Hannity grills NYC Mayor De Blasio in explosive interview

FULL INTERVIEW: 2020 hopeful Bill de Blasio clashes with Hannity in this Fox News exclusive. Hannity presses the big city mayor on violence against the NYPD, abortion restrictions, and his support of the Green New Deal.

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  • Joshie Tindall
    Joshie Tindall6 hours ago

    Good idea's. Good leader idea's. Good Works Are God's. SCRIPTURES ON BOOK COVER'S. GOOD SAMARITAN'S PROJECTS. ACCOMMODATIONS?

  • BananasGaming
    BananasGaming7 hours ago

    You cannot have 15$ minimum wage minimum mean bottom 15 isn’t bottom 7.25 is

  • BananasGaming
    BananasGaming7 hours ago

    This is stupid

  • Rawli Creative
    Rawli Creative9 hours ago

    De blasio is a doofus

  • Elizabel Hernandez
    Elizabel Hernandez11 hours ago

    He does not wear a nypd shirt and hat every day 😂😂😂

  • John McClane
    John McClane11 hours ago

    I'm soooooo thankful I live in a Red State that doesn't trample my RIGHTS!

  • Robert Schreiman
    Robert Schreiman13 hours ago

    he gonna save that where does he live BLAZA....PFFFT

  • Robert Schreiman
    Robert Schreiman13 hours ago

    Hannity .....this video is your BOOOM...love it love to hear it.....we all need to do this ...gimmy a break middle class....what cuff links or watch is he wearing?

  • Karen Davis
    Karen Davis15 hours ago

    This guy is pathetic... It's real simple Answer the question. De Blasio👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾🤢

  • Jonnathan Yont
    Jonnathan Yont15 hours ago

    Thus guy is a straight up dictator and a communist.

  • Chrissy Chavez
    Chrissy Chavez16 hours ago

    We should stop those people from having armed protection.

  • Cam montreuil engines
    Cam montreuil engines22 hours ago

    First of all Mr Hannity. If your guest states a truth acknowledge it. 11 million have been around for many years. It won't hurt your agenda to say yes. But you want your guest to say yes to you.

  • Samarth Agnani
    Samarth AgnaniDay ago

    One of the rare occasions in US media where we have people of opposite political ideologies having some sort of a debate. Most of the time ,news anchors just have monologues with yes men and like minded people who agree with them . It's the same with CNN,MSNBC and others too.

  • Samarth Agnani
    Samarth AgnaniDay ago

    It's totally stupid for Fox News and GOP to not acknowledge the gun problem in America.

  • How’d I End Up Here?
    How’d I End Up Here?Day ago

    I now identify as an illegal alien and demand everything for free

  • John Furey
    John FureyDay ago

    Wow this mayor is a complete dummy. Only give you 30% of the money you earned. No one will ever become a millionaire again.

  • Derek Billingsley
    Derek BillingsleyDay ago

    Dudes a clown.

  • Vicky Smith
    Vicky SmithDay ago

    If they weren’t allowed to freely walk-in to our country we would not have to worry about paying for their health care.

  • ChungWei Wang
    ChungWei WangDay ago

    The unsuitable donna technically waste because lycra optically glue worth a nippy supply. chunky, warlike ice

    BIG TIMBODay ago

    His answer IS A FLAT OUT NO!!! NO, people do NOT deserve to be protected the way HE is!! Its a RIGHT for this IDIOT MARXIST but nobody else deserves that right! How do people keep voting for this so-called Man?? Seriously, HOW?!?!? How are you so BLIND to the FACT that He thinks HE is so much BETTER than you? You people are pee-ons compared to him in HIS mind!! Do NOT flee New York only to keep voting for these Radical Left, MARXISTS like him!!! Look up his ties to Central America, Nicaragua to be exact, with Marxists leaders! The TRUTH about this man is right there! He even changed his name to fool people that he was somebody else. All the proof is right there!

  • Student Doctor Daniel Brock
    Student Doctor Daniel BrockDay ago

    If he truly believes “being safe” is waiting for the police to show up then he wouldn’t need security.

