Valentine's Day! In today's video, Dixie and I celebrate our Valentine's Day weekend with a little surprise I put together. Enjoy!
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  • Livinia Donnelly
    Livinia Donnelly2 hours ago

    Dear reader... Only 1000/7 billion people are probably reading this... If you think about that... This is good luck... And this is meant for you... People love you... You mean a lot to lots of people.... You’re 10x attractive then you look in the mirror.... Your beautiful.... Stay safe.. Stay beautiful... Stay kind... And thx for reading this message x Idk why you are still reading Bc there’s nothing else . . \___________/

  • Livinia Donnelly
    Livinia Donnelly2 hours ago

    If they break up ever I will quit TikTok bc it just won’t be the same Edit: I won’t actually quit I just will cry for a while..

  • Ghida .G
    Ghida .G2 hours ago

    Caught Breaking Ruleees

  • Nabs
    Nabs3 hours ago

    Little chuwuwa 🥺

  • Nabs
    Nabs3 hours ago

    Wait we’re they for real?😰

  • Nabs
    Nabs3 hours ago


  • Nabs
    Nabs3 hours ago


  • fxrnii
    fxrnii4 hours ago

    Everyone Jesus is coming soon , give your life to him he loves you so much ,don’t ignore this please , this is a sign.repeant from your sins and pray everyday, thank Jesus for everything he’s done for you amen .

  • Giselle Roman
    Giselle Roman5 hours ago

    Yes he treats Dixie like a queen like he is just such a good boyfriend good job Noah Beck

  • talia brown
    talia brown6 hours ago

    Sometimes youtubers might accurately forget their filming with something there interested in like dicie looked out into the view plz comment if I am right

  • Liv gAmeZ Andezz
    Liv gAmeZ Andezz7 hours ago

    Dixie’s dad be like: WHY IS THERE ONLY ONE BED!

  • Nari Washington
    Nari Washington7 hours ago

    Me watching this because I’m single and my cuz has a crush on Noah beck

  • M
    M7 hours ago

    They are so cute together. Noah is a sweetheart and Dixie you’re beautiful. Don’t listen to the haters!! They don’t know your life

  • Marielisr20 9
    Marielisr20 98 hours ago

    Hi noah

  • evelin ✨🤗🌼
    evelin ✨🤗🌼8 hours ago

    Noah, you have such a pure heart don’t ever change. I love you and Dixie together, and I don’t think she’s “bland” or whatever people call it.. towards you it’s hard to explain but I know Dixie loves you.

  • Miyohna Nesmith
    Miyohna Nesmith9 hours ago

    Oh heck naw u cheating on meee 😢😥

  • Patrick
    Patrick9 hours ago

    You and Musty Dimelio are so cute!!!

  • Joelle Bayles
    Joelle Bayles9 hours ago

    these comments are so dry and hateful. If you would open your eyes you could see that Dixie is struggling mentally and Noah is just trying to give her a break and let her relax...he does all these nice things for her its so cute and yall should really put you in Dixie's shoes...on top of depression she has so much hate as an influencer, and they are just trying to catch a dam break...give them a break plss.

  • Kristina Franco
    Kristina Franco10 hours ago

    This is the most boring Couples Video I have ever seen

  • Blood Demons
    Blood Demons10 hours ago

    The "cuwawa" looks more triggered

  • Dale DeWitt
    Dale DeWitt10 hours ago

    You are the best bf treating her like the queen of england

  • Miley’s Crazy life
    Miley’s Crazy life11 hours ago

    Noah is the definition of a supporting boyfriend who takes care of Dixie everyday and that is honestly adorable and that is why I love doah. Like Noah and Dixie deserve the world

  • Liam Shalamar
    Liam Shalamar11 hours ago

    Traveling during a deadly pandemic and when asked why you respond with "it is what it is" why are people continuing to support selfish people potentially causing more deaths.

  • SapPynappY 1
    SapPynappY 111 hours ago


  • Antonia Smith
    Antonia Smith11 hours ago

    I think Dixie forgot her manners...

