I bought $1000 worth of Bootleg merch


Buy dat merch. But not dat merch. I'm upset and this is how i express myself.
NOT BOOTLEG MERCH STORE- creatorink.com/collections/somethingelseyt-by-adam-ortiz
Animated by yours truly
-Thanks to my homies for being in the vid-
Zalinki: usplan.info
Circletoonshd: usplan.info
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Songs used:
Bootleg by somethingelseyt (additional mixing help from zalinki)
Where are they now (end song) by Zalinki
And a bunch of Kevin MacLeod god i love that guy


  • SomeThingElseYT
    SomeThingElseYTMonth ago

    (Edit: Dont know if i wanna put the song on spotify and stuff just yet. Only made it cuz i was bored and thought it was funny for a video. Also i am on spotify, the way to differentiate me and the fake is that my page is verified and has my songs you see on youtube.) Original post: lesmfg;lsdmvwopds;x, kb pkrmaelf,sdflv,fvwpekfmef,mpwkrgmpwfm w

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    Month ago


  • dream amn

    dream amn

    Month ago

    Can you ask jams to post

  • frogie :3

    frogie :3

    Month ago

    good job with that exorcism ritual

  • Andre Baboulene

    Andre Baboulene

    Month ago

    no no no no no that just wont do lol 0:20

  • Rexhep Krasniqi

    Rexhep Krasniqi

    Month ago

    I love you

  • Spitfulbench
    Spitfulbench16 minutes ago

    not monetized by the way

  • Purple Peber
    Purple Peber19 minutes ago

    What a coincidence, at 1:49 I actually got a notification on my phone!

  • Unicorn Cat
    Unicorn Cat59 minutes ago

    It's been a month... R u dead?

  • Blabbing With Brady And Co Projects
    Blabbing With Brady And Co Projects2 hours ago

    Adams neighbors: wat 5:20

  • Luis Rodriguez
    Luis Rodriguez2 hours ago

    mama: im coing for u me: help help i want to duble tap u pls i dont ant to die help

  • Warturtle Watches
    Warturtle Watches3 hours ago

    'FUN' fact:If you light a match stick it will get lighter as you light it

  • N o
    N o4 hours ago

    Can you make another song

  • Sydni
    Sydni4 hours ago

    Okay Adam... but it’s a bop 💫💕

  • Adam Nawaz Khan
    Adam Nawaz Khan4 hours ago

    Yay u and me have the same name

  • AC-Anonymous
    AC-Anonymous5 hours ago

    Funny and all but why you became monke halfway in the song

  • Rusthiya Nisthar
    Rusthiya Nisthar6 hours ago

    Idiot stupid

  • RatNoobius
    RatNoobius11 hours ago

    The slightly quieter version of Sr Pelo

  • Kimberly Bemah
    Kimberly Bemah12 hours ago

    3:16 epic rap song of adam 😂😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • Its sherif
    Its sherif12 hours ago

    did adam burn his own $1000 merch?

  • Rachiele Lumarlan
    Rachiele Lumarlan13 hours ago

    Is that pewdiepie chair?

  • thewhat
    thewhat13 hours ago

    k o m m o n s c h e m m e n s e

  • Alyssa Saunier
    Alyssa Saunier13 hours ago

    I don't know what this video was, but I love it.

  • Aitorti
    Aitorti17 hours ago

    The video is fantastic

  • Elijah Schmidt
    Elijah Schmidt18 hours ago

    Adam, Are you ok?

  • AnimationsOnIce
    AnimationsOnIce19 hours ago

    Someone make Adam a voice actor for Helluva boss pls!

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  • Phoenix God657
    Phoenix God65721 hour ago

    where have u been

  • 23 hours ago

    No wonder he draws himself as a demon

  • Ethan Bradsha
    Ethan BradshaDay ago

    Chinese government would like to know your location

  • FNAF fan
    FNAF fanDay ago

    Ur voices are great

  • Opaque The Lion
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  • FoundWeirdGuyYT
    FoundWeirdGuyYTDay ago

    Adam: Buys 1,000$ of fake merch Haters: WASTE OF MONEY Adam: ._.

  • Sheila Hyde
    Sheila HydeDay ago

    I love your videos

  • Oof YeetPlzVerifyMe
    Oof YeetPlzVerifyMeDay ago

    The prime example of what coronavirus has done to the sanity of the human race

  • TheBigGD 34
    TheBigGD 34Day ago

    Nice new art style

  • Graciela Mancilla
    Graciela MancillaDay ago

    2:02 drip goku

  • Typical Ken
    Typical KenDay ago

    Imagine its 3 am and you see a man dancing and jumping on his backyard while burning clothes

  • Nathaniel Giron
    Nathaniel GironDay ago

    You're just a money bag

  • ·Itzkatiekalita·
    ·Itzkatiekalita·Day ago

    0:13 *ADORABLE*

  • Unsure_Walrus
    Unsure_WalrusDay ago

    Zalinki cool

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  • Oiyoumations
    OiyoumationsDay ago

    Adam:no goin back now already bought it and no refunds Adams wallet:he..lp mmme ☠️😰

  • Daniel Andres Valderrama Tovar
    Daniel Andres Valderrama TovarDay ago

    I didn't get a notification for this there for me only seeing this a month after posting

  • Spooki TDM
    Spooki TDMDay ago

    He’s gone insane...

    DISGUSTANG!Day ago

    I forgot the name of this channel so i searched adam animation guy and it worked!

