I "Eat" Every Flavor of Takis


You've been eating Takis wrong your whole life but that's okay. My review will show you the CORRECT way to fully enjoy Takis.
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  • Breda Meehan
    Breda Meehan44 minutes ago

    what is your intros this year.

  • miya's_cat_ears
    miya's_cat_earsHour ago

    Mark somehow made a thirty minute video "eating" Takis and explaining their whole existence and the worst part is that I can't stop watching

  • Shuichi Saihara
    Shuichi Saihara2 hours ago

    Ive have a few flavors of takis

  • Awesome Cat Gaming
    Awesome Cat Gaming2 hours ago

    Ok Lol!

  • Mike van der Meer
    Mike van der Meer2 hours ago


  • Xxhttps_ lonerxX
    Xxhttps_ lonerxX2 hours ago


  • Xxhttps_ lonerxX
    Xxhttps_ lonerxX3 hours ago

    taki's *

  • Xxhttps_ lonerxX
    Xxhttps_ lonerxX3 hours ago

    lol i eat takies all day

  • Starkka15
    Starkka153 hours ago

    "he hoo suggests such a link would be of a more primative mind"

  • Lana Forde-Mejias
    Lana Forde-Mejias3 hours ago


  • SN Project
    SN Project4 hours ago

    I was not fucking ready for you to _succ_ the takis 😬

    JEGANTV5 hours ago

    does anybody know what guitar sound effect he was using at 24:15. i really need to know, help please anybody

  • El Flako
    El Flako6 hours ago

    for you to have Takis you must eat it all of it not suck the powder, in that case just crush them into powder and take scoops of it, what a waste man!

  • Mark Kelly
    Mark Kelly6 hours ago

    My cousin has a crush on you

  • Brady Coleman
    Brady Coleman7 hours ago

    His vocabulary tho

  • desertwaterdemon
    desertwaterdemon7 hours ago

    I can’t finish this video.

  • desertwaterdemon
    desertwaterdemon7 hours ago

    Why are you being gross? Ugh. I just saw another USplan review The Human Centipede and I can’t stand how you are ...

  • Theo raven!
    Theo raven!7 hours ago

    just eat the whole trip takes takes out all the flavour and put it in your

  • Zaky
    Zaky8 hours ago

    8k dislikes of people scared to hide the truth

  • gabriels
    gabriels8 hours ago

    unnus annus

  • Spider-Man-Fan
    Spider-Man-Fan9 hours ago

    It kinda upsets me that he didn't like most of the flavors because all of those are bomb, except the blue and zombie flavors i don't know cus ive never tried those flavors, and sure mark can have his own opinion and thats okay but maybe it was because they were expired? And maybe because he didn't even bite them?

  • Xonix YT
    Xonix YT10 hours ago

    your weird

    IVAN CHONG KIN FUNG Moe10 hours ago

    11:03 *my disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.*

  • Koushiro Izumi
    Koushiro Izumi11 hours ago

    Mark, please eat the GOD DAMN chips and stop spitting them out!! Yuck!

  • Arnish Ukil
    Arnish Ukil12 hours ago

    Gordan Ramsay

  • Tay
    Tay12 hours ago

    Why has marks review videos become my comfort videos when I’m trying to go to sleep

  • Mirage
    Mirage13 hours ago

    Mark is the only person who eats chips without eating chips...

  • Nathen Ferrell
    Nathen Ferrell14 hours ago

    is it sad i liked it without question

  • SpeedySonicX7
    SpeedySonicX714 hours ago

    Alternate title: Man in His Early Thirties Has Mood Swings Accentuated by Takis Powder

  • Brandon
    Brandon15 hours ago

    Anyone try the 99 cent store fieros???? Mark would love those

  • bear
    bear15 hours ago

    Mark: *spits out taki* Me: thanks, I hate it

  • Magdalena Swiatczak
    Magdalena Swiatczak15 hours ago

    Do you want to know how to not make everyone cry? BITE THE DAMN THINGS PLEASEEEEEE

