, activists and traditions that emanated from the Communist movement of the forties and fifties continued to shape the direction of the new women's movement of the 1960's and later." In fact, Weigand, a lecturer at Smith College, shows that modern feminism is a direct outgrowth of American Communism. "Anyone who knows anything of history knows that great social changes are impossible without feminine upheaval. Social progress can be measured exactly by the social position of the fair sex, the ugly ones included." - Karl Marx (Author of the Communist Manifesto 1848). There is nothing that feminists said or did in the 1960's-1980's that wasn't prefigured in the CPUSA of the 1940's and 1950's. Many second-wave feminist leaders were "red diaper babies," the children of Communists. Communists pioneered the political and cultural analysis of woman's oppression. They originated "women's studies," and advocated public daycare, birth control, abortion and even children's rights. They forged key feminist concepts such as "the personal is the political" and techniques such as "consciousness raising." In the late 1940's, CPUSA leaders realized that the labor movement was becoming increasingly hostile to Communism. They began to focus on women and African Americans. They hoped the fraudulent ideas of "male supremacy" & "white supremacy" would bring more women & minorities into the organization and into the fight against the domestic policies of the Cold War. Two main goals of communism have always been, "destruction of the family unit" and "destruction of the middle-class".

  • Koala From Tomorrow

    Koala From Tomorrow

    5 days ago

    Hey why don't we make her own moive with a feamle led moive.i.sm down to moive

  • Kuintessence


    6 days ago

    Hey, can you please find and read my comment asking about how Star Wars VII-IX got bad reviews for woke feminism? Thank you!

  • Kuintessence


    6 days ago

    @Cerimus Gamz saaaaame

  • Toby Selwyn
    Toby Selwyn10 minutes ago

    Fantastic video! In its own right but also refreshing to hear from a woman. Whether women count themselves as feminists or not, they should aspire for better than this crap they're being sold.

  • TheMerryPup
    TheMerryPup19 minutes ago

    Unfortunately the people who really need to hear this would never sit through the whole thing.

  • Wes Stewart
    Wes StewartHour ago

    I don’t understand Elizabeth banks’s statements. I, as a male, have been watching several films for years that are female based and have genuine greatly written female characters. Sidney Prescott (Scream), Laurie Strode (Halloween), Ripley (Alien), Buffy The Vampire Slayer, A League Of Their Own, and hell my two favorite Teen Titans characters in the show are Starfire and Raven. Females have had representation, now I’m not gonna say that men don’t get more representation but give credit to the actresses of the past who were amazing female characters that paved the way Edit: forgot about Mulan (original of course 😊)

  • Raveena Savadi
    Raveena Savadi5 hours ago

    What about The Handmaid’s Tale, that is a woke feminist show, dealing with the strength of women developing in a dangerous society, to strive for power in a society built to put us down is what woke feminism is. It’s easy for people in developed countries to look down upon aspirational and overly powerful women because you already have the freedom we can only dream of.

  • phoeniximperator
    phoeniximperator5 hours ago

    I stopped watching Dr. Who since he became a woman. The show has become so political that it is no longer fun to watch

  • Life Goals
    Life Goals6 hours ago

    Probably had some good points, but a boring video.

  • rawirihemi27
    rawirihemi277 hours ago

    Great examples of positive female roles, bang on 👌👌👌👌 and that’s why the world likes them!

  • Jacquline Ball
    Jacquline Ball9 hours ago

    Yeah, gotta agree with ALL of this. I thought you were gonna say Mulan was one, but you said first Mulan was the Hero and real like Mulan is a WOKE so that's ok. Phew! I haven't watch that version, probably won't since it's so far off the animated version by the looks.

  • MW mv
    MW mv12 hours ago

    Evil has no gender. Is simple as that. Also - it doesn't have race. It has ideology tho.

  • m9nkeyman
    m9nkeyman12 hours ago

    While watching this video, I'm imagining someone making a movie that has a female character that is basically a parody or direct insult or representation of feminists trying to make terrible strong female characters and this female character believes that she is strong and doesn't need a man to help her when in actuality.... she does

  • mrenaep


    4 hours ago

    Like Rey, from Star Wars. Rey got mad at Finn for trying to save her (he held her hand while running away) and she kept saying that she didn't need saving or hand holding. She was perfect, knew how to do everything right away with zero training and in the end, it was Ben who saved her.

  • Maze
    Maze13 hours ago

    The commodification of a social movement. It’s always destructive!

