Last to say “NO” challenge

Enjoy ben and I going head to head in to win $10,000! My favorite part was shooting him with the paintball gun, what was yours?







  • Charlotte Jeffries
    Charlotte Jeffries20 minutes ago


  • Maria Lu
    Maria Lu7 hours ago


  • Dhanraj Singh
    Dhanraj Singh8 hours ago

    the dum part was he didn't even say with shoes or without shoes

  • Aiden Ghan
    Aiden Ghan12 hours ago

    Ben said no I meant

  • Aiden Ghan
    Aiden Ghan12 hours ago

    At the start when Lexie was going to jump in the pool and said no

  • Famlia heart
    Famlia heartDay ago

    I love u guys ur kind and all of u are going to be a group of good bestfriends

  • Kidist Desta
    Kidist DestaDay ago

    ben loks like the joker 🤡😂🤣

  • Sammy The dog guy
    Sammy The dog guyDay ago

    Ben's makeup really brings out his eyes-- and makes him look like a clown

  • George Muhoya
    George MuhoyaDay ago

    3 out 10

  • Annette Baylis
    Annette BaylisDay ago

    10/10 of the makeup

  • Chrissy Wakeman
    Chrissy WakemanDay ago


  • General Skywalker
    General SkywalkerDay ago

    Stepping on Legos doesn't even hurt

  • Azana Holligan
    Azana HolliganDay ago

    Makeup is 1

  • Pink rose
    Pink roseDay ago

    9/10 he looks good

  • Kelsey Price
    Kelsey PriceDay ago

    You need to do a dare it is copping ben for 24 hours

  • Hazmar Amit
    Hazmar AmitDay ago


  • Firuz Tokhirov
    Firuz TokhirovDay ago


  • Jamsheena Ashraf
    Jamsheena AshrafDay ago

    Ben is soo pretty

  • Angie S
    Angie S2 days ago

    you look like a 5 out of ten

  • Gillian Hogan
    Gillian Hogan2 days ago

    I give it a three out ten riding 3/10

  • isabelle horning
    isabelle horning2 days ago

    I absolutely love u lexi but ben is sometimes a b.... - jerk

  • Sara Witcomb Ruiz
    Sara Witcomb Ruiz2 days ago


  • Evelyn Salazar
    Evelyn Salazar2 days ago


  • Evelyn Salazar
    Evelyn Salazar2 days ago


  • Alyssa Daniel
    Alyssa Daniel2 days ago


  • Berlin Powers
    Berlin Powers2 days ago

    Negative 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 is bens number

  • kim henson
    kim henson2 days ago


  • Mia Poole
    Mia Poole2 days ago

    I rate Ben a two

  • (Rhea & Papa ) garden
    (Rhea & Papa ) garden2 days ago

    I love Lexington hensler

  • Shilpa Panda
    Shilpa Panda2 days ago

    When lexi wasn't even ready to breakup with Christian even though she had a freaking million dollars... But they broke up now that's hurting me 😭

  • Leslie De Leon

    Leslie De Leon

    2 days ago


  • Daisy Dottie
    Daisy Dottie3 days ago

    Just shake your head if you don't want to do something I mean you technically didn't SAY no..😬😆😬😏

  • Leticia Chaidez
    Leticia Chaidez3 days ago


  • Johnice Hull
    Johnice Hull3 days ago

    My sister picks two a I pick five

  • Little Bean
    Little Bean3 days ago


  • Khairu Lalani
    Khairu Lalani3 days ago


  • Tom Vezyropoulos
    Tom Vezyropoulos3 days ago

    Why does Ben look like Lexi Rivera with makeup

  • Pusheenlovers
    Pusheenlovers3 days ago

    You go girl

    GVBBYSGL4M4 days ago

    The sad thing is that they ended up breaking up >:(

  • Sedella Mccallum
    Sedella Mccallum4 days ago

    He looks better with makeup 💄 lol 8/10

  • William Whisman
    William Whisman4 days ago

    A 2 out of 10 of he looks like

  • Wilson Wu
    Wilson Wu4 days ago


  • Don Baker
    Don Baker4 days ago

    I have subscribed and clicked the bell

  • Carrie cat
    Carrie cat4 days ago


  • Isabel Rodriguez
    Isabel Rodriguez4 days ago


  • Katy Russell
    Katy Russell4 days ago


    CAMERON WINKLER4 days ago

    Ben is definitely a 10

  • Foxxling
    Foxxling4 days ago


  • Foxxling
    Foxxling4 days ago

    6:42 HE SAID IT!

  • kylie noodels
    kylie noodels4 days ago

    Jeremy being the camera man

  • Sydney Camhi
    Sydney Camhi4 days ago

    If u wanna win this challenge all u have to do is “I dare you to say no” it’s that simple!

