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Enjoy this video about how I made this video!
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  • Joel Haver
    Joel HaverMonth ago

    Thank you so much for half a million subscribers. I hope this video strikes a balance between helpful and entertaining. I encourage everyone with the faintest interest in animation to try out this process, it's really fun and unique. It's okay to steal my style outright, imitation is flattery and the greatest jumping off point for finding your own style. Links in the description to everything you'll need! Much love

  • kei saboru

    kei saboru

    2 days ago

    Thx man

  • Drummaboy


    2 days ago

    You are humble, I appreciate you

  • Hunter Hagen

    Hunter Hagen

    6 days ago

    I think your take on “cheating” with newer tech is awesome and can be applied to so many fields too.

  • Nate Bergert

    Nate Bergert

    6 days ago

    3 weeks and you are at 750k! Keep it up! I am sharing this videos, they are hilarious

  • Sofa King

    Sofa King

    7 days ago

    I did a random search for a GIF of facebook. It has some dude yelling Huzzah. I googled it and the definition came up. Then I youtubes it and I saw your dude. I have been watching your videos for the past hour and laughing my ass off back here. You have a new subscriber.

  • Mordekaiser
    Mordekaiser27 minutes ago

    Subarashi desu

  • Jade Maldonado
    Jade MaldonadoHour ago

    I hope I find a Joel in my life someday

  • Reko Starr
    Reko StarrHour ago

    you are so awesome and fun and a simplistic genius.

  • Edward Tan
    Edward TanHour ago

    This entire thing looks like a fever dream

  • An1mat0rz
    An1mat0rz2 hours ago

    I don't even know who you are, and yet this is very helpful.

  • BD Studios
    BD Studios2 hours ago

    how do you decide what a shot is? is it 24 pictures? or when theres some significant movement?

  • Fuyuno Hinotori
    Fuyuno Hinotori4 hours ago

    please do more of the rpg xD that was so fun

  • Saintbow
    Saintbow5 hours ago

    I owe you a pint of beer

  • Paul Muad'dib
    Paul Muad'dib5 hours ago

    Lets make animations , hazaaaa!

  • Randim007
    Randim0076 hours ago

    I see he put it under SKETCH comedy....(badum tsh)

  • Gilberto Paz
    Gilberto Paz7 hours ago

    Not on,y did this man come to USplan and change the animation channel game with a new style, he did not gatekeep his methods either. This guy has my respect for that .

  • Marina Costan
    Marina Costan7 hours ago

    danm thought he was using a Snapchat filter for a while there

  • FappMasterFlex
    FappMasterFlex8 hours ago

    i've been wracking my brain trying to figure out where i know those menu sounds from aaaaand it's killing me inside

  • Kaiser Gaming
    Kaiser Gaming9 hours ago

    Definitely an interesting style

  • Douglas Antunes
    Douglas Antunes9 hours ago

    Joel Mama lol Okay I quit USplan.

  • Just a regular bean
    Just a regular bean12 hours ago

    I think its easier to use cartoon filter, bcs its seems pretty similar to this

  • koenigscat
    koenigscat12 hours ago

    So that's how you do those movement glitches too. They're an accidental byproduct. I thought they were done on purpose since they look like video compression glitches. They go quite well with the retro/low quality footage vibe.

    NTAILAHNE13 hours ago

    Why am I so confused

  • Toq The Wise
    Toq The Wise13 hours ago

    It reminds me of Aqua Teen for some reason. Or at very least something that would be on Adult Swim.

  • Jordi Wortmann
    Jordi Wortmann13 hours ago

    Thank you so much for giving away this information along with software, it was so helpful and inspired me to use it for a small college project. Really helped make it interesting and made my project fun to do. You really are one of the best creators out there

  • Karish
    Karish14 hours ago

    Thank you so much for this! I love your animations! ❤️

  • LonelyReaper666
    LonelyReaper66617 hours ago

    This man is amazing

  • Global Pokemon Society
    Global Pokemon Society19 hours ago

    Great video! Just discovered your channel. Continue the great work. I love you too

  • Otter
    Otter20 hours ago

    I genuinely do appreciate you adding to the toolbox of all animators\

  • Ohton The Knight
    Ohton The Knight20 hours ago

    Now that we know now we wait for someone to make a 1 hour movie

  • Zul
    Zul22 hours ago

    Our left hand in this video is horrifying

  • Ben & Dans Movie Night
    Ben & Dans Movie Night23 hours ago

    Thanks for this - wow

  • MA4K
    MA4K23 hours ago

    jesus someone has free time in covid

  • PropsMovv
    PropsMovv23 hours ago

    sir, your words are both miracle, and a curse

  • Jacob Loewen
    Jacob LoewenDay ago

    Haven’t seen a single video of yours until now and this was hilarious throughout! Even being in-depth and informative it never stopped being fun to watch. That’s a definite subscribe from me

  • byrondesu
    byrondesuDay ago

    I came here to appreciate your work. Many thanks, Joel.