  • Paige Thomas
    Paige Thomas11 hours ago

    I love you

  • Leila’s Edits
    Leila’s Edits11 hours ago

    No one: Literally no one: Noah figuring out his days if the week:

  • victoria 1919
    victoria 191911 hours ago

    Dam.....wish I had a boyfriend that royals me with gifts and love 😂

  • Kira Boston
    Kira Boston12 hours ago

    They are such a cute couple

  • Kevin Hamilton
    Kevin Hamilton13 hours ago

    She is gorgeous you are so lucky bro 😍

  • Mikey DeAngelo
    Mikey DeAngelo13 hours ago

    How does one of the best dressed guys date one of the worst dressed girls.

  • Jenna Fox
    Jenna Fox14 hours ago

    Pandemic? What pandemic 🙄

  • Jenna Fox

    Jenna Fox

    14 hours ago

    Noah’s actually lowkey sweet tho

  • AI Purge
    AI Purge15 hours ago


  • Karl Jenkins
    Karl Jenkins15 hours ago

    I’m never gonna get over how cute they are, if the end WHICH THEY BETTER NOT they idk what love is

  • XX_bethany_XX Dye
    XX_bethany_XX Dye16 hours ago

    Aww this is so cute !!!!

  • Gilbert Trois
    Gilbert Trois16 hours ago

    You are in my top 10 biggest simp of all time

  • jeremiah honore
    jeremiah honore16 hours ago


  • Mariah Longboat
    Mariah Longboat16 hours ago

    Dixie literally looks like she doesn’t wanna be there at all it’s so sad to see noah so invested and her not at all

  • Morgan Revord
    Morgan Revord17 hours ago

    Noah: say hi Dix Me: WHOA #uncomfortable

  • Taylor Curry
    Taylor Curry17 hours ago

    Your so sweet to dix Noah your an amazing person and I will forever ship Doah

  • Mille Andrea Bigset
    Mille Andrea Bigset17 hours ago

    Noah you’re the best boyfriend in this world oml

  • Jordyn Gabriella Pillay
    Jordyn Gabriella Pillay18 hours ago

    😭bro I'm like 😭😭😭😭this is so sweet !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Juana Cirio
    Juana Cirio18 hours ago


  • Ashley Watson Forgeur
    Ashley Watson Forgeur18 hours ago

    I love how Dixie is like “what do I pack?” for the Valentines weekend, and she literally wears sweats the whole time. Such a damn mood. I felt that lol.

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User18 hours ago

    Nobody cares

  • Geraldy matrille
    Geraldy matrille18 hours ago


  • Pixel Force
    Pixel Force19 hours ago

    Is it me or did he say nigga \

  • ARZ
    ARZ19 hours ago

    dixie should try harder next time.

  • adsfjklasdfjlk
    adsfjklasdfjlk19 hours ago

    She looks high :( I hope she’s ok.

  • The Burt Famiy
    The Burt Famiy19 hours ago

    Her hair look like a short roblox hair character 😂 😭

  • anel maraj
    anel maraj19 hours ago


  • Eva Queen
    Eva Queen20 hours ago

    Ceux qui ont appuyé sur la vidéo pour la miniature ?

  • levi ackerman
    levi ackerman21 hour ago

    quirky opening

  • Spallywastaken
    Spallywastaken21 hour ago

    Bro Noah treats her right

  • Chubbz Dontluvyou
    Chubbz Dontluvyou22 hours ago

    Am I the only one who thought they really drove off the mountain 😭

  • Ollie Stoddart
    Ollie Stoddart22 hours ago

    Say hi dix 😂🤣

  • addie lee
    addie lee22 hours ago

    I'll give you guys a good view.... cuts to the next scene of his face (2:54)

  • Jubayed Miah
    Jubayed Miah23 hours ago

    Madam Gaston and his little wife ugh not me

  • Ingrid
    Ingrid23 hours ago

    dixie be like: FiLm Me!!!

  • John Jacob
    John JacobDay ago


  • svftmgc
    svftmgcDay ago

    noah staying still for an hour so dixie can sleep is me staying still because my cat is asleep on my lap.

