Guess the Drawing with Taylor Alesia

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  • Christine Neihart
    Christine Neihart4 hours ago

    It's a square

  • •Potato UwU•
    •Potato UwU•7 hours ago

    Is the marker edible thought🤔

  • Your Dad
    Your Dad8 hours ago

    That was such a lie he draw a dam square even that girl got it correct

  • Fire HouseYT
    Fire HouseYT10 hours ago

    Math be like:

  • Edward Escabal
    Edward Escabal13 hours ago

    The boy

  • Edward Escabal
    Edward Escabal13 hours ago

    You wrong

  • OreoThePanda
    OreoThePanda13 hours ago

    Brush your tongue people.

  • H A P P Y
    H A P P Y16 hours ago

    Plot twist: she doesn't actually taste it

  • Jesus Reyes
    Jesus Reyes19 hours ago

    it was a scer

  • Tairee Williams
    Tairee Williams19 hours ago

    That's one of the ways to get sick

  • Cheryl Pressley
    Cheryl Pressley20 hours ago


  • tatek takele
    tatek takele21 hour ago

    This is gross and sharpies aren’t for your mouth you could get ink poisoning what if that marker was toxic huh what would you do

  • Miles Isaksen
    Miles Isaksen22 hours ago

    Who remember Taylor from thaner’s (🦊) vlog.

  • Destiny Johnson
    Destiny Johnson23 hours ago

    Wtf her tongue brown🤮😂

  • Abner villeda
    Abner villeda23 hours ago

    Honestly a square is a rectangle gedumb

  • shakira ovenden
    shakira ovendenDay ago

    Swear shes tanner foxes ex

  • I’m Sunshine
    I’m SunshineDay ago

    It was a square stop lying

  • Kelly Albiston
    Kelly AlbistonDay ago

    My name Ava

  • Toni Ciuz
    Toni CiuzDay ago

    Is that Taylor Fox girlfriend

  • kaiden yo boi1532
    kaiden yo boi1532Day ago

    it was a square he must be blind as hell if he thinks that is a freaking school

  • Rick Phillips
    Rick PhillipsDay ago

    Fact is the marker of chemicals in it

  • GobboGotBeatz
    GobboGotBeatzDay ago

    But a square is a rectangle, I rectangle just isn't a square

  • Sol the outlaw
    Sol the outlawDay ago

    Sir. sir. you made me lose my last atom of brain cells.

  • JohnChaneyIII
    JohnChaneyIIIDay ago

    No genius, it was a square!

  • Joshua Fisette
    Joshua FisetteDay ago

    A square is a rectangle

  • Clapped_by_sammy
    Clapped_by_sammy2 days ago


  • Clapped_by_sammy
    Clapped_by_sammy2 days ago


  • Ramen cake
    Ramen cake2 days ago

    Got caught in 55k

  • Maria Barsoum
    Maria Barsoum2 days ago

    Tbh I saw it as a square

  • Adam Plays
    Adam Plays2 days ago

    Ur liar

  • Warren Martinez
    Warren Martinez2 days ago

    She got this right a square can turn into a rectangle but she doesn't say this though apparently it's wrong anyways.

  • Pamelawynn15 Wynn
    Pamelawynn15 Wynn2 days ago

    It's a rectangle

  • Xyler Sharpens Knives
    Xyler Sharpens Knives2 days ago

    Every time I see one of these videos I’m more convinced Thanos was a good guy

  • Sammie Stamper
    Sammie Stamper2 days ago


  • Resoma
    Resoma3 days ago


  • Resoma


    3 days ago


  • Caprise - Music
    Caprise - Music3 days ago

    That’s a terrible triangle

  • Autumn Vlogs
    Autumn Vlogs3 days ago

    Dude thats a square not a rectangular I think you need to go back to kindergarten😂⬜ lol

  • Misael Miranda
    Misael Miranda3 days ago

    I don’t get what’s so bad about a looly pop gun

  • Taylor m Carter
    Taylor m Carter3 days ago

    My name is taylor too

  • Laura Szekeres
    Laura Szekeres3 days ago

    This is Fake marker 🙄and Bro this Video Looks some Kids and the Kids do this With a real Marker !!!!😡

  • Thegreat One
    Thegreat One3 days ago


  • redgyarados23
    redgyarados233 days ago

    She be losing taste bud tonight!!

  • Paige Sullivan
    Paige Sullivan3 days ago

    That is a square

  • Siddharth Sivakumar
    Siddharth Sivakumar3 days ago

    A square is a rectangle

  • Gabriela Guerrero
    Gabriela Guerrero3 days ago

    If you get it wrong you get a lollipop??

  • Des Pomfrey
    Des Pomfrey3 days ago

    You udalak jende modura mantentzen gertatzen modu maila mom dad

  • Des Pomfrey
    Des Pomfrey3 days ago


    MESSI4 days ago


  • abdul moha
    abdul moha4 days ago

    Who are you tweet am

  • Jamie Anderson
    Jamie Anderson4 days ago


  • Nick Gundel
    Nick Gundel4 days ago

    all squares are rectangles but not all rectangles are squares

  • XenoXD
    XenoXD4 days ago

    I get how you can call squares rectangles but she did guess it it was a square i sometimes question humanity

  • Liam Ltc
    Liam Ltc4 days ago

    Was I thought wrong in life That looks like a square

  • Loki Erickson
    Loki Erickson4 days ago

    Why would she agree to that

  • Lydia Krogh
    Lydia Krogh4 days ago


  • nathan findlay
    nathan findlay4 days ago

    That was not a rectangle guy needs kindergarten lessons

  • Naree Xiong
    Naree Xiong4 days ago


  • Amaxrathine
    Amaxrathine4 days ago

    Everyday I loose brain cells

  • Acid Olimpia
    Acid Olimpia4 days ago

    A rectangle is a form of a square

  • Cindy Ortiz
    Cindy Ortiz4 days ago

    someone doesn’t know their shapes!!! 🧐

  • katie scaduto
    katie scaduto4 days ago

    Is that a food marker?

