If Everything Was Like AMONG US

Among us in real life guys. Guess who the imposter is and let us know if you guessed correctly. Which person do you relate to the most?
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  • Shiloh & Bros
    Shiloh & Bros4 months ago

    We’re currently freaking out that this vid was on the Trending page!!!! Thank you to everyone who has shown it love. ❤️❤️❤️ We didn’t notice until today and we’re wondering how high it got. What number was it at when you saw it on the trending page? Thank you!!!

  • Aidan Plays

    Aidan Plays

    22 hours ago

    I am your BIGGEST fan

  • Aidan Plays

    Aidan Plays

    Day ago

    wooaaahhhh.. Shiloh did a VERY good job on the first Episode ;)

  • Aafiya Mooqina

    Aafiya Mooqina

    Day ago

    Guys can u tell Mica that make a song called 'I am just a mini crewmate' plz

  • Darkness Shadow

    Darkness Shadow

    6 days ago


  • Алдияр Айтмуханов

    Алдияр Айтмуханов

    10 days ago


  • Catherine Do
    Catherine Do50 minutes ago

    This was so cool But bloopers was very funny than normals woms

  • bergeron28
    bergeron283 hours ago

    Can you make a song called I am a mini cremate

  • GabrielGotGame
    GabrielGotGame3 hours ago


  • ShadowGem123
    ShadowGem1234 hours ago

    6:04 LOL they didn't realize Shiloh was smiling so evilly

  • Micah Gordon
    Micah Gordon5 hours ago

    Mh name is micah

  • CocoaPuffyFluff :3
    CocoaPuffyFluff :35 hours ago

    When green ate Orange's candy...I felt that..

  • ZayThe Goat
    ZayThe Goat6 hours ago

    Girls strick they always cheate

  • Nina Real
    Nina Real8 hours ago

    Every time you say red is sus and the imposter WHYYYYY one time I said orange sus and one time s9meone say cyan dud

  • Denzel Chatsika
    Denzel Chatsika10 hours ago

    Shiloh and Micha was the imposter they won

  • Nicola - Adopt me
    Nicola - Adopt me11 hours ago

    4:59 ohhh I know what the crime is its tha- wait its not because of THIS DUDE WEARING SOCKS AND SANDLES.?!

    ABDELLAH11 hours ago


    ABDELLAH11 hours ago


  • Wheels Hub5
    Wheels Hub511 hours ago

    i love among us I play the real game to. X

  • Xirinplayz
    Xirinplayz11 hours ago

    Elijah is my favorite character

    EASTON HUDSON 202813 hours ago

    brittny cinda hot thou

  • Avery Schwerdt
    Avery Schwerdt15 hours ago

    Y’all so funny

  • Kody Nguyen
    Kody Nguyen16 hours ago

    ¿....¿¿¿.. ....".... gggg

  • Aarjav Vig
    Aarjav Vig17 hours ago


  • Emily Brookman
    Emily Brookman17 hours ago

    0:58 that smile

  • Pritha Saha
    Pritha Saha20 hours ago


  • Bounsu Khoonmeexai
    Bounsu Khoonmeexai21 hour ago


  • Termtem Channel
    Termtem Channel21 hour ago

    I like judah says red sus is cool but can you play mira HQ with 3 imposter please

  • Shayaan Khan
    Shayaan Khan22 hours ago

    How Eli gasps................. 0:06

    HIBA ADEELDay ago

    Are u serious 41 million views woww

  • Prajith Raj
    Prajith RajDay ago

    Help me to be famous like you just like you

  • arjun reddy
    arjun reddyDay ago

    The fact that red said not not the imposter means she was the imposter

  • ItsyoBoy Messiah
    ItsyoBoy MessiahDay ago


  • Courtney DeMent
    Courtney DeMentDay ago


  • Lilyblooms9 AJ
    Lilyblooms9 AJDay ago

    What... over 41mil views!? Congrats Guys!

  • Austin Bertrand
    Austin BertrandDay ago

    When he said YEET

  • Double Oof
    Double OofDay ago

    This video makes me lose my sanity

  • Deylinson C J
    Deylinson C JDay ago

    Can you do a blue is sus

  • Aarjav Vig
    Aarjav VigDay ago

    answer me

  • Shiloh & Bros

    Shiloh & Bros

    Day ago

    Hi Aarjav Vig 😀

  • Csabi Kaiser
    Csabi KaiserDay ago

    Shiloh is sitting in the backgroung at 4:21 Not sus at all lol

  • Aarjav Vig
    Aarjav VigDay ago

    you guys are amazing

  • Aurelie De Naeyer
    Aurelie De NaeyerDay ago

    I love this

  • Weston and family Fun times
    Weston and family Fun timesDay ago

    This video is so funny 🤣:0

  • Snapshot
    SnapshotDay ago

    Jeasus 41 mil views

  • Angeliny Araujo
    Angeliny AraujoDay ago

    So much

  • Hong You
    Hong YouDay ago

    Among. Us👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Drago Gaming
    Drago GamingDay ago


  • Baharun Nessa
    Baharun NessaDay ago

    Yitong hu how old are you

  • Aishath Suhana
    Aishath SuhanaDay ago

    I. Love. Among us.

  • Emma Richall_27

    Emma Richall_27

    Day ago

    same dude

  • Zonuntluangi Tluangtei
    Zonuntluangi TluangteiDay ago

    I like you all

  • Nathan Hastie
    Nathan HastieDay ago

    41 million views😱

  • Al Nissa
    Al NissaDay ago

    OMG you're so good very !!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍

  • Tim Roberts
    Tim RobertsDay ago

    I like can you do a random thing for that emergency meeting

  • Muzafar Khan
    Muzafar KhanDay ago

    I am a Imposter

  • Kazi Kamal
    Kazi KamalDay ago

    I Love you Green

  • Zack Musaid
    Zack MusaidDay ago

    The Impostors are Micah and Shiloh!

