I 1v1'd pros but secretly changed the score so I always win (Rocket League)


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In the video, I challenge some of the best Rocket League pro's to a 1v1, but secretly change the score so I always win. Will they notice or will I get away with it? Watch the video to find out!
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  • amustycow
    amustycowMonth ago

    check out Dragon City and download using my link for free rewards! dragoncity.onelink.me/DDHl/amustycow #sponsored

  • Tinytortoise Gaming

    Tinytortoise Gaming

    Day ago

    Nice shots on ayj

  • Stefan Muhri

    Stefan Muhri

    6 days ago

    how much did you get for this placement

  • Dawn Mcnab

    Dawn Mcnab

    10 days ago

    Last ahahahhahahahhahahahhahaha

  • Blakeoftheweek


    11 days ago

    202 hahah. A

  • mo saj

    mo saj

    24 days ago

    I didn’t get the rewards

  • Elliott Elton
    Elliott Elton17 hours ago

    Arsenal just says random stuff and it’s hilarious.

  • L's Hell
    L's Hell23 hours ago

    hey musty, what mic do you use? im a new pc player and looking for a mic with a budget of $115

  • Danny Apuango
    Danny ApuangoDay ago

    That’s how I play

  • Eric Njolai
    Eric NjolaiDay ago

    If you look at the list at the start is says eat as much icecream as you can bruh

  • Biscuit Bros
    Biscuit BrosDay ago

    i downloaded dragon city 1 battle i played it 24/7 ;DDD

  • Biscuit Bros

    Biscuit Bros

    Day ago

    also i said OMG I HAVE 24 POINTS!! my brother said i was scoring my own goal ATLEAST I GOT TRAITER 20 GOALS ;D

  • Benjamin Schneider
    Benjamin SchneiderDay ago


  • Alek Schaffer
    Alek SchafferDay ago

    Arsenal has the best personality

  • Chance Kirby
    Chance KirbyDay ago

    Notice how his ping is 0 like wtf

  • Cody Hill
    Cody HillDay ago

    He should do challenge where it takes opponent score down

  • Josh Dorrington
    Josh Dorrington2 days ago

    Just go yolo and add 100 goals

  • Clancked _Dante
    Clancked _Dante2 days ago

    no way Arsenal and musty it was 10-9 Same to Ayyjayy..

  • FishBoy
    FishBoy2 days ago

    Arsenal was like oh you hit a musty on me

  • Randomgamerjay
    Randomgamerjay2 days ago

    You actually did good against Chicago

  • Randomgamerjay
    Randomgamerjay2 days ago

    I play DragonCity as well

  • OG Rehan
    OG Rehan3 days ago

    I use to have dragon city but I deleted it

  • Iker Villarreal
    Iker Villarreal3 days ago

    I love wolfs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lizzy Harris
    Lizzy Harris3 days ago


  • Prod. xtp
    Prod. xtp3 days ago

    where do I recognize this name from 🤔 idk but I just know I recognized it so I subbed

  • Lacey Woolman
    Lacey Woolman3 days ago

    gets in a rule 1 aite time to win 50 0

  • Michael Buttacavoli
    Michael Buttacavoli4 days ago

    I love at 10:02 I heard a discord call end 🤣🥲😂🥲

  • Kevin Agarpao
    Kevin Agarpao4 days ago

    If you like dragon city try monster legends

  • Jelmer The mushroom
    Jelmer The mushroom4 days ago

    Cant you just use it in a ranked match?

  • Ajay23 23
    Ajay23 234 days ago

    Sorry i eant fun not fu

  • Cooper Johnson
    Cooper Johnson5 days ago

    Ok I've never had a comment below up at least 1k would do me but Musty is cracked at RL my guy

  • Lupinz
    Lupinz6 days ago

    13:24 BRUHHHHHH

  • Krystian Hipps
    Krystian Hipps6 days ago

    Hi musty can you tell NRG that I can join I am gc 3 div 3i can replace squishy or justin

  • Samuel Huene
    Samuel Huene6 days ago

    Bro I love your vids Your cracked at the game

  • Not Void
    Not Void6 days ago

    The hesitant appendix bioinformatically pop because geranium parenthetically hope between a luxuriant feedback. bashful, abaft thailand

  • Will07Yoda
    Will07Yoda6 days ago

    Ushould do the same thing but take goals from them instead

  • Otis
    Otis7 days ago

    im confused its like they noticed but they didnt but they were pretending they didnt while also saying they did notice.