  • Nidhi Janssen
    Nidhi JanssenDay ago

    Aww they’re so cute together and he’s such a simp


    Goals✨❤️❤️🥺 love u #doah

  • joel kelly
    joel kellyDay ago

    𝚋𝚛𝚘 𝚠𝚑𝚢 𝚑𝚊𝚜 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚌𝚊𝚖𝚎 𝚞𝚙 𝚒𝚖 𝚓𝚞𝚜𝚝 𝚝𝚛𝚢𝚗𝚊 𝚏𝚒𝚗𝚍 𝚟𝚒𝚍𝚒𝚘𝚜 𝚝𝚘 𝚏𝚒𝚡 𝚖𝚢 𝚝𝚟

  • Nor Nabila
    Nor NabilaDay ago


  • Benjidog
    BenjidogDay ago

    The part with the car flying of the cliff 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • covid 19
    covid 19Day ago


  • soinu foig
    soinu foigDay ago

    I love how Noah treats Dixie like a queen Noah is just such a good boyfriend

  • Alexander De Jonge
    Alexander De JongeDay ago

    1:39 is Del Perro pier from GTA 5!

  • Isabella Grace Martinez
    Isabella Grace MartinezDay ago

    He treats her the way every guy should treat his girlfriend 😭

  • Olga Nunez
    Olga NunezDay ago

    I went zip lining before, at the end it’s scary coz they have these balls at the end to stop you but it stops you hard and you feel like you gonna fall.

  • Ariel e
    Ariel eDay ago

    They are such a lovely couple ;) . Best wishes from Argentina .

  • soinu foig

    soinu foig

    Day ago

    comments towards her is disgusting. She’s not ungrateful, she’s literally exhausted and you can see it. I hope whatever she is battling, she will pull through it✨

  • Shannon Lavergne
    Shannon LavergneDay ago

    im 21

  • Shannon Lavergne
    Shannon LavergneDay ago

    im a girl i like you

  • Janeth Recinos
    Janeth RecinosDay ago

    Dixie reminds me of nezuko from demon slayer cuz she sleeps a lot

  • Laurynn Hembree
    Laurynn HembreeDay ago

    His eyes 🥺😭💓

  • Ruby Reth
    Ruby RethDay ago


  • Itsmechannaly
    ItsmechannalyDay ago

    respect for Noah

  • Timmys Nachos
    Timmys NachosDay ago

    Ima bless y’all ears 😳 4:20

  • Cecilia Vasquez
    Cecilia VasquezDay ago

    I cant even imagine how much my hands would hurt when gliding 😂

  • Maria Allen
    Maria AllenDay ago

    is anyone else confused why dixie is so underwhelmed? If i guy did this for me.... SHHHiiii

  • Dihni
    DihniDay ago

    alright now will you noah simps stop saying "noah is too good for her" ITS LOVE, LET IT BE WHAT IT IZ JEEEEEZ

  • Helen Gregory
    Helen GregoryDay ago

    I wish I had a love like that

  • Tabitha Bayat
    Tabitha BayatDay ago

    My man speak no English!

  • Terrianne Brooks
    Terrianne BrooksDay ago

    Is it just me or is their relationship just awkward? Like, Noah’s always gives Dixie love and affection but I feel like Dixie never gives noah the same energy back sometimes. Just saying lol

  • Charlotte A
    Charlotte ADay ago

    no shade but y'all don't get tired of helicopter rides with your significant other? (cough dixie and griffin cough)

  • Carolina Belmonte
    Carolina BelmonteDay ago

    Noah Is such a happy person, it makes me happy.

  • Darien Turner
    Darien TurnerDay ago

    no way this man is using the club penguin restaurant music😂😂😂what a legend

  • Shine Bright
    Shine BrightDay ago

    i care so much

  • ignacia jara
    ignacia jaraDay ago

    Where do i find a bf like you?

  • Nathon Blair
    Nathon BlairDay ago


  • Nathon Blair
    Nathon BlairDay ago

    Noah de beck

  • Romi Patel
    Romi PatelDay ago

    Imagine watching this

  • Sxddik
    SxddikDay ago

    Bro Noah was being so nice and took the time,effort,money and the whole time Dixie didn’t look like she enjoyed it she was not into it at all

  • Lucy Giraffe
    Lucy GiraffeDay ago

    This makes me feel lonely 😭😭😂😂😂🥺

  • Isabella Maravilla
    Isabella MaravillaDay ago

    And that all probably cost liked 100k 🥲 NEW MR BEAST

  • Isabella Maravilla
    Isabella MaravillaDay ago

    She probably mad at u still 🥲😩

  • Anthonia Popoola
    Anthonia PopoolaDay ago


  • Tylee Reyes
    Tylee ReyesDay ago

    Not him not knowing what day it is

  • Trixie Tang
    Trixie TangDay ago

    shorty ungrateful as hell 😂 ..