  • Off Grid As
    Off Grid As16 hours ago

    This is so on point. Love it

  • MC R
    MC R16 hours ago

    Hollywood is so possessed by woke ideology that they can't write a good female arc, it's always the same "chosen one" arc. "You were always special and everyone tried to keep you down so now you have to realize how amazing you always were. There's no growth, no actual overcoming of limitations. Mulan in the animated version used her wits to win against the men. Batman's arc when he is amongst the JL is that he's eons below them in the physical strength and power department and yet he rises above them time and time again with his wit and planning and is respected, this could be a great arc for a female character, but then the writers would have to admit that women are physically weaker than men so they'd never touch it

  • mrenaep
    mrenaep16 hours ago

    THANK YOU FOR THIS. You articulated everything I felt about this subject. Everything. Even down to my opinion about the Purple Haired Chick on Star Wars. The whole time I was watching the scene in the movie, I kept saying, "Just tell him the plan!" And also Rey. She immediately knew how to do everything. All the things. Bugged me to death. A girl who's been trapped on pretty much a desolate planet is an expert at everything. She even could understand Chewie, which was an ongoing gag in the movies of no one but Han really understanding him.

  • Randy Johnson
    Randy Johnson18 hours ago

    As a man and a writer who loves many characters of both genders (with a slight preference for female characters honestly) I like any character with traits I enjoy it's simple writing 101 on how to make a likeable character. Honestly though the reason I hate woke feminism is that they are self centered to the detriment to men. Men have a LOT of of societal issues too and we'll only fix issues for both genders when both genders stop acting like a battle of the sexes is woke... And honestly I'm scared of they have their way being male will simply be a crime in and of itself.

  • Hormuzd Daruwalla
    Hormuzd Daruwalla18 hours ago

    Just wanna say, THANK U ! I have tried explaining this to so many around me. Hats off !

  • mrenaep


    16 hours ago

    I felt the same way! This puts everything I feel into words.

  • Psylent Rage
    Psylent Rage19 hours ago

    Thank you for this video. I didn't know that Captain Marvel was originally a MALE? DC's my favourite, when it came to the books and MARVEL for the screen. When I think of badass women, I think of ALL the Boer women that died in British concentration camps during the ANGLO-BOER war, with children and the elderly, to demorilize the men. It worked... Not these little girls trying to userp something that's not theirs. I look at ALL the single-mothers and widows, not these little crybabies that's, on a whole, got NO clue, what life is like. NOT to mention ALL the women (and children) that are, on a DAILY basis, part of the human-trafficking world. If ONLY they spent as much energy on praying and feeding the hungry, they might really wake up... CREATE your own female characters, WE are not buying our stolen ones.

  • ron mundi
    ron mundi19 hours ago


  • Oreo Akalaperoji
    Oreo Akalaperoji21 hour ago

    2:34 Oouuhhh! Almost lost me there thought I heard "they don't need men." Was about to leave I just can't listen to another 77th wave feminist. I can feel my lifespan diminishing, when I listen to them.

  • George Mark
    George Mark22 hours ago

    Excellent summary

  • Lift X 10
    Lift X 1023 hours ago

    FANS HAVE LOVED IT!? NO! The Fans…. Arent loving it…. The FANS hate it…. The ones loving it are people who never liked the shows they are changing…. They didnt like it… because thats how it is! Instead of creating THEIR OWN ORIGINAL character… they BITCH and MOAN until the Male is made Female…. Feminists have RUINED Marvel, Dr Who, and SEVERAL shows….. WTF ARE YOU EVEN TALKING ABOUT.

  • Baggage Claim

    Baggage Claim

    23 hours ago

    Keep watching

  • Andrew Kaumba
    Andrew KaumbaDay ago

    You're kind of old now

  • イチゴ甘い
    イチゴ甘いDay ago

    I’ve had this exact conversation on Twitter and with friends IRL. And wow, I had to renew the circle of people I have

  • Ziv Atad
    Ziv AtadDay ago

    6:31 how is that an upgrade if men and women are supposed to be equal?

  • Koala From Tomorrow
    Koala From TomorrowDay ago

    Thing must be earned

  • Koala From Tomorrow
    Koala From TomorrowDay ago

    That batwoman scene is so hpopycrital

  • Frank / フランク
    Frank / フランクDay ago

    thanks for making this video! i've always wondered what the female perspective is on this topic. there's a ton of female creators that agree with this and promotes it, but i rarely see the ones on the opposite side or, not even on the opposite side, but just wants to look at it critically and try to understand why people are divided on the topic.

