Fortnite Prop Mythbusters 😱😱😱


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  • Sebastian
    Sebastian9 days ago

    Ur so ugly lol

  • Tehlikedi
    Tehlikedi9 days ago


  • Brody Ruberti
    Brody Ruberti10 days ago

    The. Chicken just sliding

  • Fishy boy
    Fishy boy12 days ago

    Its epic that he bunny hopped while using the rift

  • Caio Taketomi Graçato
    Caio Taketomi Graçato16 days ago


  • Fam FBI
    Fam FBI16 days ago

    Imagine your just in a fortnite game chilling and you see a literal bush holding a chicken

  • ConorIOMUK.
    ConorIOMUK.17 days ago

    That rifting one might be pretty useful

  • Xavi Gamer0
    Xavi Gamer017 days ago

    The chicken tho

  • M3lkFN
    M3lkFN19 days ago

    Man U got revive and use as the same bind

  • pelaaja man tuomisto
    pelaaja man tuomisto23 days ago

    How are u a prop

  • Jax Parker
    Jax Parker23 days ago

    Those are spire jump boots not spire gauntlets get it right

  • ML From MW and ML Roleplays
    ML From MW and ML Roleplays24 days ago

    Fortnites dead and will never be revived

  • Korbi Kokst
    Korbi Kokst24 days ago

    Delete your Channel man

  • Soggy Bread
    Soggy Bread25 days ago

    Wtf has fortnite become

  • Lance Elamparo
    Lance Elamparo26 days ago

    imagine there is a troller who is a prop running around with a floating chicken

  • Christopher Hamilton
    Christopher Hamilton26 days ago

    I mean, a chicken would think it's weird if a barrel were to chase her

  • Hayden Comer
    Hayden Comer26 days ago

    Shut up fortnite kid

  • Mario
    Mario26 days ago

    The other day I turned into a prop then saw the storm was coming and tried to rift with my duo and didnt know you couldnt glide so i just fell back down and died to storm what a waste of gold...

  • Rėjus. M
    Rėjus. M26 days ago

    Prop gun back?

  • braylon goette
    braylon goette26 days ago

    Ok why did the barrel flying from the rift remind me of the goblin barrel in clash

  • Daniele Wick
    Daniele Wick26 days ago

    This game is a good game

  • Davis Gomes
    Davis Gomes26 days ago

    Bruh why did he say spire gauntlets fyi it's spire boots

  • tristanius
    tristanius26 days ago

    Chines fortnite kiddy

  • Oliën4jouw dōTERRA
    Oliën4jouw dōTERRA26 days ago

    This is why kids I don’t like fortnite

  • Eric
    Eric26 days ago

    You can become bushes in fortnite now?

  • K.K.Toader
    K.K.Toader26 days ago

    Imagine just chilling and out of nowhere a barrel drops in and kills you

  • Sebastian Breckons
    Sebastian Breckons26 days ago

    When could you turn into a prop... this game really fell the last 2 years

  • creative core
    creative core26 days ago

    He said spire gauntlets instead of boots

  • リヴァイ・アッカーマン
    リヴァイ・アッカーマン26 days ago

    He literally did what bertoltotoltod did 😂

  • Muny Mun
    Muny Mun26 days ago

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  • mirabolo
    mirabolo26 days ago

    non ho idea che

  • doudou_ tn
    doudou_ tn26 days ago


    WIP CHANNEL WIP26 days ago

    Me and the bois dropping in as barrels

  • Oskar The Killer
    Oskar The Killer26 days ago

    You can do a douple kill

  • Mr. Bepis Gaming
    Mr. Bepis Gaming26 days ago

    This guy hasn’t touched a woman has he?

  • Maahir Joshi
    Maahir Joshi26 days ago

    Disgusting why does anyone Play this game

  • divided_memes ultra
    divided_memes ultra26 days ago

    Hold up how did he not get knock but jesse did when they did that????

  • jake eyes10
    jake eyes1026 days ago

    How do you become a prop

  • Tylans channel
    Tylans channel26 days ago

    Do you ever get bourd of fortnite

  • Raven YT
    Raven YT27 days ago

    What is that😱😱👀

  • JcYaico
    JcYaico27 days ago

    No fall damage???

  • DOG_ Mathoofd
    DOG_ Mathoofd27 days ago

    No one gives a shit

  • Trevor Awesomness
    Trevor Awesomness27 days ago


  • yasin gamer
    yasin gamer27 days ago

    Spire guntlet🤣🤣🤣

  • 9T pacific
    9T pacific27 days ago

    A flying barrel is totally something normal you see in a game

  • James Raye
    James Raye27 days ago

    Fortnites getting old

  • C413B_74N
    C413B_74N27 days ago

    Ik them all

  • NonLander
    NonLander27 days ago

    Everybody gangsta until a item revives a teammate

  • Official_Elf
    Official_Elf27 days ago

    That is funny

  • Diamondarc05
    Diamondarc0527 days ago

    Does no one remember C1S10

  • That guy
    That guy27 days ago

    Imagine seeing a flying prop

  • G1impse
    G1impse27 days ago

    The barrel looks like a bomb

  • Rey Zaragoza
    Rey Zaragoza27 days ago

    I forgot about the spire boots maybe because there just bad

  • James Fleming
    James Fleming27 days ago

    Wtf even is this game anymore I haven’t played in years

  • What I'm I doing here?
    What I'm I doing here?27 days ago

    The not pulling glider can be used as an advantage, imagine getting chased you turn into a prop, pop a rift land and laser them