  • Kitty Cafe With CNQ
    Kitty Cafe With CNQDay ago

    So let me get this clear you buy $1000 worth of that Murch and you just burned it

  • Karen Armstrong
    Karen ArmstrongDay ago

    yo ya $##

  • Slendy Girl
    Slendy GirlDay ago

    I got a hoodie and its wicked comfy i love it

  • Pixel gun gamer Luke YT Widows wine Soda
    Pixel gun gamer Luke YT Widows wine Soda2 days ago

    The beginning (edit: 🤣🤣🤣🤣 ( I’m not mocking anyone I’m not being an a$$hole

  • Draconic_Doodles
    Draconic_Doodles2 days ago

    I’m turning on the notification bell cause I’m tired of missing your videos. Which I always look forwards to as you are one of the greatest boosts of serotonin when I watch them. Thank you for being great:$

  • Patt Kline
    Patt Kline2 days ago

    No one is going to talk about that there is hand cuffs behind his bed

  • OROB 2
    OROB 22 days ago

    I still bop to I’m something else

  • christian darras
    christian darras2 days ago

    adam's next uplead : adam's funural

  • Blake Bricker
    Blake Bricker2 days ago

    10/10 video. I laughed. XD

  • youssef ahmedツ
    youssef ahmedツ2 days ago

    2:26 anyone notice pewdiepie's gaming chair

  • Doughnut for life Doughnut
    Doughnut for life Doughnut2 days ago

    I try to buy and merch but I did are you a devil

    SHADOW C.M.F2 days ago

    You have a big talent Adam when you do a New video i said this boy are going to go so far more than he already has (postcrip) i like all your videos and continue like that ♡♡♡

  • Pablo Pablo
    Pablo Pablo2 days ago

    Well thanx for all youre videos becouse Im in deprecion man and your videos help to dont have might

  • Cash N
    Cash N2 days ago

    Make a time line of x-men dude

  • Noah Cook
    Noah Cook2 days ago

    3:33 bullies in movies be like

  • Bernard Diaz
    Bernard Diaz2 days ago

    I miss the old adam

  • Wolf Alex
    Wolf Alex2 days ago

    Adam, you are my childhood. 🥺 Now I know what I what for Christmas and my birthday 🎂

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    Have did I not get notified >=(

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    XD this is hilarious!!!

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    Love the new video

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    Imma gonna head out

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    where do u live?

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    Tailisu3 days ago

    fgteev been real silent since your new hit dropped

  • J Ritz
    J Ritz3 days ago

    Why did he cus so much

  • Orion Gabriel Derez
    Orion Gabriel Derez3 days ago

    5:26 me at 1 am after finding out that shirts are demons from a random website

  • Tikboy Animation
    Tikboy Animation3 days ago

    I want to be like you sir🤘🤘

  • Sarah Monaghan
    Sarah Monaghan3 days ago

    he got 4000 subs in a month.... come on guys we can do so much better

  • martonios polus
    martonios polus3 days ago

    I read online what your song help was about are you overwhelmed of your fans because that’s what it said

  • liquify
    liquify3 days ago

    Robbers be like 4:14

  • Shadowc1121 Z
    Shadowc1121 Z3 days ago

    Burn them. BuRn ThEm ? BURN THEM!

  • Alex Morales
    Alex Morales3 days ago

    How dare they

  • Elizabeth SandovalDuarte
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  • qwerty mcnugget
    qwerty mcnugget3 days ago

    Well, the bird in the beginning weren't as positive as we think.

  • Kleinblatt
    Kleinblatt3 days ago

    Adam: *sings the song* The subtitle: *Trash*

  • Josiah Fredericks
    Josiah Fredericks3 days ago

    3:16 Don’t mind me I’m just saving this for myself

  • Blake Bricker
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  • ꧁aesthetics Gacha꧂
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    While he was buying all the merch I was drinking his Chocky milk

  • blank blank
    blank blank4 days ago

    Do you play fortnite

  • Pog -_-
    Pog -_-4 days ago

    Funny thing is: Go on Amazon and search something else yt merch, and people still are doing it Clearly, people haven’t gotten the message

  • Hannah D
    Hannah D4 days ago

    Why are you cursing so much

  • Voxxie
    Voxxie4 days ago

    0:36 That animation is beautiful

  • MaryfleureWasntFind short
    MaryfleureWasntFind short4 days ago

    You sound like swaggersouls

  • RobotXpert Gamer
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    Hola buenas :D me gustan tus vídeos aunque no sepa ingles

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    The first cavemen to discover fire at 5:18

  • andaman 14
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    I had never heard you swear

  • ron zanni
    ron zanni4 days ago

    can you make a common sense blanket or plush?

  • Diego Luna
    Diego Luna4 days ago

    When I first saw your face I thought u reminded me of some other USplan who though it was Markiplier are you his twin

  • KingDeadly
    KingDeadly4 days ago

    Finally back to 2011 like ive always wanted

  • Cesar Andrés Ramos
    Cesar Andrés Ramos4 days ago

    Really Adam are you okay dude?

  • 05_Light_Guardian
    05_Light_Guardian4 days ago

    USplan: *inhale* Adam: yeah i know... demonetized.... =/

  • Ken Kaneiki
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    Hey can you make another music please?

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    KakashiUchia5 days ago

    This was an unusual video

  • we bored
    we bored5 days ago

    His hair really got long- we love it :)

    CL4WZZ YT5 days ago

    I genuinely want to animate like you do.

  • y0kiAn
    y0kiAn5 days ago

    adam u ok