  • unskilled_
    unskilled_Day ago

    Society is the badguy because woke feminists have nothing left to fight for after traditional feminists won them everything they now enjoy today. The characters that are written by them being empty shallow copies of male characters reflects this simple fact. It is the generational difference in writing that created and treats their characters like Ellen Ripley and Sarah Connor vs Captain Marvel and Batwoman today.

  • Icy Cool
    Icy CoolDay ago

    What we have today is the disgusting rise of the female chauvinist pig. From a man's point of view, there is nothing to like there. Run away.

  • Matthew Robert
    Matthew RobertDay ago

    13:00 "I just want to know what is going on because my friends and family are dying out there" Holdo: "Of course you do you impulsive male ape. You can't stand the fact that a woman is in charge and you, as a man, demand that I respond to you like a nice little lady" "I'm joining the Empire. This rebel Alliance is dead"

  • Joshua Mathew
    Joshua MathewDay ago

    Honestly, I don't see why women aren't offended by this issue either. In these movies, only the male characters get character development and have to earn what they get, but the women don't. If you're not offended by woke culture, then you need to think seriously about these movies and see if you connect with the female characters at all, because you most likely won't. They aren't giving female characters, character development, but they're giving it to the males, why isn't this offending you??

  • Oysterman 250
    Oysterman 2502 days ago

    Holdo is the epitome of a really badly-written female character. I've also been enjoying your content about Mrs and Mrs Markle (not a typo). Just to make things clear - I was equally curious about how a female Dr Who would pan out... and unfortunately, it was reduced to tokenism by pushing terrible, patronizing and preaching storylines alongside an atrocious character arc. Chris Chibnall seemed to revel in destroying the very programme he claimed to love as a kid.

  • tushar gupta
    tushar gupta2 days ago

    The dislikes are from woke feminists

  • Chopperwocky
    Chopperwocky2 days ago

    You earned my like in the first minute of this video.Thank you for restoring my faith in women.

  • Tri Nguyen
    Tri Nguyen2 days ago

    If you want to success make a fuckig good movie staring women. Rather than just telling us why we should like it.

  • Rupam Deka
    Rupam Deka2 days ago

    The worst impact is definately Arya Stark killing the Night King in GoT

  • lu mii
    lu mii2 days ago

    I’m so fed up with hollywood movies that are created to ”educate” me somehow. I want to be entertained! Films these days are bland, boring and unintelligent and the moral of the story has been the same in everything produced since like 2015. Give me complex, properly flawed characters and nuanced stories, please.

  • Toby Maltby
    Toby Maltby2 days ago

    4:40 - "I don't know why men don't return the f-- favour" Answer = cos my life is too short to waste it watching you shit film, luv....

  • Robin singh
    Robin singh3 days ago

    “The sense of entitlement is often universally met with scorn and mockery”, summed it up perfectly

  • Picture House
    Picture House3 days ago

    It's not just feminism that's making this mistake. The majority of humans have empathy and that's the most of what you need to relate to any character. We can't live the lives of those whom we are not but we can still relate through empathy.

  • KALEIDO jess
    KALEIDO jess3 days ago

    This new type of feminism is setting women up for failure.

    AJ MARR3 days ago

    With virtue signaling we reward the signal, and not the virtue, which takes attention and diligence that is unrewarded by a public with a short attention span. Thus, by tearing down a statue, voicing an ardent stance on social media, or otherwise passively protesting, your position is noted in the moment, to be forgotten until the next social outrage that merits your briefest of involvement. Virtue signaling is a half-step towards a goal with the inference that the person will follow through with their support one time or another, which they likely won’t. Ultimately, to change prejudices, incentive structures must be changed for those whose behaviors are disparaged, not of those who do disparage. So if minority neighborhoods are neat, crime free, and are havens of industry and the arts, then it is much more difficult for prejudices to take root. The problem is that banning the expression of prejudicial views suppresses it, not eliminates it, as the misperceptions that drive prejudices remain unchanged. from www.scribd.com/document/495438436/A-Mouse-s-Tale-a-practical-explanation-and-handbook-of-motivation-from-the-perspective-of-a-humble-creature

  • Four Lights Orchestra
    Four Lights Orchestra3 days ago

    Hey, Captain Marvel was at least better than Iron Man 2, but it wasn't one of their best ones.

