That was crazy...
Today I robbed a car dealership and stole all of their cars. It was the official Redline dealership and it was really funny. I stole a lot of luxury cars and the cops showed up and I got into a ton of chases. There were a lot of funny moments in this gta 5 episode, enjoy!
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If u read this far down in the desc I love u!


  • RushighCowcat
    RushighCowcat53 minutes ago

    King of GTA

  • j lil
    j lil6 hours ago

    5:57 what AY

  • j lil
    j lil6 hours ago

    0:20 there's few people there is a lot of people

  • Gabriel Toledo
    Gabriel Toledo17 hours ago

    10-99 means officer held hostage

  • DungeonPlayz
    DungeonPlayz18 hours ago

    10-99 means officer in hostage.

    KUGE YT22 hours ago

    Why was his Ferrari under water?? 16:12

  • Luxifer Samuel
    Luxifer Samuel22 hours ago

    sorry wrong channel -_-

  • Rkirky06
    Rkirky06Day ago

    10-99 means an officer has been taken hostage

  • Jakesplace1 4 lif
    Jakesplace1 4 lifDay ago

    10-99 means a police officer is being held hostage

  • Dagger
    DaggerDay ago

    TREY I have tried for 3 and a half hours to get into Redline on mobile but it won't work can you please do a tutorial on how to get on on all devices

  • Cod mobile gaming Yeet
    Cod mobile gaming YeetDay ago

    16 11 time is that your Ferrari lol

  • Luke Harris
    Luke HarrisDay ago

    did anyone see the 3m car

  • Phantom Clash
    Phantom ClashDay ago

    I look it up

  • Phantom Clash
    Phantom ClashDay ago

    1099 meant he was helled hostige

  • Perrione Jordana
    Perrione JordanaDay ago

    you couldve told them i am here to take the cars to a new delership so the person that stole it wont get anymore

  • kingcadenlit
    kingcadenlitDay ago


  • FTW curlylockz
    FTW curlylockzDay ago

    50 ways to rob a dealership lol

  • Raymond Embler
    Raymond EmblerDay ago

    "i slept with ur mother" "what,*moment of realization* HEY" shii had me dying

  • Rachel Johnson
    Rachel JohnsonDay ago

    Trey shot a cop 16 times

  • First Name
    First Name2 days ago

    1099 meant that he was held hostage haha

  • Xempt Gaming
    Xempt Gaming2 days ago

    He legit warned that the ferarri was slow

  • Mikkel Gxp
    Mikkel Gxp2 days ago

    im kind of confused about theese videos... is this RP? roleplaying a car robery - heist is whatever but going to the same place 4 times in a row stealing car upon car upon car with voice changers, drawing guns in ,2 seconds... and not to mention that you keep driving the cars into every wall on the map but continue and worst case scenario it breaks down. you just write /repair... real Roleplay

  • Sans The Skeleton
    Sans The Skeleton2 days ago


  • Nexo
    Nexo2 days ago

    are gonna ignore the fact that he said "i wont kill the hostage im a good guy"

  • Cameron Powers
    Cameron Powers2 days ago

    1099 means officer hostage :)

  • Kaeden Stover
    Kaeden Stover2 days ago

    why was there a car in the water

  • Peightyn Blop
    Peightyn Blop2 days ago

    You should’ve listened to the cop when he said the Ferrari was slow

  • Dylan Gallagher
    Dylan Gallagher2 days ago

    16:13 his ferrari in water lol

  • Jimmy Scott
    Jimmy Scott2 days ago

    I like avatar the last air bender

  • Samuel Bhatti
    Samuel Bhatti2 days ago

    4:24 my among us name is:Gigglypuff

  • Unik Kadyan
    Unik Kadyan3 days ago

    16:13 what is that ferrari doing underwater???

  • Richard Aguinaga Perez
    Richard Aguinaga Perez3 days ago

    why tf is there a car at 16:12

  • easton tube
    easton tube4 days ago

    1099 means officer hostage

  • Mr BreaD
    Mr BreaD4 days ago

    Bruh just swim away dont get back there bruh.

  • Jdog George
    Jdog George4 days ago

    Who else saw treys red frarrie

  • Adam Guerrero
    Adam Guerrero4 days ago

    dont touch me n***a my drip my drip

  • Kadyn Shenfeld
    Kadyn Shenfeld4 days ago

    Wtf why was the Ferrari in the water

  • Alexmavplayz
    Alexmavplayz4 days ago

    Stupid a 10-99 is officer held hostage

  • Notilis Plays
    Notilis Plays4 days ago

    Trey a 10-99 is officer in distress

  • Crisp3e Gaming
    Crisp3e Gaming4 days ago

    Why would u robe redline

  • sxlent
    sxlent4 days ago

    1099 mean officer heald hostage

  • f4lgz_pain
    f4lgz_pain4 days ago

    at 16:10 there was a firari at the bottom of the water

  • ReloX
    ReloX4 days ago

    Look at 16:13 there’s a Ferrari

  • Dominic Rayas
    Dominic Rayas5 days ago

    Was that a Ferrari in the water

  • Fresh ErRoR
    Fresh ErRoR5 days ago

    10-99 is a emergency and they need backup ASAP

  • Daemein Lanier
    Daemein Lanier5 days ago

    He was like gimme they was like ni un nu he went back and was lik gimme

  • Adrian Marsh
    Adrian Marsh5 days ago

    Lov your vids

  • FaZe Bg PRO 7
    FaZe Bg PRO 75 days ago

    I'd like to recommend to not look back and watch where you are going as your mom told you when you were born(not hate just recommend)

  • Kyle Greathouse
    Kyle Greathouse5 days ago

    16:12 why was there a fucking Ferrari underwater

  • Mahmoud abouraia
    Mahmoud abouraia6 days ago

    Was that a red car in the water??????