  • crazy deagal
    crazy deagal2 days ago

    Anybody after we the greatest crewmate

  • crazy deagal
    crazy deagal2 days ago

    Anyone after red is sus aong

  • cute maya
    cute maya2 days ago

    I have among us

  • PlumZ_crew
    PlumZ_crew2 days ago

    I have seen this series like 30 times

  • laxmi panwar
    laxmi panwar2 days ago

    I like real life amoug us

  • manuel Martinez
    manuel Martinez2 days ago


  • Jovanni Atah
    Jovanni Atah2 days ago

    Jovanni-atah dodge 3379

  • Jovanni Atah
    Jovanni Atah2 days ago


  • Jeret González
    Jeret González2 days ago

    People who disliked are sus

  • Jalal 3lrubiey
    Jalal 3lrubiey2 days ago

    that's funneh 😂😂🤣🤣

  • Jalal 3lrubiey

    Jalal 3lrubiey

    2 days ago

    I liked wen the girl was like oh yeah I'm the imposter and the boy was oh no

  • Roxy Foxy125
    Roxy Foxy1252 days ago

    xd😂 😮

  • Tirthankar Roy
    Tirthankar Roy2 days ago


  • Christian Cox
    Christian Cox2 days ago

    It's hilarious when Orange always things it's red !

  • Lillia Cookie

    Lillia Cookie

    2 days ago


  • The grand travel nerd 2
    The grand travel nerd 22 days ago

    If you watch all the among us vids it will be an hour and 9 mins

  • Вероника Сенатрева
    Вероника Сенатрева2 days ago


  • Aileen Blas
    Aileen Blas2 days ago

    All deaths in this video 0:46 Britney 1:22 David 2:15 Josiah 2:57 Judah 4:37 Micah 5:21 Mary 6:10 Daniel

  • BOT 101

    BOT 101

    2 days ago

    Marys is 5:20

  • Gayathiri Durairaj
    Gayathiri Durairaj2 days ago


  • GamerBunny BunBun
    GamerBunny BunBun2 days ago

    6:48 best part

  • Dave Bux
    Dave Bux2 days ago

    Jumping on the floor must be painful

  • sofi sidheek
    sofi sidheek2 days ago


  • reda gamer girl
    reda gamer girl3 days ago

    Please do something funny in it

  • Haide Tale
    Haide Tale3 days ago

    Can you make a song"the best crewmate

    YOANA POO CHUAN EN SSC3 days ago

    Shiloh's the imposter.

  • Alex Pichardo
    Alex Pichardo3 days ago

    Red is sus

  • Maria Maldonado
    Maria Maldonado3 days ago

    Make a red is sus song

  • Blueberry Bluetube
    Blueberry Bluetube3 days ago

    6:51 What’s that song?

  • Caitlan Conklin
    Caitlan Conklin3 days ago


  • Gloria Gelo
    Gloria Gelo3 days ago

    Shiloh is bad impostor

  • Levi Gyimah
    Levi Gyimah3 days ago

    I like Elijah more

  • Kellin krecko
    Kellin krecko3 days ago

    Do a among us 7

  • Reuben Smith
    Reuben Smith3 days ago


  • Arlene Cassidy
    Arlene Cassidy3 days ago


  • Gaming with Rameen
    Gaming with Rameen3 days ago

    We’re the greatest imposter by: literally guys Micah and Shiloh well done 👍🏼 me and my friends r your biggest fans

  • DogLover’s Life
    DogLover’s Life3 days ago

    Me and my sister fighting over who turns the lights on first: 4:10

  • claudia diaz
    claudia diaz3 days ago

    If orange did not vote red they would have one

  • Shark Puppet Isaiah
    Shark Puppet Isaiah3 days ago

    It looks like green voted blue in the first round

  • Sophia Ladak
    Sophia Ladak3 days ago


  • Blueberry Love
    Blueberry Love3 days ago

    Nobody: Brittney: _i JuSt CaMe In HeRe To SaY hI tO yOuR mOm_ Me: _p o g_

  • xxxbluecherry Buildsxxx

    xxxbluecherry Buildsxxx

    Day ago

    Hahaha funny

  • Shin
    Shin3 days ago

    When micah ate cyans (i dont know his name) food, it was so funny

  • Shin


    15 hours ago

    @Abxgglx x i forgot his name thats why lol

  • Abxgglx x

    Abxgglx x

    2 days ago

    His name is Daniel

    PURSOTTAM DAMANI3 days ago

    Please do one more such videos of among us they are so funny

  • Warren YEUNG [6S]
    Warren YEUNG [6S]3 days ago

    2:54 Micah: YEET!

  • Tamara D
    Tamara D3 days ago

    I love you everyone

  • Tamara D
    Tamara D3 days ago

    My favourite purple and I like white and red thank you ♥️🤍💜:-)

  • Nout Croeze
    Nout Croeze3 days ago


  • Rwichik Bhattacharyya
    Rwichik Bhattacharyya3 days ago

    This is awesome

  • Harry Martin
    Harry Martin3 days ago

    Coolest app

  • Kazi Juwel
    Kazi Juwel3 days ago

    I love among us but you're the best player i always see your guys among us it's so amazing

  • ArsenalisEASY
    ArsenalisEASY3 days ago

    Does everyone always believe Judah?0:41

  • Choney Wangmo
    Choney Wangmo4 days ago

    you guys are sooo funny🤣🤣🤣