I joined a random parkour world and kinda cheesed it


#minecraft I did some parkour today. I hope choof is proud.
Music Used:
"Andy Griffith Tribute" - Huseyin Aksu
hahaha youtube analytics go brrrrrr
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This isn't a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin. This isn't 100 Days Hardcore or I Played Minecraft Hardcore for 100 Days and Here's what Happened. This isn't the 100 by 100 Minecraft World or the 1 by 1 Minecraft World, it's just a random Minehut server I joined.
#shorts #yeahjaron


  • choof
    choof27 days ago

    You're So cool yeah_Jaron

  • Someone


    2 days ago

    got more likes than USplan's comment sheesh

  • Rykiion


    21 day ago


  • natalia sanchez

    natalia sanchez

    22 days ago

    @ChroLinkz reply if you're real then

  • Pika


    23 days ago

    @Yeah Jaron epic

  • Carter Conway

    Carter Conway

    23 days ago

    You’re so cool! yeah_Jaron.

    POLCC THE TEMMIE6 hours ago

    That loop 👀

  • Cicada Killer Gaming
    Cicada Killer Gaming11 hours ago

    Dat loop doe

  • Kamsy Ngwu
    Kamsy Ngwu15 hours ago

    How do people do these loops

  • HoodedPandaX
    HoodedPandaX17 hours ago

    These are so well looped, nice parkour!

  • runforitman
    runforitmanDay ago

    "go the entended route"

  • Hay Bale
    Hay BaleDay ago

    IT'S ME!

  • nicole liew
    nicole liewDay ago

    Am i the only one looking at the name of the wolf instead of the main thing?

  • Remco Haring
    Remco Haring2 days ago

    What is the ip addres me and my friend need a new server

  • Tasty Toast
    Tasty Toast2 days ago

    God I hate this whistle music that is exactly the same behind literally every short

  • Rati Berekashvili
    Rati Berekashvili2 days ago


  • pokemon master
    pokemon master3 days ago


  • Lord Phantom
    Lord Phantom3 days ago

    End and intro perfect timing

  • Hexality
    Hexality3 days ago

    I love how thus guys loops his videos perfectly

  • traitor of darkness
    traitor of darkness3 days ago

    The dog ain't fat he just ate a burrito

  • Rykiion


    2 days ago

    That dog was named from an inside joke I made with my friend a long time ago that’s why I named him that lmao

  • ninji unknown
    ninji unknown4 days ago

    "The next bit was some parkour, and it was pretty easy" as his death counter jumps from 9 to 55

  • Pavle Nikolic
    Pavle Nikolic4 days ago

    Why are you griefing you twat

  • Rykiion


    2 days ago

    It’s ok I allowed it for the video

  • Galuh Khaerunissa
    Galuh Khaerunissa5 days ago

    It's looping

  • Ch4s3 Sm1th
    Ch4s3 Sm1th5 days ago

    Good loop

  • CrImSoN DyNaMiTe
    CrImSoN DyNaMiTe5 days ago

    Can we all appreciate the perfect loop

  • Ivan Reyes
    Ivan Reyes5 days ago

    Wait 77 deaths!!! It’s say on the right 188 deaths

  • human appearer
    human appearer6 days ago

    The perfect loop

  • quackster lol
    quackster lol6 days ago

    So cool

  • Rany Saba
    Rany Saba6 days ago

    good loop😌

  • themanwhois not
    themanwhois not7 days ago

    Did this dude just call a strafe a neo its a strafe tf is a neo

  • Mouse Brewer
    Mouse Brewer7 days ago

    better than preston bye millions😎 also subbed

    DEAD#DROP7 days ago

    Eat the dog

  • Crewstor
    Crewstor7 days ago

    What is the ip will you tell parkour god?

  • Rykiion


    2 days ago

    It’s a server I made its just for friends sorry

  • xVik_
    xVik_8 days ago

    Whos that gta tryhard in the beginning

  • Xiller
    Xiller8 days ago


  • Random_ _Crusader
    Random_ _Crusader8 days ago

    Perfect Loop 100

  • Turbo
    Turbo9 days ago


  • Suspicious Stew
    Suspicious Stew9 days ago

    Me who didnt realise that it was a loop: *watches it for an hour and trying to figure out what's the ending*

  • Dogeplier
    Dogeplier10 days ago


  • Wooloo GamesYT
    Wooloo GamesYT10 days ago

    jaron i used the same music in my vid the andy griffith tune or whoever u spell it

  • Juan Herreño
    Juan Herreño10 days ago

    69 nice

  • Discombobulated Potato
    Discombobulated Potato10 days ago

    U think ur good? O well do it on console then

  • MR. parrot
    MR. parrot10 days ago

    Where do you find these servers? I want too

  • Karan
    Karan11 days ago

    It was easy _"falls down"_

  • basti dumalag
    basti dumalag11 days ago


  • Nathan Plowman
    Nathan Plowman11 days ago

    188 deathhs

  • Lactose
    Lactose11 days ago

    BRuh the loop is perfect

  • Justine Lawrence R. Banawa
    Justine Lawrence R. Banawa11 days ago


  • Liam Brien
    Liam Brien11 days ago

    Is that the Andy Griffith theme?

  • Fire_Phoenix
    Fire_Phoenix11 days ago

    How do you join random servers??

