KODAK IS NOT A CLONE ; The Making Of Hit Bout It | The Boat Show S2 Ep. 6


In this special episode, Yachty goes to Miami to link up with Kodak to film their new single "Hit Bout It".
Stream Lil Yachty & Kodak Black "Hit Bout It" here: QualityControl.lnk.to/HitBoutIt​
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  • Ruben
    RubenHour ago

    5:16 bro what Song is that?

  • Jay JJReal
    Jay JJReal6 hours ago

    Kodak Black: Mom Sup? Mom Kodak:Tout Moun Ap Mange Mande Yo Non?😁

  • Kile Fagner
    Kile Fagner7 hours ago

    Him saying Kodak not a clone make me feel he more of a clone

  • Terrence Felton
    Terrence Felton9 hours ago

    11:27 look at how he sized dude ass that tried to grab the chain

  • Doll-Mike Excellent
    Doll-Mike Excellent10 hours ago

    Map vini kanmenm🔥

  • DailyGold
    DailyGold11 hours ago

    Dude a clone they have underground cloning facilities all around the world WAKE UP

  • JLCwakeboardingFL
    JLCwakeboardingFL14 hours ago

    Like that factory white spider. Clean

  • Mekhi Payne
    Mekhi Payne19 hours ago

    Kodak would never be out here pinching nipples

    SHQIPE BEQ20 hours ago

    Kodak is a clone

  • Jonathan Pagsanhan
    Jonathan PagsanhanDay ago

    All dislikes can hit bout it

  • Hazael Acuna
    Hazael AcunaDay ago

    I don't even laugh like you you like hearing Miss and like remembers how to speak at times but didn't forget and slips man this s*** crazy and little boat fat as f*** had to get that out LOL

  • Crimson Eros
    Crimson ErosDay ago

    man 1:45 broke my heart..... you can tell the Z Queen is happy. her baby boy put her up nicely.... that's what I wanna see from my momma...... I'll get there one day.... not as fast as kodak did, but it's going to happen one day. Edit: God FUcking dammmmm so glad to see kodak out.....miss your music fam..... been too two concerts and i would love to shake your hand one day..

  • LoveJones
    LoveJonesDay ago

    Lmao this ain't no Kodak....believe your intuition ..

  • no name
    no nameDay ago

    kodak momma wippin up that pressure 😳🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Jonathan Chambers
    Jonathan ChambersDay ago

    Just ordered 3 Sniper Gang T-shirts

  • football world
    football worldDay ago

    I wander how it feels to be rich like Kodak😞

  • football world
    football worldDay ago

    I wander how it feels to be rich like Kodak😞

  • Musha III
    Musha III2 days ago

    He don't even sound or act the same smfh it's a fucking clone u niggas is so simple

  • Gamerboy45
    Gamerboy452 days ago

    Zoe sake pase 🇭🇹🇭🇹

  • Ronald Becton
    Ronald Becton2 days ago

    Of course he not a clone he just simply lost wieght in jail....you don't eat what you used to on the streets

  • Joshua Stratton
    Joshua Stratton2 days ago

    His grill looks like braces, that's pretty cool.

  • Jessy kigen
    Jessy kigen2 days ago

    That dude ain't Kodak..lol they playing with your fucking mind

  • joeys jeeps
    joeys jeeps2 days ago

    Yachty has a old white Jewish man vibe. Like he a ooertunist. Since when boat was talking about gangster stuff.

  • Bryce Holcomb
    Bryce Holcomb2 days ago


  • Bryce Holcomb
    Bryce Holcomb2 days ago

    I really hope Kodak stays outta trouble cuz I really don’t wanna see him in jail

  • Young Ogee
    Young Ogee2 days ago

    Kodak acting like a young pinky from Friday with dreds...we directing traffic nigga

  • Cappuccino
    Cappuccino2 days ago

    Was he a good freind of lil yatchy before? Isent lil yartchy a plant? Brocolli mind brocolli?

  • Chosen Bride
    Chosen Bride3 days ago

    No that's not him you lying young male

  • tsunami papi
    tsunami papi3 days ago

    gucci got the best smile of all time 😂😂

  • Chess God
    Chess God3 days ago

    Lil yaty ain't taking no chance eating food from Kodak Mama ...won't put kno Voodoo curse in me

  • Jesse Swaney
    Jesse Swaney3 days ago

    What a garbage way of living life..

  • Young Tobbie
    Young Tobbie3 days ago

    Who thinks we should make a song together?