  • James Carroll
    James CarrollDay ago

    This was awesome. Thank you.

  • Manuel Camelo
    Manuel CameloDay ago


  • Trustfire
    TrustfireDay ago

    I would love to see you do something with an Aunty Donna sketch or Tim & Eric. That would be rad.

  • Gary
    GaryDay ago

    Joel your a fucking hero

  • Newfie
    NewfieDay ago

    Y'know, i MIGHT give this a try. might, LATER THOUGH, yes later. totally not gonna procrastinate until i forget about it again.. later.

  • Bruce8331
    Bruce8331Day ago

    I have NEVER seen animation done this way. So I am just amazed by what you ended up creating. Like

  • Emma Johnston
    Emma JohnstonDay ago

    Me before: “I’m tired of working all week, in a crappy minimum wage job. I’m gonna start making short animated videos on USplan & try earning money that way. How difficult can it be?” Me after: “I absolutely love my minimum wage job”

  • Markus
    MarkusDay ago

    4:14 Gus Johnson's in the video!!!!

  • Anthony Amaya
    Anthony AmayaDay ago

    welp this answers a comment on another video XD

  • Logan H.
    Logan H.Day ago

    Dude this is freaking awesome

  • TraceguyRune
    TraceguyRuneDay ago

    That's way too much work. For me at least 😂

  • Terrazine
    TerrazineDay ago

    Why did you age yourself 50 years bro

  • Lourence Miguel Simon
    Lourence Miguel SimonDay ago

    Diavolo's infinite death loop in the thumbnail be like:

  • Timmy
    TimmyDay ago

    Can anyone give me the free equivalent of the thing that got the frame by frame breakdown?

  • rinnicks


    5 hours ago

    You use the video editor he mentions in the vid (or the free one he mentions in the description) to render the video in a frame by frame. Just puts them all in a folder Then the program he mentions maps the picture to the frames

  • Kennis Smith
    Kennis SmithDay ago

    Wow that's a lot of effort

  • Marcel Torpeda
    Marcel TorpedaDay ago

    Gonna try this, thank You kindly ♡

  • Julio Aragão
    Julio AragãoDay ago

    Wait. Let me see if I understood this: you do t have to outline all the frames and the software does it automatically for you unless something wrong happens?

  • kinskifilms
    kinskifilmsDay ago

    Pssssst! Hey! Over here! Ok, hey, listen, there's no way I have the patience to do this

  • Tommy Gunn
    Tommy GunnDay ago

    Reminds me of the animated lord of the rings movie

  • _Krush
    _KrushDay ago

    Jesus Christ! Amazing.

  • _Krush


    Day ago

    Or Allah, or who ever...

  • ExoWolf Gaming
    ExoWolf GamingDay ago

    Am I the only one who thought the thumbnail was a bunch of his clones holding shotguns?

  • Äike
    ÄikeDay ago

    That is my EXACT philosophy on art of all forms, it feels good to have a creator I really enjoy say it!

  • Radio Reactivity
    Radio ReactivityDay ago

    Hehe, knew about this program since its alpha state, but now a lot of people will know about it and use this. :D

  • Justin Viola
    Justin ViolaDay ago

    what a chill dude

  • Scientist Clone Gaming
    Scientist Clone GamingDay ago

    Oh my god so you can’t make them blink or else it turns you into a demon.

  • Chris Dutton
    Chris DuttonDay ago

    Is this rotoscope?

  • Escrever no YouTube ! Making of de Livros
    Escrever no YouTube ! Making of de LivrosDay ago

    "Ju-ah juju blu, blu blu flu flu!" Joel Haver

  • memeslut
    memeslutDay ago

    just curious - could you do like a 'clean plate' at the start for ebsynth to use? like, a bit at the start with open mouth and eyes and use that to produce the animation? then edit it out after?

  • Pinio
    PinioDay ago

    1:36, this face killed me

  • Texteller Dude
    Texteller DudeDay ago

    Yeah. It is 3:15

  • halfchiangel88
    halfchiangel88Day ago

    What a cool and fun way to do animation! kinda wanna try it out a little Thanks for showing your process!

  • hmc361
    hmc3612 days ago

    Sometimes it can take a lot of courage to share knowledge considering what it took to learn it, thank you.

  • Kyore
    Kyore2 days ago

    That’s why they don’t move much.

  • Shady
    Shady2 days ago

    The key frame is just a Joel pog

  • I sometimes comment funny things
    I sometimes comment funny things2 days ago

    Keep up thE animations their unique! Sub!