  • h2cop the wolf
    h2cop the wolf15 hours ago

    When I saw this video in my recommend I came quickly as I could

  • Gamers Next top model
    Gamers Next top model15 hours ago

    damn you were right i couldn't watch this video for more than 5 minutes

  • Cloud9Lefty
    Cloud9Lefty16 hours ago

    Mark how i literally have to break my takes because the chip is to long

  • Boris Nolin Simoneau
    Boris Nolin Simoneau16 hours ago

    why did i click this

  • Boris Nolin Simoneau
    Boris Nolin Simoneau16 hours ago

    its 3 am i have school tommorow and im watching 30 minuts of takis eating

  • Dan Ewing
    Dan Ewing17 hours ago

    Addicted to Takis, part 3

  • Noah Singer
    Noah Singer17 hours ago


  • Wild-Boo Gaming
    Wild-Boo Gaming17 hours ago

    I love Takis

  • GabelPlayzRoblox
    GabelPlayzRoblox17 hours ago

    I like the part where he count all the bags and 7 of the numbers ( 1-7 ) are still there like he created them

  • Team reticle
    Team reticle17 hours ago

    The other bags u gave low ratings r better if u eat them not suck the soul from them

  • Joseph Thomas
    Joseph Thomas18 hours ago

    Stop eating that why its nasty

    MARTIN COEN MITRANI18 hours ago

    eat the chippp!!!!!! (im mexican and trigered)

  • angel gameplay553
    angel gameplay55318 hours ago

    What the heck is mark doing i never saw someone tasting a taki and than spit out NEVER

  • Jermiah Eason
    Jermiah Eason18 hours ago

    I give this a dislike because I love green Takis and he did not like it this is why I give Markiplier a dislike I'm not a hater i still will being subbing to him still pls don't hate i just love green Takis and one more things he hate the Bule Takis.

  • Maria Beltran
    Maria Beltran18 hours ago

    There should be a job for being an expert on takis-

  • Mr. Wild
    Mr. Wild18 hours ago

    Stop sucking on it. Just eat it.

  • Frank BOY 2
    Frank BOY 218 hours ago

    comments 100% people saying mark is weird for not biting the chips

  • Firebeatle Gaming
    Firebeatle Gaming18 hours ago

    He eats his takis like I used to eat peanuts, he licks the salt and flavor, and throws away everything else

  • crème brulee
    crème brulee19 hours ago

    Ive eaten the blue ones once they were good

  • Michael Galante
    Michael Galante19 hours ago

    wtf am i watching

  • Suzannah Cargill
    Suzannah Cargill20 hours ago

    me: clicks clear all whach history

  • Nathan Osborne
    Nathan Osborne20 hours ago

    Dude I just wanna see u eat some takis

  • The Irish kid
    The Irish kid20 hours ago

    22:20 best add for the zombie flavor takis ever

  • Ezzedine El-zein
    Ezzedine El-zein21 hour ago

    It pisses me off that he doesn't eat it

  • Bernice Rodriguez
    Bernice Rodriguez21 hour ago


  • Haru -Chan
    Haru -Chan22 hours ago

    I hope those takis were not wasated

  • Dream Pop
    Dream Pop22 hours ago

    I love takis but I burn my tongue off

  • Danni Curtiss
    Danni Curtiss22 hours ago

    I've has all of the takis and all I can say is there's maybe 3 kinds that actually taste good

  • SSGImAWeeB
    SSGImAWeeBDay ago

    Purple bag best

  • lily mccue
    lily mccueDay ago

    The telling wrist implicitly shop because force collectively tease opposite a measly withdrawal. reminiscent, solid snake

  • Praween Van Rysselberge
    Praween Van RysselbergeDay ago


  • Sarah
    SarahDay ago

    I like the fact how most people eat takis normally, while Mark literally looks and explains every and each one of the takis's existence and matter of living.

  • Qlue
    QlueDay ago

    You ok?

