Explaining the Pandemic to my Past Self - 1 Year Later


It's been exactly one whole year of forest fires, murder hornets, pandemics, isolations, protests, quarantines, elections, vaccines, and riots and yet here we find ourselves, back at the beginning... What would happen if I tried to explain what's happening now to the January 2020 version of myself?
Part 1 here: usplan.info/two/video/sqZsyJqgq2ikmW8.html​
Part 2 here: usplan.info/two/video/3ZeuqamAZaeOpp4.html​
Part 3 here: usplan.info/two/video/tZWZ0JicdXfZgaI.html​
Part 4 here: usplan.info/two/video/u4yZpop7oonObqY.html
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  • Julie Nolke
    Julie Nolke28 days ago

    Thanks for watching!! Sure sex is great but have you tried subscribing?

  • Jon Hulett

    Jon Hulett

    7 days ago

    @Trina Q without Julie or John K (SGN) I don't know what I'd do.

  • Jon Hulett

    Jon Hulett

    7 days ago

    @Martin Rios-Ayala if you want to time travel, subscribe. Julie can.

  • Jon Hulett

    Jon Hulett

    7 days ago

    But involve subbing. Sometimes.

  • Non Mutual Group

    Non Mutual Group

    10 days ago

    2:30 ..and remember..she didn't even know what "George Floyd " meant yet..

  • econojon


    11 days ago

    @Martin Rios-Ayala time travel. Duh!

  • H Freyse
    H Freyse2 minutes ago

    I have now watched the entire "series", and I am overwhelmed by this wave of brutal nostalgia. Brutalstalgia. I think that's what I'm gonna be calling remembering anything 2020 from now on.

  • patirocha
    patirocha8 hours ago

    Brazilian julie from 2021 would just blank stare rocking back and forth

  • King Quan
    King Quan12 hours ago

    I’ve been without human reaction and it’s terrible

  • P Walls
    P Walls12 hours ago

    Well...our King here in the good old USA just said that fully vaccinated people must now double mask and wear goggles. Double mask....and fucking GOGGLES! And when I say King, I ain’t talking about sleepy Joe. I’m talking about none other than Anthony fucking Fauci. Tell me what the point of the vaccine was again??

  • Dragonghast
    Dragonghast15 hours ago

    Yeah pretty ambitious plot, they barely had time to cover the murder hornets and resolve the forest fires and-

  • Feygon Nickerson
    Feygon Nickerson15 hours ago

    Tom Hanks makes a cameo early on as well.

  • Julie's Compass
    Julie's Compass20 hours ago

    I LOVE THIS😂😂😂❣️❣️❣️

  • Dominik :D
    Dominik :D21 hour ago

    What irreperable damage does she mean?

  • Dale Newcomb, Jr.
    Dale Newcomb, Jr.Day ago

    Enjoyed the video until I got distracted by the hand touching face moment (usplan.info/two/video/y6ShtaxxdKe7qqo.html). Not because of the touching, but because the hand is slightly larger and loses the ring. :D

  • Gwendolyn Rice
    Gwendolyn RiceDay ago

    Its been a year already... Wow......

  • BEP
    BEPDay ago

    The plot twist at the end... SUBSCRIBING!!!!!

  • Shervin Peyghambari
    Shervin PeyghambariDay ago

    Are you kidding? BUY BITCOIN. who tf buys GameStop!!

  • JAdames Designs&Photography
    JAdames Designs&PhotographyDay ago

    Part 5 please!!!!!!

  • Shrikinator
    ShrikinatorDay ago

    Unreal how you do this. You are one very talented lady and this one hit hard, while at the same time still entertaining. This is what it must feel like if you're the weather and raining on a sunny day.

  • Mooshey
    MoosheyDay ago

    "It's ambitious" 😂

  • johnkillink
    johnkillinkDay ago

    this must be the best video i watch this week. haha... super fun! Cheers!!