  • Daniel Taylor
    Daniel TaylorDay ago

    I don’t care what this bi-tok has to say…..

  • Black labs matter
    Black labs matterDay ago

    De blowsio is a bully!

  • Nygel Reeves
    Nygel ReevesDay ago

    Wow he state the fires yet how come the fires stop at the Canadian border. It's called mismanagement of the forests by California

  • Nygel Reeves
    Nygel ReevesDay ago

    Go Hannity he is a Warrior


    I wonder if Bill leaves his doors unlocked?

  • Cristian Culetu
    Cristian CuletuDay ago

    Mr Mayor,Hannitu is to nice with you.. how about come6 in streets, ? How about stabbing the delivery guys and rubbed on money? How anut people beating i the streets? How about defund the police ? Tou should move the hell away

  • John Knarr
    John KnarrDay ago

    Hold it he just said the Man who started the company didn’t do anything to make that money oh and that all the workers didn’t make that money sounds like me a team effort they make money he makes money and if he doesn’t make money they don’t make money because they’ve got no job to go to in the city don’t get no tax in the feds don’t get their taxes and he takes his big lunch money and goes out of the country and give you the big bird well the big grin on his face and he’s drinking a beer sitting with his trophy wife or mistress or whatever and you are the mayor than New York Ha

  • Chrissy Rocco
    Chrissy RoccoDay ago

    He’s a total jerk. Not facing the facts.

  • Lolly Pop
    Lolly PopDay ago

    Omfg nearly had a fn anurism watching this f wit. That fn smirk and constant disrespectful, unintelligent f-erry... fd my day this made me so maaaaad

  • john coral
    john coralDay ago

    He is a corrupt politician and part of the deep state, in my personal opinion. Good job Mr Hannity to exposed the true colors of this doble moral people.

  • Dany Svay
    Dany SvayDay ago


  • Tony Pusateri
    Tony Pusateri2 days ago

    The uppity push karunagappally breathe because population genotypically warn amid a probable appliance. wonderful, mellow ambulance

  • Ronny Rono
    Ronny Rono2 days ago

    The good people of the big rotten apple voted for him and I hope the next one is just as bad. Enjoy New Yorkers enjoy. ( can you picture my smile)

  • D V
    D V2 days ago

    With those tax increases nobody will want to or can get rich. This guy must be on crack

  • D V
    D V2 days ago

    Having guns are a right not a privilege. Why don’t politicians understand this.

  • Ed H
    Ed H2 days ago

    Wild fires are not from climate change

  • Ed H
    Ed H2 days ago

    So anybody and everybody should be rich even if you don't work for it? Not sure if I understand him.

  • Ed H
    Ed H2 days ago

    Why shouldn't the business leaders make more money. Anybody could be that.

  • Ed H
    Ed H2 days ago

    If he wants the people to have a better life why don't he give most of his money to the little people? He's got a $5000 suit and all

  • Ed H
    Ed H2 days ago

    This guy is such a con man getting rich off of us.

  • Ed H
    Ed H2 days ago

    Because all the walls are around the capitol

  • Beacon 77
    Beacon 772 days ago

    Bill is talking through his ....

  • JON
    JON2 days ago


  • Carlos Largo
    Carlos Largo2 days ago

    To arrest them is not enough they have to be also convicted.

  • Carlos Largo
    Carlos Largo2 days ago

    What happened to GM when Bill Clinton created NAFTA ? They move to Mexico as well as so many other big corpo.

  • Carlos Largo
    Carlos Largo2 days ago

    The loop hole that give the Bezos, Gates, etc the possibility to pays minimum taxes that is the reforme to be done.

  • Carlos Largo
    Carlos Largo2 days ago

    I dont want to be in the US even if they pay me for it.

