Making chainsaw robot, carving logs

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The robot arm I used:
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When I was offered the opportunity to beta test an upcoming robotic arm from Tormach, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. CNC chainsaws baybeeeeee. Aside from being fundamentally awesome, it is a very interesting software problem. Since I didn't have to build the arm I was able to focus the project and the video on the software challenges of making something like this work. Thank goodness I didn't have to build the arm because the software almost killed me. I can imagine all kinds of next steps for this creation like machining textures with the chainsaw or cutting topiaries. I hope you like it!
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    Hope you enjoy this robot as much as I do 🙂. A big thanks to everyone who helps to make these projects possible through their patreon support. If you'd like to help me make more projects like this (and get more behind the scenes content, an AWESOME discord, livestreams, etc) check out

  • Paul Delmont

    Paul Delmont

    3 hours ago

    @Jc. Media Totally, definitely got to use a guide when filing down the rakers

  • Jc. Media

    Jc. Media

    18 hours ago

    @Paul Delmont you’re right but filing them down will cause more aggressive kickback as a side effect.

  • TheStuartstardust


    21 hour ago

    @stuff made here - Some motivation: - but still seriously cool video from you!



    Day ago

    hello plz what the name of the app u use in ipad ?

  • Psalms 118:8

    Psalms 118:8

    Day ago

    Where's the log cutting?

  • BadWithComputer
    BadWithComputerHour ago

    To avoid local maxima when doing gradient ascent, add a wildly random coordinate mutation every once in a while (every ~5th iteration)

  • Spiral_drip
    Spiral_dripHour ago

    Hold up❗️Wait‼️ What⁉️ Death by a thousand wedgies🤦🏾‍♂️😂🤣😂🤣

  • Kristopher
    KristopherHour ago

    The emergency stop button should be on the chainsaw blade. Trust me I'm an expert on the internet.

  • Abraham Northhampton
    Abraham Northhampton2 hours ago

    How did you get the turntable to turn to the correct angle before each new cut?

  • TesserId
    TesserId2 hours ago

    1:42 "For once, I don't have to solve it." LOL, given what you shown in previous videos, the haircut, the pumpkin carving, I have no trouble believing this.

  • Chyna Mane
    Chyna Mane2 hours ago

    ROFL the whole idea about not having an oiller on a chainsaw is not a good move but yeah, for sum reason the chainsaw was getting hot.. i wonder why or what could possibly casue that

  • Dr mosfet
    Dr mosfet2 hours ago

    When I saw this video listing, my first thought was "what could possibly go wrong" at least you showed some respect for the business end of that chainsaw.👍

  • Anthony Higham
    Anthony Higham2 hours ago

    Why don't you do something worthwhile with your time, equipment and clearly huge disposable income? There are millions of starving people around the world you could help with your talents and engineering ability. Making USplan videos contributes pretty much zero to humanity and just burns up energy in servers around the world. Sorry but all this effort to create a (bad) facsimile of a dog out of foam sheets is an insult to the world. I know there are worse offenders but do you really need to join them for the sake of 2.55 million subscribers? Edit; yes, I'm disappointed with myself for using my computer (and the electrical power) to watch this whilst locked down. Pathetic.

  • Rafael Bastos
    Rafael Bastos2 hours ago

    Love the “dancing dog” tee! Keep up with the amazing content! Much love from brazil!

  • ryan Matt
    ryan Matt2 hours ago

    Speaking as an artist , who has spent the time and made the sacrifices to learn a real skill. By hand and by ones own ability. Every time one of you types comes up with a device to automate art. Is a loss to something special in the world. .. the more that is done for you , the less you can do for yourself. Cheap art made by machines, has no soul , no love . Frankly speaking, I'm not impressed . Keep on this track , down the road people like you will be helpless unless you have machines to do the work for you. "And dont think they will always be around" No matter that you have the technical skill to create this device, art should be left to artists , your way buys into capitalism. This is disgusting. You could do better for the world with your abilities, to create something that truly can help the world . This is just theft from people who are becoming more rare in such an over automated ready made world . . You could really do better with what you can do. This isn't helping anyone but yourself. Greedy .

