How Do Nuclear Submarines Make Oxygen?- Smarter Every Day 251

Science & Technology

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Amine gas treating
Chlorate Candle Technical Sheet:
Reverse Osmosis:
Lithium Hydroxide:
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  • Carol Cassidy

    Carol Cassidy

    Hour ago

    @The Goldey Family I doubt it, China and Russia save their money. They spend their taxes on benefiting their citizens, rather than the military. They manufacture everything the Americans purchase everyday.

  • Stan Ervin

    Stan Ervin

    Day ago

    @Ahmad the newb By everybody in the sub.

  • Dan Quayles ITS SPELT POTATOE!

    Dan Quayles ITS SPELT POTATOE!

    Day ago


  • Whogives Afuck

    Whogives Afuck

    Day ago

    Wouldn't 'Let's go get smarter together' or 'today' or something of the likes be a bit more appropriate, due to it being an instance of becoming smarter rather than a culmination of instances at once? I feel like 'let's go get smarter every day' for one specific instance of becoming smarter is a bit misplaced and misnomed in comparison, and leads to a moment of awkwardness in my mind; as if it's advice, rather than a welcoming invitation. Maybe it's a solo perception, but here's to hoping this mention of insight can provide some benefit. Cheers, Destin.

  • Johnny's Videos

    Johnny's Videos

    Day ago

    What resin and orientation did you use to make the electrolysis thing?

  • Aiich
    AiichMinute ago

    For people who spend most of their time socialising, these sailors sure are awful at talking and explaining things.

  • Tristan Wegner
    Tristan Wegner7 minutes ago

    4.9Torr of C02!!! That is 6.5mbar or roughly 6500ppm C02! The German Norm for indoor office air declares everything about 1600ppm as bad, and even levels below that have been shown to decrease cognitive function. Fresh air is 400ppm. I assume the navy knows about that, just the money for better tech is not invested.

  • R.j sumra
    R.j sumra18 minutes ago

    Then how we can make air in mars ????

  • CharlesFockaert
    CharlesFockaert20 minutes ago

    Why is the ocean floor level if the earth is a globe?

  • Larry Booth
    Larry Booth27 minutes ago

    It's amazing that we humans go to such complex mechanics to do what mother nature has been doing for eons. Let's take lithium hydroxide to the next level. Scale up to mega mechanics to help the plant.

  • Eddy Weber
    Eddy Weber51 minute ago

    Awesome vid. Thanx for spending time to show us all that

  • icebluscorpion
    icebluscorpion55 minutes ago

    can't co2 be electrolysed too under liquifyed pressure? so you ed u with pure carbon and oxygen?

  • Scotchy Scotchy scotch
    Scotchy Scotchy scotchHour ago

    Me, thinking how other subs make oxygen the same way Russian sub: “We light Molotov candles”

  • Carol Cassidy
    Carol CassidyHour ago

    All those Scientists and Engineers are just wonderful. x

  • Wallace Duncan
    Wallace DuncanHour ago

    Turns everything yellow

  • Wallace Duncan
    Wallace DuncanHour ago

    Separate hydrogen from h2o with scrubber, creates amine

  • Vikhnesh AR
    Vikhnesh ARHour ago

    Why does it feels Wrong when you call a submarine a boat

  • Dazdrasen Konstantin
    Dazdrasen KonstantinHour ago

    Among Us memes completely ruined my experience and attention while watching this video.

  • Andreas Göttsche
    Andreas GöttscheHour ago

    physics ... 2. class

  • TriVos Ahren
    TriVos AhrenHour ago

    so you need air, but there's not a single plant? mankind in a nutshell.

  • Jay Time
    Jay TimeHour ago

    life at sea is every boys dream.... for about 6 days anyway

  • toh ping Tiang
    toh ping TiangHour ago

    Just do what they do for space craft?

  • Shawn Elliott
    Shawn ElliottHour ago

    How do submarines make oxygen? Well, when a positive electrode and a negative electrode love each other very much...