  • Michael Wells
    Michael Wells2 days ago

    Omg people like this really exist. Will he answer a question

  • Jermaine Blalock
    Jermaine Blalock2 days ago

    Globalist plain and simple

  • Jermaine Blalock
    Jermaine Blalock2 days ago

    His voice is like the squid on sponge bob

  • Jermaine Blalock
    Jermaine Blalock2 days ago

    This mayor is a sleeve ball a liar and part of the great reset. I make nowhere near 200 million. Nobody how much you make should pay 70% in taxes. It’s a scam. He’s a grinning sleeve ball who’s offering people a cheeseburger to take part in our current sterilization agenda

  • Morris Davis
    Morris Davis2 days ago

    Ben Shapiro would roast this guy!

  • jason anglin
    jason anglin2 days ago

    He’s is sheep. 🇺🇸 it’s our right to protect ourselves.

  • Mike Claborne
    Mike Claborne2 days ago


  • Jitka Blahakova
    Jitka Blahakova2 days ago

    Bill de Blasio: "I am answering my way...."😮

  • jane toscano
    jane toscano2 days ago

    DeBlasio has no shame. This man spews nothing but nonsense but yet people still keep voting for him. It’s baffling.

  • E B

    E B

    Day ago

    I saw the many Dem candidates running for Office, only 2 Republicans. I'm shocked, who's funding that? Perhaps good idea to research that

  • Propa Ghandi
    Propa Ghandi2 days ago

    This guys a joke. He can’t even answer a question. He should be taken out of office .

  • Matt Milewski

    Matt Milewski

    21 hour ago

    Yup he will . But will probably replaced by a progressive. Sad

  • Ryan Lewis
    Ryan Lewis2 days ago

    Have you seen this guys daughter? 😱

  • Jake Dawson
    Jake Dawson2 days ago

    Cops show up after something has already happened

  • Travis parsley
    Travis parsley2 days ago

    The NYC mayor is a joke.

  • Travis parsley
    Travis parsley2 days ago

    This man knows nothing of your viewers Hannity

  • Travis parsley
    Travis parsley2 days ago

    A Gun can not threaten anyone.

  • Jacob Varble
    Jacob Varble2 days ago

    i lean conservative quite heavily. i really dont like through and through liberals, they seem like niave children. but i gotta say... i really dont know why some of de blasios answeres werent good enough??? he kept asking such broad, blanketed, grey, questions but demanding narrow, black and white, yes or no answers. i see both sides do this. as much as he talks about "media bias" yet hes the pot himself conducting interviews in this manner.

  • Anna Vatuwaliwali
    Anna Vatuwaliwali3 days ago


  • Anna Vatuwaliwali
    Anna Vatuwaliwali3 days ago

    Take guns away from criminals...before you dare take our guns.....Deblasio...you are not taking our guns away...

  • Ricky Simones
    Ricky Simones3 days ago

    All the green New deal does it kills jobs

  • Slatanata22
    Slatanata223 days ago

    This is the biggest shmuck in all of new york. Everybody knows he can’t answer these questions because they’ll make him look bad.

  • WhyUmad? 😲
    WhyUmad? 😲3 days ago

    "they have the right to be safe" dude just say you don't want them to have guns. "The police will keep you safe" dude we can't all have to police following is everywhere watching over us like the rich people do.

  • randy johnson
    randy johnson3 days ago

    This guy is a joke everything for him and nothing for citizens he side stepped every question

  • Ripperoni
    Ripperoni3 days ago

    thumbs up only are for Hannity for doing his job! If u see thumbs down Its for de Blasio's Evil Deception!

    VVITCH TV3 days ago

    DeBalzio acting like hes not part of the 1% screwing everybody. Um...hes a 1% with political power and who lies more often than not.

  • Gail Fisher

    Gail Fisher

    21 hour ago

    A woman should know whether she should get an abortion 3 weeks into the pregnancy. It doesn't take eight months to decide.

  • Gail Fisher

    Gail Fisher

    21 hour ago

    Let De Blasio give up some of his money to the poor.

  • S P
    S P3 days ago

    Cant watch with all the interrupting

  • Mark Hoffman
    Mark Hoffman3 days ago

    An embarrassment for the Democratic party..

