Hermitcraft 7: Episode 69 - I FOUND THE MEANING!


In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 7, Mumbo finds the meaning of the mysterious countdown clock in the shopping district.
Filming channel: usplan.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo


  • Alpha Gamer
    Alpha Gamer7 hours ago

    Ha ha funny number

  • Owen Hawkins
    Owen Hawkins9 hours ago

    lol loved the rhymes

  • ThatLastWaffle Gaming And More
    ThatLastWaffle Gaming And More18 hours ago

    Are we gonna talk about how mumbo just came and took over the countdown machine.... if that’s not an alpha Chad move idk what is

  • Masterge77
    Masterge77Day ago

    I never thought I'd ever see the Hobbit Hole be revisited this season, let alone seeing Mumbo refurbish and expand it.

  • Feran Walloga
    Feran WallogaDay ago

    grian has been feeding your base

  • Reagan Kohler
    Reagan KohlerDay ago

    Mumbos comment about someone being allowed to get his base is definitely supportive of the idea that he is behind hcbbs

  • Ibrahim Bahlak
    Ibrahim BahlakDay ago

    Bumble loves food TOO much

  • Ibrahim Bahlak

    Ibrahim Bahlak

    Day ago

    Auto correct

  • Al-Khazri
    Al-KhazriDay ago


  • Hezekiah
    HezekiahDay ago

    I like how he was like “ I’ll bet my base on it. if I’m wrong someone can genuinely get my base.” Lil Easter egg

  • Windfighter
    WindfighterDay ago

    This is honestly my favorite Hermitcraft episode so far and I've watched it so many times and by now it's become my comfort watching, so if I need a cheering up this is where I go so just wanted to say Thanks for this episode, Mumbo!

  • Jewel K The\One
    Jewel K The\One2 days ago

    Grian made secret base in your base LOL

  • bobby wienke
    bobby wienke2 days ago

    8:50 this how you know he built the thing that fell

  • Stop saying potato. Please
    Stop saying potato. Please2 days ago

    “I’d genuinely bet my base on it” Huh. Funny it’s almost like he built the HCBBS. Lol

  • Hemlock&Nightshade
    Hemlock&Nightshade2 days ago

    "If I'm wrong, someone can genuinely get my base." -Mumbo Oh Mumbo. They will.

  • Irehs
    Irehs2 days ago

    I thought jt would be a good idea to do a 24 hour straight mining session. I found out I am not built for 24 hour mining sessions. But I persevered and did a 24 hour mining session

  • Guy Schwartz
    Guy Schwartz2 days ago


  • moosetwin Metras
    moosetwin Metras3 days ago

    Bumbo Baggins and his analysis paralysis!

  • TheMightyOmega
    TheMightyOmega3 days ago

    The stray cat

  • Eli
    Eli3 days ago


  • Dextron005
    Dextron0053 days ago


  • SageStarling
    SageStarling3 days ago

    Me and my friend used to play Mcpe together and *every single Minecraft day* she wakes up and is like “ahh let’s go fishing” and runs off to the nearest body of water. So yes, some people do find it enjoyable and want to do it.

  • j4st cam
    j4st cam3 days ago

    Lol LOL funny number

  • WillBoss 26
    WillBoss 263 days ago

    He says food hall almost a thousand times lol

  • owen sines
    owen sines3 days ago

    Grain been feeding your machine living type thing because that’s what friends do am I right?

  • James Benstead
    James Benstead4 days ago

    I think h c b b s is hirmitcraft big bee sworm

  • Beef Boss army
    Beef Boss army4 days ago

    Episode 69 nice👍

  • Matheus Lopes
    Matheus Lopes4 days ago

    If I'm wrong I would loose my base. He knew from the beginning

  • SuperProfi
    SuperProfi4 days ago

    8:50 nice easter egg, nice mumbo!

  • paulus aragon
    paulus aragon4 days ago

    That's why you would bet your base bumbo

  • inator maker
    inator maker4 days ago

    69 over

  • Charlez シ
    Charlez シ4 days ago

    Before I knew what 69 meant, I thought it was funny because it was the same upside-down. 💀

  • David Becker
    David Becker5 days ago

    He really "bet" his base lmao, you cheeky cheeky man

  • SoldierGaming
    SoldierGaming5 days ago

    I built my very own desk! Cut and designed to fit my needs and I'm pretty proud of it. That's the challenge I've taken on. First time ever working with wood to build something useful from scratch.

