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1000 Degree KNIFE vs DIAMOND

Block of Jelly VS Car

3D Illusions That Might Break Your Brain


  • BMWlover
    BMWlover17 hours ago

    Those fake reactions are on another level... 🤣

  • Gus Who
    Gus Who18 hours ago

    “We just talked about this earlier” wtf when??? Who is this guy??

    ΓΙΩΡΓΟΣ ΛΙΑΓΚΟΣ18 hours ago

    My dad does that

  • Gabrielle Moreira
    Gabrielle MoreiraDay ago

    O Kiko kk

  • Clemens
    ClemensDay ago

    This is my kingdom come

  • Otis
    OtisDay ago

    Who is that other person they put on top of the among us character

  • itsEagle
    itsEagleDay ago

    ɢᴏᴅ ʜᴇᴀʟs ɢᴏᴅ ᴄᴀʀᴇs ɢᴏᴅ ɪs ɢᴏᴏᴅ ɢᴏᴅ ғᴏʀɢɪᴠᴇs ɢᴏᴅ ғᴏʀɢᴇᴛs ɢᴏᴅ ʟᴏᴠᴇs ᴄᴀɴ ɪ ɢᴇᴛ ᴀɴ ᴀᴍᴇɴ?🥺

  • 1KidStudios
    1KidStudios3 days ago

    -Vamos tesouro, não se misture com esse impostor. -Sim mamãe, impostor impostor pffff !

  • Alpha wolf gaming
    Alpha wolf gaming3 days ago

    I love chavo del 8

  • Check it
    Check it3 days ago

    I'm confused why he love among us than a pizza

  • Prip_ 45
    Prip_ 454 days ago

    Amog us

  • Clark games
    Clark games5 days ago

    1 like=1 episode of el chavo

  • Tim Nguyen
    Tim Nguyen5 days ago


  • Pink_ Devil
    Pink_ Devil6 days ago

    Ngl,I hate how excited her gets,he then talks to much and gets low key annoying

  • JunaTah
    JunaTah7 days ago

    Guy adds nothing to the video - 2021

  • Atharv's Art
    Atharv's Art7 days ago

    Here's a cringe pill 💊

    GAMING YT7 days ago

    *Me eating cookies normally This guy-whatt the fuuu no no no but howwww dude its awesome

  • Leon Jurica
    Leon Jurica8 days ago

    You are Gary from SSundee among us

  • Puip
    Puip8 days ago

    how much stolen content do you want *yes*

  • Shalini Chauhan
    Shalini Chauhan9 days ago


  • Shalini Chauhan

    Shalini Chauhan

    5 days ago

    @Ahmet Arda Coşkun more sus

  • Ahmet Arda Coşkun

    Ahmet Arda Coşkun

    5 days ago

    *A M O G U S*

  • CharLounge
    CharLounge9 days ago

    1.I woke up 2.I went to school 3.I saw him 4.I ran to him and hugged him 5. I kissed him Actually the right order is 2,3,4,5,1

  • Lumaniati -
    Lumaniati -9 days ago

    When red is sus *AMOGUS*👍

  • rouge
    rouge10 days ago

    If you ever think you don’t have enough personality, remember this guy exists

    RANBOO10 days ago

    Among us*

    RANBOO10 days ago

    I love amung us

  • I apologize for the inconvenience of me not caring
    I apologize for the inconvenience of me not caring10 days ago

    Y’all we all say it differently depending where we are from. It can be Quico, Kico, or even Kiki . The point is we are all talking about the same thing so stop arguing and enjoy the art 😃

  • Edward Garnish
    Edward Garnish10 days ago

    I have to clean out rollers alllll the time.. It gets really messy and is really quite difficult to do😂

  • ED
    ED11 days ago

    The first one was oddly satisfying 🔥

  • Yaite C González
    Yaite C González11 days ago

    When kico is sus

  • Brad Francis
    Brad Francis11 days ago

    Gary you're a chant but your best work is red dead and I love it you need to get back to it

  • Darryl Fernandes
    Darryl Fernandes11 days ago

    You kinda look like daniel bryan from WWE

  • ImMike25
    ImMike2512 days ago

    He the type of guy to be amazed by the dumbest things

  • Bug Guzzo
    Bug Guzzo12 days ago

    His face at the paint thing he was so surprised 🤣🤣

  • TechSpiritedZ
    TechSpiritedZ12 days ago

    Why tf is he so excited about among us

  • Breno Vinícius
    Breno Vinícius12 days ago

    O cara não conhesse o quico vei

  • Eduardo Ramirez
    Eduardo Ramirez12 days ago

    Yoooo kico among us? Kinda sus

  • some random dude_1
    some random dude_113 days ago

    Kiko bruh u don't know who he is :(

  • The Suepperr Mario gros
    The Suepperr Mario gros13 days ago

    Quico be sus though

  • Chilly Doggs
    Chilly Doggs13 days ago

    You Respect the EL CHAVO DRIP

  • funtime bonnie animation dc2
    funtime bonnie animation dc213 days ago

    Kiko sus😳

  • Shiv Pratap
    Shiv Pratap13 days ago

    Is this a paint brush No: it's a spoon idiot

  • Victoria Lama
    Victoria Lama13 days ago

    El chavo de ocho quico

  • Fikri Fadhlurrahman
    Fikri Fadhlurrahman13 days ago

    Feel useless already??

