Letting Drive-Thru Employees Decide what we eat for 24 HOURS!!

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  • Official_ Jaja
    Official_ Jaja2 days ago

    I thought Chanel was Jessica 😭

  • S4IF
    S4IF3 days ago

    bro the get the fuck outta here hits different when brandon says it bro i blasted laughing lmaooo

  • Vēdāñt Agarwal
    Vēdāñt Agarwal5 days ago

    Anyone remember the vlog in which @brawadis tried habit for the first time

  • easy money97
    easy money977 days ago


  • Reverse Ak
    Reverse Ak8 days ago

    Who noticed the kid in the back a 5:00

  • Coxzy Playz
    Coxzy Playz9 days ago

    10:06 LMFAOOOO

  • yerqs
    yerqs10 days ago

    7:27 brandons parking tho

  • emily
    emily16 days ago

    America has so many food choices

  • Vanessa Maria
    Vanessa Maria18 days ago

    You should prank your parents that someone stole Bosley

  • Adrian Guzman
    Adrian Guzman19 days ago

    Where are my suns fans AT

  • Jamie Lee Ashton
    Jamie Lee Ashton20 days ago

    Wow so cool 😎

  • Jordan Angleberger
    Jordan Angleberger22 days ago

    I love eating the crust first

    MON - GAMING23 days ago

    5:47 "Two"

  • Ahmed Rashid
    Ahmed Rashid23 days ago

    U got trolled 14:23

  • linda lopez
    linda lopez24 days ago

    LOVE your vids keep it up!

  • Erica Peluso
    Erica Peluso24 days ago

    Dude they need to bring the vegan teacher when he with jay

  • Raven Dawn Head
    Raven Dawn Head25 days ago

    Doesn’t he eat meat once in a while? If so, he is Flexitarian not Vegetarian.

  • Silent team009
    Silent team00925 days ago

    your BRAWADIS I love your vid they are incredible and amazing cant wait to see u person plz give me a shout out

  • Tooba Abid
    Tooba Abid26 days ago

    Ali resembles dhar mann

  • Kate YTber
    Kate YTber27 days ago


  • Ryder Knight
    Ryder Knight27 days ago

    And I’m 7

  • Ryder Knight
    Ryder Knight27 days ago

    I was brown I 2013

  • Rylan Staples
    Rylan Staples27 days ago

    mans said start up no

  • Berenise Bustod
    Berenise Bustod27 days ago

    Mama rug : taste your own medicine 😂

  • Edwin Sánchez
    Edwin Sánchez27 days ago

    No body: Absolutely nobody: Brawadis: Helll naaaaahh

  • Zori Alam
    Zori Alam27 days ago

    Is Ali muslim cuz he said no pork

  • poopy fart
    poopy fart28 days ago

    this man needs a hair cut

    DETECTIVE COMRADE28 days ago


  • kerron mchargh
    kerron mchargh28 days ago

    Bruh im hungry

  • noinoi gaming
    noinoi gaming28 days ago

    7:29😂🤣🤣🤣 so funny

  • Isaac
    Isaac29 days ago

    i thought this was faze rug lol

  • Christine Herrera
    Christine Herrera29 days ago

    Me with my cc on and 4:15 - 4:58 can't even see Brandon

  • Chris Whittington
    Chris WhittingtonMonth ago

    It will never be normal when this man says “my dad” or “my mom” like it isn’t both of their parents

  • Lukas Ersoy
    Lukas ErsoyMonth ago

    There was a girl in the back of the car WHO could that be?

    AZTECA REALMMonth ago

    she still beautiful without makeup

  • fouad rahman
    fouad rahmanMonth ago

    Is Ali a musliim?

  • Alylah Richardson
    Alylah RichardsonMonth ago

    When your up and its12:33 in the morning

  • Teresa vega
    Teresa vegaMonth ago

    Love you

  • Zion 2player
    Zion 2playerMonth ago

    Jessica in the back 😂😂

  • Dom's Pixel 3D
    Dom's Pixel 3DMonth ago

    "Can I get something VeGeTaRiAn"

  • Chanboys
    ChanboysMonth ago

    Welcome to the BRUH-awadis squad

  • Tiffany Velles
    Tiffany VellesMonth ago

    How are you doing Brandon.

  • Jamie Chalifoux
    Jamie ChalifouxMonth ago

    You guys be acting to blessed to be wasting food like that, at 3:47

  • YDC Hunt3r
    YDC Hunt3rMonth ago

    13:21 what did he sayyyyyyyyy

  • saravanan mt
    saravanan mtMonth ago

    7:12 , 7:56

  • Matthew Ray
    Matthew RayMonth ago

    that ain't a highschool thats superstore in warzone

  • BeazTxZ_Yt
    BeazTxZ_YtMonth ago

    If u dont like his vid u smell like no no

  • Yara Al Zaben
    Yara Al ZabenMonth ago

    You have a big Nose

  • Bruh I
    Bruh IMonth ago


  • Bruh I

    Bruh I

    Month ago

    You sus bro

  • Thanos Papi
    Thanos PapiMonth ago

    Ali is muslim right?