  • LukeCarriker
    LukeCarriker11 days ago


  • Itz RyRy
    Itz RyRy11 days ago

    “these jumps were pretty easy but it took me way to long.” so... *it wasn’t easy?*

  • Something_rude
    Something_rude11 days ago

    This is a perfect loop

  • Abigail Turner
    Abigail Turner11 days ago

    He said 77 deaths but he died way more times than that

  • HubbaBubba22
    HubbaBubba2211 days ago


  • Tobilike bacon
    Tobilike bacon11 days ago

    You Sound like the Channel nile red

  • 山
    12 days ago

    Woah, perfect loop

  • Máté Tóth HUN
    Máté Tóth HUN12 days ago

    Your all videos are fake

  • Aiz Toh
    Aiz Toh12 days ago

    The never ending loop of not getting out of this *IS REAL*

  • officersof5M Live
    officersof5M Live12 days ago

    When you have nothing left to do with your life this is the kind of stuff that you do

  • Smash Main
    Smash Main12 days ago

    Amazing video, but amazing loop as well

  • Definate Human
    Definate Human12 days ago

    Is it that hard to set a server to adventure mode

  • Pots ana
    Pots ana12 days ago

    Oooooo aaaaaaaa

  • Konoha
    Konoha12 days ago

    King of parkour and king of looping

  • TheGamingFlump
    TheGamingFlump12 days ago


  • Robert Murray.
    Robert Murray.12 days ago


  • Strawberry Viz
    Strawberry Viz12 days ago

    BadBoyHalo’s alter ego???

  • olivv
    olivv12 days ago


  • Derrez Gines
    Derrez Gines12 days ago

    It’s only right to kill the dog

  • Arhat Shakya
    Arhat Shakya12 days ago

    Goood loop

  • Le Mustäard
    Le Mustäard12 days ago

    Mlg stands for mediocre lame glitch

  • useless Super hero
    useless Super hero12 days ago

    You died 188 times

  • Melody Simms
    Melody Simms12 days ago

    What is this song?

  • Xiomara Delgado
    Xiomara Delgado12 days ago

    Bruh a "DoG"

  • ALJHAY120815
    ALJHAY12081512 days ago

    When you’re too creative that it backfired

  • RedstoneMiner18
    RedstoneMiner1812 days ago

    "I joined a random Minecraft server" Damn thats pretty cool. I was wondering if you would maybe want to make a video on my server, since its kinda dying. This'll hopefully get some attention to my server, and it's basicly free content for you! Lemme know what you think :P

  • lam levan
    lam levan13 days ago


  • معصومة احمد
    معصومة احمد13 days ago


  • Basicallysnake
    Basicallysnake13 days ago

    Andy griffin theme. In a Minecraft video. Nice.

  • Confused Slav
    Confused Slav13 days ago

    Ain't no better prize than a dog 💛💛

  • SatansNutSack
    SatansNutSack13 days ago

    Guy sounds like the guy from deadmeat

  • Shaded Block Studios
    Shaded Block Studios14 days ago

    I am not a boomer, I just used to watch it with my Grandma but I love that ur playing The Andy Griffith Show music

  • Allie Smith

    Allie Smith

    11 days ago

    I thought I was the only one, my dad would watch that during the day when I was sick and now when I hear it i say “Andy Griffith?” And everybody in my family gets confused because I’m the youngest and know it

  • Dalek Caan
    Dalek Caan14 days ago

    I have an impossible parkour on my server

  • Underswap Sans
    Underswap Sans14 days ago

    Nobody gonna talk about 69

    CHANELL DELETED ➊15 days ago

    ok and what do you want from me a cookie? here it is 🍪*take it and leave me alone with this mc bs*

  • Jacob -_- Idk
    Jacob -_- Idk15 days ago

    Perfect loop

  • Daniel Hernandez
    Daniel Hernandez15 days ago

    The perfect loop doesn’t exi-

  • Renby
    Renby16 days ago

    What is the server called?

  • Richard Jean -gilles
    Richard Jean -gilles16 days ago


  • Jack S
    Jack S16 days ago


  • Kaylynn Claire
    Kaylynn Claire16 days ago

    I love minecraft!!!

  • Fab gaming
    Fab gaming16 days ago

    "Then i have THIS parkour eazy Him:dies 44 times

  • bofooit gojo
    bofooit gojo17 days ago

    Oh my god I know that jingle! That's the jungle from The Andy Griffith Show.

  • mikin lirou
    mikin lirou18 days ago

    do my eyes decieve me or has jaron finally made it on trending? (and to #9, no less!)

  • Chris Uchiha
    Chris Uchiha18 days ago

    the song its just you dont wanna know

  • Joseph Hernandez
    Joseph Hernandez18 days ago

    What’s the server name please

  • The Boi
    The Boi18 days ago


  • niduoe stre
    niduoe stre19 days ago


  • Black Imposter
    Black Imposter19 days ago

    Perfect loop

  • Texas Red
    Texas Red19 days ago

    the video loops perfectly

  • Jacob Chacko
    Jacob Chacko19 days ago


  • opchamp
    opchamp19 days ago

    plz put the server ip and stuff like that

  • Fin
    Fin19 days ago


  • The Fandom Hero
    The Fandom Hero20 days ago


  • PianOG
    PianOG20 days ago

    Do I hear respectable man in the background?