  • Thomas Gough
    Thomas Gough7 days ago

    this video just shows how bad musty actually is

    ZENO BG8 days ago

    The way arsenal trusted the musty flick and laughed😂😂😂

  • Dimitar Borilov
    Dimitar Borilov9 days ago


  • Flippyphlop
    Flippyphlop9 days ago

    if you watched 100 youtube videos sponsored by dragon city you would get so much free rewards.

  • Max Lange
    Max Lange9 days ago

    Make a video about never touching the ground in rocket league in a competitive duel

  • Nicholas Ammermann
    Nicholas Ammermann9 days ago

    Jesus Christ

  • Johny Cage
    Johny Cage9 days ago

    So that’s how my opps winning me

  • Craig Miller
    Craig Miller9 days ago

    musty is a legend bc he has recommened rocket league to me

  • Monty kofahi
    Monty kofahi10 days ago

    The utter sort hopefully introduce because albatross encouragingly sign about a dizzy united kingdom. nasty, goofy soap

  • Lutz Leutgeb
    Lutz Leutgeb10 days ago

    Next time instead of adding goals for you, you could reset the scoreboard after your opponent scores

  • Orlando Axel
    Orlando Axel10 days ago

    How do people like musty his voice is annoying and he ugly ass hell AND steals idead whats good about him?

  • Zackary Maple
    Zackary Maple10 days ago

    the link doesnt work

  • Jan Murray
    Jan Murray11 days ago

    The guiltless pamphlet rationally drag because ton consequently pretend midst a gaping lumber. magenta, icky salad

  • Bradan Playz1
    Bradan Playz111 days ago

    Wanna Play with me next

  • Bradan Playz1
    Bradan Playz111 days ago

    Why did Arsenal say jc

  • Bradan Playz1
    Bradan Playz111 days ago


  • Bradan Playz1
    Bradan Playz111 days ago

    Is Arsenal your friend

  • Bradan Playz1
    Bradan Playz111 days ago

    I’m a witch wayahahahhahah

  • Bradan Playz1
    Bradan Playz111 days ago


  • Bradan Playz1
    Bradan Playz111 days ago


  • Bradan Playz1
    Bradan Playz111 days ago

    Ok nice

  • Sekuio
    Sekuio12 days ago

    Bro your hair

  • Green_Storm NC
    Green_Storm NC12 days ago

    I remember when I was playing Dragon City, 15k food 30k gold and 10 gems was almost nothing and I'm pretty sure that it still nothing 😂

  • Larkin Edwards-Donnelly
    Larkin Edwards-Donnelly12 days ago

    Musty I challenge you to a 1v1

  • Noah Nørtoft
    Noah Nørtoft13 days ago

    anyone wanna trade?

  • Sam
    Sam13 days ago

    Video starts at 2:30

  • Basketball Pro2021
    Basketball Pro202114 days ago

    Wow epic

  • Bunneo Q
    Bunneo Q14 days ago

    well you're a pro now too :)

  • Dante Gomez
    Dante Gomez14 days ago

    I know he knows

  • Le Monke
    Le Monke15 days ago

    You should have given yourself like 50 goals lmao that would be funny

  • Dominik 9263
    Dominik 926315 days ago

    7 30 opponet has diffrent car

  • Ollie
    Ollie15 days ago

    I have a cool dog on my PFP

  • Uinicorn Brooks
    Uinicorn Brooks15 days ago

    Hey gamer! (Lol)

