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For those who always ask, these softball games are PRIVATE because of far too many people showing up when they were public. If you send me a DIRECT MESSAGE to my INSTAGRAM @BOBBYCROSBY and give me your e-mail address and tell me why you want to play, there's a chance you'll be invited!


  • dodgerfilms
    dodgerfilmsMonth ago

    If this video gets 100,000 likes, we’ll do another basketball series!

  • PopCrackleBoi


    2 days ago

    How was Uncle Sam after this

  • DevMatt


    15 days ago


  • CHS Celebrity

    CHS Celebrity

    27 days ago

    I don’t think this will get 100k

  • stunnaxhigh


    27 days ago

    Score board broken by Gabe 250$ Light broken by Gabe 500$ Gabe's "I broke the light" reaction PRICELESS... master card😂🤣😂🤣

  • Chromasis


    Month ago

    @Z Hall but ur second

  • Kate Loverich
    Kate Loverich9 hours ago

    Poor Lumpy

  • Ajplays985
    Ajplays985Day ago

    How big is this field?

  • Farzon22
    Farzon222 days ago


  • Catherine Neligan
    Catherine Neligan2 days ago

    They shoudl let lumpy use insanely illegal bats

  • zachary
    zachary2 days ago

    That plane is a fex ex plane lol

  • Keyden Throener
    Keyden Throener3 days ago

    The sad truth

  • Shane Pendergrass
    Shane Pendergrass4 days ago

    Hopefully Uncle Sam is ok

  • sml wk kkl
    sml wk kkl4 days ago

    Lumpe dus not look like that

  • Chase Ray
    Chase Ray5 days ago

    Lil Kersh ain’t lil no more😢

  • Maximus Dixson
    Maximus Dixson5 days ago

    That’s an airbus a300

  • Nick Games
    Nick Games7 days ago

    Good job lumpy

  • Dana VanDrew
    Dana VanDrew8 days ago

    Fed ex

  • Ronald Lee Ewing Studios
    Ronald Lee Ewing Studios8 days ago

    Gabriel is 2021 Home Run Derby champion!!!!!!! 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  • Tank L.
    Tank L.9 days ago

    Now hold on one☝ got damn minute😳👀You sure that field is 300ft???? 😒😒😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sonia
    Sonia9 days ago

    Hii lolll

  • Jaseir Moore
    Jaseir Moore13 days ago

    Gabe broke the scoreboard and the the lights

  • Whitney Henry
    Whitney Henry13 days ago


  • Stephen Omalley
    Stephen Omalley13 days ago

    Gabe is Awesome❤️👑💪

  • Stephen Omalley
    Stephen Omalley13 days ago

    Congrats Gabe!!!!💪👑

  • bro?
    bro?14 days ago

    respect for gabe

  • Andrew Hile
    Andrew Hile16 days ago

    Fed X

  • Ryan Martin
    Ryan Martin16 days ago

    bennys scream when gabe broke the light kills me everytime i come back to this vid lmaoooo

  • AskingPie YT
    AskingPie YT16 days ago

    I love how Bobby like oh no Dam

  • Jackson Hartman
    Jackson Hartman16 days ago

    Fedex Md11

  • Camrynn Herdling-Julian
    Camrynn Herdling-Julian17 days ago

    Lumpy looks so old

  • Trenton Loerke
    Trenton Loerke18 days ago

    Who was here when coop would get cheered on every game

  • dani andre
    dani andre18 days ago

    What plane is it a fedex

  • Dominic Clary
    Dominic Clary19 days ago

    That plane was an MD-11F

  • Mason Daniel Morgado
    Mason Daniel Morgado19 days ago

    fedx plane

  • Shadow Playz
    Shadow Playz19 days ago

    That plane was a FedEx plane

  • Brody Arosemena
    Brody Arosemena20 days ago

    fedex plane

  • Grant Wilson
    Grant Wilson20 days ago

    -Andy- ~if lumpy hits a home-run I’ll shave my whole body~😂😂

  • Carlie Templeton
    Carlie Templeton20 days ago

    I didn’t know that they made fedex planes

  • DSG N0VA
    DSG N0VA20 days ago

    md 11 i think

  • Country Boy brayden
    Country Boy brayden20 days ago

    He should be inducted in the dodger films Hall of Fame

  • Donna Rivard
    Donna Rivard21 day ago

    Gabes turning into soup

    JAYDEN BONEY21 day ago

    The plane was fedex

  • Johnny WorldWide
    Johnny WorldWide21 day ago

    Anyone know where this ballpark is?

  • Luke Griffin
    Luke Griffin22 days ago

    Lumpy did better than fire ball

  • Tayden Stringer
    Tayden Stringer22 days ago

    He broke the scoreboard and lights

  • Alexandra Smith
    Alexandra Smith22 days ago

    I want to know how many softballs you guys use in a game?

