Lil Nas X - MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) [Official Video except its not the official video at all]


Official video for “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” by Lil Nas X.
Listen + Download: “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” out now:​

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Song Produced By Take A Daytrip, Omer Fedi, Roy Lenzo
Shot / Edited by David Dickenson

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  • Lil Nas X
    Lil Nas X6 days ago


  • Maple Toca

    Maple Toca

    23 hours ago

    Is it just me or is this song perfect to salsa dance to-

  • Hamza asndal

    Hamza asndal

    2 days ago

    Look, my brother, demons will not benefit you with anything. You only want to be rich. Go with God. As for demons, even they are creatures of God who created them.

  • Supguy


    6 days ago


  • RN_MODZ ꪜ

    RN_MODZ ꪜ

    6 days ago

    And pro always right

  • RN_MODZ ꪜ

    RN_MODZ ꪜ

    6 days ago

    Bcs pro

  • Rev3rse_ Prophecy
    Rev3rse_ Prophecy7 minutes ago

    i dont see what the problem is lil uzi vert worship the devil and yall listen to him so lil nas x worship the devil and it a problem hell nah this song go crazy

  • Luisanna marcelino ventura
    Luisanna marcelino ventura10 minutes ago

    if yall are twerking, then *no twerking*

  • XxLovelyxX
    XxLovelyxX11 minutes ago

    What's your skin care routine

  • dolita windo
    dolita windo12 minutes ago

    I love how quirky and confident he is.

  • polar
    polar13 minutes ago

    *atheist-nonbinarily-pansexually twerking intensifies*

  • Hitoru Matsumoto
    Hitoru Matsumoto20 minutes ago

    *extremely homosexual twerking*

  • dolita windo

    dolita windo

    11 minutes ago

    growing up poor twerking

  • yvng kenku
    yvng kenku21 minute ago

    *anxious twerking*

  • A'marie Doward
    A'marie Doward29 minutes ago

    Black people are so beautiful.....

  • itz meh
    itz meh30 minutes ago

    Dude can i just say ilysm keep doing what u are doing cuz u make so many people like me so happy xx

  • Dark Wolf2231
    Dark Wolf223137 minutes ago

    I think the original was better

  • K4T5UM4K1 Is Dumb
    K4T5UM4K1 Is Dumb52 minutes ago

    lil nas just has a goated personality

  • Karybeñaaa
    Karybeñaaa53 minutes ago

    The vibes in this video are HUGEEEE & I LOVE EMMM💫🌟💛

  • Adam Termos
    Adam Termos54 minutes ago

    Bro I used to love your music but now with satan I hate your music

  • epic gamer

    epic gamer

    42 minutes ago

    He's not with satan

  • K4T5UM4K1 Is Dumb
    K4T5UM4K1 Is Dumb54 minutes ago

    brp lil nas is genuinely goated lmao

  • Boloro B
    Boloro B59 minutes ago

    *sky daddy twerking*

  • GetMonsta
    GetMonstaHour ago

    I don’t even care about the fact that this song is gay the beat is actually sick

  • epic gamer

    epic gamer

    42 minutes ago

    Yea that happens Alot

  • Kae Kae Swag
    Kae Kae SwagHour ago


    DAVID SCURTUHour ago

    We are all happy for you, thanks to so many visits you were able to pay for the operation for Parkinson's that you have all over your body, I know it's difficult but you can do it

  • Slippery Hotdog
    Slippery HotdogHour ago

    Nice 👍

  • Christian plz
    Christian plzHour ago

    Comon is thats what he wants to do let him do it

  • Septiarini Daryosaputro
    Septiarini DaryosaputroHour ago

    *growing up poor twerking*

  • Shot0Roki
    Shot0RokiHour ago

    *scared twerking*

  • Dick Shields
    Dick ShieldsHour ago

    i'm straught but this nigga tall af

  • Marian Barton
    Marian BartonHour ago

    i love u lil nas x

  • borrys peya
    borrys peya2 hours ago


    KAZUYA F12 hours ago

    *twerking cuz everyone is twerking*

  • Hoang Nguyen
    Hoang Nguyen2 hours ago

    Monday twerking

  • Aper
    Aper2 hours ago

    0:57 Please don't tell me I was the only one who saw Elmo there-

  • KaKashi 999 1K?
    KaKashi 999 1K?2 hours ago

    Gay 😐

  • epic gamer

    epic gamer

    40 minutes ago


  • Strazzer
    Strazzer2 hours ago

    Thé moment at 2:13 lol😌

  • Cupid Heart
    Cupid Heart2 hours ago

    This song is so gonna be played in a strip club change my mind😂

  • Quiasha Evans
    Quiasha Evans2 hours ago

    the song is like a repeat in my head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Unfortunate Wormpile
    Unfortunate Wormpile3 hours ago