  • Ken
    Ken2 hours ago

    Dräger gas detectors with the annoying tubes still being used today? Takes me back to the best days of my life onboard BB-62 & BB-63. I did six months on the Vincennes after Desert Shield/Storm but the Tico cruiser fleet was never quite the same as sailing on and making history. Surely the Tico was more powerful, better defended than the Iowa class behemoths, and certainly safer in regards to modern design, and safety systems. But even in the 80's and 90's we were brash and bold. My Master Chief on the New Jessey was part of the original commissioning crew in WWII. My Senior Chief on the Missouri Served on her in Korea. Oh my the memories. Thanks!

  • Leroy Hunkel
    Leroy Hunkel2 hours ago

    Just waiting for the point where he does a series about the ISS

  • Treedbox. com
    Treedbox. com2 hours ago

    Man! That was incredible! The level of confidence in a submarine is over 9,000!

  • Hangry Viking
    Hangry Viking2 hours ago

    I heard that you said that you went to Cal Poly... I went the good one... You know. the one with a wind tunnel and flutter testing awesomeness.. Pomona... Did you go to that one or the surfer/ wine sipper one?

  • jeff fung
    jeff fung2 hours ago

    The male plastic macropharmacologically saw because tower lovely blush around a wet donkey. plant, aback spruce

  • Noah Ollington
    Noah Ollington2 hours ago

    So couldn't you track a sub by testing the water for excess hydrogen?

  • Jean-Marc Rochette
    Jean-Marc Rochette2 hours ago

    Et comment produisent-ils les 78% d'azote impérativement nécessaires à la respiration ? parce qu'on ne respire pas que de l'oxygène... Si l'atmosphère du sous-marin n'était composée que d'oxygène elle serait extrêmement dangereuse. Hautement inflammable, hautement oxydante pour les objets comme pour les humains.. Donc la question est mal posée : ce qu'il fallait demander c'est "comment le sous-marin produit de l'AIR ?"

  • Joshua Kao
    Joshua Kao2 hours ago

    The difficult rainbow specially soothe because powder critically muddle onto a deep texture. cool, aquatic napkin

  • Tianne Kelley
    Tianne Kelley2 hours ago

    leak detector= soapy spray bottle? I have used many tools and this seems to be the best; its always the fittings; in trouble shooting , please tell me different. I am very curious?

  • J41M13 L
    J41M13 L2 hours ago

    This series is amazing

  • Abhishek
    Abhishek2 hours ago

    So nobody's gonna talk about how Americans say "Monoethanol-amen or ameen" and NOT "Monoethanol-amine"

  • Anupam Datta Sarkar

    Anupam Datta Sarkar

    2 hours ago

    They speak funny. Aluminum. I wonder what they say for amino acids.

  • Nes Ra
    Nes Ra2 hours ago

    Dude this is so cool. I wish there were sub pleasure cruises that teach you about all the cool systems on the boat. Now how about some hydrogen seeking torpedoes?

  • Peter & Pete
    Peter & Pete3 hours ago

    oxygen = concentrated dry air which means oxygen is not a constituent of the air!

  • delroy shay
    delroy shay3 hours ago

    Man, I learned something new today.

  • Salrep95
    Salrep953 hours ago

    Me and Pavel use this every day!

  • D MATH
    D MATH3 hours ago

    Thank you American for be helping us with oxygen problem on sinkie boat, -Kazikstan

  • Damodara O'malley
    Damodara O'malley3 hours ago

    This is so old school. It's running on like Windows 87... plus the individual sniffers. Even in the mines we have digital crickets that monitor everything in the atmosphere. At the front of the nation's defence and with every life in the sub directly at risk. Would they not update to 2210 looking computers?

  • ABZ 10
    ABZ 103 hours ago

    *Ok Jordan Belfort!*

  • burntrubberballs
    burntrubberballs3 hours ago

    Nobody chuckled even a little bit when he said 9 inch nail? I sure did

  • Microwaved Grape
    Microwaved Grape3 hours ago

    This was amazing. Learned a lot. That boiler stripper is hot boi.

  • Shkur777
    Shkur7773 hours ago

    19:29 looks like MacGyver from the TV series of the same name :)

  • Chubaka
    Chubaka3 hours ago

    "A lot of spouses complain about the smell of amine" Yes, so do submariners. They universally describe it as smelling like cat pee.