  • Alexis Ryanna
    Alexis Ryanna23 days ago

    awh when lumpy was like “i couldnt hit one out but its ok” my heartttt

  • Kaleb Marrs
    Kaleb Marrs23 days ago

    gave looks so old now i didn’t even know it was gabe

  • KennyRiddim
    KennyRiddim23 days ago


  • YeezyboiGBK YT
    YeezyboiGBK YT23 days ago

    FedEx plane

  • Liam Kleiber
    Liam Kleiber23 days ago

    A fed ex plain

  • UptownBear 87
    UptownBear 8724 days ago

    @dodgerfilms that was a MD-11

  • Sam Christesen
    Sam Christesen24 days ago

    Bobby called Papa Cap a great young ball player 1:14. He’s as old as Shop

  • Cherish Andreski
    Cherish Andreski24 days ago

    fedex planes? when where them a thing

  • Neo_ Playz
    Neo_ Playz24 days ago

    3:42 andy just zooms past the camera😂

  • A H
    A H24 days ago

    Sweater said s word when he got elimated

  • A H
    A H24 days ago

    Md80 fedex

  • James ASMR
    James ASMR24 days ago

    Do a wiffle ball series

  • Sandra McIntire
    Sandra McIntire24 days ago

    This place is were I played my campion ship game lol

  • Shane Klein
    Shane Klein24 days ago

    Gabe is insane

  • Todd Shepard
    Todd Shepard25 days ago


  • JG7
    JG725 days ago

    Any1 else confused on the fedex plane

    BSBL LIFE25 days ago

    the plane is a fed ex plane

  • Gunnar Sletto
    Gunnar Sletto25 days ago

    A fed ex plain

    CRAZYBOIII7925 days ago

    7:07 fed ex md-11

  • Cameron & Connor On
    Cameron & Connor On25 days ago

    FedEx plane ✈️ 🛩🛬🛫 🛫🛫🛫🛫🛬🛬

  • liam caracofe
    liam caracofe25 days ago

    7:09, that is a McDonnell Douglas DC-10, you can tell by the third engine in the tail, it has been in use since the late 1960s.

  • K. Ko
    K. Ko25 days ago

    Bro I was dead on gabes last hit andy just zooms past the camera

  • Lizette Lara
    Lizette Lara25 days ago

    I think light shot is worth 5 runs

  • ed hickman
    ed hickman25 days ago

    Was Andy wearing his Jesus sandals??🤣🤣

  • Random subject guy
    Random subject guy25 days ago

    Isn’t 15 babes lucky number

  • Curry Boy
    Curry Boy26 days ago

    Did he say Papa Cap is a YOUNG ball player????hes a legend but not that young

  • Joshua Williams
    Joshua Williams26 days ago

    Do it andy

  • Shash
    Shash26 days ago

    Gabe is different bro holy crap😭😭

  • J Prescott
    J Prescott26 days ago

    Can you have gabe always mic`d up

  • Tomeka Keyes
    Tomeka Keyes26 days ago

    That plane was a fed ex

    SAMMY SAM26 days ago

    It’s a FedEx plane

  • Preston Taylor
    Preston Taylor26 days ago

    The plane is a FedEx MD-11

  • Mgguyett
    Mgguyett26 days ago

    The plane is fedex

  • Braxton Bigham
    Braxton Bigham26 days ago

    Fed ex plane

  • Red On Sundays
    Red On Sundays26 days ago

    am I the only one who noticed that TMobile only hit 12 homers in the final round? He counted one of the outs as a home run and never corrected it.

  • Alexandra Windsor
    Alexandra Windsor26 days ago

    It was a tie baker

  • Alexander Fenske
    Alexander Fenske26 days ago

    7:06 That's easy, it's a FedEx Plane

  • The manager
    The manager26 days ago


  • The baseball boys⚾️
    The baseball boys⚾️27 days ago

    I remeber when Gabe hit his first homer

  • Bentley James
    Bentley James27 days ago

    Is it just me or does that Gabe reminds me of Ronald Acuna Jr.

  • Daniel M
    Daniel M27 days ago

    Papa Cap either wins or shows mercy

  • Nightmares FN ッ
    Nightmares FN ッ27 days ago

    Lumpy won in my heart

  • Jolena Pokorny
    Jolena Pokorny27 days ago

    I am 10

  • Jolena Pokorny
    Jolena Pokorny27 days ago

    My fav player gabe

  • Football player#24
    Football player#2427 days ago

    My favorite player is Andy and Gabe

  • Gabe Shrader
    Gabe Shrader27 days ago


  • Braxton Hayes
    Braxton Hayes27 days ago

    It was a FedEx plane

  • Saddo_Catto
    Saddo_Catto27 days ago

    I wish there was one but with baseballs, that would be awesome

  • Andrew Bode
    Andrew Bode27 days ago

    Do another awards ceremony

  • Drewmoney 42
    Drewmoney 4227 days ago


  • Denise Rogers
    Denise Rogers27 days ago

    The plane is maybe a dc-10 or a md-11

  • Braeden walrus
    Braeden walrus27 days ago

    sweater 21:04

  • Stxtic -
    Stxtic -27 days ago

    Bobby didn’t have to do them so dirty 😭

  • stunnaxhigh
    stunnaxhigh27 days ago

    Lil kersh will not win lmao

  • im yourdadkid
    im yourdadkid28 days ago

    fed ex plan pog

  • Brooklyn Wallace
    Brooklyn Wallace28 days ago


  • Bentley Youngs
    Bentley Youngs28 days ago

    fed ex

  • bxltz33
    bxltz3328 days ago

    a fed-x plane??!!!!