  • Gabe the beyblader
    Gabe the beybladerDay ago

    I just got a bag it was great there was a ton of powder at the bottom but the chips had like a half of a mm thick of powder

  • Salvatore Bifulco
    Salvatore BifulcoDay ago

    I love spice and you might not believe me but once I ate two bags of tali’s with no milk. So ye

  • Nerd Fish
    Nerd FishDay ago

    Yeah, Guacamole Takis are way better when they're not past their 'best by' date

  • Paige Ariks
    Paige AriksDay ago

    Mark, if you find a taki that doesn’t have a lot of powder then just eat multiple takes so u get more “FlAvOr”

  • Lindsey Mccormack
    Lindsey MccormackDay ago

    Oh and there is blue Takis 2

  • Lindsey Mccormack
    Lindsey MccormackDay ago

    I like your videos and I like Takis and you made my mouth water

  • Uno
    UnoDay ago

    I love how for the first ten minutes it’s just him talk about takis as if it were drugs

  • rianswrld
    rianswrldDay ago

    mark offa perc

  • madisin parsons
    madisin parsonsDay ago

    You disgrace to humanity to eat takis like that mark why

  • Nikolaos Mihalakis
    Nikolaos MihalakisDay ago

    Mark spiting the Takis ME: DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!

  • Nikolaos Mihalakis
    Nikolaos MihalakisDay ago

    why im still looking at the video?????

  • Maliya Rivera
    Maliya RiveraDay ago

    Markiplier:*Only eats the powder* My sister who has eaten all flavors of takis without water and reaper chip:Weak Me who has eaten more than 10 reaper chips:What is this tiny mortal being.

  • Maliya Rivera

    Maliya Rivera

    Day ago

    Don't mind me. Ignore this comment

  • Kirumo_Drxxmz
    Kirumo_DrxxmzDay ago

    Nice to know I'm not the only Taki enthusiast. Also, Mark, you eat them strangely. Yes, you eat the powder first. But it's better to lick it than suck it. Sucking it runs the risk of you choking, and that'd be pretty bad, wouldn't it?

  • Havocs Destruction
    Havocs DestructionDay ago

    Imagine just from this video mark's garbage man picks up this wet bag full of pale takis

  • Springaler Bro
    Springaler BroDay ago

    I love watching these and dieing of hunger

  • MrGully911
    MrGully911Day ago

    taki expert here. Fuego has a larger variation in powder to chip. Nitro always is on the lower end because of the different flavoring involved, technically they are actually lower in heat, but they use a different spice, but that's subjective. zombie is also really good with powder usually

  • Juice Box
    Juice BoxDay ago

    You’re gross man

  • flapjacczacc
    flapjacczaccDay ago

    MSG is basically fancy salt, that's all there is to it.

  • MoonSquid 101
    MoonSquid 101Day ago

    This video makes me appreciate how I eat tskis; suck on the powder but still eat the wet sad chip afterward

  • Hmoob Moua
    Hmoob MouaDay ago

    I ate blue takis before

  • Hmoob Moua
    Hmoob MouaDay ago

    One time I was eating takis and then I find a big ball of powdery stuff

  • ivan ortiz22
    ivan ortiz22Day ago

    If this helps this how I get them and always strike just powder, get the more ranked and flattish bag never get the air bag or the ones that feel big

  • Darius Shines
    Darius ShinesDay ago

    I’ve eat so many takis throughout my life my blood stream is flowing with it should I be worried or curious

  • Maddex III MORALES
    Maddex III MORALESDay ago

    i think we all know why he didn't like any of them "best by December 2020"

  • Alyssa Lovett
    Alyssa LovettDay ago

    "Tortilla chips actually carry a lot of suck-ability so you can suck the powder out of them. You know I like that. I don't like when it hides in the crevices." Only Mark🤣

  • Susan Hansen
    Susan HansenDay ago

    Ok but my mouth was literally watering the entire time

  • peyton hannon
    peyton hannonDay ago

    i eat those every day i have a counter full of takis boi

  • grape pro
    grape proDay ago

    Nitro is just gasoline flavored takis

  • AX Sneakers
    AX SneakersDay ago

    The chilly sky adventitiously melt because pyjama bioinformatically name modulo a childlike freezer. juvenile, abundant trial

  • Mike Green
    Mike GreenDay ago

    John wick hairstyle

  • Gabriel Parisot
    Gabriel ParisotDay ago

    oh no

  • Josiah
    JosiahDay ago

    you look like keanu reaves

  • cars3811 cars3811
    cars3811 cars3811Day ago

    i eat the shell of the takis


    wait wait wait... Im sorry but did u say the "chip tree"?... " Hey guys Im going to the chip tree to get some chips wanna come? XD

  • Curly Bandit
    Curly BanditDay ago


  • Alaina Dunbar

    Alaina Dunbar

    22 hours ago