  • Four Lights Orchestra

    Four Lights Orchestra

    21 hour ago

    @Pranoymaxx Yeah, I think Thor 2 might be the weakest one they've made. I'm a big fan, but some of them are definitely duds. They can't all be infinity war.

  • Pranoymaxx


    Day ago

    iron man 2 was good. captain marvel is better than thor 2

  • John Mark Sesbino
    John Mark Sesbino3 days ago

    **Insert Invincible Meme Here** WOKE Feminist Strong Man and Woman CHARACTERS: Look what they need To mimic a fraction of our power

  • Aysha Suhana
    Aysha Suhana3 days ago

    These types of feminists have lost their way, now they don't want equality but superiority

  • brendan n
    brendan n3 days ago

    Opposite George Costanza -opposite woke . Hollywood , HIRE this woman

  • ChoTM
    ChoTM3 days ago

    equalizer tv series .... laughed so hard ... it's like making Janis Bond ,Ramba or Jane McClane ....I mean ...cmon is there any originality left ?

  • Metalheadjake
    Metalheadjake3 days ago

    Feminism has been ruined by crazy man haters No. I don't think Feminism is a man hating movement or that most Feminists are man haters but there is a loud vocal bunch on the Internet who seem to wish men were gone and it seems to make a lot of people (men and women) look at the moment in a bad way. And can't people stand up for women and empower women without bashing men or putting me down. Like what is saying "All m3.n are trash" excatly doing to help gender equality? Instead of making a wedge between men and women? Also, I agree that men need to be quiet when women talk about their issues but when men talk about their issues. You always have some women trying to call them "Misogynists" and try to make it about women because "women have it worse" So women are EQUALLY as gulity as men in that regard. Both genders needs to listen to each other instead of shutting each other down

  • Life on Leo
    Life on Leo3 days ago

    Amazing video. The desdain these woke feminist characters have for men is irritating.

  • Sally Smith
    Sally Smith3 days ago

    Everything "woke" involves bringing a group of people down so the "oppressed" group is superior, rather than the "oppressed" group raising themselves up

  • Sui Pheng
    Sui Pheng4 days ago

    That is sooooo truuueeee! Thank you! I have a brother, who gets so hurt by that man hate and all. And I just wanna protect him from that and teach him, that most women are not like in those movies shown...

  • make luke rad again
    make luke rad again4 days ago

    mulan too..i hated that

  • make luke rad again
    make luke rad again4 days ago

    god damn so many good points especially about sarah connor and rippley and now i know why i couldnt finish captain marvel

  • make luke rad again
    make luke rad again4 days ago

    nailed it...this is why wonderwomen is badass

  • E F
    E F4 days ago

    I will take the patriarchy over woke feminism any day

  • UberKrassMann
    UberKrassMann4 days ago

    damn girl. don't trigger me like that in the beginning.

  • Kaan Dervis
    Kaan Dervis4 days ago

    In today's world women never earn what they have... it is given to them .. movies are reflecting this..

  • Kaan Dervis
    Kaan Dervis4 days ago

    I have a rule: never watch women washed, black washed, woke or bollywood movies.. Use my tactic you will not be sorry..

  • Kaan Dervis
    Kaan Dervis4 days ago

    Woke and feminism killed movies and series... A black woman as the captain of a spaceship? no.. never works..

  • Nghiem Yumei
    Nghiem Yumei4 days ago

    It's sad that these ideas have been brain washing young girls so much that now they keep acting rude to men for no reason at all, they literally hate men for being men, they even said "they deserve it". Deserve what? Hate for being born as a certain gender? Isn't that what feminism has been fighting against?

  • Lam Nguyễn
    Lam Nguyễn4 days ago

    As feminist myself, I agree to everything in this video. Both men and women have problems, including that you've just named: Toxic feminity. No denial, no excuses, just acknowledgment and a hope to make the community better.

  • SingleTax
    SingleTax4 days ago

    And then these shallow, entitled, spoiled-brat women actually wonder why increasing numbers of men are walking away in disgust (i.e. MGTOW), and why they consequently find themselves having to buy their own drinks.

