Lie Detector Test on Brent Rivera & Pierson Wodzynski!!


Lie Detector Test on Brent Rivera & Pierson Wodzynski with Lexi Hensler!!
Today We Find Out The Truth!!!
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  • Jeremy Hutchins
    Jeremy Hutchins29 days ago


  • Duong Angel

    Duong Angel

    17 days ago

    Y is Jeremy always saying DOFIE or BRIERSON in the comments



    24 days ago


  • jane martinovich

    jane martinovich

    25 days ago


  • Kornelia Borowska

    Kornelia Borowska

    27 days ago


  • Michelle Osekre

    Michelle Osekre

    29 days ago


  • Dimple Desai
    Dimple DesaiHour ago

    i was laughing so hard when lexi hit her head in the wall

  • Alexander Duarte 2006
    Alexander Duarte 2006Hour ago

    Repent from your sins because Jesús is too late

  • Sarena Rith
    Sarena Rith3 hours ago


  • izuku midoriya
    izuku midoriya6 hours ago

    *not lexi being a third wheel :))*

  • izuku midoriya
    izuku midoriya6 hours ago

    brierson :'D

  • izuku midoriya
    izuku midoriya6 hours ago

    imagine if brent turned into adrien agreste

  • Happy Fidgets !
    Happy Fidgets !8 hours ago

    5.08 Brent^_^

  • Charity Nyagah
    Charity Nyagah15 hours ago

    The guy did the totality fam

  • himangshu Dahal
    himangshu Dahal20 hours ago

    1 week of saying brent and still dont know who his gf of bff is

  • Mustafa King
    Mustafa King22 hours ago

    Brent is sooo ugly

  • Ryan Ruvira

    Ryan Ruvira

    7 hours ago

    Shut up

  • Big D
    Big DDay ago

    Brent and peirson are so cute

  • a d
    a dDay ago

    y’all know that the test guy is fake right? 😭

  • Kanika Tiwari

    Kanika Tiwari

    22 hours ago

    How did you know

  • Syeda Sarah
    Syeda SarahDay ago

    Why does Jeremy comments on every video not in every but yeah

  • Syeda Sarah

    Syeda Sarah

    Day ago


  • Holly Benjamins
    Holly BenjaminsDay ago

    You should have asked do you love brent any more

  • marcus martinez
    marcus martinezDay ago


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  • Blue-sky
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  • Lia’s Crafts and fidgets
    Lia’s Crafts and fidgets2 days ago

    The thing we’ve all been waiting for.. *“I think we’re more than friends...”*

  • Milla B
    Milla B2 days ago

    Me laughing so hard because I tried to kick my leg up in the air but fell

  • Devaniele Wedderbrun
    Devaniele Wedderbrun2 days ago


  • Giavanna_ Nechita_
    Giavanna_ Nechita_2 days ago

    Wait...... are they dating???? Sorry I am a new subscriber

  • Sofia Ermisch
    Sofia Ermisch2 days ago

    Poor Lexi. H, she's kinda like the third wheel. BRIERSONNN! love ya Lexi. :)

  • haiphunguy zoldyck
    haiphunguy zoldyck2 days ago


  • Gio Semaan
    Gio Semaan2 days ago

    Why brent never asked her if she want to marry him or not in the lie detector

  • Gio Semaan

    Gio Semaan

    2 days ago

    Sorry for the question

  • Carlos Ayman
    Carlos Ayman2 days ago

    When Lexi said: could you ever live with me and she smacked herself I died

  • Jehoshafat William
    Jehoshafat William2 days ago


  • krip subed
    krip subed3 days ago

    Do with landrew plz

  • krip subed
    krip subed3 days ago

    This was so Fun to see

  • Vikas Jagtap
    Vikas Jagtap3 days ago

    She should ask them both : are you only friends

  • Hakuna Matata
    Hakuna Matata3 days ago

    This is what we came for 😎

  • Aubrey Miller
    Aubrey Miller3 days ago

    I love how Jeremy always comments BRIERSONNN on videos that have brent and pierson in it