  • Nuwhair 7
    Nuwhair 7Month ago


  • Paula Deleon
    Paula DeleonMonth ago

    Who is that in the back seat I looks like Jessica

  • Mutasim Elsayed
    Mutasim ElsayedMonth ago

    5:47 its me and my friend in the car the person in the back seat O_O

  • Rukaya El-kadri
    Rukaya El-kadriMonth ago

    why is there more unliked than liked that doesnt make sense in brandons vids

  • Marco Villa
    Marco VillaMonth ago

    Shout out to the brautawat squad 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 0mezer
    0mezerMonth ago

    The NO! from the drive thru worker made me laugh

  • brendaaa
    brendaaaMonth ago

    “I’m hungry don’t play with me” 😂😂

  • Christopher Hernandez

    Christopher Hernandez

    9 days ago

    @Sabin Stha stfu

  • Sabin Stha

    Sabin Stha

    15 days ago

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  • JayGoCrazy -
    JayGoCrazy -Month ago

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  • Emanuel 559
    Emanuel 559Month ago

    food is food

  • moe Hussein
    moe HusseinMonth ago

    at starbucks he said for 2 and there was sum1 else in the back anyone else see her 😂😂😂💀

  • jake magahin

    jake magahin

    15 days ago

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    GWORKMonth ago

    Is it me or someone else was in the car at 5:47

  • Oscar Crowe
    Oscar CroweMonth ago

    Brandon if you not happy don’t akt happy

  • Mohamed Bouzar
    Mohamed BouzarMonth ago

    The elderly accordion arespectively whirl because production conversely interest like a whispering joke. supreme, chemical spider

  • Stephanie San Nicolas
    Stephanie San NicolasMonth ago

    Ali: I’m hungry, don’t play with me 😒 Me: SAME 😂😂😂😂

  • arch ahire

    arch ahire

    15 days ago

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  • JF Gamer
    JF GamerMonth ago

    Your dad eats a pizza the right way. Crust and pizza> pizza no crust

  • Xd_ Naruto
    Xd_ NarutoMonth ago

    Hi hi hello hi hi hey hey let’s play hello hello hi hi hello hello hi hello hi hi hello hello let’s go to see your candy store hi hello hi hi hello hello hi hi hello hi hi hello hello hi hi hello hi hi hello hello hi hi hello hi hi hello hello hi hi hello hi hey hey hi hi hello hello hi hi hello hi hi hello hello

  • Michael Ruiz
    Michael RuizMonth ago

    This was uploaded on my birthday :)

  • Nirav Kumar10
    Nirav Kumar10Month ago

    90. 9

  • Andrew Humphreys II 777
    Andrew Humphreys II 777Month ago


  • KazemJ
    KazemJMonth ago

    Stupid face stupid beard stupid hair stupid smile guess who??!!! Ofc Ali..

  • Ravneet Aulakh
    Ravneet AulakhMonth ago

    That drink looked like shit.

  • Tiktok Hub
    Tiktok HubMonth ago


  • Mal Vllasaliu
    Mal VllasaliuMonth ago

    ej ku I ke ble qato desert se po dojna mi ble te aga

  • Katherine Jurado
    Katherine JuradoMonth ago


  • Gaming with Alexis
    Gaming with AlexisMonth ago

    That’s the drink I get at Starbucks

  • Peter Ziga
    Peter ZigaMonth ago

    You should do some pranks please

  • Will
    WillMonth ago

    Wtf is a hydro flask he held up a water bottle

  • itzTEz Ez
    itzTEz EzMonth ago


  • BlxingGames
    BlxingGamesMonth ago

    Nobody: AllHisFriends: bra-a-wadis Brawadis: BWEAKFAST

  • Islam with yousaf
    Islam with yousafMonth ago

    No I look weird fam

  • Zaheera Ismail
    Zaheera IsmailMonth ago

    Plz u make me smile plz u the best

  • faVIAlous XOXO
    faVIAlous XOXOMonth ago

    Try Filipino food since jay is a filipino

  • BM Gaming
    BM GamingMonth ago

    Brandon: hey hey, I've gotta tell you something Chanel: tHe AfTeRtAsTe ?

  • Landon Casey
    Landon CaseyMonth ago

    you went to high school at Super Store? I thought that was only in COD

  • Fishtickwarriorpulse
    FishtickwarriorpulseMonth ago

    I ain’t liking

  • Dylan Warren
    Dylan WarrenMonth ago

    Breakfast quesadillas from tbell slappppp

  • Nafeesa Abdelrahim
    Nafeesa AbdelrahimMonth ago

    Drop a like if you did 🤣🤣🤣 13:48

  • Lil Rocket 4YS
    Lil Rocket 4YSMonth ago

    Idk if y’all seen but in meal number 2 I feel bad for Jessica they didn’t get Jessica any Starbucks

  • Nafeesa Abdelrahim
    Nafeesa AbdelrahimMonth ago

    Yoo where's Clint at though?

  • angela all
    angela allMonth ago

    I thought Jay was vegetarian

  • tanayja warren
    tanayja warrenMonth ago

    Hold up cause I’m finna go to Papa Johns nowwww

  • AirTodd
    AirToddMonth ago

    You can’t go wrong a veggie burger with bacon.

  • rondo paulin
    rondo paulinMonth ago

    Are you jewish

  • OP Killer !
    OP Killer !Month ago

    Savage hair

  • Not Cordova
    Not CordovaMonth ago

    Now I remember why I only stick to rugs videos

  • Krystal Trujillo
    Krystal TrujilloMonth ago


  • G money Nation
    G money NationMonth ago

    Go subscribe to Brandon share comment on all his videos

  • DMH !
    DMH !Month ago

    can vegans eat animal crackers 😭😂???

  • Camilo Rojas Chavez
    Camilo Rojas ChavezMonth ago

    ngl thought it was a Derek Gerrard video at first lol

  • TX ChaOs
    TX ChaOsMonth ago

    look at the rug and look at his thumbnail from a year when he lets person in front of him decide what to eat