  • Montrez Yarn. remastered
    Montrez Yarn. remastered4 days ago

    A square is technically a rectangle

  • Violet B.
    Violet B.4 days ago


  • A C
    A C5 days ago

    A square is a rectangle so she is right

  • Chatterbox Nai
    Chatterbox Nai5 days ago

    Bruh did you just draw on someone's tongue with a sharpie

  • tehjana fonot-laolagi
    tehjana fonot-laolagi5 days ago


  • mehmet gümüş
    mehmet gümüş5 days ago


  • kat kin
    kat kin5 days ago

    What happens if she will not do it or guess it right I feel so dumb

  • Major Snowden
    Major Snowden5 days ago

    It’s a flavored marker and that was the square

  • Major Snowden

    Major Snowden

    5 days ago

    It was stupid

  • Yolk


    5 days ago

    It wasnt a square, it was a rectangle, ugh

  • supertrevorbros ✔
    supertrevorbros ✔5 days ago

    These is cringe. Stop.

  • Lora Wagner
    Lora Wagner5 days ago

    Is that tanner foxes ex girlfriend taylor

  • Austin French
    Austin French5 days ago

    A square rectangle on the same shape there except the doesn't have all parallel sides

  • Yolk


    5 days ago

    Your english is bad, but I guess you wanted to say that a square and a rectangle are same shapes, but this one isnt a square, cuz its sides are not equal. Just a little recommendation. Next time you talk about it, say when are they same. In our case a rectangle is a square only if its sides are equal. Also parallel does not mean equal parallel lines are lines that never cross, equal lines are lines that cam cross, but their length is always equal, no matter what. BUT we can also take in a phrase "relative to". We can ask relative to what is the line parallel or equal. In my example it was parallel or equal relative to another line.

  • Gavin Lopez
    Gavin Lopez5 days ago

    Wait a square is a rectangle

  • ElephantFrame258
    ElephantFrame2585 days ago

    Vine stupidity is making a return.

  • Fatma Almuhairi
    Fatma Almuhairi5 days ago

    Wait he did this multiple times how many timesdid he use that marker and did he use a new one each person

  • Gina Harman
    Gina Harman5 days ago

    It’s edible markers brih

  • mike gold
    mike gold5 days ago

    Her tongue looking busted but if still you know ....

  • Cloud Xeno
    Cloud Xeno5 days ago

    A square can be a rectangle but a rectangle can't be a square

  • Audrey Kim
    Audrey Kim5 days ago

    A square is a rectangle so....

  • Lehi Ramos
    Lehi Ramos5 days ago

    Is square is a rectangle 😂😂😂

  • bam bam And plushs
    bam bam And plushs5 days ago

    There the same

  • The Ven that IQ tho
    The Ven that IQ tho5 days ago

    A square is a rectangle

  • Mikey D-money
    Mikey D-money5 days ago

    Seems like she is use to this !!!!!

  • Maria Eunice
    Maria Eunice5 days ago


  • Saara Pöllönen
    Saara Pöllönen5 days ago

    Watching this gave my actual physical pain from the stupidity

  • Gohst :/
    Gohst :/5 days ago

    Imagine not being left handed

  • hi
    hi5 days ago

    I wouldn't just let someone draw on my tongue, so staged

  • KIK I
    KIK I6 days ago

    Draw on tongue🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Damien Femrite
    Damien Femrite6 days ago

    I. Am. A. Lid

  • HELLROT 888
    HELLROT 8886 days ago

    Others did it without the marker

  • ʜɪᴛᴇᴍɪɴᴅᴀғᴀᴄᴇ
    ʜɪᴛᴇᴍɪɴᴅᴀғᴀᴄᴇ6 days ago

    here is some anti-cringe tablets💊💊💊- use them wisely on your journey.

  • LGND


    Day ago

    Thanks now I cannot go on every USplan short without seeing the same comments over and over again

  • ʜɪᴛᴇᴍɪɴᴅᴀғᴀᴄᴇ


    Day ago

    @Nicholas Longo no problem always happy to help

  • SnakeEye895


    Day ago


  • Nicholas Longo

    Nicholas Longo

    Day ago

    Thanks already out need a restock

  • Hamza Hussain

    Hamza Hussain

    2 days ago

    Thank you kind and respectful lad I will remember forever

  • Fidgets girl
    Fidgets girl6 days ago

    I thought that was a marker but it is a edible one

  • moneydagoat
    moneydagoat6 days ago

    Her after the vid 🤒

  • -
    -6 days ago

    (👉🏼💩 a liberal) - i guessed it right 🥃🕺🏻 - that was to easy

  • Nate Childress
    Nate Childress6 days ago

    This dudes a walking sexual harassment charge

  • Nini Chikhradze
    Nini Chikhradze6 days ago

    erm… do u know maths? or geometry? ummm… every rectangle is a square

  • Mojtaba Haghighi
    Mojtaba Haghighi6 days ago

    Cute girl

  • Tricia Harmon
    Tricia Harmon6 days ago

    OMG so ready 🙌

  • Logan Johns
    Logan Johns6 days ago

    A square is a rectangle dumbow

  • Brian Gruberger
    Brian Gruberger6 days ago

    no one is gonna talk about the fact that’s tanner fox’s ex