  • Lorenzo López
    Lorenzo López3 days ago

    Is the first time I hear he said gleee

  • theundergroundrailroadd
    theundergroundrailroadd3 days ago

    If you really think Kodak a clone you a certified dumbass 😭😭

  • ThatNoscopingGod360


    9 hours ago

    Nah it's the other way round stfu fool

  • An'War El X
    An'War El X3 days ago

    Sheesh man. People are t so slow anymore. We can SEE

  • TBM Trizzy
    TBM Trizzy4 days ago

    Them beans hitting bruh 😤

  • Well-known_trav
    Well-known_trav4 days ago

    5:28 drop it 👀🔥💯

  • Bj Dailey
    Bj Dailey4 days ago

    Why bruh kept hugging yak tho 😭

  • Brayden Crawford
    Brayden Crawford4 days ago

    If he isn’t a clone then why in his new music video he has his old tattoo and these other vids he don’t

  • Del3rd WitDaFacts
    Del3rd WitDaFacts4 days ago

    Faux locs and faux braids..but they both are for real g a y.

  • David Kim
    David Kim4 days ago

    The vagabond grain cytologically scream because surgeon extragingivally rule alongside a synonymous fibre. quarrelsome, chemical flame

  • Elvis Kabeya
    Elvis Kabeya4 days ago

    Kodak superstar...the lifestyle make me crazy and Much jewelry More money Business

  • Anita Robinson
    Anita Robinson4 days ago

    look at Gucci Mane lmao

  • La Sutancia
    La Sutancia4 days ago

    Why y’all got to adress people like he don’t know his self he not a clone

  • Tanaka Nhundu
    Tanaka Nhundu4 days ago


  • missing kelp9
    missing kelp94 days ago

    But I hop that is him hope he not deas

  • missing kelp9
    missing kelp94 days ago

    If u didn't know kodak black is dead bc that's why they called him a clone bc he doesn't look like kodak black he sound like him

  • M e n t e D i a b o l i c a
    M e n t e D i a b o l i c a5 days ago

    Kodak looks stupid with those dreads shorts ones better

  • Joey Evans Sr
    Joey Evans Sr5 days ago

    That food do looks good #majikgrindhardst.Petefl

  • Undie Cover
    Undie Cover5 days ago

    Bro this nigga basically speak an entire language of his own

  • xoxo Trevan
    xoxo Trevan5 days ago

    hmmmm interesting

  • Jamal Richardson
    Jamal Richardson5 days ago

    😂 😂 3:59 bruh kept hugging on him

  • Josh Flores
    Josh Flores5 days ago

    I understood a little...

  • Snxttynozedoc!
    Snxttynozedoc!5 days ago

    Yachty outchea buying friendship 🤦🏾‍♂️😂

  • Bryce anderson
    Bryce anderson5 days ago

    First of all. Hes becoming a man.. Second of all none of y'all know what the slammer does to you. He's just looking healthy tbh. 3rd if y'all ever went to the slammer you'd understand. He ain't a clone. He glowing, getting physically and mentally smarter About the game. And he's fluent in his English because he been work 'en on it. Salute the nigga..

  • Bryce anderson

    Bryce anderson

    5 days ago

    Stop hating...... Aka jwalkthesurvivor

  • you play you lay
    you play you lay6 days ago

    Lil Yak ,lil⛵

  • Vee Pee Cee
    Vee Pee Cee6 days ago

    This that shut I do like

  • Oscar
    Oscar6 days ago

    This a clone

  • Jutsu_Vibes
    Jutsu_Vibes6 days ago

    Somebody was playin that gta in the background 1:40

  • YoanManuel
    YoanManuel6 days ago

    who loves goodbye here

  • Ruthless dondada
    Ruthless dondada6 days ago

    Kodak the goat

  • bob ryan
    bob ryan6 days ago

    Kodak momma food looks fly asf

  • Veton Zajmi
    Veton Zajmi6 days ago

    These today rappers Clown Cant sign tryin to be gangster damnnn💩🐀🐀🐀💩🤢🤢💩🤢🐀🐀🐀🤢💩💩🤢💩🐀🐀🐀💩🤢🤢💩🤢🐀🐀🐀🤢💩💩🤢🤢🤢

  • Wuqz
    Wuqz6 days ago

    Kodak admits to holding up traffic... Gets a parole violation.

  • Nfp Jc
    Nfp Jc7 days ago

    He aint a clone but thats a different person playing his role

  • Bigears 5665
    Bigears 56657 days ago

    Watch the 2016 XXL with kodak, yaghty, uzi, denzel and 21 savage, Kodak looks so f...Ing different he must be cloned.

  • Buck Preacher
    Buck Preacher7 days ago

    Sh aint no hit lie boat is a garbage rapper and i dont care what feature he get he whack stip lying to these folks

  • Felipe G
    Felipe G7 days ago

    man this nigga ain’t a clone 😂😂😂

  • Paul Rangel
    Paul Rangel7 days ago

    She cooking some good !!!