  • Beenish Hafeez

    Beenish Hafeez

    Day ago

    But i dare you to say no you basically said no Lol

  • jramirez04
    jramirez044 days ago


  • Ian Romo
    Ian Romo4 days ago


  • Sweaty Eli
    Sweaty Eli4 days ago


  • Goose 11-2-23 Cost
    Goose 11-2-23 Cost4 days ago

    Lol that’s so bad

  • Kirston Verhulst
    Kirston Verhulst5 days ago

    Easy It can not be that gross for a kid12 and under

  • Kirston Verhulst
    Kirston Verhulst5 days ago

    He looked like he had sergry

  • Kirston Verhulst
    Kirston Verhulst5 days ago

    I have stepped on legos befor and it did not hurt I always walk barefooted on rocks m Mulch and metal nails led and everything

  • For Play Store
    For Play Store5 days ago

    rating ben 0

  • Jessica Williams
    Jessica Williams5 days ago


  • Hilda Liriano
    Hilda Liriano5 days ago

    0/ 10

  • Dragon king Citywide
    Dragon king Citywide5 days ago

    That was one

  • Yang Wang
    Yang Wang5 days ago

    Nice job Brent 🤣🤣🤣

  • Yang Wang
    Yang Wang5 days ago

    Lexi you suck for doing that😂

  • Alexander Nedinic
    Alexander Nedinic5 days ago

    0 ut of ten

  • Stephanie Christensen
    Stephanie Christensen5 days ago


  • Juliette Bouchard
    Juliette Bouchard6 days ago

    Ben is 4/10

    JAINIL GAMERZ6 days ago

    7:53, 10\-100000000

  • Coral Padfield
    Coral Padfield6 days ago

    Dom: Umm.... Yeah

  • Coral Padfield
    Coral Padfield6 days ago

    I'd give you a 2 Ben... sorry you seriously look like the Haters Back Off lady :P

  • Johanne Meunier
    Johanne Meunier6 days ago

    Ben looks so different with make up

  • Mattijn Verstrynge
    Mattijn Verstrynge6 days ago


  • Adelaide Annese
    Adelaide Annese7 days ago


  • Nathan mangels
    Nathan mangels7 days ago


  • Zayden Sullivan
    Zayden Sullivan7 days ago

    Dang that's tough

  • Daniel Herbut
    Daniel Herbut7 days ago


  • Naomi Hipgrave
    Naomi Hipgrave7 days ago

    I give ben a 6/10

  • ZomBossH
    ZomBossH7 days ago

    My rate is. -100000000000000000000000000000000000000

  • Jen Reneau
    Jen Reneau7 days ago

    A 1

  • Domenic Grossi
    Domenic Grossi7 days ago


  • Vincent Laudi
    Vincent Laudi7 days ago


  • Overall Gaming
    Overall Gaming7 days ago

    I have a new name for ben after makeup dare👇🏻 BEANIE AZELART

  • Leanne Cash
    Leanne Cash7 days ago


  • Vasanth Vignesh
    Vasanth Vignesh7 days ago

    0\10 ben

  • Christian Braquel
    Christian Braquel7 days ago


  • Mark Mellinger
    Mark Mellinger8 days ago


  • Ur Babe Tahlia
    Ur Babe Tahlia8 days ago


  • Joshua Ricevuto
    Joshua Ricevuto8 days ago


  • Charlotte Oakley
    Charlotte Oakley8 days ago

    can we just appreciate the fact that Lexi saids subscribe if you want like no-one saids that thx Lexi!

  • Nawal Shafi
    Nawal Shafi8 days ago

    6 haha

  • Ruby Staddon
    Ruby Staddon8 days ago

    Good one

  • Samkelo Sambane
    Samkelo Sambane8 days ago

    I say 5/10

  • Kevin Bajada
    Kevin Bajada8 days ago

    Ben’s make-up is: 10000000000000000000000/10

  • Ayesha Kathrada
    Ayesha Kathrada8 days ago


  • Chloe Burns
    Chloe Burns8 days ago

    on a scale of 1-10 ben is a -1000000000000000000000

  • Asanat Arean
    Asanat Arean8 days ago

    Make up s ben I'll give 100/100

  • Keya Kakadia
    Keya Kakadia8 days ago

    It's a 10

  • TobigamerZ
    TobigamerZ8 days ago

    Ben you are 4/10

  • Ateret Stern
    Ateret Stern8 days ago

    On a scale of 1 to 10 ben with the makeover looked like a -10000000000🤣🤣

  • Joanna Hemsley
    Joanna Hemsley8 days ago

    Ben makeup =10/10