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  • Valerie Ortiz
    Valerie Ortiz23 hours ago

    The fascinated ceiling visually retire because handball multivariably yawn lest a ancient sphere. painful, victorious fear

  • Yo'Rapper Treezy
    Yo'Rapper TreezyDay ago

    A year later we still visit this masterpiece.🔥

  • Nicole Dashnow
    Nicole Dashnow2 days ago

    My demons torcher me

  • Justin Smith
    Justin Smith3 days ago


  • Browneyez Diva
    Browneyez Diva3 days ago


  • Hunter Mantee
    Hunter Mantee3 days ago

    You should really feat King Iso in one of your future tracks yo...

  • Boribong147
    Boribong1474 days ago


  • Boribong147


    4 days ago


  • Boribong147


    4 days ago


  • Boribong147


    4 days ago


  • Boribong147


    4 days ago


  • Boribong147


    4 days ago


  • Shyanne Harrell Pepin
    Shyanne Harrell Pepin4 days ago

    1500 ppl crazy as hell for downing this

  • mefistor232
    mefistor2326 days ago

    we good bro, together in this fucked up world bro, high five

    AHAM DEVCIS6 days ago

    Will is best among these🔥🔥🔥

  • MrSparky
    MrSparky6 days ago

    Este álbum es una joyita

  • Mikiell Obambia
    Mikiell Obambia6 days ago

    Ptsd test for trauma right.

  • Jose EstaBom
    Jose EstaBom6 days ago

    kevin hart be dope

  • Joseph Edwards
    Joseph Edwards7 days ago

    what i wanna know is when em will sign joyner

  • Eddy Alonso
    Eddy Alonso8 days ago

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  • Valencia Miller
    Valencia Miller10 days ago

    Also: Aside from Kendrick and Eminem and whoever else thats up there yeah they lit always but Joyner is that artist, not just rapper, that you didnt know you needed and now that hes there hes not going anywhere. His words can always relate, they always hit, and its just sounds so good. The whole ADHD album, Backwards was the coldest, man its so many, I still love everything about this man!!!!! Im still listening Joyner

  • Valencia Miller
    Valencia Miller10 days ago

    I love, I love love love love Joyner and all his music. EVERYTHING!!! Even when my brother introduces me to his music that I may not have heard of, im listening to him everyday no matter what I am doing. My favorite of all time since Bone Thugs and Harmony, they still my fav group but right now Im in love with Joyner, his shit is always fire and i dont care to argue with any one about it because you will NEVER change my mind. He should keep his focus on his lyrics and the things he says, there are people out here that can relate to a lot that you speak on and feel where your coming from. There are a lot of people out here that are like you. #adhd it exist and we are still human, thats just a category. Lets you know your alive and living. Keep going Joyner, and all you haters "STOP PLAYEN" :-)

    DANNY D11 days ago

    Joyner Lucas 🔥

  • Robert Duncan
    Robert Duncan11 days ago


  • Chris
    Chris11 days ago

    It took me too long to hear this.

  • Jose EstaBom
    Jose EstaBom12 days ago

    23:12 I felt that

  • Squeak Compilations
    Squeak Compilations13 days ago

    I hope everyone in these comment sections gets blessed🙌

  • Alen Bilic
    Alen Bilic13 days ago

    boo fuckin hoo man

  • Unkn0wn Squad
    Unkn0wn Squad13 days ago

    I remember my “screening evaluation” still hurt to this day need someone to talk to 🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁IG @zacharymasi

  • ρ DEMOLISHzx
    ρ DEMOLISHzx13 days ago

    The best album I listened to 🔥 salute Lucas!!

  • Ema Arnaudova
    Ema Arnaudova13 days ago

    I want to see a whole movie about the first skit

  • KBX Band
    KBX Band14 days ago

    Fucking incredible!!!

  • Rob Shamar
    Rob Shamar14 days ago

    Dope album.

  • Dianne Siefker
    Dianne Siefker14 days ago

    Every word of this album resonates! This man is a direct channel!!!

  • Joseph Gambina
    Joseph Gambina15 days ago

    still one of my most favorite albums released. Joyner Absolutely killed it with this one

  • Daniel Valadez
    Daniel Valadez15 days ago

    Here for the anniversary :)

  • Kenneth Headden
    Kenneth Headden16 days ago

    Who the fuck would thumbs down this...?

  • Nateworthy
    Nateworthy16 days ago

    Dang mother faqas need to hit that like button. This is one of the greatest albums put out in a long time.

  • EviilJoker
    EviilJoker17 days ago

    On God 🙏 I'm Coming wit it

  • Judge Dredd
    Judge Dredd17 days ago

    Like the music but bro the facts a little off on the lyrics, pro tip leave politics out of it cause we all getting tired of hearing the same false talking points regurgitated by every artist, celebrity and wanna be that needs clout.

