I've Started Rapping Again...


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  • Sawyer McKimmy is cool
    Sawyer McKimmy is cool9 hours ago

    Dan are you ok you look different

  • Gavin Brabant
    Gavin Brabant19 hours ago

    hey u should play friday night funking its another rythem game

  • Lol Troll
    Lol TrollDay ago

    Funny how he doesn’t know about un jammer lammy

  • senor cool guy
    senor cool guyDay ago

    the thumbnail is lovely

  • Eythan Gaming YT
    Eythan Gaming YTDay ago

    48:27 Give you a perm now, and were *perm*

  • Jessica Ko
    Jessica Ko2 days ago

    Dan when you said there was something above good it’s cool is the ranking cool you have to make your own rap

  • YumiCawn
    YumiCawn2 days ago

    5:40 because I just love how the beat sound dkbu

  • YumiCawn
    YumiCawn2 days ago

    10:25 random replay idk

    GD SAILS PLAYS2 days ago

    Beard tdm

  • Patchy the dream demon
    Patchy the dream demon2 days ago

    This game is confusing.

  • WoomyPerson128
    WoomyPerson1282 days ago

    "This has to be a Japanese game" 😐

  • Charles McDaniel
    Charles McDaniel2 days ago

    just saying dan, there is a parappa the rapper spinoff, and also a remaster of parappa

  • Daniel Ortiz Romero
    Daniel Ortiz Romero2 days ago

    You look so weird on the video picture

    HILARIO GARCIA2 days ago

    how is he this good

  • Brian Khuu
    Brian Khuu2 days ago

    Didn’t he say he wasn’t going to finish the game

  • Danimation’s Animations
    Danimation’s Animations2 days ago

    Friday night funkin’???

  • ‘ YourNeighboorhoodSimp ‘
    ‘ YourNeighboorhoodSimp ‘3 days ago

    Dan: **played parappa the rapper 1 and 2** Me: *you dont know about um jammy lammy and the Parappa the rapper anime, you must know dan* *Y O U M U S T*

  • sala butuki
    sala butuki3 days ago

    The oldest version of friday night funkin

  • Mortal Yoshi
    Mortal Yoshi3 days ago

    Dan Knows how to play with one hand he is the Left Hand Man and he Started To Rap,Murder and lie to his friends,Paint his wife and get shot in the butt with a nerf bullet

  • josukehasinternetaccess
    josukehasinternetaccess3 days ago

    Play friday night funkin

  • Dragonations
    Dragonations3 days ago

    Replace the N in Dan to a D you have Dad so he is definitely a dad

  • Hey_You_People! :D
    Hey_You_People! :D3 days ago

    The blue represents how accurate you follow the lyrics, orange is for originality?? purple is for flow.

  • an idiot-
    an idiot-3 days ago

    *have you played friday night at funkin?-*

  • Bowserswaffles
    Bowserswaffles3 days ago

    Play uh jammer lammy

  • damjan palfi
    damjan palfi4 days ago

    i know a game that is related to rapping its called friday night funkin for short its called fnf

  • CycloPlays
    CycloPlays4 days ago


  • Parappa the Rapper
    Parappa the Rapper4 days ago

    Nice, you started playing my game again!

  • amirite
    amirite4 days ago

    parappa the sunny simp

    BEAST MODE GANG4 days ago

    dantdm should do a playthrough series of dragon quest ix sentinels of the starry skies via a emulator. if you get the DS version get 2 so when you guys get to Stornway, so dantdm you can invite her to your world and you guys can go and complete the game together you are unable to invite people to you world when you play the emulated verson.

  • The Necromancer
    The Necromancer4 days ago

    *t h e h a t l o o k s s t u p i d o n y o u*

    JİYAA UWU4 days ago

    Parappa the paper

  • The Necromancer
    The Necromancer4 days ago

    Hey Dan, I challenge you to beat Spelunky 2. Call me an addict, the game is fantastic.

  • Jim052
    Jim0524 days ago

    Dan+beard=PewDiePie 2 o_0

  • Monke_gaming
    Monke_gaming4 days ago

    Anything goes even

  • Koro
    Koro4 days ago

    you should try um jammer lammy, the technical sequel to the parappa series. it's on ps1

  • glitchio _
    glitchio _5 days ago

    Friday Night Funkin', you need to play it

  • Katie Lamborghini
    Katie Lamborghini5 days ago

    Only og’s remember the original videos. ❤️

  • WolfyRed
    WolfyRed5 days ago


  • BrianXPlayz: Crafterz
    BrianXPlayz: Crafterz5 days ago

    Parappa should give the cheese to Beard Burger Master to increase profits.