  • Anthony Higham

    Anthony Higham

    2 hours ago

    I was thinking exactly the same as I watched.

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    SacrMx 13 hours ago

    Really love highly educated michael reeves

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    Jarrod Maness3 hours ago

    I love programming robots

  • Tanner Duce
    Tanner Duce4 hours ago

    since your open to crazy ideas that will change the world, how about a third hand that you could control and like mounted into a backpack? That way you can hold a circuit board, soldering iron and the solder at the same time. (or many more useless things)

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    Akash Yadav4 hours ago

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    Malcolm Forbes4 hours ago

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    Jeff Galey4 hours ago

    Dude....., You are by far the ( most intelligent person ) to ever put a video on USplan........!!! Professor Jeff Galey

  • John Early
    John Early4 hours ago

    This is by far your best work. Super entertaining and still sciencey

  • Julian Giorno
    Julian Giorno4 hours ago

    How tf can you even be so intelligent to do something like that

  • John Leonardi
    John Leonardi4 hours ago

    Man you used the wrong saw… you can do a better job with an angle grinder with a chainsaw blade, you might not be able to go as deep but would help in completing the look plus I think your saw speed might be to slow also with the skate board motor, there's a circular saw blade called Prazi which might be better. Blade speed plays a lot in how much you cut, and it looked like you saw blade was to loose.

  • Z Reviews
    Z Reviews4 hours ago

    Much Effort. Good Doggo

  • Dalton N. Mantz
    Dalton N. Mantz5 hours ago

    When is The Lockpicking Lawyer going to attempt to pick your lock

  • Chris Schmitz
    Chris Schmitz5 hours ago

    Any single one of these projects would be the coolest thing I've ever created and this dude just busts them out like it's nothing

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    Philip Hales5 hours ago

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  • Fadl Mammoun
    Fadl Mammoun7 hours ago

    have you considered switching the saw for a jigsaw

  • John Graham
    John Graham7 hours ago

    😂 , I literally understand nothing until he gets stumped by the depth guide on the chain! Simple fix , file it down!!

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty8 hours ago

    ...and then she says, "you should make one out of wood" dead from laughing

  • Scott Debruyn
    Scott Debruyn8 hours ago

    I wonder if your saw chain couldn't either be modified to cut at the tip or a chain couldn't be bought designed to do just that? I could ask my logger neighbor with 35 years of dealing with saws, chains and bars. He's my go to guy to tune up my Poulan and put a quicker cutting edge on even a new chain. Perhaps checking with one of the guys that do the chainsaw carving. I've seen them carving and know they use the tip to cut... a lot. :)

  • sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty

    8 hours ago

    "why are weiner dogs so long"

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    Jan Schnell8 hours ago

    WHY did you kill my ears? only downvoted because of this...

  • Sandy Toplis
    Sandy Toplis9 hours ago

    "stand back, I will kill you" - this is so beautiful watching this work, amazing.

  • Trolled
    Trolled9 hours ago

    How do you compensate for the shaking of the chainsaw? Does it affect the quality of the cuts?

  • Michelle Lewis
    Michelle Lewis9 hours ago

    you're going about it all wrong......chainsaws require sensitivity of touch and intimate understanding of how the tool cuts, so that which moves the tool needs to have that knowledge and sensory feedback from the cut. You also have to account for the variability of the material properties which is not uniform, and the changing properties of the tool as the teeth sharpness reduces. It really is not suited to cnc programs.

  • Николай Новицкий
    Николай Новицкий10 hours ago

    Subs are way off sync.

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    Grgor Q10 hours ago

    This dog came out waay too beatiful

  • James B
    James B10 hours ago

    Also a way to stop the false gradient ascent, is to use stochastic gradient ascent.