  • Roberto Franco

    Roberto Franco

    14 days ago

    music is expression of self though, you hold no jurisdiction in what somebody else wants to write.

  • Alex Gary
    Alex Gary18 days ago

    I got chill.. are song are the greatest.. Such an underrated Artist..

  • Michael
    Michael18 days ago

    Bless. 🙏🏻

  • Jasen Weimerskirch
    Jasen Weimerskirch19 days ago

    This alblum is GRADE A ++ with as many extra credits as a score card could have. Shits Amazing!

  • Peara Begum
    Peara Begum19 days ago

    Help me I'm being mind controlled I can't think or react to what they are forcing me to think and do.

  • Aexurz
    Aexurz23 days ago

    Your music is literally the best, other mfs can't even compare.

  • HydraGames


    13 days ago

    NF can

  • 2Faced
    2Faced23 days ago

    "Boohoo. Smoke some weed, and drop this album already. Goddamn" 😂😂😂

  • R Garcia
    R Garcia24 days ago

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  • Shlomo Awoke
    Shlomo Awoke26 days ago

    How to hell i didn't hear this album wowww!!

  • Billy Mullen
    Billy Mullen26 days ago

    Omg the Kevin skit lmfffaaoo

  • Jacob Meis
    Jacob Meis27 days ago

    The blacks were sold out but they don't even know it. Planned Parenthood is the most racist organization in history but you got a free Obama phone. All secret societies are controlled by the same group of bankers. What group of people are know for being bankers?

  • Jacob Meis

    Jacob Meis

    26 days ago

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  • ya boi

    ya boi

    26 days ago

    what you should be asking is what group of people are known for not going outside? thats right, its you! go outside

  • Matthew Morrone
    Matthew Morrone27 days ago

    Devils work soumds like Hopsin. I could never get into hopsin so for that i just cant think its not him. Lyrics are dope. Just smacks of hopsin tphphphhp👎 rest of the album is fire

  • Andrew Kless
    Andrew Kless27 days ago

    The book of elijah

  • Joseph Vanderzwart
    Joseph Vanderzwart28 days ago

    this doctor should not be allowed around kids, let alone practicing child therapy.

  • We Are Limitless
    We Are Limitless29 days ago

    This CD is a classic.👏

  • Arild Knudsen
    Arild Knudsen29 days ago

  • Arild Knudsen

    Arild Knudsen

    29 days ago

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  • Az Krayus
    Az Krayus29 days ago

    Where the hell did this dude come from and where has he been?! Finally some real rap!

  • Christopher Drew

    Christopher Drew

    27 days ago

    He been in Worcestershire, MA. Making heat!

  • BIG BOOM 2020
    BIG BOOM 2020Month ago


  • Islande Barton
    Islande BartonMonth ago

    I’m ADHD Inattentive and it triggered a memory

  • Islande Barton
    Islande BartonMonth ago

    Screening Evaluation gave me PTSD cause that was a bit of my childhood on learning things

  • Keloski Sniper
    Keloski SniperMonth ago

    likes for Devils Work ...Probably The Best Song

  • Keloski Sniper
    Keloski SniperMonth ago

    who is still listening to this album in 2021

  • Lance Wagner
    Lance WagnerMonth ago

    3 Trillion views. The evolution. Too many just dont get it. Good job buddy. Such a smart boy.

  • 전영우
    전영우Month ago

    6:55 Yes this what I was waiting for

  • BRIAN Kim
    BRIAN KimMonth ago

    The terrible caption spectroscopically apologise because edward phytogeographically offer with a berserk shape. beautiful, voiceless block

  • Arthur Parissi
    Arthur ParissiMonth ago


  • BRIAN Kim
    BRIAN KimMonth ago

    The secretive driver extraorally dam because rise longitudinally cough aboard a worried wish. nostalgic, acceptable balloon

  • promise jonathan
    promise jonathanMonth ago

    This is my best album ever

    RYZENMonth ago

    Devil's Work go hard. Best on the list.