  • JR 76
    JR 762 days ago

    Let's not forget about the non-stop riots, looting, arson, violent assaults and murders. What would you call it when rioters attack Police Stations, Courthouses and other Federal buildings?? But hey.....let's just mention Jan 6..

  • Dee
    Dee2 days ago

    "...iTs aMbItIoUs!"

  • Dee
    Dee2 days ago

    omg- the steady amount of sanity i have lost and am losing rn is so perfectly captured in this video. 👌 like the way she's acting like all hope is lost in humanity and the dullness in her eyes. 10/10

  • Haast
    Haast2 days ago

    Not to mention Iran, Beirut, Belarus and Myanmar.

  • SC123
    SC1233 days ago

    Can't wait for part 5 where it all gets better

  • Roger Standman
    Roger Standman3 days ago

    George Floyd protests spread the virus, just saying

  • tutin
    tutin3 days ago


  • Handsome Samson
    Handsome Samson3 days ago

    "So what's new?" "Well, I've still got my nails painted blue..." 💅

  • chy03001
    chy030013 days ago

    Looking forward to part 6 ;-)

  • Marlene Krukowski
    Marlene Krukowski3 days ago

    Love these videos!! 🥰

  • enzoli23
    enzoli233 days ago

    Aw yiss, new episode!! I mean... these videos are the best pandemic-related stuff ever, I was soooo curious when can we get another one and here it is! :O ♥ brilliant as usual!

  • buca117
    buca1174 days ago

    Meh. The quarantine didn't really do much to me. I was a hermit before, a hermit during, and a hermit after. If anything, it was my poor decision to leave where I was living for a job that hurt me the most. I was fired from it (my fault), and now pay way more in rent for a job that pays way less.

  • hi
    hi4 days ago

    Just move to FL where COVID died a year ago. Or vote out your stupid Democratic politicians who did this to you.

  • Crystal Lite
    Crystal Lite4 days ago

    Seccond pandemic and schools shutting down

  • dimforest
    dimforest5 days ago

    You are great. This is great. Great stuff. Great.

  • yashvi sharma
    yashvi sharma5 days ago

    Please keep making these they are funny and recap us of all the events in the years. Even if the pandemic ends. And please make these longer

  • Just a Person on Youtube
    Just a Person on Youtube5 days ago

    2022: A new pandemic started and killed half of Earth's population 2023: Mutant lizards, fighting under their supreme overlord Mark Zuckerburg, take over the US 2024: A large black hole is imbound to Earth 2024: The black hole is gone, but so is Earth since the universe just disintegrated 2025: Every human respawns on another planet in the year 2021, and the cycle continues

  • dmcg Whisper
    dmcg Whisper5 days ago

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I want to touch face toooooo! 🤣

  • Juleru
    Juleru5 days ago

    What if present Julie got past Julie sick? Would that mean that past Julie was patient 0?!

  • Firehawk376
    Firehawk3765 days ago

    Yeah, 2020 was the year the script writers apparently decided that they needed to do something to up their ratings, so they decided to do ALL the things.

  • Fluffy Bunny
    Fluffy Bunny6 days ago

    How did she go on this long rant of terrible things but gloss over the fact that large groups of mostly peaceful crazy people burned down the United States? 😆

  • Desdemonda
    Desdemonda6 days ago

    Man, December Julie who actually wanted a visit, didn't get a visit.

  • Daniela Urazan
    Daniela Urazan6 days ago

    "It´s ambitious"

  • shreek1123581321
    shreek11235813216 days ago

    i love it!!!!!!!

  • Doktaah Who?
    Doktaah Who?6 days ago

    The temporal prime directive is less of a headache if you just ignore it.

  • Alice Julia
    Alice Julia6 days ago

    Make moreeeee

  • Tiago Bernardo
    Tiago Bernardo6 days ago

    doesn't matter still subscribed

  • Gary Wastle
    Gary Wastle6 days ago

    This video literally made me cry, and not from laughing

  • Jon Hulett
    Jon Hulett7 days ago

    $AMC is next and $DOGE, ask July 2021 Julie lol

  • Lauren Bruges
    Lauren Bruges7 days ago

    I can’t imagine trying to explain the pandemic to January-2020 Lauren. She’d been through a lot but this would have been insane to her.