  • salty spoon
    salty spoon5 days ago

    "I would bet my base on it" Mumbo Oh Mumbo You scoundrel

  • Kre8 or
    Kre8 or5 days ago

    I mean, im not surprised seeing as you built it.... No but seriously this was an amazing idea!

  • Jake Alan
    Jake Alan6 days ago

    I’ve been playing my Minecraft world for since June of last year and I just built a house and a sorting system last month I still lived in a cobblestone box even tho I have a gold, wither, Guardian, enderman and gunpowder farm lmao after I finally started it I had so much fun and couldn’t figure out why I put it off so much

  • Oliver Jonah Fusco
    Oliver Jonah Fusco6 days ago

    Basically Mumbo when he saw the clock: We can make a religion out of this!

  • froggie
    froggie6 days ago

    8:50 I-

  • Lunarifyyy
    Lunarifyyy6 days ago

    😳 (ye im late)

  • Michael Beers
    Michael Beers6 days ago

    "if I'm wrong, someone can have my base." Well....

  • Galaxy Channel cz
    Galaxy Channel cz6 days ago


  • The Listener
    The Listener6 days ago

    He did a time lapse without announcing it...

  • Mea Hultzer
    Mea Hultzer7 days ago

    I enjoy fishing in minecraft. i wake up and think, I want to fish in minecraft.

  • CptP2neapplez
    CptP2neapplez7 days ago

    dude how did we miss this, he literally said "IF AM WRONG, SOMEONE CAN GET MY BASE" HE KNEW ALL ALONG

  • Luella Ware
    Luella Ware8 days ago

    Me watching back on this episode when he bets his base after finding out what actually happens :face slap:

  • Tristan Latifpour
    Tristan Latifpour8 days ago

    am I the only one that finds mumbo destroying trees in time lapse and letting the leaves slowly disintegrate insanely satisfying

  • Gr8prime Gaming
    Gr8prime Gaming8 days ago

    He bets that someone can have his base if he was wrong. He was wrong and lost his base

  • Corey Plays
    Corey Plays8 days ago

    What does oli mean?

  • Dolphone
    Dolphone8 days ago


  • Manuel Ochoa Carvajal
    Manuel Ochoa Carvajal8 days ago


  • Echo X
    Echo X8 days ago

    "I would bet my base on it" -Mumbo

  • Wonderr
    Wonderr8 days ago


  • Tommaso Filipponi
    Tommaso Filipponi8 days ago

    Eheh 69

  • Sam Hindhaugh
    Sam Hindhaugh9 days ago

    the day mumbo started a doomsday cult

  • Fakerboy93
    Fakerboy939 days ago

    8:50 A hint

  • Avinou bros
    Avinou bros9 days ago

    8:45 cleverly done

  • Fyre_Hazaard
    Fyre_Hazaard9 days ago

    Idk why everyone is acting like a super slueth fpr figuring out mumbo built the timer thing. Like, neato, you guessed he built it when it looks exatly like the last timer thing he built wow

  • t.fin2004
    t.fin20049 days ago

    17:49 Mumbo opens his inventory and all the clock items are in there. Nice work mate

  • Chris Playz
    Chris Playz9 days ago


  • Chuzbe
    Chuzbe9 days ago


  • Shaun Irimpan
    Shaun Irimpan9 days ago

    It’s grain boi

  • Shaun Irimpan

    Shaun Irimpan

    9 days ago

    Sry grian autocorrect sry

  • Bukson
    Bukson9 days ago

    I think HCBBS can be for Hermit Craft Big Base Swap. What do you think?

  • Nachman Wurtzel
    Nachman Wurtzel10 days ago


  • Z Fatex
    Z Fatex10 days ago

    69 heh 😏

  • meme planet
    meme planet10 days ago

    69, nice

  • João Pedro Serra
    João Pedro Serra10 days ago

    "i WoUlD bEt mY bAsE oN iT. iF iM wRoNg, SoMeOnE cAn GeNuInEly GeT mY bAsE" Nice foreshadowing Mumbo lol. Let's pretend you really didn't build the machine.

