I Survived 100 Days in HARDCORE Minecraft.. Here's What Happened


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    @Landon th3May0 woa

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  • akuto sai
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    28:53 so im german hehe and the 8 is in the alphabet the h and the nazis use it as 88 = HH = heil hitler so u can actully get copiwrited when u sue it in the wrong term so pay attention

  • akuto sai
    akuto sai2 hours ago

    26:52 a montage of looting chests and watching a brute burn in lava with epic 64 bit musik

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    IT'S impossible, I CAN JUST SCREAM: HYYYPE!

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    Stop losing manhunt

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    37:23 Did you get the dragon head?

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    33:50 man stop aimbotting

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    Wasn’t the 22 pearls not enough for you

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    You are lucky you saw piglins dancing Its very rare

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    part 2?

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    My man peaked 929 FPS tf

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    Je aimbot man 221Day ago

    I hade gold and gold armor but my game stoped 😩😭

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    I like this video

  • Gloriasworld
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    You are a good youtubr

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    So basically, he spent 2000 hours playing Minecraft, which one day on minecraft equals 20 minutes irl

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    18 hours ago

    Math is a little off mate

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    You kinda sound like Ranboo

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    Are you black?

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    How do u hold up the shield on PS4

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    Cxlvxn:I need wood bc I literally don’t have anything Me:Sees almost a stack of wood in inventory

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    I like this

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    29:50 umm I’ll pretend I never seen that

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    You act just like another youtuber I watch coryxkhenshin

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    acookie god speed bridge in hardcore before plssss ping me✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌

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  • borris wensly
    borris wensly2 days ago

    ive been playing mc for 2 years but how long does it toke for day time in mc

  • Saverrr
    Saverrr2 days ago

    Can somebody tell me how to install these waypoints?

  • Julie Edwards
    Julie Edwards2 days ago

    this guy needs 1 mill subs

  • Abdelrahman Eldow
    Abdelrahman Eldow2 days ago

    I've played this game for 7 years and I've never seen someone heal an iron golem

  • dashing diesel
    dashing diesel2 days ago

    guys anyone ... do u guys know what texture pack does he use

  • Martyna Mazur
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    hey can u do turtorial for cape>

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    nice video

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    I really like the amorr

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    Can you please share the seed plsssss

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    wheres the link

  • Dionysis Skandalis

    Dionysis Skandalis

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    i dont know

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    are you wearing the elytra in the starting ???

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    NG CHEUK WANG 2019-5A2 days ago

    good job bro

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  • Philip Powers
    Philip Powers2 days ago

    What waypoint mod is he using

  • Philip Powers

    Philip Powers

    2 days ago

    5 seconds after m rewatching and he says he's using lunar for waypoints if this helps you

  • Yrisneida Pena
    Yrisneida Pena2 days ago

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    The ultron refrence was kinda funny ngl. Great video!

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    You are good

  • Punkassphil1
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    You are good

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    Yes love this big shit

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  • Yaseen _FN
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    Calvin I watch all of your videos can you subscribe to my channel it's Yaseen_FN

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    Did only i have seen a desert temple on the start πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  • David Beats
    David Beats3 days ago

    I can't get you cool capes

  • Millie Hughes
    Millie Hughes3 days ago

    Btw on my survival world I have 3 elytras, I have full netherite armour and tools and loads of shulker boxes, nine stacks of iron ingot, 7 stacks of coal, loads of enchanted books and silk touch on my axe, shovel and pickaxe and here you are thinking you're "completing a really hard challenge" 😐

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    Yaseen _FN3 days ago

    Why is lunerclient for US dollars why is it not free

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    Aiden Worgz Wrestling3 days ago

    No offense I feel like you sound like forest gump

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    AYO 5.2mil VIEWS?? AND 844k SUBS WTFFF

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  • Agnieszka Majka
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    Bro a axe is better then a sword it made more damege

  • Om Mandkulkar
    Om Mandkulkar3 days ago

    pls can you tell me'

  • Om Mandkulkar
    Om Mandkulkar3 days ago

    how did you name the home and the portal?

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    6:26 how????

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    The fact he woke up both villagers just too sleep In one bed

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    5:25 LMAO

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    16:38 Good lesson calvin

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    19:22 drive ahead music

  • Olvin Josue Castillo Castillo
    Olvin Josue Castillo Castillo4 days ago

    and now can you do a hardcore survival on one day? wait is it 100 dys in irl or in minecraft?

  • PTH Nate
    PTH Nate4 days ago

    are we not going to talk about how he had 1000 fps

  • JAM
    JAM4 days ago

    How do you mine like your running out of time? How do you mine like you need it to survive How do you mine every second your alive?

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    That megaman music bussin

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    Whats the seed?

    DR. ELKAN POLAD4 days ago

    is this java

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    rip ur twitter lol oof

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    im not good at making a house

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    Bro I like get the work enchantments it is horrible

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    danielle hendrix5 days ago

    Dream you are good at Minecraft!!! Also can you make another of these. On my moms iPad

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    Mans have ui

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    Content copy : Foxline

  • Abd. S
    Abd. S5 days ago

    4:48 whenever I watch a Minecraft video they always say something like , "I'm bad at building" or something what all i fricking do is dig underground place a crafting table and a furnace

  • Torpaq Satisi
    Torpaq Satisi5 days ago

    4:00 if u got ur first dia than why u dont got diamonds! Achievement

  • Niccolo rasetti
    Niccolo rasetti5 days ago

    How do you make waypoints

  • Daisy
    Daisy5 days ago

    How can I get the way point things you were talking about? I don’t see it in the description :

  • CrunchCream Gaming

    CrunchCream Gaming

    2 days ago

    You can search a tutorial on YT :)

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    That Fps THO

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    God bless you all

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    that is the best house that i made

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    How did he get that Cape?

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  • DJ LAF
    DJ LAF5 days ago

    Calvin: Survives 100 days in MC Hardcore. Me, 5 day in MC Hardcore: *dead*

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    Day ago

    Philza survived 5 years in hard-core and lukethenotable survived 4 years dont be surprised at 100

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    lol lol omg

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    33 hours in 100 days ? That's nothing

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    bro ngl ive never seen your channel before but this is one of the most entertaining minecraft vids ive ever seen. keep up the good work!

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    We need part 2