  • Paul Christian
    Paul Christian7 days ago

    Forgot to include the horrific fraudulent election of Sleepy Joe

  • The Saturnian

    The Saturnian

    3 days ago

    She's an sjw. She thinks there's wasn't a coup in the US. If there was a future conservative Julie you'd hear more truth.

  • Jzee313
    Jzee3137 days ago

    A very rough movie - 2021 Julie nolke

  • Krista
    Krista8 days ago

    Does anybody actually relate to videos like this? Like, c'mon. How many people have actually gone an entire year without hugging or touching another person? Only the hyper-scared, never left their home type of people are doing all that.

  • Ilana Est
    Ilana Est8 days ago

    Never stop doing this

  • RAzOR ShaRp
    RAzOR ShaRp8 days ago

    Very talented, and very funny.

  • épinards & caramel
    épinards & caramel8 days ago

    Another great one! I too miss touching people. Wait, that came out wrong.

  • bathedinshadow
    bathedinshadow9 days ago

    Her nails have really held up!

  • Jenn Feinstein
    Jenn Feinstein9 days ago

    These videos are awesome--bringing me life during the pandemic. But question...who the F is giving them a thumbs down?

  • Ciara
    Ciara9 days ago

    The direct stare into the camera while talking about not focusing too hard on the time travel so we can have a good time absolutely destroys me

  • Heather Shannon, LCPC
    Heather Shannon, LCPC9 days ago

    OMG, the face touching part 😂 💙

  • Vasiliki Tzalachani
    Vasiliki Tzalachani9 days ago

    I teared up a bit when you started to listing everything that has gone wrong in 2020 and 2021..... I can't believe that it sounds like a messee up movie.

  • What Angie Reads
    What Angie Reads9 days ago

    I miss hugs the most

  • Ann Ca
    Ann Ca9 days ago

    Has anyone checked in on December 2020 Julie? She kinda got lost in the visiting past-self time travel extravaganza!

  • 42 KnowMore
    42 KnowMore10 days ago

    Just pretend like it doesn’t exist, be with your family and friends, and it won’t exist.

  • Angel Starr
    Angel Starr10 days ago

    At first I was panicked and crying that I was forced to work throughout this entire pandemic as an essential worker...but now I'm actually a little grateful. I still go to work with the public 6 days (50 hrs) a week as usual, and then I still spend my nights with my boyfriend and my mom I live with as usual. As an essential worker and an introvert, not too much has changed in my life, besides the fact I haven't been in a restaurant or at a concert in a year...and I wear a mask and use a lot more hand sanitizer.

  • Autotrope
    Autotrope10 days ago

    It's just like the gypsy woman said

  • TheFren
    TheFren10 days ago

    This will be an absolutely amazing historic document one day, showing exactly what it feels like living through a bunch of historic events.

  • Chase Spencer
    Chase Spencer10 days ago

    I definitely felt the “definitely not” 😁🥲✌🏼

  • Lee -Lee
    Lee -Lee10 days ago

    Who are you?

  • Alexander Hay
    Alexander Hay10 days ago

    after re-watching this series again, i realize i'm still not over the australian wildfires... and i sort of miss those orange skies...

  • Tehilla Naiman
    Tehilla Naiman11 days ago

    can't stop laughing!

  • Annie LovVorn
    Annie LovVorn11 days ago

    I wanna see April 2021 Julie visit December 2020 Julie (who thought things were looking better lol)

  • erikig
    erikig11 days ago

    4:34 Dogecoin 🥲

  • ellaphx
    ellaphx11 days ago

    Irreparable damage has most certainly been done.

  • Karen Stuitje
    Karen Stuitje11 days ago

    Best one yet

  • C D
    C D11 days ago

    Anyone couldn’t stop looking at her blue nail polish?