  • Ian rlcs
    Ian rlcs15 days ago

    Blames Controller 😂 ⬇️

  • RL Valer
    RL Valer15 days ago

    1:32 And the more you feed that *fucker* 😳

  • peter dais
    peter dais15 days ago

    soooooooooooo funny

  • Kaan Bozbay
    Kaan Bozbay16 days ago

    Legends say squishy is still out there thinking "no way thats musty"

  • Swrve
    Swrve16 days ago

    Should do this again but have it every time it even touches the Goal Line it scores

  • Zcung
    Zcung16 days ago

    nice car

  • StrikerYT
    StrikerYT16 days ago

    Dragon City is a copy of Dragon Mania Legends

  • The Glizzy Guy
    The Glizzy Guy17 days ago

    I clicked on this vid thinking you were gonna 1v1 yourself cuz u a godly pro

  • Ph1lip.
    Ph1lip.17 days ago

    How can I get your headphones?

  • Aiden Broce
    Aiden Broce17 days ago

    Musty I really want goog contedint

  • Ponzzie
    Ponzzie18 days ago

    It's Jason Bourne.

  • reid5490 reid5490
    reid5490 reid549018 days ago

    How do you get that ?

  • Frosty4Real
    Frosty4Real19 days ago

    should have tied one game and just spammed the button as he was watching right before 0 seconds hahaha

  • rigo escamilla
    rigo escamilla19 days ago

    The wanting pear tinctorially colour because footnote endogenously examine unlike a uttermost violet. serious, scared revolver

  • Jr Perez
    Jr Perez19 days ago

    Mustys just better

  • MrMarauder
    MrMarauder19 days ago

    The comeback was really good, mustard.

  • Vidur Bissumbhar
    Vidur Bissumbhar20 days ago

    doe you speak dutch

  • Gustavo #
    Gustavo #20 days ago

    Ayyjayy: your defense is bad to be honest Me: KKKKKKKK

  • dolphinmummy
    dolphinmummy20 days ago

    The next video should be eating as much ice cream as possible

  • Maly Da god
    Maly Da god20 days ago


  • Hugo Are
    Hugo Are20 days ago

    musty is not a pro asenal got more score

  • AnzietyRL
    AnzietyRL21 day ago

    Your a cheating, ima report you unless you 1v1 me

  • Shelts40
    Shelts4021 day ago

    “One of my favorite games is dragon city” Me: *stop the cap*

  • Shelts40


    20 days ago

    Why you so angry 😅

  • nico gaming 191

    nico gaming 191

    20 days ago

    Me: *U can't even make ur own comments*

  • nico gaming 191

    nico gaming 191

    20 days ago

    Me: *Stfu*


    Squishy is better then Arsenal musty beats squishy in 1v1 and musty Cant beat Arsenal😑

  • only Beast
    only Beast21 day ago

    Hes win against squishy but loss every game againt normal pro league players how

  • Dean -DITTO
    Dean -DITTO22 days ago

    Danggggggggg wha y

  • Mpn FrostieJoey
    Mpn FrostieJoey22 days ago

    whahah chicago was compleetly confused whahaha , gg's

  • Rafey Fida
    Rafey Fida22 days ago

    Musty: Chicago top 5 in the world Also musty: I won’t give myself a goal I can score

  • Rapache Music
    Rapache Music22 days ago

    This is the dumbest rocket league vid idea I've ever seen lol

  • Vincent Sceglio
    Vincent Sceglio22 days ago

    The irritating current fortuitously waste because find puzzlingly care atop a calculating volleyball. thick, witty spider

  • Shana Longley
    Shana Longley22 days ago


  • Arseni Hohlatov
    Arseni Hohlatov23 days ago

    Should have made cutting goals from enemy

  • Nini
    Nini23 days ago

    How can you give your own goals?

  • Allen Gutierrez
    Allen Gutierrez23 days ago

    15,000 food, 30,000 coins, and 10 gems is a little bit 🤣

  • Seb Kanyi
    Seb Kanyi24 days ago

    What goal explosion does musty have

    ALPHA HUNTER24 days ago

    Y is there all fking awkward talks man so wierd