  • YH WH
    YH WH4 days ago

    The problem with this is that they create a character with a whole identity and then replace it with a women or poc, no wonder it fails horribly, also they put them in movies where its completely uncalled for. Look i don´t have a problem with rey for example, its not like i dont like the character because she is a women. i just hate the fact that the character is so, soooo poorly written. Like all the Jedi trained for years, kylo was a perfectly trained saber master that was trained by one of the most powerful jedi and then there is rey... she just found a saber and handeled perfectly. HOW? In some movies you can literally feel how they only hired a poc or women for the sake of diversity. It´s like doing a movie about nazis and adding a black person. no. germans arent black, never been, especially not in this time. so why the fuck would you put poc in viking stories etc? it doesnt make any sense. imagine a movie in africa and they just place some random white dude there to be diverse. jow wtf. Nowadays movies are more about weird politics than actaually tell an interesting story. its sad. awesome video tho. ur arguments and examples are very on point.

  • The nihilist
    The nihilist4 days ago

    Mr. pretty good vet for a woman making it LOL

  • Raynee Bruggeman
    Raynee Bruggeman4 days ago

    I for some reason kinda liked the woman’s ghost busters I’ll admit it made me laugh a couple times

  • RCwithAdam
    RCwithAdam4 days ago

    This was a really great, well thought out, well presented video! 👌

  • Ted Seamus
    Ted Seamus4 days ago

    This video is on point. Thank you. Im tired by hollywoke forcing anything in the name of representation.

  • E E
    E E4 days ago

    This has been your bet video yet. The fact is that more women are appalled by woke feminism. THEY ARE TARNISHING THE IMAGE OF SANE WOMEN LIKE US!

  • Verrell Rahardjo
    Verrell Rahardjo4 days ago

    Thank you for speaking out about this!

  • Emma
    Emma4 days ago

    Feminism has always been this way, it's just more out in the open now.

  • Ramiro Gutiérrez
    Ramiro Gutiérrez5 days ago

    5:34 Imagine a man saying the same but that the suit will be perfect if it suits a man...hahaha it would be mashed up by feminists

  • Robert Müller
    Robert Müller5 days ago

    The main issue is that "woke" feminists simply do not seem to be the cognitive elite of the female population.

  • LittleDove97
    LittleDove975 days ago

    Um Captain Marvel doesn't hate men though?

  • unsure0fflife m
    unsure0fflife m5 days ago

    Youre amazing, you made the best points.

  • Cutie Galore
    Cutie Galore5 days ago

    BTW, "loving" Iron Man and "hating" Captain Marvel is the best example to show the double standard and why MORE films like Captain Marvel should be made.

  • Pranoymaxx


    Day ago

    im sure theres a double standard given tht we hve known iron man for over 10 years and hve seen his character develop into smthg good nd we hve seen captain marvel in basically two movies one of which she is barely in

  • Robin Robin
    Robin Robin5 days ago

    They have destroyed so many great franchises

  • Robin Robin
    Robin Robin5 days ago

    I completly hate this new woke feminism bs

  • Gaurav Singh
    Gaurav Singh5 days ago

    Got bored and stumbled upon this. Good content.

  • Parnellio
    Parnellio5 days ago

    I subbed Ty for the vid

  • Private Grotto
    Private Grotto5 days ago

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you .. for spelling this out. Have been noticing this for years. Glad to see it's finally being called out.

  • Shayne HK
    Shayne HK5 days ago


  • Uncle Aung Zay Ya From Burma
    Uncle Aung Zay Ya From Burma5 days ago

    They say about no representation of woman in movies, there're so many women in movies. Like ripley from aliens. The most badass one!

  • James Karan
    James Karan5 days ago

    I liked the way you put batwoman in place. I recently came across a video in which the 1st batwoman was a straight housewife and actually Bryce Wayne's aunt

  • Andrew Hoyle
    Andrew Hoyle5 days ago

    There alot right and alot wrong. These are after all comic book characters in fictional worlds using unrealistic powers. We can't use these stories as being symbols of modern day woman's movements

    BENNI BATZ5 days ago

    Perfectly said through and through.

  • Sicawhore Manchester
    Sicawhore Manchester6 days ago

    aaaand subscribed, beautifully done

  • Sliq Lee
    Sliq Lee6 days ago

    I love this!! great video and i hope more women listen to you

  • S Jackson
    S Jackson6 days ago

    Thanks so much for this video. I think content like this is really very helpful in finding some common ground. Woke culture certainly seems to be more about destroying what has gone before then it is about creating new forms of equality. it's like they are constantly telling us how they HAD to make woke super hero movies and tear down existing characters and franchises because there have never been movies based on real-life strong female characters (The Rosa Parks Story, The Blind Side, Norma Rae, Silkwood, The Iron Lady, Erin Brockovich) who did incredible things without the use of some unreal super powers. we should be telling stories about heroes from all walks of life. we should be letting everyone have their chance to be in the spotlight. But we don't have to disrupt or destroy in order to do so.