  • Souleymane Diallo
    Souleymane Diallo7 days ago

    They doing all to prove he not a clone, this is the proof he a clone

  • Andrew Lancelot
    Andrew Lancelot7 days ago

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  • Blake Martin
    Blake Martin7 days ago

    15 seconds in and I’m like nahhh that ain’t Yak

  • Rey1982
    Rey19827 days ago

    That's not kodak

  • dcoog anml

    dcoog anml

    7 days ago


  • Rey1982
    Rey19827 days ago

    Momma why no hug

  • dcoog anml

    dcoog anml

    7 days ago

    figure out what to do. Nah fr tho the reasoning behind cloning a rapper makes absolutely no sense like tf y’all be talkin about all you have to do is enjoy the music.

  • Rey1982
    Rey19827 days ago

    Clone that black

  • Von Up-next
    Von Up-next7 days ago

    Y’all notice how Kodak seem so social since he back off the prison lol

  • Joe Mama

    Joe Mama

    6 days ago

    Yeah dude was probably alone in a cell

  • Nik B
    Nik B7 days ago

    I'm not sure what I was expecting to see. I was destined to leave disappointed and bummed out.

  • Hurricane Haze
    Hurricane Haze7 days ago

    Is it real love 4:50?

  • Andwele Harris
    Andwele Harris7 days ago

    yo does he have adhd or something like that?

  • A Guy Stuck In The US
    A Guy Stuck In The US7 days ago

    Kodak got all that money, he can afford to get his lil brother or whoever that is a nut hair cut. Lol

  • Divine Dre
    Divine Dre7 days ago

    He's most definitely a clone. Not saying people don't change over time but this is COMPLETELY A DIFFERENT PERSON. Go wat h Kodak interview on hot 97 2 yrs ago and yall will see the difference im speaking off.

  • TwentyTwo
    TwentyTwo7 days ago

    that mask gettin touched so much

  • Do It
    Do It7 days ago

    Nah this ain’t a Kodak clone. If you want to see a Kodak clone, just look at any rapper to come up out of Miami in the last five years

  • Jedwards


    3 days ago

    @Lizzie Name omm all these niggaz ina komments goofy dey bots omm🥱

  • Lizzie Name

    Lizzie Name

    3 days ago

    U funny bruh

  • Doreen Nagawa6
    Doreen Nagawa67 days ago

    Kodak so you can solve the problem 👍 you the best 💯💯😍

  • 3rdhardyboy _
    3rdhardyboy _7 days ago

    Bruh this gas station down the street from my hise, I’m sad I ain’t get to meet boat and Kodak 🥺 been my favorites since 2016

  • ThaTruth Trill
    ThaTruth Trill7 days ago

    So he not a clown good let him do him 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Nate Sorrells
    Nate Sorrells8 days ago

    I love all the experts in the comments that been knowing Kodak black their whole lives. They know everything about him and how he acts. They believe he’s “cloned” and that the government is cloning him.😂 I don’t know what reason they have to clone him because he’s just a musician but yeah we should all consult the Kodak experts out there and figure out what to do. Nah fr tho the reasoning behind cloning a rapper makes absolutely no sense like tf y’all be talkin about all you have to do is enjoy the music.

  • Glo Star1
    Glo Star18 days ago


  • first last
    first last8 days ago

    These niggas got it all

  • DADDY k
    DADDY k8 days ago

    His voice dont sound da same

  • Edit Ideas

    Edit Ideas

    8 days ago

    That’s what I’m saying , we didn’t hear his voice for so long that’s why it prob don’t sound the same😭😭😭✋🏾✋🏾✋🏾✋🏾

  • Jazz Hands
    Jazz Hands8 days ago

    1:53 Kodak like an annoying lil bro and yachty like the chill one lmao 😭

  • Zaae.
    Zaae.8 days ago

    Yak threw uhp dah nati

  • Light Yagami
    Light Yagami8 days ago

    We know he ain’t the clone but deff not the same Kodak black, he the replacement

  • NakaXO


    8 days ago

    U serious?

  • Pill Cosby
    Pill Cosby8 days ago

    Kodak got Police security too, Nigga u ain't tough

  • Exavier Ketter
    Exavier Ketter8 days ago

    Yall want some food too😂

  • Global Money
    Global Money9 days ago

    So nice to see kodak and his family reunited

  • Ikeria Scott
    Ikeria Scott9 days ago

    Reading the words and promises of Jesus Christ are all tools to keep our faith strong so that we may walk with Jesus our Lord on the waters of life.

  • asioe kiou

    asioe kiou

    8 days ago

    hopefully he don't get too turnt we need him t stay in the kinda free world.

  • Salvi 24
    Salvi 249 days ago


  • asioe kiou

    asioe kiou

    8 days ago

    Yak ona bean😂🚀

  • JustinK Wardy
    JustinK Wardy9 days ago

    6:35 they def thought that dude in the car was strapped for a second lmao

  • that memes 4real
    that memes 4real9 days ago

    Kodak,yatchy,juice wrld,dababy and xxxtentacion are the 5 goats for me