  • antek cielniak
    antek cielniak6 days ago

    16:12 anyone else see that Ferrari?

  • jack rogers
    jack rogers6 days ago

    whats the music called when he jumps from the plane

  • That One Scottish Boy
    That One Scottish Boy6 days ago

    16:11 why was there a car under water

    NOLAN FINAN6 days ago

    y cant i see the dealership on the map

  • Matthew Kraszewski
    Matthew Kraszewski7 days ago

    anyone clock that random red car in the water

  • Teddy Dobi prod.
    Teddy Dobi prod.7 days ago

    How do u talk to people in the game PLEASE

  • Death[Y_T]Assassin357
    Death[Y_T]Assassin3577 days ago

    A 10-99 means Cardiac arrest / Officer held hostage.

  • cuda 74 - gaming videos
    cuda 74 - gaming videos7 days ago

    At 16:12 you can see a red and blue Ferrari underwater

  • Godpays
    Godpays8 days ago

    At 16:13 is that a random car?

  • edio gaming
    edio gaming8 days ago

    16:12 why is there a Ferrari there?

  • Jac on youtube
    Jac on youtube8 days ago

    15:31 means cop held hostage

  • Ultradurpcake
    Ultradurpcake8 days ago

    What server is that

  • Shrawin Sisodia
    Shrawin Sisodia8 days ago

    Damn bro that homeless guy in the dealership was kyous ! Wtf crazy coincidence or a sneak colab ?

  • Fast Driver22
    Fast Driver228 days ago


  • Aydan Camarillo
    Aydan Camarillo8 days ago

    Treyten:I could already see the comments. Me:yea boy😂

    COLE JACKSON8 days ago

    he is so funny

  • Shelley Marcozzi
    Shelley Marcozzi8 days ago

    What is that mod plzz tell me

  • DPM12_Gaming
    DPM12_Gaming8 days ago

    16:11 the car underwater

    UMP WAD8 days ago

    16:12 there is a car lol

  • Joss McIlwaine
    Joss McIlwaine8 days ago

    Too late but 10-99 means a wanted suspect has been located

  • Mariam Iqbal
    Mariam Iqbal9 days ago


  • Expirez Vqxz
    Expirez Vqxz9 days ago

    Any1 else see the ferrari at 16:12

  • Lucid TV
    Lucid TV9 days ago

    10-99 is officer taken hostage lol

  • Dicipal
    Dicipal9 days ago

    10-99 actually did mean officer being held hostage 😂😂

  • Austin gun
    Austin gun9 days ago

    Love ❤️

  • Javionne Hudson
    Javionne Hudson9 days ago

    This is scripted

  • DiMi
    DiMi9 days ago

    This kinda looks scripted

  • Tyler Frater
    Tyler Frater9 days ago

    5:55 lol

  • Unknown
    Unknown9 days ago

    16:12 what’s the Ferrari doing there

  • Blyvs8124
    Blyvs81249 days ago

    Rip joey

  • Kale George
    Kale George10 days ago

    Why was your friari in the ocean

  • its Michal
    its Michal10 days ago

    pause the video at 16:12 is that an ferrari in the ocean?!????!

  • Vertex Gameplay
    Vertex Gameplay10 days ago

    “This thing sucks” dude it is a Ferrari Dino , do you know how much it is worth ? Anyway love the content 😀

  • Lynzing
    Lynzing10 days ago

    You’re worried bout gender fluidity but refers to your audience as boys... okayyyyy

  • Jaylen Person
    Jaylen Person10 days ago

    “I slept with you’re mother” “What HEY” Me: *WHEEZE*

  • Trickrobin 26
    Trickrobin 2610 days ago

    16:12 wtf is treys car doing down there

  • Smart boys inc.
    Smart boys inc.10 days ago

    He’s car was in O’Shean

  • C
    C10 days ago

    Is this just gta online

  • Bryant Vasquez
    Bryant Vasquez10 days ago


  • Eclipse
    Eclipse10 days ago

    Rip the Ferrari 16:11

  • -Tores-
    -Tores-10 days ago

    This Guy cant rp

  • Serban Ratiu
    Serban Ratiu11 days ago

    why r u so bad at driving?

  • blake karacsony
    blake karacsony11 days ago

    U got that mod well so do i

  • Ghost Rafa Gaming
    Ghost Rafa Gaming11 days ago

    At 11:58 the construction worker sounds like mully

  • Gman Topinko
    Gman Topinko11 days ago

    Sell them pls you need to do more selling vids

  • The George Mitchell
    The George Mitchell11 days ago

    Omg. I was just scrolling through tik tok and saw a gta video and thought 💭 mhm 🤔 TREYTEN 🤑 so I hoped of that shit and here I am 😈

  • Preston Bayliss
    Preston Bayliss11 days ago

    10 99 means wanted

  • Bluxxed2
    Bluxxed211 days ago

    who else saw that car at 16:10?

  • Hangmang thang
    Hangmang thang11 days ago


  • Official_clixy_mixy
    Official_clixy_mixy11 days ago

    What do u do with the car's?