  • Owen
    Owen4 hours ago

    The refresh rate on that computer was painfully slow for something that important.

  • Darrian Widhalm
    Darrian Widhalm4 hours ago

    what an odd yet fascinating vid.

  • John Rogers
    John Rogers4 hours ago

    WOW...9.5 Million.Subscribers.!!

  • alexander jimenez
    alexander jimenez4 hours ago

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  • Rodney Reno
    Rodney Reno4 hours ago

    I wonder how they social distance on a sub?

  • Gavin's Videos
    Gavin's Videos4 hours ago

    Who needs google lol

  • Palamontus 10
    Palamontus 104 hours ago

    subs dont run out of air ey ? (im not a sub-scriber) :)

  • Carlborgen
    Carlborgen4 hours ago

    How many plants would you need to get the same effect? 😄

  • ThaQloudLounge
    ThaQloudLounge4 hours ago


  • mmjj2007
    mmjj20074 hours ago

    it is because the sub drains a person soul therefore they don't need oxygen

  • Joe H.
    Joe H.4 hours ago

    4:56, that guy wasn't expecting a camera, yet was prepared anyway, give that man a dolphin

  • okhomestead
    okhomestead5 hours ago

    Really fantastic explanation

  • John C Gibson
    John C Gibson5 hours ago

    0:39 , the captain looks no older than 25!

  • Not_A_Gamer
    Not_A_Gamer5 hours ago

    AND a SEnile is Commander in chief of all this... LOL F u America.... you just invited CIA to rule the world

  • nØAh Sm0kez
    nØAh Sm0kez5 hours ago

    0:32 crewmates? Amogus imposter sus?😳

  • Aaron Parco
    Aaron Parco5 hours ago

    Let's not spread Lithium Hydroxide on the bunks. That's how you get chemical burns.

  • NinJazz Rhythm
    NinJazz Rhythm5 hours ago

    I didn't know you can take video cameras and post it only on a nuclear sub. At least when I was active, they filming was never allowed on any nuclear vessel and post in online. I guess time do change...

  • No u No u
    No u No u5 hours ago

    No u

  • Jason Wang
    Jason Wang5 hours ago

    Why can’t we use Amin to strip the Co2 from the atmosphere? Global warming solved!

  • Illumin4t
    Illumin4t5 hours ago

    someone should tell the US navy that there are multi functional sniffers and detetocers out there with more then a single sensor to detec different kind of gas at once. like from Dräger would be maybe usefull on a ship or submarine since space is nothing you should vaste

  • Toffee
    Toffee5 hours ago

    a straw

  • Dan Wolfson
    Dan Wolfson5 hours ago


  • MysticalPinecone
    MysticalPinecone5 hours ago

    I learned something, it was free, the dude was nice, and it wasn’t clickbait... nice

  • Beezy King
    Beezy King5 hours ago

    "if you ever lose power for any reason, you can just light a candle".... PUN intended!

  • Jasonpra
    Jasonpra5 hours ago

    Submarines are amazing feats of engineering.

  • Blades O Grass
    Blades O Grass5 hours ago

    Getting Among us vibes xD

  • Vilver II
    Vilver II5 hours ago

    If they keep pushing CO2 over board, won’t that eventually make the atmosphere in the submarine very thin?

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden5 hours ago

    "This is how the sausage gets made" Words NEVER to say on a submarine when surrounded by sailors.

  • funk you
    funk you5 hours ago

    More like "Smarter Every Month" this joke has been true for years.

  • Darth Virgin
    Darth Virgin6 hours ago

    in order to limit “bad gas” in a sub, chili, basically beans aren’t served.

  • hawaiiansoja
    hawaiiansoja6 hours ago

    So youre saying the submarine farts like Dr. Evil's submarine in austin powers.

  • Rea Zzz
    Rea Zzz6 hours ago

    Not sure whose 6th grade science class in FloridA studied this ... Semper Fi!

  • Robert Lewis
    Robert Lewis6 hours ago

    The channel is well named.