  • Aubrey Miller
    Aubrey Miller3 days ago

    Sooooo, Brierson is a thing

  • Izzy's Circle
    Izzy's Circle3 days ago


  • I Can
    I Can3 days ago

    Welcome all to my channel thank you❤😘😍

  • Khalil Joseph
    Khalil Joseph3 days ago

    Why is the man angry the man that is helping them do this why does he look angry

  • Mohammed NIZAM
    Mohammed NIZAM3 days ago

    Have you ever got jealous of Pierson talking to another guy Brent : NO Lexi : LIE LIE Lexi : cough cough twan cough cough twan hehe I came here again after watching the among us in real life ( twans vid)

  • Andrew Perera
    Andrew Perera4 days ago

    I really like pierson and brent together

  • ITS Anisha
    ITS Anisha4 days ago

    Ben and Lexi having a moment *brents sitting in the middle* Brent- hola sister

  • Madeline Cunningham
    Madeline Cunningham4 days ago

    Omg Pierson and Brent just make me smile all the time!!!

  • Rhea jienarine
    Rhea jienarine4 days ago

    Brent:I have feelings for lexi :prison: WHAT BRENT

  • stephanie kim setters-salituri
    stephanie kim setters-salituri4 days ago

    Brent : We are more than friends Me: waiting for Brent to say we are best friends

  • Shakthi :D
    Shakthi :D4 days ago


  • KAMAL .G
    KAMAL .G4 days ago

    Fun fact :- Jermy typed the subtitle #2:45

  • Mena Daniels
    Mena Daniels4 days ago

    The question is why did she have the pants

  • Manal Habib
    Manal Habib4 days ago

    They have a crush on each other

  • Pragyashri
    Pragyashri4 days ago

    It's Obvious that they like each other 😂, come on! Can you guys date already❤️

  • Mini Huss
    Mini Huss5 days ago

    them answering: blah blah blah me writting everithing down:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SH*T!!!!!!!!!!

  • Justin Brooks
    Justin Brooks5 days ago

    Brent really wants Piearson

  • Nina Malhotra
    Nina Malhotra5 days ago

    Wodzynski is a interesting after name

  • Natasha Ramierz
    Natasha Ramierz6 days ago

    50.000000 like

  • Danson Albert
    Danson Albert6 days ago

    You are a wimp Durant

  • mermaidbeanxo
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  • Gunja Gupta
    Gunja Gupta6 days ago

    If Brent's "New Year Model" is Pierson's roomate then I'm so done

  • Emma Wydeman
    Emma Wydeman6 days ago

    jeremy is always encouraging brieson... #thebiggestfan

  • Zara Hellyar
    Zara Hellyar6 days ago

    Jeremy So Afended 😩😖

  • Rajesh Viswanathan
    Rajesh Viswanathan6 days ago

    we are more than friends we are best friends 😂😂

  • Turtle Turtle
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  • Hunter Brady
    Hunter Brady7 days ago

    How was the person Doing the lie Director

  • Hunter Brady
    Hunter Brady7 days ago


  • Titan Gaming
    Titan Gaming7 days ago

    They are just friends now i think. This video has become the good ol' times kind of thing. Because you know

  • rachna badoni
    rachna badoni7 days ago

    Who else thinks that lexi h has a crush on brent

  • Destine Yeatts
    Destine Yeatts7 days ago

    God Bless everyone and God loves everyone Amen ❤️🙏🏽

  • Arysbeth Velarde
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  • ItzLisa_ Teddy
    ItzLisa_ Teddy7 days ago

    Normal people: Laughing Meanwhile with Me : Jeremy Jeremy Jeremy Ate the world’s hottest Chips thingfg~~~~