  • gozzilla177
    gozzilla17710 days ago

    8:45 and past "If I'm wrong I will genuinely give someone my base" I have caught you MUMBO!!! Internet sleuth here says he in fact did build this timer knowing it was a base swap!!!! Checkmate!!!!!!

  • Porky
    Porky10 days ago


  • phantom
    phantom10 days ago

    I think hcbbs is hermit craft binging button saga

  • Fnvy Matt
    Fnvy Matt10 days ago


  • XrazerTK
    XrazerTK10 days ago


  • Abby McKeveney
    Abby McKeveney10 days ago

    8:40 foreshadowing? Lol

  • TheTechToad
    TheTechToad10 days ago

    "I would bet my base on it, if im wrong someone can genuinely get my base" - the foreshadowing...

  • MaSh3d P0tatoes
    MaSh3d P0tatoes10 days ago

    I just realized he forshadowed the hcbbs when he said he will bet his base on it. Lol.

  • Marvel and Random Clips
    Marvel and Random Clips10 days ago

    8:40 Mumbo literally says somebody can get his base if HCBBS does not stand for hermit craft bumbo baggins society 💀😳😳

  • Thijssie Grroen
    Thijssie Grroen10 days ago

    i just realised the clue mumbo gave 8:51 because we recently heard that people were gonna be swapping bases and mumbo said that he would bet his base on his statement

  • MrMadLad
    MrMadLad10 days ago

    2:27 look at his inventory.. MUMBO BUILT THE HCBBS

  • Logan Vollmin
    Logan Vollmin10 days ago

    I'm sorry, but it can't be with the symbols, like I said, the first two words can't be Hermit Craft

  • Pierre de Villiers
    Pierre de Villiers10 days ago

    8:40 he literally just proved that he built the button

  • smp spamm
    smp spamm10 days ago

    I think he builds button 2.0 see his invontery at 2:51

  • Dylan Smith
    Dylan Smith10 days ago

    "If I am wrong, some one can get my base." lmfao

  • martwix
    martwix10 days ago

    i though he found the meaning of 69 xd

  • MJC Ethan
    MJC Ethan10 days ago


  • MJC Ethan
    MJC Ethan10 days ago


  • Saransh Singh
    Saransh Singh11 days ago

    Episode: 69 Mumbo: I have found the meaning *ah yes, it's all coming together*

  • Joshua Cooper
    Joshua Cooper11 days ago


  • B0ssguy
    B0ssguy11 days ago

    8:44 “I would bet my base on it! if I’m wrong, someone can genuinely get my base” bruhh

  • A USER

    A USER

    11 days ago

    He knew it Thanks for another proof he built it

  • Ayaz Akbar
    Ayaz Akbar11 days ago

    Omg the thing has burn sticks on the top 😱 hermit challenges

  • Amber Walker
    Amber Walker11 days ago

    Foreshadowing ends on 8:55 keep denying it mumbo

  • The -ing Nerds
    The -ing Nerds11 days ago

    "I would bet my base that this means 'Bumbo Baggins Society.'" Mmmmmhm. Yeah...

  • 24 Anakin Lalwani 6C

    24 Anakin Lalwani 6C

    8 days ago


  • Tey Jael

    Tey Jael

    9 days ago

    Ikr I was about to comment the same exact thing

  • The -ing Nerds

    The -ing Nerds

    9 days ago

    @GHOST it's almost like he KNEW



    9 days ago

    welp he did lose his base soooo

  • Timothy Henry, II
    Timothy Henry, II11 days ago

    reddit busted him

  • Alberto
    Alberto11 days ago

    8:49 That makes a lot more sense now

  • kwinn geer
    kwinn geer11 days ago


  • NotArin
    NotArin11 days ago

    As an adult watching this channel I can say I think it's awesome that you are so honest about feeling nervous with builds. It shows kids that even if you don't feel good about something try it. You never know how it's gonna turn out. Huge lesson people forget in life is to try new things and explore your possiblities.

  • suki obi
    suki obi11 days ago

    There's no cake in the food hall :(

  • Nash
    Nash11 days ago


    THUNDER BOLT11 days ago


  • • Simply Skye •
    • Simply Skye •12 days ago

    Hc probably means hermit craft

  • Switchblade1013
    Switchblade101312 days ago


  • Operation Trickshot
    Operation Trickshot12 days ago

    U should have used your iou from Grian to build the hard parts