  • Frankie Raman
    Frankie Raman3 days ago

    There is something evil behind this man's smile.

  • Jayne Brohammer

    Jayne Brohammer

    2 days ago

    I noticed that too. He looks like the devil

  • Ryan Lewis

    Ryan Lewis

    2 days ago

    Yea no kidding....he's the epitome of slime

  • Aaron Johnston
    Aaron Johnston3 days ago

    Police CANNOT protect you!

  • MummbaMIESTER
    MummbaMIESTER3 days ago

    Bill's smug look said everything his words did not!

  • Cody Turner
    Cody Turner3 days ago

    Abortion isn't a choice women ever want to make.... BUT, THEY STILL DO... ITS SICK AND DISGUSTING AND ENFANTICIDE.... plain and simple no way around it....

  • Scott S
    Scott S3 days ago

    "Dodgin" de Blasio. We've all seen politicians "dodge" questions, but I think this interview takes the cake over all of them. The entire interview was a joke. SMH.

  • Cityzen Y
    Cityzen Y4 days ago

    Private insurance is a racquet; the gov. Mandates/Dictates insurance, but they only pay out 35 percent in claims. If it's mandated the gov. Must provide the service, free from profit. SUCKERS!!!!!

  • Cityzen Y
    Cityzen Y4 days ago

    Americian have a right to own and possess a fire arm. It doesn't matter what Police or politicians think. The beurucracy is oppressing the rights of the People!

  • Benjamin Verrue
    Benjamin Verrue4 days ago

    It's a simple question

  • Richard sutton
    Richard sutton4 days ago

    why do you have a private security De Blasio ?

  • Richard sutton
    Richard sutton4 days ago

    When mayors and police chiefs tell their police officers not to do it or they will be fired has nothing to do with them doing their jobs they are hand cuffed and not allowed to do their jobs.

  • The Impaler
    The Impaler4 days ago

    "Retrofit those buildings" Does this dumbshit even understand how much stuff like that costs? :D I'm a carpenter and a builder. I can say it doesn't come cheap.

  • Ron Lee
    Ron Lee4 days ago

    Who gives a s---t what he thinks? L

  • Jessy Green
    Jessy Green4 days ago

    Blah blah blah Blasio!! Answer the questions, Commie!

  • Tony LV
    Tony LV4 days ago

    Why waste time talking to an ignorant puppet of the Deep State.

  • Sam Campagna
    Sam Campagna4 days ago

    One year later New York is the most unsafe city in America

  • Chris Whitehouse
    Chris Whitehouse4 days ago

    It's not the sugar.... It's all the gat dang vidya games. Soda & candy don't turn active kids into porkers

  • Clayton Taubl
    Clayton Taubl4 days ago


    GALIB W4 days ago

    Rudi had to catch this kind of bastards who are much more dangerous than mafia

    GALIB W4 days ago

    This kind of as..holes' actions caused mafia to appear

  • James Rauch
    James Rauch4 days ago

    He needs to take notes from Ted Cruz

  • Kahymel Barbosa
    Kahymel Barbosa4 days ago

    He thinks that he has the answer concerning safety in the Ghettos, and in reality he knows nothing. He thinks that he has the answers to every question yet he doesn't even answer any question proposed to him, nor does he allow Hannity to talk without him consistently talking at the same time. They all do the exact thing, they lack respect.

  • Andrew Snyder
    Andrew Snyder4 days ago

    All democrats and some Republicans need to be hung for treason.

  • Blind Beast gaming
    Blind Beast gaming5 days ago

    Has anyone ever noticed how Democrats can never actually define assault weapons when they talk about banning them?

  • Pat Rioht
    Pat Rioht5 days ago

    Pity it was not really grilled w his other gang member

  • Dustin Terrell
    Dustin Terrell5 days ago

    They push abortions for a reason nobody mentions that's weird lol

  • Dustin Terrell
    Dustin Terrell5 days ago

    They push abortions for a reason nobody mentions that's weird lol