  • Matthew Bowen
    Matthew Bowen11 days ago

    OMFG why can I only like this once?! I feel like the universe hates me.

  • Emma Rose
    Emma Rose11 days ago

    This is so accurate and perfectly timed for me sitting in the middle of another lockdown. I am just so lucky about the country and state I live in have really professional COVID safe regulations.

  • Aidan Fu
    Aidan Fu11 days ago

    You think 2020 was bad, think about all the other years in the past that was truly horrible.

  • TheSphynx
    TheSphynx11 days ago

    She acts exactly like Sandra bullock oh my god

  • Gary Bridges
    Gary Bridges11 days ago

    The only reason time travelling me would show up, would be to ensure that there was one more of us than was needed to overcome some specific difficulty. And once we've got our hands on time travel technology, there could very easily be hundreds of us. You just keep looping back.

  • Richard Sleeve
    Richard Sleeve12 days ago

    I miss smelling other people. Good and bad. At least that adds character to your day. Now all I ever smell is the inside of my face mask I don't wash nearly enough, my kids' poopy diapers, and the bed bath and beyond candles I so desperately light to erase the first two.

  • Demon Wolf
    Demon Wolf12 days ago

    What if she infected her old self with covid, by not wearing a mask😋

  • ofek sharon
    ofek sharon12 days ago

    21Her: "They're gonna short it😏" 20Her: "I- I don't really know what that means😶" Me: I bet she doesn't either 21Her: "Neither do I😉" Me: Does anyone?🙃

  • Steven Hernandez
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  • Linkolnverse
    Linkolnverse12 days ago

    Was so hoping for a last second "Have you heard of Bitcoin??"

  • Gloves
    Gloves12 days ago

    Poor December Julie no one came to visit :(

  • Robert o
    Robert o12 days ago

    Game stop nice

  • Holly Lebeck
    Holly Lebeck12 days ago

    LOL Suez Canal...and Zoom...and Game Stop.

  • Didier Masseret
    Didier Masseret12 days ago

    it's the fault of the sexy Zeus and Prometheus

  • Ash Shawon
    Ash Shawon12 days ago

    2:31 That does sound like a plot of a bad apocalyptic movie 😬

  • Alan Campbell
    Alan Campbell13 days ago

    Buy a stock, it goes up, sell it for profit? Easy. Shorting? BORROW someone else's stock, and sell it. When it comes time, buy back AT LOWER PRICE. Return the stock and pocket the difference. BUT - what if the price goes up? Gotta pay back what you borrowed, gotta get stock from somewhere... and 2020 Julie can make a fat profit selling you her stock.

  • Keerti Kusum
    Keerti Kusum13 days ago

    This girl is beautiful 😍 and acts so well. Should be in the movies. I would love to watch her.

  • Sara Sariowan
    Sara Sariowan13 days ago

    You forgot the Atlanta shootings... so yeah

  • Cards Fan
    Cards Fan13 days ago

    Can't wait for that movie.

  • Brandon Tschetter
    Brandon Tschetter13 days ago

    Gamestop? Baby garbage. Put all your money into Dogecoin.

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  • ItsInvis Mitell
    ItsInvis Mitell13 days ago

    This video got a silver Playbutton, 100k likes that's crazy man

  • Ms. Busra Seher
    Ms. Busra Seher13 days ago

    Lmao i forgot how its like to touch let alone hug someone. When she said when you hugged them could you smell them. Omg thats like ancient history.

  • Earl Cedric Mediavillo
    Earl Cedric Mediavillo13 days ago

    But did April 2021 Julie still visit December 2020 Julie 😭😭

  • hamlet gomes
    hamlet gomes13 days ago

    😂😂😂😂 Love it.

  • Roberto W
    Roberto W14 days ago

    Haha I loved every minute of this... and now I can’t remember the last time I gave my friend a hug? :(

  • Jessica Bullock
    Jessica Bullock14 days ago

    Not to mention the worst election and new president in USA history!