I Survived 100 Days on a SURVIVAL ISLAND in Minecraft Hardcore...


Hardcore mode in Minecraft is the hardest difficulty of the game, in this video our story begins on a deserted survival island. I survived 100 days...
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  • CoffeeFuelledGenius
    CoffeeFuelledGenius2 months ago

    CFG Tip of the day: Never trust an abandoned boat...

  • Boxxo Yt

    Boxxo Yt

    2 hours ago

    He deserved more subs.😎

  • Martijn Oosterbaan

    Martijn Oosterbaan

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  • Loveaya Bickle

    Loveaya Bickle

    14 hours ago

    @zyyxn cool location now don't forget my name's the bear l o v e y a that's how you spell my name so I just wanted to tell you I have a dog and I wanted to tell you too about that his name is shadow just like my name is a bear so just to let you know thank you see you

  • Delomania


    2 days ago

    Bruh who would trust a f*cking boat but this series would make a good Hollywood movie 💮

  • masterprocoolgamershorts


    2 days ago

    Were you hacking because you placed cobblestone with a stone' pickaxe were you

  • Smoky Emp
    Smoky EmpHour ago

    yo what texture pack are u using?

  • that one weeb
    that one weeb2 hours ago

    7:30 dragon Ball z vibes

    ASH ON IOS3 hours ago

    This guy was off the g fuel

  • Krzysztof Hardysz
    Krzysztof Hardysz4 hours ago

    u forgot elytra

  • Krzysztof Hardysz
    Krzysztof Hardysz4 hours ago

    u said u had 12 eyes and u needed 15 but u need 12 eyes to make the portal

  • Krzysztof Hardysz
    Krzysztof Hardysz4 hours ago

    fact:he has 22 levels on day 11

  • Krzysztof Hardysz
    Krzysztof Hardysz4 hours ago

    i have the 200 day vid too!

  • Nibo Dodum
    Nibo Dodum5 hours ago

    How do you take the Island view

  • Dirk van de Lindt
    Dirk van de Lindt5 hours ago

    what is the resource pack

  • Joel Suk
    Joel Suk5 hours ago

    18:39 he deffinently needed 15 eyes of ender

  • Wiah Faythe Sicam
    Wiah Faythe Sicam6 hours ago

    " *Diamond is just the best..!* " ,I agree to you my friend.

  • Ábel Horváth
    Ábel Horváth7 hours ago

    how is your game so colorful?

  • Deanna Kemp
    Deanna Kemp8 hours ago

    If you get string you can turn it in to a bed

  • Frinz haafizh game Indonesia
    Frinz haafizh game Indonesia10 hours ago

    Nice vidio man

  • Jenerita Ipan
    Jenerita Ipan12 hours ago

    I like the base

  • Roderick Adriano
    Roderick Adriano12 hours ago

    How did you get glass.?

  • Odee besorio
    Odee besorio12 hours ago

    What seed did u use mr coffee?

  • Jackson Kirk
    Jackson Kirk12 hours ago

    I’m dying on a boat I’ve had this plan forever and I’m gonna stick with it

  • Keyjii
    Keyjii13 hours ago

    great video man

  • Kanchana Bunplook
    Kanchana Bunplook13 hours ago

    Hey are you on the diamond level? I found 6 diamond going to diamond level

  • Choco Studios
    Choco Studios14 hours ago

    *This is what China is doing in South China Sea*

  • nanatsu no taizai domeon king
    nanatsu no taizai domeon king14 hours ago

    Fro is my friend.

  • gamelab tv
    gamelab tv18 hours ago

    Okay, so im impressed of all your stories its so amazing I hope you keep it up We support you

  • Ellijah Pascua
    Ellijah Pascua19 hours ago

    Wᴏᴡ ɪᴛs ᴠᴇʀʏ ɴɪᴄᴇ

  • Louie Shimakura
    Louie Shimakura19 hours ago

    How did you do that

  • Electric Gaming
    Electric Gaming20 hours ago

    The intro-

  • itachi Uchiha
    itachi Uchiha20 hours ago

    I'm a new subscriber your good building impress me i want to see what more cool things you can do

  • Angie Jensen
    Angie Jensen23 hours ago


  • Sagida Syed
    Sagida Syed23 hours ago

    Plz tell me the name of the texture pack he uses plz 😀😀😀

  • Sagida Syed
    Sagida Syed23 hours ago

    Plz tell me the name of the texture pack he uses plz 😀😀😀😀😀

  • Sagida Syed
    Sagida Syed23 hours ago

    Plz tell me the name of the texture pack he uses and shades plz 😀😀😀😀

  • Sagida Syed
    Sagida Syed23 hours ago

    Plz tell me the name of the texture pack he uses plz 😀😀😀😀

  • Sagida Syed
    Sagida Syed23 hours ago

    Plz tell me the name of the texture pack and shades he uses plz tell me 😀😀😀😀

  • Sagida Syed
    Sagida Syed23 hours ago

    Plz tell me the name of the texture pack he uses and shades plz tell me 😀😀😀

  • Mythical Craft
    Mythical Craft23 hours ago

    at day 54 did u not see that ocean momunet

  • Leni Leni
    Leni LeniDay ago

    I loved the intro! Great vid!

