I Survived 500 Days in HARDCORE Minecraft...


Surviving Hardcore Minecraft from 100 days all the way up to 400 days was a difficult challenge! But now its time to try and survive 500 days in the hardest difficulty in Minecraft, hardcore mode. I survived 500 days in Minecraft Hardcore and this is what happened!
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  • Bthe gamer Blas
    Bthe gamer Blas9 minutes ago

    end dragon end

  • Bthe gamer Blas
    Bthe gamer Blas10 minutes ago

    wow yes 500 days lol is suscribime

  • Hadi Haidar
    Hadi Haidar44 minutes ago

    fru tommorow can you talk with me and tell how to build this

  • Katherine Moreno
    Katherine Moreno52 minutes ago

    U-U O-O how are you doing this all

  • Heaven gaming
    Heaven gaming2 hours ago

    YOU are legend level 999b

  • Kurly Da_weeb
    Kurly Da_weeb3 hours ago

    Fru you could’ve just traded the trident with a drowned for a nautilus shell

  • Sc DoY gaming Yt
    Sc DoY gaming Yt3 hours ago

    Who's wating day 600

  • HAMID joker
    HAMID joker3 hours ago

    You goooooddddddddddddd

  • Lemon lul
    Lemon lul3 hours ago

    me and my friend: *can bearly survive ONE wither* fru: *has killed the ender dragon five times and killed the wither 3ish times*

  • Vasile Claudiu Chindris
    Vasile Claudiu Chindris3 hours ago

    Pls 600 days hardcore

  • mark lee
    mark lee4 hours ago

    Fru u must make a conduit

  • Pramila Wavhal
    Pramila Wavhal5 hours ago

    600 600 600 600

  • Alex Keyte
    Alex Keyte5 hours ago

    Love ur content I was one of ur first veivers

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  • A Owen
    A Owen6 hours ago

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  • A Owen
    A Owen6 hours ago

    600 DAYS!!

  • MR. Tutorial
    MR. Tutorial6 hours ago

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  • Aurora Ocenar
    Aurora Ocenar6 hours ago

    Fru. I like your survive than me cause I cannot found diamond😂😂😂😂

  • Finn van Giesen | LLN
    Finn van Giesen | LLN6 hours ago

    do in 600 days kill the enderdragon with a stick and a fishing rod

  • MR. Tutorial
    MR. Tutorial6 hours ago

    Make it 1000 days 😂 hahahaha

  • Kier reyes
    Kier reyes7 hours ago

    Channeling trident are so cool its lightning bolt trident 😎🙏

  • Olyho Letsplaye
    Olyho Letsplaye7 hours ago

    seed ?

  • Vandana Botare
    Vandana Botare8 hours ago

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  • Name Name Name
    Name Name Name8 hours ago

    What about 500 days with one block, i would love to see that

  • Pramila Wavhal
    Pramila Wavhal8 hours ago

    600 day. Pet

  • Evelyn Medi
    Evelyn Medi8 hours ago

    Hey fru can you do a 600 daya to 1000 days its ok if you don't want...

  • ༺MᎥkคsค༻
    ༺MᎥkคsค༻9 hours ago

    Shader bro:)

  • arthi lakshmanan
    arthi lakshmanan9 hours ago

    Upload 600 days

  • marreylyn cedeno
    marreylyn cedeno10 hours ago

    minecraft simp

  • Vytautas Baronas
    Vytautas Baronas10 hours ago

    I don't know how but every single time I kill drowned with trident I get the trident about 90%, near my home there are a lot of those drowns with tridents. P.S. I really enjoy watching these series, because of that I will give you a sub.

  • Jillian Deguzman
    Jillian Deguzman10 hours ago

    600 day

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    junclyud10 hours ago

    600 days let's go mr. FRU

  • Ashwini Hadawale
    Ashwini Hadawale11 hours ago

    You will be best when you will survive 1000 days in HARDCORE Whatever you are cool Fru

  • Alex Schwegmann
    Alex Schwegmann11 hours ago

    600 days he builds a guardian farm.

  • Mirza Haiqal
    Mirza Haiqal11 hours ago

    Strength have no effect on bow

  • Marijn Bekke
    Marijn Bekke12 hours ago

    The bees realy enjoind BEEing around my iland

  • Subhas das
    Subhas das12 hours ago

    can you make a floating space station in the end

  • Mayank Vloges
    Mayank Vloges13 hours ago


  • Shuraih Alsebai
    Shuraih Alsebai13 hours ago

    I am sad about ur trident was pretty good

  • Sabareesh Prime
    Sabareesh Prime14 hours ago

    Bro why don't you make you looting 3 sword netherite and combine it with the current sword

  • Yvannah Robles
    Yvannah Robles14 hours ago

    600 days please

  • GamingSoul 101
    GamingSoul 10114 hours ago

    He litterally died at the 497th day 😂😵😭🙁

  • x_sasha yt
    x_sasha yt16 hours ago

    How about day 1000? 🤔

  • sarahredwood
    sarahredwood17 hours ago

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    Choudhary Rehan17 hours ago

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    Bonn_mexell Paalan18 hours ago

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  • Ty Harding
    Ty Harding20 hours ago

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  • chhek ma
    chhek ma21 hour ago

    Fru always say deptes of the nether XD

  • K B
    K B22 hours ago

    Fru stop killing dragon in every video I can kill the dragon in no armour and no weapon and have all the end crystals healing the dragon with thirty full prot 4 netherites chasing me with a sharp 5 netherite sword lol

  • Camper_ 09
    Camper_ 0922 hours ago

    You Can build so good men ❤️

  • †Ditul†
    †Ditul†22 hours ago

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  • Michelle Majetich
    Michelle MajetichDay ago

    I didn't enjoy Christmas tree during Jackson and when you two were is here Batman Jack with a cow

  • sdf elite
    sdf eliteDay ago

    u should build the ender dragon rail gun, so u can oneshot it

  • sdf elite
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  • Ajeßh Robert
    Ajeßh RobertDay ago

    I hate his BLOODY cows

  • Kiing
    KiingDay ago

    Here’s a suggest: upgrade your wall and build a huge glass wall around your whole island. It would look really cool. And you could put conduit things around the glass wall so then you would have conduit power.

  • Joy Ganguly
    Joy GangulyDay ago

    I couldn't remember when he had completed 'How did we get here ' :"/

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    Mats schukoDay ago

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  • Jaden Fire
    Jaden FireDay ago

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