  • Kuintessence
    Kuintessence6 days ago

    *Spoilers for Star Wars VII-IX ahead, you have been warned.* I am not opposing your video, in fact, it is one of my favorite videos of all time, but please explain to me how Star Wars is getting critical reviews for woke feminism (I tried to ask that as nicely as I could). From when I watched the movies, I see her working with various male characters doing what's right: working with Finn, Poe, Han Solo, Lando Calrissian (if that's how you spell it), and even Kylo Ren to defeat the First Order and all the other Sith guys. If you can, please explain to me how critical reviews against the movies are due to woke feminism (I'm really trying to ask it in a not mean way here).

  • Kuintessence


    4 days ago

    @Baggage Claim Thank you!

  • Baggage Claim

    Baggage Claim

    4 days ago

    I think that's a very reasonable question. Specifically, I would say because of how perfect Rey comes off to be. She's able to do everything without ever training. She's doesn't come off as a competing character that needs to grow to overcome her main foe. That's really the main issue. I agree that she works with everyone which is wonderful.

  • Kuintessence


    6 days ago

    I know, there is the purple hair lady, but she isn't one of the very main characters, so she can be ignored, right? If I missed something and I'm being stupid, please let me know 😂

  • BloodyKyona
    BloodyKyona6 days ago

    Just once I would like to see a USplanr attack both woke progressives AND their opposition, because BOTH SIDES ARE WRONG! The conservative right are WAY worse than the progressive woke left... WAY WORSE because they remove civil rights from people (women, LGBT, etc.) Progressives are just... well... idiots. They're not hurting people outright or for profit, they're just moronically being the most giving parents ever letting kids do whatever the hell they want without regards for consequences. BOTH sides SUCK. P.S. There was nothing wrong with Captain Marvel, all claims of SJW crap against it are LIES. I know this. That movie SPOKE to me, and not because of feminist overtones. It spoke to me because I have been oppressed (for MANY reasons, not just gender) and have been LIMITED, and so was she. The moment she took that limiter chip off and found her true self, that resonated with me like no other scene in any movie ever has. And she was the first REAL female superhero (we had others, but none of them did ANYTHING as impressive as male superheroes until Captain Marvel... Storm zapped a frog, Rogue nearly killed everyone, Shadowcat ran away from Juggarnaut and then became trans, need I go on?) Marvel was a bitch because of how hard she had it along the way and for being used by aliens, seems reasonable to me. I'm a bitch too because of the abuse I've suffered in my life. That said, I won't defend Batwoman, nor will I defend the all-female Ghostbusters.

  • Erik Johnson
    Erik Johnson6 days ago

    Everything wrong with woke culture; EVERYTHING.

  • Infamous Zephon
    Infamous Zephon6 days ago

    yea, us men are so dumb, dont wanna see women wear less clothes and fight bad guys on the big screen. Or maybe its the fact that its just plain boring and watching porn is more interesting and free

  • Andie German

    Andie German

    6 days ago

    Dude this made me laugh for like 10 mins straight 💀😭

  • Sherry Muthiga
    Sherry Muthiga6 days ago

    I just watched live action mulan and if I remember right this video made some references to this movie featuring woke feminist mulan? Yeah, I disagree with that

  • Medic
    Medic6 days ago

    Imo, the issue is that it expects human beings to be enlightened from birth to death.

  • Chicken Nugghetti
    Chicken Nugghetti6 days ago

    You've put all my arguments into one, well-paced and coherent video. Thankyou so much.

  • Martiane
    Martiane6 days ago

    The famous wokes are Meghan and Harry who hates royalty but wants to keep their titles and name their daughter to praise the monarch 🤣

  • Bruno Lucena
    Bruno Lucena6 days ago

    wow really nice video

  • Ryan A.P.
    Ryan A.P.6 days ago

    I want to see women with virtue. Just like all of my male heroes were virtuous, I wish to see the same in the heroines I see. Virtue is dying in our postmodern, nihilistic world. I would gladly follow the lead of women who truly seek to do the best for society and their own development. I can’t stand entitlement, lack of humility, or people who wish to denigrate rather than empower. This goes for men and for women.