  • Eb Queen
    Eb QueenDay ago

    Wow this is like a movie and it has a lot of drama in it!

  • MooTank. IO
    MooTank. IODay ago

    I seriously thought this was an ocean only world with a tiny island only

  • Ed Duels
    Ed DuelsDay ago


  • Scott Cullen
    Scott CullenDay ago

    My dog died when I was play the game on a illand.

  • Ivan Brix Villaran
    Ivan Brix VillaranDay ago

    What shader?

  • NOOB
    NOOBDay ago

    You should do a video about hardcore survival in outer space 100 days

  • Javyla_ Maia
    Javyla_ MaiaDay ago

    I made popcorn to watch this

  • Ann Salenga
    Ann SalengaDay ago

    Your voice like tommy innit

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  • Famixfy
    FamixfyDay ago

    Omg the boat

  • Vrishank Himral
    Vrishank HimralDay ago

    Love that

    DIP BHAIDay ago

    Wow 👍

    SKY GUNDay ago

    An deiner Stelle hätte ich versucht Glück 3 Buch zu angeln für die dias

  • Color J Tattoo Studio
    Color J Tattoo StudioDay ago

    It seems like somebody likes Indian dance music

  • Gabri 097
    Gabri 097Day ago

    16:39 ocean monument in the right



  • pbj240
    pbj240Day ago

    I love the vid but it trips me up so hard when he said he only had 12but needed 15 I needed a laugh today, thank you

  • Elite Gamer
    Elite GamerDay ago

    Why did you copied it this video is of fru

  • LIKEz GG
    LIKEz GGDay ago

    Plss add shders

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    bookhfjg1 robloxDay ago

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  • Jane
    JaneDay ago

    My dude made a movie and normalized it, while I just sit here like: 😐

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    yazzi TvDay ago

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  • Just a normal Cummunist boy
    Just a normal Cummunist boyDay ago

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    NerdTankerDay ago

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  • Michael Wilder
    Michael WilderDay ago

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  • mikeal williams
    mikeal williamsDay ago

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  • Sarah Birtwistle
    Sarah BirtwistleDay ago

    Love the start of the story

  • Mono •_•
    Mono •_•Day ago

    My man made a whole Hollywood movie in minecraft

  • Scrap_stuff098
    Scrap_stuff098Day ago

    I hate phantoms so much

  • Etienne Kainz
    Etienne KainzDay ago

    16:39 omg you missed something in the oceon

  • Fumiko
    FumikoDay ago

    In the Minecraft timeline, we spend about 1000 years in Minecraft. Let that sink in, how old is our characters?

  • Sigge Persson
    Sigge PerssonDay ago

    You sound exactly like Fru

  • Christian Clavell
    Christian ClavellDay ago

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  • Jack the gamer boi
    Jack the gamer boiDay ago

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  • Brys Beast
    Brys BeastDay ago

    You are the best USplanr ever

  • NothingPersonal
    NothingPersonal2 days ago

    Hahaha that moment with not enough eyes of ender

  • It's Sugary Sandwich
    It's Sugary Sandwich2 days ago

    This was so cool! I enjoyed it so much that I subbed :)

  • Xx Gamer xX
    Xx Gamer xX2 days ago

    184k likes 184k subscribers

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    Cif Cif2 days ago

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  • Phineas Anderson-Tuck
    Phineas Anderson-Tuck2 days ago

    may i ask what's the seed just wondering

  • Random channal Yt
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  • Sam Birkett FC
    Sam Birkett FC2 days ago

    My guy could have just made a boat

  • Olivia Paoletti
    Olivia Paoletti2 days ago

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  • Diana Najafova
    Diana Najafova2 days ago

    Ores could lead to ores if your lucky ..............diamonds

  • JakeYT
    JakeYT2 days ago

    Hey what shaders/texture pack do u use, or is the camera quality higher saturation.

  • JakeYT
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  • Agita Sileniece
    Agita Sileniece2 days ago

    Lituly a Hollywood intro

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  • Marie Lrx
    Marie Lrx2 days ago

    Hi I'm from France! I congratulate you on your work it's a great video! I wanted to ask you if you had the seed of the map? 😊

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