  • Die Backmischung
    Die Backmischung27 days ago

    Damn this season could be sssooooo good ... SWEATS ENTERED THE SESSION

  • Brenda Fuentes

    Brenda Fuentes

    13 days ago

    Nah nobody is that good just spammers

  • Dwayne The Rock Johnson

    Dwayne The Rock Johnson

    24 days ago

    @Joshua Haubrick even if they put it back and og streamers come back they’ll complain bout sweats and they’ll leave the game again

  • Jenson Patton

    Jenson Patton

    25 days ago

    Hey 👋 morning ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Joshua Haubrick

    Joshua Haubrick

    26 days ago

    No season can be good now unless they put in the og map

  • evilrobo 008
    evilrobo 00827 days ago

    Everybody gangsta till the prop jumps outta nowhere and revives EVERYONE

  • Old Sport

    Old Sport

    13 days ago

    Only your teammates

  • jaredhehe123
    jaredhehe12327 days ago


    TBG MANIAC27 days ago

    Why are the boots called spire gauntlets ?? Gauntlets are for your hands

  • halaplayz yt〽
    halaplayz yt〽27 days ago

    U can hold a spire ball and swim with a prop I tried it lol

  • NAND
    NAND27 days ago

    When you're addicted to fortnite

  • Gabe The meme human person
    Gabe The meme human person27 days ago

    Those are spire BOOTS my guy, not gauntlets

  • The kid who plays FoRtNiTe Yes me Dino I’m goated
    The kid who plays FoRtNiTe Yes me Dino I’m goated27 days ago


  • SNM_Jason -_ btw
    SNM_Jason -_ btw27 days ago

    Why is this guy soooo weird tf

  • The Bruin
    The Bruin27 days ago

    This guy needs to speak up litterly tho I have to turn my volume up and when the next short comes up it blasts my ears so yeeah speak louder beo

  • Zack
    Zack27 days ago

    real life copied fortnite with the chickens

  • Jack Riedy
    Jack Riedy27 days ago

    Birdo, still loving it! This was so funny! Keep it up

  • JogadorDeMine
    JogadorDeMine27 days ago


  • MasterDino 13
    MasterDino 1327 days ago

    How do you even become a prop

  • Siczy
    Siczy27 days ago

    That chicken is high af

  • pinguim platinado
    pinguim platinado27 days ago

    i think that the chicken walk weird if you took too long to grab her or go far from her spawn point.

  • C.I.A
    C.I.A27 days ago

    Lmao you just see a barrel coming at you kamakazing I don’t even like this game but that would be funny

  • Lizzy Cube
    Lizzy Cube27 days ago

    who even plays this dead ass game anyways

  • Austyn Smith
    Austyn Smith27 days ago

    Are prop guns in the game now?

  • Victory royal Gaming
    Victory royal Gaming27 days ago

    Did anyone notice that he said spire gauntlets and not spire boots

  • Lises
    Lises27 days ago

    His fuckin head is so small😂😂

  • joshua whitaker
    joshua whitaker27 days ago

    I feel you are Copying T5G

  • Marcus Ababio
    Marcus Ababio27 days ago

    I’m soo confused

  • Marcus Ababio
    Marcus Ababio27 days ago

    How are you a prop ingame

  • Michael Meneses
    Michael Meneses27 days ago

    It's so frustrating you keep popping up on my shorts and recommendations but I don't click on you or even want to watch your channel I don't like fortnite don't even care for it this channel is awful I don't know why it keeps popping up


    SPire gauntlets???

  • Saif Suhail
    Saif Suhail27 days ago

    The chicken was like I m fast as fk boy and the chicken was like RuNnNnNnNnNn

  • Aarav Aher
    Aarav Aher27 days ago

    I watched Jesse and Jordans (x2twins) short's and for some reason Jesse dies when he lands on the ground after being rifted as a prop. Anyone know why?

  • Little Sam
    Little Sam27 days ago

    Jesus loves you all

  • tord
    tord27 days ago

    Imagine ur walking then a flying Bush comes at u

  • Fort Craft
    Fort Craft27 days ago

    Ah yes. It's normal for me to see flying chairs and barrels in casual game.

  • Caleb Jordan

    Caleb Jordan

    27 days ago

    Especially during Season X!

  • jawsiraptor
    jawsiraptor27 days ago

    0:00 spire gauntlets?

  • red basix
    red basix28 days ago

    He’s using the same button to pick up to people and revive

  • Zakariya Munir
    Zakariya Munir28 days ago

    The spire gauntlets they are boots are you dumb or just dumb

  • PROWLER9197
    PROWLER919728 days ago


  • No Name
    No Name28 days ago

    Nobody gonna talk about that clean b-hop...

    MACI ZOCKT28 days ago

    You are the best USplanr

  • Ollie Greenslade
    Ollie Greenslade28 days ago

    Do you take fall damage as a prop

  • S Long
    S Long28 days ago

    How is he a Bush🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • HopedLemur094
    HopedLemur09428 days ago

    Lol I was playing fortnite with my friend and I was a prop and I was wondering if I could and when I found out it was funny

  • Diamond Legion
    Diamond Legion28 days ago

    Imagine you just downed somebody and your about to kill them then there’s a prop reviving them that you didn’t notice and they get rezd and kill you

  • 2 Bros T.V.

    2 Bros T.V.

    27 days ago

    *Mythic Boss Wolverine*

    MAMADY KOUROUMA28 days ago

    Your revive is the same as your Carrie

  • Samuel I am123
    Samuel I am12328 days ago


  • JAIRO_7u7
    JAIRO_7u728 days ago

    Añañin de grande

  • Diamond Werto
    Diamond Werto28 days ago

    Imagine seeing a fucking barrel fly to you