    The wild dancing is also what I do when I hear this song

  • Trent Fox
    Trent Fox3 hours ago

    Lil Nas X is one of the only famous people to actually have access to his USplan account lol 😄

  • Dominic Brashear
    Dominic Brashear3 hours ago

    imagine making a music video so culturally bad that you have to make a "official nonofficial video"

  • Piraí Mayita Delgado Rodriguez
    Piraí Mayita Delgado Rodriguez3 hours ago

    This is the official video but not the official one

  • mik b
    mik b3 hours ago

    🤮🤮🤮your father must be proud of his son🤭 Do people like this have parents at all🤭


  • Ebony Brooks
    Ebony Brooks3 hours ago

    I think it's the way he came out. He came after he became famous You know people felt betrayal lol. But it is what it is forreal.

  • Lilly Clover
    Lilly Clover3 hours ago

    *dramatic twerking*

  • ZY gamer زي ڨيمر
    ZY gamer زي ڨيمر3 hours ago


  • Lolbit Fnaf1234
    Lolbit Fnaf12343 hours ago

    *lesbian twerking *

  • Moon Bro
    Moon Bro3 hours ago

    still not a fan but i like it but i not suport devil

  • Liana Villariny-Gegan
    Liana Villariny-Gegan3 hours ago

    This is way better than the actual music video the real music video is just mo

  • The Super Q
    The Super Q3 hours ago

    *not twerking for the sake of irony*

  • Arshida A
    Arshida A4 hours ago


  • Kinglightskin 0
    Kinglightskin 04 hours ago

    For the ppl who ain’t see the video

  • Mega Milk
    Mega Milk4 hours ago

    This guy is an internet troll at this point

  • Julianna
    Julianna4 hours ago

    *Twerks in Youthful, skyfather*

  • Agate
    Agate4 hours ago

    So if get a kid his name is gonna be Montero 100% that is such a dope name

  • Maracuyá
    Maracuyá4 hours ago

    confused twerking bc I don't to be excluded

  • Maracuyá
    Maracuyá4 hours ago

    non binary twerking

  • Axel Rsanchez
    Axel Rsanchez4 hours ago


  • Axel Rsanchez
    Axel Rsanchez4 hours ago


  • Axel Rsanchez
    Axel Rsanchez4 hours ago


  • Dead Beat Music
    Dead Beat Music4 hours ago

    He isn’t dancing he is just possessed 😟

  • Trúc lee
    Trúc lee5 hours ago

    Sooooo gooddddd ❤

  • Big A
    Big A5 hours ago

    why is everyone twerking- whatever *lesbian twerking*

  • Amazing Asmr
    Amazing Asmr5 hours ago

    *weeb twerking*

  • o;-;ENBЎ ᎶOd;-;o
    o;-;ENBЎ ᎶOd;-;o5 hours ago

    **lesbian non-binary twerking**

  • Sanai Smith
    Sanai Smith5 hours ago

    wait wait wait wait WAIT WWHY IS EVERYONE TWERKINGGG

  • Alexandra McDonnell
    Alexandra McDonnell5 hours ago

    *bisexual twerking*

  • Jay Shonz
    Jay Shonz5 hours ago

    Much better

  • L Chardai
    L Chardai5 hours ago

    Sending you love 💕

  • LBx1243
    LBx12436 hours ago

    Understand that we're witnessing God Tier Internet usage at this point. GOAT tier creativity.