  • Ronin Kannushi
    Ronin Kannushi6 hours ago

    I imagine they call them 'clinkers' due to the sound of removing the housing from its cradle. The housing did 'clink' a few times when it was being removed.

  • lisandro luna
    lisandro luna6 hours ago

    Doing the most to get as much oxygen in throughout the submarine as possible.

  • RAYRaywithdaAK
    RAYRaywithdaAK6 hours ago

    Anybody else thought about the sub on gta when they saw that

  • Peridactite
    Peridactite6 hours ago

    If your sub is running out of air, then you are probably choking too hard.

  • MystWalker
    MystWalker6 hours ago

    This guy looks good for a movie actor as the bad guy.

  • Brandon Chee
    Brandon Chee6 hours ago

    What is that remote-looking thing on the wall behind you that lights up in different orders every few seconds?

  • admiralcapn
    admiralcapn6 hours ago

    I'm assuming that it is fairly difficult to split CO2 via electrolysis. Cause if that was viable you could solve both problems at the same time!

  • BlandEgg
    BlandEgg6 hours ago

    *Reads title* That sounds interesting *sees video length* Nope I'm outta here

  • Mystic
    Mystic6 hours ago

    So either of the Raycon earbuds novels have AAC audio quality? Great video. Loved it. Felt like a feels trip. One thing, you arnt a visual learner, we all are, if we can. It's just that words make it a little difficult to explain things like that.

    SHINJO KIKO6 hours ago

    I got a lot of knowledge form U channel! Thanks For that. Hello from Myanmar!

  • Coolguyx14
    Coolguyx146 hours ago

    I'm learning more from youtube than school

  • FRXMED ک
    FRXMED ک6 hours ago

    Couldn’t they just have plants

  • FixItPleaseJ


    6 hours ago

    Then they would need gardners too! Destin to crewmember "what rate are you?" crewmember "I'm a gardner third class" Destin "oh"

  • Toàn Phạm
    Toàn Phạm6 hours ago

    "Why don't subs run out of air?" .... ... We breath, duh

  • Craig Hicks
    Craig Hicks7 hours ago

    This is amazing. Ive read, watched, listened, and question to learn about so many different things in this world. For some reason I fell there is never a good look into how submarines do what they do. I know a lot of that is for security reasons but it still feels ultra secret to me. I paused this video halfway just to comment that for me, it is amazing seeing even what these guys consider mundane, even though important. For many reasons even further than what is discussed here, submarines are a special breed that I find fascinating. Thank you so much for showing a true inside look!

  • random person
    random person7 hours ago

    Princess pooper Snoop I'm going to steal that one for my next dog LOL

  • Michael Stein
    Michael Stein7 hours ago

    we breathe Nitrogen mingled with O2 CO2 NEON ARGON HELIUM .... right?

  • kaoslim
    kaoslim7 hours ago

    Was hoping for a summary in the top comments. Didn’t find one. Oh well.

  • Parsnips Johnson
    Parsnips Johnson7 hours ago

    Are they allowed to have carbonated drinks on the sub? Or does it add too much extra co2 into the environment?

  • Debraj Deb
    Debraj Deb7 hours ago

    Why Mr. Dow from Ohio carries so many pens? And why left shift pocket is mirror image of the right one?

  • ꧁꧂
    ꧁꧂7 hours ago

    U-boat does not like xxl people

  • Shanna Shenna
    Shanna Shenna7 hours ago

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  • Tran Thien hung
    Tran Thien hung7 hours ago

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  • Center 4 Nerds
    Center 4 Nerds7 hours ago

    so interesting fact oxygen candles are how a lot of emergency oxygen systems in airplanes work!

  • Oakstrom
    Oakstrom7 hours ago

    Aux MMs... I own everything lol.. Talk to a Nuke, they're the real ones! (Edit: They wouldn't be called Auxiliary MMs if they were primary)

  • John-Patrick McNown
    John-Patrick McNown8 hours ago

    "Lunar lander".....hahaha

  • W. James Hamel
    W. James Hamel8 hours ago

    This was straight up mesmerizing.