  • Sour Milk2
    Sour Milk25 days ago

    Hey Dan. The tier above Good is Cool. You have to make up your own combo while keeping the same inputs as the original line. Basically you remix it a bit.

  • V B
    V B5 days ago

    Do parappa the rapper 3

  • Buzzerb5x9x
    Buzzerb5x9x6 days ago

    cant wait for him to play fnf

  • BizBazarr
    BizBazarr6 days ago

    At least he didn’t experience the wrath of ‘Getting worse’ from octopus Also yes, why don’t you just stop the tape deck?

  • Cartoon goon
    Cartoon goon6 days ago

    Havent seen dantdm in years wow He got a nice beard

  • Maid of Blood Sweat and Tears
    Maid of Blood Sweat and Tears6 days ago

    I hope he plays the spin off Um Jammer Lammy. Doesn't get enough love. 😔

  • Hyper sonic
    Hyper sonic6 days ago


  • d1ve1
    d1ve16 days ago

    i think PJ berry is the DJ

    MAXKING7 days ago

    Only ogs remember trayaurus

  • LeroLeroDonut
    LeroLeroDonut7 days ago

    Me when I was 5: “Hey DanTDM is pretty cool, imma watch him :)” Me now (12): *”WHY DOES HE SOUND THE SAME-“*

  • D Cook
    D Cook7 days ago

    In an ideal world we could have this: DanTDM actually knowing you can STILL get loads of points but he just spammed it too fast

  • pandii
    pandii7 days ago

    I have been here since 4mil subs, your content has changed, but it's still pretty good

  • Flyeboyz Matson
    Flyeboyz Matson7 days ago

    5:40 i hate my life

  • Flare OOFER
    Flare OOFER7 days ago

    POV: this game is the worst quality game you can ever find right?

  • Jing Xiang ang
    Jing Xiang ang7 days ago

    nice beard

  • JJaily
    JJaily7 days ago

    1:04:30 dan looks so scared omg

  • jake sears
    jake sears7 days ago

    hey DAN remember the dab police guest what you should be in dab prison now bc you dabed

  • Shxdy
    Shxdy8 days ago

    BrEaKiNg nEwS : A nEw SuRgE iN nOoDlE tErRoIsM

  • its keith
    its keith8 days ago

    DAN there is a new version of parrapa the rappa it's called Friday night funkin' please please please play it!!!!

  • Toonmatic Productions
    Toonmatic Productions8 days ago

    Play um jammer Lammy (the 2nd Parappa game) that the 3rd game

  • pepperbox games official
    pepperbox games official8 days ago

    i could literally see him playing friday night now

  • Deana Rodriguez
    Deana Rodriguez8 days ago

    Dan looks so different with a mustache! How old is he and I have no idea!

  • Vik's 2nd account
    Vik's 2nd account8 days ago

    (Theres a low probability dan will see this, but im still happy if somebody gets some questions answered) some of the extra characters (such as the guy saving, ) were introduced in parappas spin-off game umjammer lammy, where you play as the guitarist from katies band lammy. Theres ton of references to that game in prappa 2, the most obvious one being at 45:19 since this is basically lammys version of "i gotta believe" Whenever she needs to fix whatever problem shes gotten herself into. Its got the same style of humor and has the best soundtrack in my opinion. Its just a shame that this game doesn't hit the same without knowing of that game.