  • Anja Vansdal barbarudóttir
    Anja Vansdal barbarudóttir7 days ago

    Brent and Pierson have a crush on each other but theyvare afraid to say it

  • Brynn Landry
    Brynn Landry7 days ago

    Oh my God do it I dare you

  • Jamell Hurdle
    Jamell Hurdle7 days ago

    Wait is that John from Rebecca Zamolo the lie detector due

  • RG - 01CG 913940 Larkspur PS
    RG - 01CG 913940 Larkspur PS7 days ago

    Sorry Jeremy I’m really sorry but

  • RG - 01CG 913940 Larkspur PS
    RG - 01CG 913940 Larkspur PS7 days ago

    Why is it his channel I thought it was Brents channel or Alexa channel

  • Aaron Amoah
    Aaron Amoah7 days ago

    What were you doing with Brent's pants Pierson 🤔

  • Saher Abdul javid
    Saher Abdul javid7 days ago

    Brent :More than friends ! Me :😏😏😏knew it!!!

  • macy kaitlyn Baulos
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  • princess daphne
    princess daphne8 days ago

    hi all off you or my fan

  • Alekhya Samhitha Appy
    Alekhya Samhitha Appy8 days ago

    brent is having romantic feelings for lexii!! yayy i ship!!!

  • puffmoose
    puffmoose8 days ago

    Jesus Loves You!!!!!!!!

  • puffmoose
    puffmoose8 days ago

    Jesus Loves You!!!!!!!!

  • puffmoose
    puffmoose8 days ago

    Jesus Loves You!!!!!!!!

  • staryniights
    staryniights8 days ago

    Hi amp squad what does amp mean im dying to know what it means

  • Maha Elrazky
    Maha Elrazky8 days ago

    3:42 😂

  • Tej Padda
    Tej Padda8 days ago

    Breirson got exposed by they didn’t really care they were chill like they were together and that will happen

  • Sharona Ezung
    Sharona Ezung8 days ago

    This video's title should be brent and Pierson flirting for 7:00 minutes

  • Alison Reid
    Alison Reid8 days ago

    God jermey

  • Alison Reid
    Alison Reid8 days ago


  • Alison Reid
    Alison Reid8 days ago

    Is it just me that just got done watching when Pierson and Brent first met ☺️

  • Suzuki s life
    Suzuki s life8 days ago

    Did anyone hear him say between lexi rivera and andrew rivera or is it just me

  • GHADI aoun
    GHADI aoun8 days ago

    biersonnn or brexi?

  • Mind Of Stephin
    Mind Of Stephin9 days ago

    You're a gift to those around you. Your are awesome! I like your style. You Literally have the best laugh in your videos. I appreciate how your making videos for others and making there day, like you just did to me! You are the most perfect you there is. You're strong. The perspective you have is refreshing. I'm grateful to be able to watch your awesome videos, i bet You light up the room for everyone who watches you videos, Well you sure did it to me!! You deserve a hug right now. But i cant because of this COVID Pandemic, You should be proud of yourself, for making the best content on earth, You're more helpful than you realize to give people a smile and make their day, You have a great sense of humor in all your vides (Well tbh most of them...) If you are seeing this comment, i would really appreciate if you could subscribe to me, and help my community out, because i used my words from my heart ❤️ Please Subscribe if you could.

  • Aqilah Fyzoo
    Aqilah Fyzoo9 days ago

    Omg say hi to John for me I aways see him Rebecca's vids

  • Shamana Suresh
    Shamana Suresh9 days ago

    Pierson is so cute in this vedio

  • Leanna Cruz
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  • Kassidy McGrail
    Kassidy McGrail9 days ago

    6:15 that scream tho

  • Hi Lex
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  • Alliyah Draine
    Alliyah Draine9 days ago

    Amp world lie detector test between lexi Rivera and ben azelart Katie simgmod and Jeremy hutchins sofie doss and dom brack kat hixson and Alan stokes lexi hensler and Alex stokes

  • Fire Demon
    Fire Demon9 days ago

    This video just genuinely made me happy

  • Zirwa Maqbool
    Zirwa Maqbool9 days ago

    wait why do you lie if you know that the machine is gonna tell the truth? I mean-

    GAMERS OFFICIAL10 days ago

    Brent and Pierson should date