  • We As One Rise
    We As One RiseMonth ago

    wow, this was my first time listening to the full album like this!!!! THIS IS A MASTERPIECE man wow is all i can say. Simply amazing

  • Moharsingh gurjar

    Moharsingh gurjar

    Month ago

    @Jsjs Bsbsbsb 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  • Jsjs Bsbsbsb

    Jsjs Bsbsbsb

    Month ago


  • Dominik Weber
    Dominik WeberMonth ago

    After 13min of this Album i needed more, some love from me

  • Vince Dipeccio
    Vince DipeccioMonth ago

    This whole album has me completely bent. Excellent job Joiner

  • Teshan McCauley
    Teshan McCauleyMonth ago

    The guy from the Chris skit sounded like a Boondocks character XD

  • Joshua Dymbroski
    Joshua DymbroskiMonth ago


  • jason harmon
    jason harmonMonth ago

    The private quiver rhetorically end because enquiry broadly compare behind a quirky centimeter. auspicious, acidic discussion

  • Ib3N1nja
    Ib3N1njaMonth ago

    The Only Whack Song is the one where its talking about Exchanging people. Other than that this Goes

  • weed world
    weed worldMonth ago

    chris tucker killed it

  • anime channel
    anime channelMonth ago

    I will listen to joyner lucas till I die

  • 4YourselfOnlyAndNoOther
    4YourselfOnlyAndNoOtherMonth ago

    To think Joyner would add a Jim Rohn quote.

  • Jeremy Pople
    Jeremy PopleMonth ago

    Im #1

  • Justin Velazquez
    Justin VelazquezMonth ago

    I have ADHD. This definitely makes me think about it more like how much it effects my actions like I just thought I get bored fast Truly appreciate this album

  • Average To Best
    Average To BestMonth ago

    Man this album is fire

  • Shannon Modzelewski
    Shannon ModzelewskiMonth ago

    My fiance loves you man, he's got Tourette's Syndrome and ADHD, calls it his "super power". Great album, glad to see you dropped this. Officially his favorite album.

  • Clay PubgM
    Clay PubgMMonth ago

    Back here again because why not? Best Rap Album ever🥇

  • Random Guy

    Random Guy

    Month ago


  • Eli Muhanji
    Eli MuhanjiMonth ago


  • ViciousBond
    ViciousBondMonth ago

    The intro sounds like the dude is trying to brainwash him

  • vr4runner
    vr4runnerMonth ago

    My grandma had adhd 🤣 fuckin Chris tucker!

  • Christopher Foley
    Christopher FoleyMonth ago


  • Ben Harding
    Ben HardingMonth ago

    One of the goats

  • Fulgencio Fulgencio
    Fulgencio FulgencioMonth ago

    that is a masterpiece

  • xvolical
    xvolicalMonth ago

    This album is too good all the songs are addictive as hell too I've been listening to j since along came joyner from ross capachoni still here till this day and forever he is the first Joyner hope lil joyner is good too

  • Emilio Merino Rubio
    Emilio Merino RubioMonth ago

    q album tan prrooooOonN

  • Blaze Storm
    Blaze StormMonth ago

    how did i just find out about this masterpiece

  • Leah draws 53
    Leah draws 53Month ago

    This album makes me cry because it’s so relatable to people with adhd thank you joyner❤️🐐👑

  • Abdi hamud

    Abdi hamud

    Month ago


  • xvolical


    Month ago

    Same 🙌🤝❤

  • Morgan Edwards
    Morgan EdwardsMonth ago

    Much love, this album is really good one of the best.

  • Morgan Edwards
    Morgan EdwardsMonth ago

    This is a good shit I love it peace and love.

  • Elixir Gaming
    Elixir GamingMonth ago

    I love this album. It's a classic. It has the skits, the bangers, the slow jams, showing love to the OGs. And that will smith song is a straight banger

  • Home of NBA shorts
    Home of NBA shortsMonth ago

    Joyner is different (this is forever my favourite album)

  • ByCd
    ByCdMonth ago

    I can listen that everyday, Masterpiece

  • MambaStrike
    MambaStrikeMonth ago

    will forever be my favorite album

  • Omar Griffin

    Omar Griffin

    24 days ago


  • MikeV. Gaming

    MikeV. Gaming

    Month ago

    @killswitch6554 end of headache

  • MikeV. Gaming

    MikeV. Gaming

    Month ago


  • xvolical


    Month ago

    This man has the only hearted comment on here nice1

  • True A.R.T At Miami Beach

    True A.R.T At Miami Beach

    Month ago

    Ayo Joyner when you gonna let me tattoo you 💪 on the house

  • Lola Bunny
    Lola BunnyMonth ago

    I love this guy he’s such a musical influence to me... one day hope we meet and make history-

  • IceMinion


    Month ago

    You meeting Joyner would make history? 🤔

  • Andre C
    Andre CMonth ago

    respect is the KEY

  • Andre C
    Andre CMonth ago

    UD peace

  • Andre C
    Andre CMonth ago


  • Giftgott
    GiftgottMonth ago

    thanks for your real music!

  • S̷H̷I̷L̷L̷S̷V̷S̷H̷I̷L̷L̷S̷
    S̷H̷I̷L̷L̷S̷V̷S̷H̷I̷L̷L̷S̷Month ago

    all the trolls(demons) are locked in is room, all positive comments.