  • James B
    James B10 hours ago

    I never guessed that cutting a wooden log in to a bear would be so similar to building a neural network XD

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    Kostubh Khandelwal10 hours ago

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  • Kirill Lebedev
    Kirill Lebedev11 hours ago

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  • Garbage Trash
    Garbage Trash11 hours ago

    "I have a half-baked solution that has a chance at working" That's how I'm getting through my data structures and algorithms class.

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    StinkySQL Sixpence11 hours ago

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    Mr. Mike13 hours ago

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    "why are weiner dogs so long"

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  • bert struik
    bert struik14 hours ago

    Saw-burning-wood issue may be due to two primary things. 1. chain needs to be constantly oiled to reduce friction between bar and the chain. Oil runs out quickly on small saws, and some small electric saws only have a manual oil pump. 2. The pole saw is probably designed to not cut well, or at all, at its tip to avoid kickback (ie. designed to only cut with flat section of blade), as you figured in your analysis. Carvers use their blade tip lower edges to carve tight spots. The amount of material removed with each tooth is controlled by the height (depth) of the point in front of the tooth (depth gauge). But you probably already know all that.

  • RH3XIS
    RH3XIS14 hours ago

    Maybe next time try inventing a murder bot, it’s seems like your already half way there.

  • clemytube
    clemytube14 hours ago

    Hey Shane, I really enjoy these videos. I'm studying engineering and am amazed by your patience, tenacity and creativity. I hope to be able to cultivate this kind of mentality in life so that I can make (cool) stuff here in Australia! Furthermore, I am blown away by your fluency in multiple engineering disciplines! Keep striving and you will make even more cool stuff and inspire millions of people around the globe.

  • mage
    mage14 hours ago

    "Software optimization" Does that mean writing it in C? Because that would make your math go a lot faster. Python is, generally speaking, kinda ass at doing things quickly if that's what you're going for.

  • Gavin Donnelly
    Gavin Donnelly15 hours ago

    14:30 is that dance till you're dead 10 hours?

  • Alternate Universe
    Alternate Universe15 hours ago

    What degree do you have??

  • william Olsen
    william Olsen15 hours ago

    Yo so hear me out. An AI bug zapper but it’s a sharpshooter with a laser

  • tim b
    tim b16 hours ago

    Write algorithm that would check corner to corner then north to south then east an west then run it in circles to find the highest peak

  • Strider Trees
    Strider Trees16 hours ago

    I am a chainsaw wielding professional, and I can make your chain cut happily at the tip, and if the torque is sufficient I can make it cut even with your low chain speed saw.... if you want to take another gander at that send me a couple chains and the bar you use and I'll modify them ;)

  • Toucan •
    Toucan •17 hours ago

    "This would remove most of the material" From your hand?

  • Some Canine
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    1 year later: Making a moving robot which can carve a human statue 1 year later: How to destroy t 100 robots

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    nouri zakaria18 hours ago

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  • Mark M
    Mark M18 hours ago

    Hey Shane! So I work at a saw shop, and if you do choose to keep working on this project it might be worth trying a different bar and chain - Stihl sells a nice carving bar, and if the anti-kickback is giving you trouble you could try a chain that doesn’t have kickback reduction (assuming the robot can handle the added load). I’d love to see this thing carve a real log!

  • wildness01
    wildness0118 hours ago

    I think you approached from the wrong direction. By stating with a model and working backwards toward the code. You should start by studying how human carvers make their bears. The ones if watched seem to derive their basic shape I just a few cuts. Figure out how to code these, then autogenerate code from there. Also create a machinable model, rather than trying to force the saw to machine a generic model. Think about how many things you use every day that's shape has as much to do with what made it as it does with how it needs to function.

    DEGOLYER FILMS18 hours ago

    tonight on 📺 how liberal brains are made

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    Lagrange optimization might work well here God I hate calculus

  • Darren Wade
    Darren Wade22 hours ago

    Gradient based optimization will always get trapped in local minima (or maxima if you put a negative sign in front of the objective function). You could have tried a technique called monotonic basin hopping. It might not have worked, but other alternative methods can get far more computationally intensive. We deal with this problem all the time in interplanetary trajectory optimization.

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