  • Y/N🐼
    Y/N🐼13 days ago


  • Mr. Humor
    Mr. Humor13 days ago

    This man is why shampoo has instructions

  • Arc_ Jynx
    Arc_ Jynx14 days ago

    Goopy shlop

    CHILE ANYWAY14 days ago

    “Among us?! We were just talking about it” homie you were talking about how you never saw one of those paint roll things getting the paint cleaned off of it

  • TheRedstoneGuy


    3 days ago

    He streams bro he probably was talking abt among us in his stream

  • Negative
    Negative14 days ago

    Its so creamy

  • Violett g02
    Violett g0214 days ago

    Just in case you don't know : "quico" is the way you spell it if you're talking about the character from the series And "kiko" is how you spell it if you're talking about the independent character

  • Hozic
    Hozic14 days ago

    First one 🤒

  • Bharath
    Bharath14 days ago

    You look like Scarlett Johansson 🤣

  • Nabil Daud Anggasta
    Nabil Daud Anggasta14 days ago


  • Timi Paapu
    Timi Paapu14 days ago

    Him "is this a thing you can do *silence*

  • TheSanty47
    TheSanty4714 days ago

    Quien de aqui es español y vio a Quico?

  • Samantha Panyagua
    Samantha Panyagua14 days ago

    How dare he not know kico

  • SabrinaM.
    SabrinaM.14 days ago

    Ele não sabe quem é o Quico 😐

  • Sean Boulden
    Sean Boulden15 days ago

    You can't be serious... cleaning off a paint roller, to which you reply "is this a real thing?" Thats like next level idiocy

  • Leo Acosta
    Leo Acosta15 days ago


  • the tallest penguin
    the tallest penguin15 days ago


  • Linda Little
    Linda Little15 days ago


  • Callmewrecker
    Callmewrecker15 days ago

    That’s Kiko from el chavo del 8 old Mexican comedy show 🤣💯

  • ElMoreNaHCO₃
    ElMoreNaHCO₃15 days ago

    quico amogus

    AMERICA GARZA16 days ago

    Quico from a Mexican Show, what a good surprise

  • The Glass Of Shattered Reality
    The Glass Of Shattered Reality16 days ago

    What happened wit the paintbrush, happened in his pants too 😮

  • Kauã Okabayashi
    Kauã Okabayashi16 days ago

    He strangely remembers me Leah Ash

  • cookie king
    cookie king16 days ago

    Shhhhhhhhh just watch

  • Santa Pinales
    Santa Pinales16 days ago


  • Game power
    Game power16 days ago

    كل المسلمين المشاهدين لهذا التعليق اظغط لايك لتعليق

  • Martha Juraz
    Martha Juraz17 days ago

    For people don’t know who the kids with the hat with the among us it’s a kids from a Mexican tv show called el chavo del el 8 it’s just a kid who lives in a apartment but yea the kids name is quico so just to let you white people know :)

    RENXWAL17 days ago

    Is this a thing? Take paint off a brush?

  • Rickey
    Rickey17 days ago

    Wassup gary

  • å
    å17 days ago


  • 🦥
    🦥17 days ago

    Caramba, agora eu percebi que nenhum gringo assistiu Chaves, que horrível pra eles.

  • Emiliano Vazquez
    Emiliano Vazquez17 days ago

    Yo quico bro el Chavo was hilarious

  • josue cisneros
    josue cisneros17 days ago

    The other thing 😂 nikka that was quico fuck you mean search your Spanish boiii

  • Brian Gonzal3z
    Brian Gonzal3z17 days ago

    As my dad being a painter, I can confirm yes this is used for this. Pretty satisfying if I do say so myself.

  • EmilioSR29
    EmilioSR2917 days ago

    Ayo what's quico doing in there?

  • tanmay mandale
    tanmay mandale17 days ago

    Okay but the paint brush thing was really satisfying !

  • Maria Martínez
    Maria Martínez17 days ago

    This was my favorite show lol

  • Simon
    Simon17 days ago


  • Simon
    Simon17 days ago


  • R3D_ B4RON
    R3D_ B4RON17 days ago

    El criko

  • Blue Raptor7 Gaming
    Blue Raptor7 Gaming17 days ago

    El Chavo

  • The White Picket Fence
    The White Picket Fence17 days ago

    "Is this a paintbrush?" Slightly.

  • Deanna Hill
    Deanna Hill17 days ago

    I love it when people scrape off paint on a paint roller it's a most satisfying thing out there somebody please do this so I can just watch it

  • banku vlogs2011
    banku vlogs201117 days ago


  • Shøtō Tødōrökī
    Shøtō Tødōrökī18 days ago

    I knew about el chavo before he was cool Bc I am Hispanic

  • Lazy
    Lazy18 days ago

    That paint roller clip was so satisfying I had to watch it at least six times.

  • Reed Wilke
    Reed Wilke18 days ago

    This dude looks a lot like Logan pauls friend mike

  • Dssxr_Minecraft
    Dssxr_Minecraft18 days ago

    Among us should be called among "Sus"

  • 5SC Basher
    5SC Basher18 days ago


  • K JO
    K JO18 days ago

    Yeah nice try faking as if your streaming

  • Rain Supremacy
    Rain Supremacy18 days ago

    how do u block channels

  • Bryan Vallejo
    Bryan Vallejo18 days ago

    How fucking dare you not know Quico

  • Kid
    Kid18 days ago

    Shame that el chavo got taken off of netflix, but actually how did Quico get there?

  • Homohumano Person
    Homohumano Person18 days ago

    Que hace quico ahi XD

  • Riley Fisher
    Riley Fisher19 days ago

    "is that a thing" cleaning your paint brush? Yeah that's a thing buddy everywhere 🤣

  • Kenzo Mikola Sugondo
    Kenzo Mikola Sugondo19 days ago


  • gerry bucog
    gerry bucog19 days ago

    ඩmong Us

  • WxvyXthb0
    WxvyXthb020 days ago

    his vocabulary: yo bro oh my god man that is so cool