  • Gabriel Brennan
    Gabriel Brennan2 days ago

    I understood almost none of this but it was still great. Thank you for being funny *and* putting crazy hard work into. Edit: it.* Hard work into it. This guys tracing and framing one at a time and I’m writing a full sentence.

  • Ruben La Rochelle
    Ruben La Rochelle2 days ago

    I know, I shouldn't do it, it's not something that should be done, but I did it anyway, I'm sorry. I have two USplan accounts, so I liked this video twice. I never do it, really, it's like once a year, maybe more. This one seriously deserved it, so I also subscribed twice. I would have subscribed to this channel anyway with this account, yes, but this is the video that made me subscribe twice. Thanks, Joel. Thanks.

  • Ruben La Rochelle
    Ruben La Rochelle2 days ago

    Me: "Wow, he's so good at creating awkward moments" Joel: "Actually they were real, I didn't write anything down so we genuinely didn't know what to say" Ahahah

  • Nunya Business

    Nunya Business

    6 hours ago

    fuck they were so awkwardp

  • BlueOrangeEU
    BlueOrangeEU2 days ago

    we should use tolls ;)

  • BlueOrangeEU
    BlueOrangeEU2 days ago


  • You'll never know me because this is the internet
    You'll never know me because this is the internet2 days ago

    This is tons of work

  • Catastropheshe
    Catastropheshe2 days ago

    Lol half million now it's 773k soon enough will get full million 😁

  • Catastropheshe
    Catastropheshe2 days ago

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  • Phone Maᴎ
    Phone Maᴎ2 days ago

    This is some Inception level editing video

  • [ZRue]
    [ZRue]2 days ago

    Why doesn’t this man have a show!

  • Certainly Not
    Certainly Not2 days ago

    I watched 2 minutes and 23 seconds of this and I do not want to finish watching it. Not because I didn't like it, I just wasn't paying attention because I was making garlic bread.

  • Crotch Goblin
    Crotch Goblin2 days ago

    I feel like this quallifies as an entry in the whole universe since its animated. Also love how joel flexes his animation powers just shifting into his alternate characters in the begining.

  • vissengek
    vissengek2 days ago

    It's too bad I can't like this video more then once

  • Kaiser Kai
    Kaiser Kai2 days ago

    Wow that really is amazing. Thank you for sharing your knowledge

  • Samurai Gaming
    Samurai Gaming2 days ago

    Joel is one of my favorite USplanr now with his short films and effects he’s honestly changed the whole game and deserves more praise then he’s getting now. Please keep it up Joel you have something special.

  • Coty Condry
    Coty Condry2 days ago

    great video. I loved the content and it's easily as funny as your other videos. Having your character edit the video that he is currently in was excellent

  • Virtual Pierogi
    Virtual Pierogi2 days ago

    Actually EBsynth doesnt use neural networks for the interpolation, they called it a “state-of-the-art implementation” of non-parametric texture synthesis algorithms.

  • Taylor Neal
    Taylor Neal2 days ago

    What an absolute genius.

  • juke caixa
    juke caixa2 days ago

    and here i tought you use motion capture

  • GrimmboMC
    GrimmboMC2 days ago

    This is super informative, and super entertaining as well. I love it mate!

  • Steve Southivorarat
    Steve Southivorarat2 days ago

    Hope the sleepycabin boys give the Joel Haver style a try.

  • aiklund
    aiklund2 days ago

    Thank you! I'll definitely try this out for a future project!

  • Opuntie
    Opuntie2 days ago

    This is extremely helpful! Thank you!!!

  • bruciebruce32
    bruciebruce322 days ago

    As someone who’s never attempted to animate or edit before, you lost me right around the 1:30 mark

  • Jacob Harrington -CoCorKiller
    Jacob Harrington -CoCorKiller2 days ago


  • DesertCow1000
    DesertCow10003 days ago

    Excellent 💯

  • Renz Aclan
    Renz Aclan3 days ago

    "that's crazey"

  • djones02
    djones023 days ago

    Hey I have the same keyboard!

  • Domingo
    Domingo3 days ago

    Hi Joel, quick question. When I went into Ebsyth to synthesize a project, I got the error Cuda backend unavailable. I selected GPU rendering. Was I not supposed to? Let me know

  • coreyobr26
    coreyobr263 days ago

    So I have been watching your shorts for a while now. And I love how your finally getting the recognition you deserve... all the spin off videos being made by fans after this "Tutorial" video came out is awesome. And I hope its bringing you alot of views. Keep up the great work Joel. Never lose your drive to create original content.

  • Gray Cloud Media
    Gray Cloud Media3 days ago


  • Emily Goodman
    Emily Goodman3 days ago

    Me watching like I understand Really good video btw, thank you 😊

  • T. St. Louis
    T. St. Louis3 days ago

    Tbh I love this style of video from you! It made me subscribe, even though it’s the minority type of video on your channel