  • Eniola nil
    Eniola nil7 hours ago

    *I don't wanna live no more twerking*

  • Shari Scott
    Shari Scott7 hours ago


  • Wolfmann2758
    Wolfmann27587 hours ago

    Hey Lil Nas! What microphone do you use to record with? Also, fucking love everything about this song💜 Edit: *gay ally twerking*

  • kingkdarapper
    kingkdarapper7 hours ago

    Shits crazy and the numbers are still growing ✌🏾 congratulations!!! With your success #lil nas x

  • Namtiddies
    Namtiddies7 hours ago

    *insane chicken twerking*

  • vegard stensheim
    vegard stensheim7 hours ago

    this is a better video then the original

  • Arushi Soni
    Arushi Soni7 hours ago

    I m obsessed and I play it everyday and post it on my socio...I m gonna do it until pride is established amd homophobia is from india.....we too need more artists like u #UNAPOLOGETIC

  • Giorgia Cagliani
    Giorgia Cagliani7 hours ago

    I definetly LOVE this SONG

  • Just Watch IT
    Just Watch IT8 hours ago

  • Viviane BOSEDE
    Viviane BOSEDE8 hours ago

    I went to emotional stage. This is the most beautiful and Amazing video I’ve ever seen in 2021. I would die to have someone like you in my life. You’re a Blessing to your loved ones

  • Luigi
    Luigi8 hours ago

    *italian twerking*

  • Beo RL
    Beo RL8 hours ago

    If lil Nas X gets me a new pc, I will lap dance in hell too 😊😇

  • Zanled
    Zanled9 hours ago

    Yall bouncin

  • •Malcolm•
    •Malcolm•9 hours ago

    *twerking twerking*

  • Dominic Chaluisant
    Dominic Chaluisant9 hours ago

    Did you try to use nikes name without permission

  • Abhinav ajay
    Abhinav ajay9 hours ago

    his life must be fun

  • Fatmata Dainkeh
    Fatmata Dainkeh9 hours ago

    I love you Lil nas x ❤❤❤

  • Jake The fox
    Jake The fox10 hours ago

    Alternative title: Montero (Call Me By Your Name) but it's behind the scenes

  • JustAThoughtMyFriend
    JustAThoughtMyFriend10 hours ago

    Stiff black girl who can't dance. You can't get me to move on the dance floor. This song make me act up. 😝🍑

  • Xylophone442
    Xylophone44210 hours ago

    **contributing twerking**

  • Krazy cool Kyle
    Krazy cool Kyle11 hours ago


  • Horse


    8 hours ago

    Gay isn't an insult, get some help

  • •krisa•
    •krisa•11 hours ago

    **just believing, not religious twerking**

  • Jasper Taylor
    Jasper Taylor11 hours ago

    he is literally so handsome

  • Noptical
    Noptical11 hours ago


  • TooNice Media
    TooNice Media11 hours ago

    WHY COULDNT IT HAVE BEEN lil nas x OD instead of DMX .!!!!!!!!! Is it too late to trade ??? Why lord.. only u know....😥

  • StuntPlayZYT
    StuntPlayZYT12 hours ago

    Montero but every verse is in a different location Shut up and take my money

  • joniel Edwards
    joniel Edwards12 hours ago

    Bad parents make kids like having kids

  • Abrar Mohiuddin
    Abrar Mohiuddin12 hours ago

    how tf does the behind the scenes have more views???

    REALANT_TBH12 hours ago

    Yea definitely some poses shit happened in this vid this why they shit is demonic

  • Lofi Hop
    Lofi Hop12 hours ago

    **brazillian twerking**

  • Tadelech Zerga
    Tadelech Zerga12 hours ago


  • sokin jon
    sokin jon12 hours ago

    He should be ashamed of standing so close to a pool when there’s no lifeguard on duty. What kind of lessons is he teaching our children?!

  • Horse


    8 hours ago

    This is the funniest comment I've seen on this video

  • StuntPlayZYT


    12 hours ago

    This comment might be the biggest bruh moment I've ever witnessed

  • funni


    12 hours ago

    This song is clearly not for children 🤣🤣🤣

  • soulsister !

    soulsister !

    12 hours ago

    his fan base isn’t children (mostly). also if children can’t swim they shouldn’t go close near a pool .

  • mikaela ferrer
    mikaela ferrer12 hours ago

    **bisexual twerking**

  • Sunshine
    Sunshine12 hours ago

    Lesbian twerking

  • sokin jon

    sokin jon

    12 hours ago

    agnostic twerking