  • Galaxygamer
    Galaxygamer9 days ago

    *when youtubers ask you to subcribe but you dont have a account* uhhhhh im totally subcribe

  • KillyAteDaFrag Gaming
    KillyAteDaFrag Gaming9 days ago

    20:20 the worst year, also the bear's worst moment XD

  • Vivian Luis Bernal

    Vivian Luis Bernal

    2 days ago


  • A talk with Diego
    A talk with Diego9 days ago

    I would love if the same producers would make perhaps the rapper 3 I would be happy if they make a third game

  • Rezin CS:GO
    Rezin CS:GO9 days ago

    i aint never seen 2 pretty best friends get romantic its always one of them that is sus

  • Pancake
    Pancake9 days ago


  • ItzDragoz
    ItzDragoz9 days ago


  • Pancake
    Pancake9 days ago

    Jammer lammy

  • lynxxy bae
    lynxxy bae9 days ago

    parappa the simper

  • Linx Playz
    Linx Playz9 days ago

    Um jammer lammy

  • a Tree
    a Tree9 days ago

    If you wait longer on the title screen (on parrapa the rapper 2) a cool song will play

  • Junior Does Animations ]
    Junior Does Animations ]10 days ago

    The button mash does work, you see the stars on top? Yeah you gotta mash on those (:

  • Junior Does Animations ]
    Junior Does Animations ]10 days ago


  • GemFoxYT
    GemFoxYT10 days ago

    Now I’m not much of a big fan of Rap music but I made up a rap (it’s a joke btw) PaRappa The Rapper Is PaRappa the Paper

  • Honor D.
    Honor D.10 days ago

    When’s Friday Night Funkin’?

  • ThePizzaPerson
    ThePizzaPerson10 days ago

    There's Parappa The Rapper 3

  • Jay Scott yah
    Jay Scott yah10 days ago

    To bad I quit cuz I been rapping for 3 years and wasted my life on it sad if you wanna become a rapper just know that your throwing your life away cuz I could have been doing something else all I wanted is for people to listen to my music and say that you’ll become big one day but nope so here’s a tip if you wanna be a rapper you’re throwing your life and you away


    :Dan then I’ll never grow a beard :Dan now 🧔

  • Isaiah Wasan
    Isaiah Wasan10 days ago

    Parappa has turned into a major simp from the past couple of years

  • Vivian Luis Bernal

    Vivian Luis Bernal

    2 days ago


  • Bryan zambrano
    Bryan zambrano11 days ago

    Missed lyric rhyming opportunity at 1:12:41 : "taking every problem, he's never stuck."

  • Zachary Moore
    Zachary Moore11 days ago

    Guru Ant and Mc are Related?

  • ironic 17
    ironic 1711 days ago

    Roses are red this job is no fun not a single soul here to toast the buns.

  • Random User
    Random User11 days ago

    Plot twist: parappa finds out hes bisexual

  • Captain Lavender
    Captain Lavender11 days ago

    11:59 that is Fussenpepper. He is the pilot from a Parappa spin-off game called "Um Jammer Lammy" there are alot of Jammer Lammy references in this game

  • TheOGSpaceFox
    TheOGSpaceFox11 days ago

    did you see what was swinging the skiping ropes

  • Kiwiii :D
    Kiwiii :D11 days ago

    Might I say, thumbnail looks....interesting...

  • CTKGaming
    CTKGaming11 days ago

    im having some very *chinese* flashbacks. the actual older people and the people not lying will get that reference

  • ThatKidBobo
    ThatKidBobo11 days ago


  • YLO3
    YLO312 days ago

    Dan if you dont know the 2 paper girls play or buy um jammy lammy

  • Juana Sanchez
    Juana Sanchez12 days ago

    they already have a 3rd game

  • Juana Sanchez

    Juana Sanchez

    11 days ago

    @Kerim K. oh I forgot

  • Kerim K.

    Kerim K.

    12 days ago

    They don't

  • Plasma Alien
    Plasma Alien12 days ago

    i hope dan plays umjammer lammy he would understand the other characters!

  • Martha Ignatiadis
    Martha Ignatiadis12 days ago

    Yes he is

  • ShawnyDaily
    ShawnyDaily12 days ago

    1:04:30 okay, okay. *We don't do that here*

  • Eva Ellery Siaosi
    Eva Ellery Siaosi13 days ago

    *STRICTLY* *F O R* *A D U L T S*

  • Yakuza Fan
    Yakuza Fan13 days ago

    Kick! Punch!

  • Apple man Gamer
    Apple man Gamer13 days ago


  • Georgie Kaloudis
    Georgie Kaloudis13 days ago

    51:41 When the virus hit USA

  • Cream_ nErD
    Cream_ nErD13 days ago

    Dan is not noticing this...everyone is flat .-.

  • Mvoob
    Mvoob13 days ago

    Play um jammer lammy!!